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Pilgrim Genealogy and History 










Committee on publication 








Abstracts of Barnstable County Probate 

Records, 176, 256 
Allerton, Isaac, Inventory of, 156 
Note, 254 
Will of, 155 
Answers to Queries : 

Chandler-Thompson, 192 
Walker-Warren, 64 

Barnstable County Probate Records, Ab- 
stracts of, 176, 256 

Barnstable, Mass., Vital Records, 212, 

Bartlett-Covel Query, 191 

Bartlett-Ivey Query, 192 

Beedle, Joseph, Deed of, 95 

Billington, Francis, Deposition of, 46 

Bonum, George, Deed to, 245 

Book Notes, 192 

Boston, England, 129, 216 

Bradford Meerstead, 128 

Bradford, William, and His Descendants, 

2 55 
Inventory of, 229 
Will of, 228 
Brewster Book, 21, 112, 256 
Brewster, Love, Inventory of, 204 

Will of, 203 
Bridgewater, Mass., Vital Records of, 90, 

144, 241, 256 
Brown, Peter, and His Descendants, 255 
Bryant, John, Inventory of, 210 

Will of, 210 
Bumpas, Edward, Deed of, 245 

Chandler, Edmund, Deed of, 245 

Deeds to, 169, 245 
Chandler-Thompson Query, 128 
Clarke, William, Deposition of, 179 
Coat Armour, Mayflower Passengers and, 

Cobb, Rachel, Bible of, 44 
Cole, Daniel, Deed to Ichabod Higgins, I 

John, Will of, 209 
Collier, Jane, Agreement of, 64 
Colonial Research Fund, 128, 190, 191, 

^ 255 

Connecticut Society, 54, 58, 125, 187 

Cooke, Francis, and His Descendants, 

~ 255 
Deed of, 27 

Cooke, Francis — Continued 

Inventory of, 25 
Will of, 24 
Jacob, Deed to, 27 

Deposition of, 45 
John, Inventory of, 256 

Will of, 256 
Queries, 192, 255 
Coombs Query, 128 
Coombs— Eaton Query, 64 
Covel-Bartlett Query, 191 
Cushman, Thomas, Will of, 256 
Cushman-Hutchinson Query, 128 

Dean, Stephen, Inventory of, 87 
Deeds, Plymouth Colony, 27, 93, 

Deeds, Grantors and Grantees : 
Adams, John, 29 
Bonum, George, 245 
Bradford, William, 29 
Bumpas, Edward, 245 
Burgess, Thomas, 29 
Chandler, Edmund, 169, 245 
Clarke, Thomas, 29 
Cole, Daniel, I 
Cooke, Francis, 27 

Jacob, 27 
Cushman, Thomas, 29 
Foster, Hopes till, 93 
Hatch, William, 167 
Hatheriy, Timothy, 166 
Higgins, Ichabod, I 
Hoar, John, 95, 166, 167 
Holland, John, 93 
Josiah, indian, 29 
Lendall, James, 169 
Manomet, Sachem of, 31 
Mitchell, Experience, 29, 168 
Pabodie, William, 93 
Paddy, William, 245 
Prence, Thomas, 29 
Sandwich, town of, 31 
SkifTe, James, 246 
StanJish, Myles, 29, 127 
Tcwte, Richard, 167 
Waterman, Robert, 95 
Weston, Edmund, 95 

White, , 29 

Willett, Thomas, 29, 127, 168 
Winslow, Edward, 29, 95 




Index of Subjects. 

Deeds etc. — Continued 

Winslow, John, 29 

Wood, William, 246 
Depositions : 

Billington, Francis, 46 

Clarke, William, 179 

Cooke, Jacob, 45 

Ford, William, 178 

Little, Anna, 178 

Ephraim, 178 
Samuel, 248 

Pratt, Phineas, 46 

Tilden, Thomas, 17S 

Warren, Nathaniel, 178 

Winslow, Nathaniel, 248 
District of Columbia Society, 54, 61, 126, 
189, 254 

Early Records of Plympton, Mass., 50, 

121, I38, 234 

Eaton-Coombs Query, 64 
Eaton, Samuel, Settlement of his Estate, 
his first wife, 254 
Eddy, Caleb, Indenture of, 30 
Evans, Thomas, Inventory of, 88 

Family Records : 

Brewster Book, 21 

Cobb, Rachel, 44 

Thompson, Nathaniel, 152 

Washburn, Seth, 65 
Fitch, Jabez, Jr., Diary of, 47, 108, 174 
Ford, William, Deposition of, 178 
Foreign Research Fund, 128, 191, 255 
Forster, James, Will of, 176 
Foster, Hopestill, Deed of, 93 
Fuller, Samuel, Inventory of, 8 

Samuel 2 , Inventory of, 240 
Will of, 237 
Fuller-Young Query, 128 

Harlow Query, 192 
Hatch, William, Deed to, 167 
Hatherly, Timothy, Deed of, 166 
Higgins, Ichabod, Deed to, I 
Hoar, John, Deeds to, 96, 166, 167 
Hocking, John, Deposition about, 10 
Holland, John, Deed of, 93 
Hopkins, Stephen, Inventory of, 14 

■ His Second Wife, 63 
Will of, 12 
Howland, John, Deposition about, xo 

Inventory of, 73 

Will of, 70 
Hutchinson-Cushman Query, 128 

Illinois Society, 54, 60, 61, 126, 188 

Daniel Cole's Deed, 1 

Col. Seth Washburn's Justice of the 
Peace Book, 65 

Illustrations — Continued 

The John Robinson Tablet, 97 
Prison Cells under Guild-Hall, Old 

Boston, 129 
Page of Nathaniel Thompson's Family 

Record, 152 
Scrooby Manor-house, 193 
Old Boston, Eng., 216 

In and About Scrooby, 254 

Ivey-Bartlett Query, 192 

Josiah, indian, Deed of, 29 
John Robinson Tablet, 97 

Lendall, James, Deed of, 169 
Leonard-Washburn Query, 64 
Little, Anna, Deposition of, 178 

Ephraim, Deposition of, 1 78 
Samuel, Deposition of, 248 

Manomet, Sachem of, Deed to, 31 
Marshfield, Mass., Vital Records of, 3, 

Massachusetts Society, I, 53, 61, 121, 

153, 183, 190, 252 
Mayflower Genealogies, 63, 114, 190, 

Mayflower Passengers and Coat Armour, 

Mayflower Passengers, Vital Statistics of, 

Mayflower Passengers, Wills and Inven- 
tories of: 
Allerton, Isaac, 155 
Bradford, William, 22S 
Brewster, Love, 203 
Cooke, Francis, 24 
Eaton, Samuel, 172 
Fuller, Samuel, 8 

Samuel * (Edward l ), 237 
Hopkins, Stephen, 12 
Howland, John, 70 
Samson, Henry, 142 
Soule, George, 81 
Middleborough, Mass., Births, Marriages 

and Deaths, 41, 103, 157, 201 
Mitchell, Experience, Deed of, 168 
Deed to, 29 

New York Society, 57, 124, 186, 253 
Notes : 

Allerton, Isaac, 254 

Bradford Meerstead, 128 

Colonial Research Fund, 128, 190, 

*9*. 255 

Eaton, Samuel, 254 

Foreign Research Fund, 128, 191, 

2 55 
Hopkins, Stephen's Second Wife, 63 
In and About Scrooby, 254 
Mayflower Genealogies, 63, 190, 254 
Rogers, Joseph, 255 

Index of Subjects, 


Notes — Continued 

Standish, Myles, Proposed Removal 
from Duxbury, 127 

Vital Statistics of the Mayflower Pas- 
sengers, 254 

Warren, Richard, and His Descend- 
ants, 255 

Warren, Richard's Wife, 63 

Ohio Society, 60, 126, 189, 254 
Old Boston, England, 129, 216 

Pabodie, William, Deed to, 93 
Paddy, William, Deed of, 245 
Palmer, William, Inventory of, 148 

Will of, 147 
Pennsylvania Society, 59, 126, 188, 254 
Perkins- Washburn Query, 64 
Pilgrim Notes and Queries, 63, 127, 190, 

Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths, 

17. 77> 163, 224 
Plymouth Colony Deeds, 27, 93, 166, 

Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories, 

8, 87, 147, 209 
Plympton, Mass., Early Records of, 50, 

121, I38, 234 
Pratt, Phineas, Deposition of, 46 

Query, 128 
Preston, Conn., First Congregational 

Church of, 192 

Queries ; 

Bartlett-Covel, 191 
Bartlett-Ivey, 192 
Chandler-Thompson, 128 
Cooke, 192, 255 
Coombs, 128 
Coombs- Eaton, 64 
Covel-Barllett, 191 
Cushman- Hutchinson, 128 
Eaton-Coombs, 64 
Fuller-Young, 128 
Harlow, 192 

Hutchinson-Cushman, 128 
Ivey-Bartlett, 192 
Leonard-Washburn, 64 
Perk ins- Washburn, 64 
Pratt, 128 

Rider-Tilden- Waterman, 191 
Snow, 63 
Soule, 255 
Standish, 255 
Thompson-Chandler, 128 
Tilden-Rider-Waterman, 191 
Warren, 255 
Washburn-Leonard, 64 
Washburn-Perkins, 64 
Waterman-Rider-Tilden, 191 
Winslow, 255 
Young-Fuller, 128 

Reports from State Societies : 
Connecticut, 58, 125, 187 
District of Columbia, 61, 126, 189, 

Illinois, 60, 126, 188 
Massachusetts, 53, 121, 183, 252 
New York, 57, 124, 186, 253 
Ohio, 60, 126, 189, 254 
Pennsylvania, 59, 126, iSS, 254 
Rider-Tilden- Waterman Query, 191 
Robinson Tablet, The John, 97 
Rogers, Joseph, His Wife, 255 

Samson, Henry, Inventory of, 143 

Will of, 142 
Sandwich, Mass., Deed of, 31 
Scituate, Mass., Births, Marriages and 

Deaths, 32, 84, 169 
Scrooby, In and About, 193 
Skiffe, James, Deed to, 246 
Snow Query, 63 
Soule, George, Inventor)' of, 83 
Will of, 8 1 
Query, 255 
Standish, Myles, Deed of, 127 

Proposed Removal from 
Duxbury, 127 
Query, 255 

Thompson-Chandler Query, 128 
Thompson, Nathaniel, Family Record of, 
Otis, Family Record of, 152 
Tilden-Rider-Waterman Query, 191 
Tilden, Thomas, Deposition oi, 178 
Town Records : 

Barnstable, Mass., 212 
Bridgewater, Mass., 90. 144, 241 
Marshheld, Mass., 3, no, 179, 249 
Middleborough, Mass., 41, 103, 157, 

Plymouth, Mass., 17, 77, 163, 224 
Piympton, Mass., 50, 121, 13S, 234 
Scituate, Mass., 32, 84, 169 
Yarmouth, Mass., 207 
Towte, Richard, Deed of, 167 

Vital Records of Barnstable, Mass., 212 
Bridgewater, Mass., 90, 

144, 241 
Marshneld, Mass., 3, 

no, 179, 249 
Yarmouth, Mass., 207 
Vital Statistics of the Mayflower Pas- 
sengers, 1 14, 254 

Warren, Elizabeth, Agreement of, 64 
Nathaniel, Agreement of, 64 
Deposition of, 178 
Inventory of, 39 
Will of, 36 
Query, 255 


Index of Subjects. 

Warren, Richard and His Descendants, 

2 55 

Richard's Wife, 63 
Washburn, Col. Seth's Justice of the 

Peace Book, 65 
Washburn— Leonard Query, 64 
Washburn-Perkins Query, 64 
Waterman-Rider-Tilden Query, 191 
Waterman, Robert, Deed to, 95 
Weston, Edmund, Deed of, 95 
Willett, Thomas, Deeds to, 127, 168 
Wills and Inventories : 

Bryant, John, 210 

Cole, John, 209 

Cooke, Francis, 24 

Dean, Stephen, 87 

Eaton, Samuel, 172 

Evans, Thomas, 88 

Wills and Inventories — Continued 

Forster, James, 176 

Fuller, Samuel, 8 

Samuel 8 (Edward 1 ), 237 

Hopkins, Stephen, 12 

Howland, John, 70 

Palmer, William, 147 

Samson, Henry, 142 

Souie, George, 81 

Warren, Nathaniel, 36 

Wixham, Robert, 177 
Winslow, Edward, Deed to, 95 

Nathaniel, Deposition of, 248 
Query, 255 
Wood, William, Deed of, 246 

Yarmouth, Mass., Vital Records of, 207 
Young-Fuller Query, 128 

Alt* d-l* V?a£ r<^^^ ^v^ H"3 £3 *:T O 




:U S S^W 


1 . 

"The Mayflower 


Vol. II. JANUARY, 1900. No. 1. 


Transcribed by Miss Gertrude Decrow. 

This deed has been transcribed from the original, owned by 
Mr. Everett I. Nye, who loaned it to the Massachusetts. Society 
of Mayflower Descendants, with the privilege of reproduction 
for this magazine. 

To all people to whome these presents shall Come Daniel Cole 
Junior of the towne of Eastham in the County of Barnstable 
in New r England in America sendeth greeting : know yee that 
I the sd Daniel Cole for and in Consideration of seven pounds 
fourtene shillings to me in hand paide by Ichabod Higens of 
the same towne and County afore sd the receipt whereof I doe 
acknowledge my selfe fully satisfied and paide. and thereof and 
of every part thereof doe acquit exonerate and discharge the sd 
Ichabod Higens his heairs executors and administrators and 
every of them for Ever: as for other good Causes me thereunto 
Moveing. Soe Especialy by these presents have ffreely fully 
and absolutly, granted bargained sold enfeafed and Confirmed. 
and by these presents doe grant bargaine sel enfeafe and Con- 
firme unto him the sd Ichabod Higens his heairs and assignes 
for Ever, a Certaine parcel of upland lying and being in the 
towne of Eastham afore sd at a place Called pochet on the 
westerly side next the towne Cove adjoyning to my land where 
I the sd Daniel doe Now Dwel. viz a parcel of land Containing 

2 Daniel Cole s Deed to IcJiabod Hzggins. 

seven acers more or lese bounded, viz to the westward of My 
Now dweling house begining by the marsh side bounded by a 
parcel of stones : soe runing up Easterly fortie eight pole to 
another boundmark with stones by a swamp side near the high 
way. from thence southwesterly twentie six pole ranging as 
the sd Daniel Coles land rangeth to another boundmarke with 
stones from thence ranging downe westerly forty four pole to 
the Cove one the top of a litle bank bounded by stones and soe 
ranging North easterly runing twenty six pole to a boundmark 
with stones, being the first boundmark specified as afore sd : 
all this above sd seven acers of upland according as it is bounded 
as above specified : with all the ritts previledges and the apper- 
tenances to the same belonging : together with all the right 
title and estate which I the sd Daniel Cole have or ought to 
have in all and every part and appertenances and priveledges to 
the sd bargained land belonging : Now or of late used and re- 
puted to belong thereunto : To have And to hold : the sd 
bargained land with all and singuler the appertenances : Unto 
him the sd Ichabod Higens his heirs and assignes for Ever: 
And to be holden of our Soverraige lord the Kinge as of his 
Mannor of East grenwich in the County of Kent in the Realme 
of England : in free and Comon Soccage. and not in Cappitie 
nor by Knights service nor by the rents and services thereof 
•and there by due and of right accoustomed : ffree and Cleare 
and Clearly acquited of and from ail other and former gifts 
grants bargaines sales exchanges leases Morgages Ingagments 
Intanglements and Incumberances whatsoever had made suffered 
•or omitted or done by me the sd Daniel Cole or by my privity 
or knowledge : Covenanting and granting that at time of 
•ensealing hereof I the sd Daniel Cole am the true and legal 
propriator of * the sd bargained land and the appertenance be- 
longing thereunto : warranting the sale thereof against all per- 
sons whatsoever that by my right or title might Clame any right 
or title of or into the sd bargained land or any part or 
parcel thereof : giveing and hereby granting libertie unto the 
sd Ichabod Higens or his attourney to record and Inrole these 
presents or to Cause them to be recorded or Inroled in any of 
his Majesties Courts of Records, according to the usual maner 
of recording deeds and evidences in such Cases made and pro- 

The Vital Records of Mars hfi eld, Mass. 3 

vided in Witnese whereof I the sd Daniel Cole have hereunto 
sett My hand and affixed My seale this 17 march i6f$ 

The mark of <>£ Daniell Cole (Seal) 

Signed sealed and acknoliged 
and delivered in the presence 
of us 

John ffreeman Asist 
daniel mayo 

(On the back of the deed is the following endorsement.) 

May 22 th 1706 then Received this Deed to be Recorded and is 
accordingly Recorded in Barnestable County Records in the 
fifth Booke of Evidences of Lands folio 71 : and therewith 


Pr me W m Bassett Reg tr 


Literally transcribed from the original records, 
By George Ernest Bowman. 

The first volume of the Marshfield town records is in a very 
dilapidated condition, but further decay has been prevented by 
the Emery process. This book contains records of town meet- 
ings, and of births, marriages and deaths, the latter being paged 
independently. In 1879 the vital records were copied for the 
town by Israel H. Hatch, and a comparison of his copy with 
the original record has enabled the present transcriber to sup- 
ply a few names and dates which have disappeared in the mean- 
time. Everything which is not now on the original record has 
been enclosed in parentheses. 

The original paging is indicated by figures enclosed in 

[p. 1] The names of y e Marriages in The Towne of marshfild 

John Burne & Ales Besbege was married y e 18 th July 1645 
John Branch and mary speed was maryed the .6. of december. 

4 The Vital Records of Marshfield, Mass. 

John Philips & Grace Hollaway was maried the .6. of July. 

Josias Standish and mary Dingly were maried the .19. of De- 
cember. 1654 
John Walker and lydia Reed were maried the .20. of October 

John Adams and Jane James was maried .27. december 1654 
(J)oseph Rose and Elizabeth Bumpus was maried the (fi)rst 

munday in June. 1653 
(T)homas Dogged and Joane (C)h(il)ingworth was maried the 

17 of May. 1654 
(Ti)mothy Williamson & Mary (H)owland was maried the 

(worn) of June : 1653 
(Ral)ph Chapman and Lydia (Wi)lls were maried the 23 no- 

vember 1642 
(Jerem)iah Burrowes and (worn) Hewes were maried (worn) 

may 1651 
(George) Vaughan and (worn)th Hincksman (were mar)ied the 

last of (wom)6$2 
(wom)th & Elizabeth (worn) were maryed (worn) november 

(worn) and Ellen winslow (wom)he 20. of (worn) 

The names of y e berth 

Saragh the Daughter of Edward Bumpas & Hanna his wife 

born the 9th march 163 1 
Elizabeth Bumpus was borne the 9 march 1633 
John Bumpus borne 2 d June 1636 
Elizabeth Winslow the Daughte of Josias winslow born the 24 

September 1637 
Edward the Sonn of Edward Bumpas borne the 15 aprill 1638 
Jonathan the Sonn of Josias winslow Borne the 8 august 1639 
Joseph The Sonn of Edward Bumpas borne the 15th february 

Mary the Daughter of John Rowse borne y e 10 August 1640 

Margarett the Daughter of Josias winslow borne the 15 July 

Isack Bumpas the Sonn of Edward Bumpas borne the last 

march 1642 
John Watterman y e Sonn of Robert Watterman borne the 19 

aprill 1642 
Rebekca Winslow the Daughter of Josias winslo borne the 

15 July 1643 
John Rowse the sonn of John Rowse borne the 28 th Septe 1643 
Thomas Watterman the sonn of Robert wattermann borne the 

Last november 1644 

The Vital Records of MarsJijield, Mass. 5 

Jacob Bumpas the sonn of Edward Bumpas borne the 25 march 

Harmagh winslow the Daughter of Josias winslow Borne y e 

Last november 1644 
Symon the Sonne of John Rowse borne y e 16 Janu 1645 
Hannagh the Daughter of Edw. Bumpas borne the 3 d Aprill 

John the sonn of William Sherman borne the 23 ffebruary 

El(iz)abeth the Daughter of Capt N(athaniel Thomas) borne 

y e (worn) 

The Names of y e burialls 

Robert Watterman deceased The 10 of december 1652 

Mary The wife of Josias standish of duxberough dyed y e first 

of July. 1655. & was Buried at duxberough 
John dingly The sonne of John dingly dyed and was Buried 

The .9. of July. 1655 
Elizabeth Chillingworth The daughter of Thomas Chillingworth 

dyed The 28. of September 1655. 
Thomas Tilden had a sonne Dyed and was Buried The 29 of 

June 1654 
Lydia The daughter of Ralph Chapman dyed The 26 of novem- 
ber 1649 
Ralph Chapman The sonne of Ralph Chapman dyed The 29 of 

July 1653 
Thomas Tilden had a sonne dyed and was buried The .5. of 

October 1656 
John Granger dyed The .4. of October. 1655. and was buried at 

John Bulkly The sonne of m r edw : Bulkly was Buried The 26. 

of ffebruary. 1655. 
Dorathy Russell The daughter of John Russell was Buried The 

.13. of January 1657 
John Adams had a daughter was buried The 19. of ffebruary 

. 1657 
Maior Winslow had a daughter was buried The 15 of March 

Christian Carver The wife of (Robert) Carver was Buried The 

2 (worn) 
John the sonne of John (Dingly) Buried the (worn) 4. of M(worn) 

[p. 2] The names of y e birthes 

Elizabeth Bourne The daughter of John Bourne was Borne The 
last of .May. 1646 

6 The Vital Records of Marskfield, Mass. 

Thomas Bourne The sonne of John Bourne was Borne The 

.22. of October. 1647 
Ales Bourne The daughter of John Bourne was Borne The .4. 

of march in The year 1649 
Ann Bourne The daughter of John Bourne was Borne The .2. 

of november 165 1. 
Martha Bourne The daughter of John Bourne was Borne The 

.4. of april. 1653. 
Joseph philips y e sonne of John philips Borne y e last of march 

Elizabeth Rose The daughter of Joseph Rose Borne The last 

munday in January 1653 
George y e sonne of John Rouse was Borne y e .17. May 1648 
Elizabeth Howland The daughter of John Howland Borne The 

17 may. 1655 
mehetabell Smith The daughter (o)f nehemiah Smith was 

(Bor)ne The 4 of July 1655 
(worn) The sonne of Anthony (worn)ovt was Borne The 25 of 

(M)arch 1655 
(wom)hiah. The daughter of Thomas (worn) was borne The 29 

of July 1655 
mary The daughter of Timothy Williamson was borne The .7. 

of July 1654 
Thomas Tilden had a sonne borne (t)he 25 of June 1654 
mary the daughter of Ralph (Ch)apman was borne y e last of 

(Oct)ober 1643 
(Sara)h The Daughter of Ralph (Chapman) was borne y e 15 

may 1645 
(Isaac) sonne of Ralph Chapman (was borne y e ) 4 of august 

(worn) (daughter) of Ralph (Chapman was borne) The .5. (Oc- 
tober 1649) 
(worn) (son of Ralph) Chapman (was borne y e ) (worn) (16)51 

The names of y e birthes 

Thomas Tilden had a sonne was Borne The .4. of October 1655. 
Jerimiah The sonne of Jerimiah Burrowes was Borne the. 11. 

of march. 1651. 
John The sonne of Jerimiah Burrowes was Borne y e last of 

november 1653 
Elizabeth The daughter of Jerimiah Burrowes was Borne The 

.5. of march 1654 
Elizabeth The daughter of George Vaughan was Borne The .8. 

of Aprill 1653 
Joseph The sonne of George Vaughan was Borne y e .20. of 

August 1654 

The Vital Records of Marshfield, Mass. j 

lydia The daughter of John Walker was borne The 30 of Sep- 
tember. 1655 

Timothy The sonne of Timothy Williamson was borne The 26. 
of ffebruary 1655 

Joseph The sonne of Joseph Rose was borne The .6. of march 

Elizabeth The daughter of John Branch borne The 14 of Octo- 
ber 1656 

Mary The daughter of Jerimiah Burrowes was Borne The .2. of 
december. 1656 

John The sonne of John Walker was Borne The 26. October 

John The sonne of Joseph Rose was Borne y e .8. of January 

John adams had a daughter Borne The .17. of february 1657 
Ales The daughter o(f) Anthony Snow was (bor)ne The .18. of 

(J)an(uary 16)57 


Kenelm Baker The (sonne) of Samuel) Baker was Borne The 
23 of march 1657 

Joanna The daughter of Timothy Williamson was Borne The 
.21. of march 1657 

lydia The daughter of Thomas Tilden was Borne The 26 of 
aprill 1658 

Ruth The daughter of John sprague was borne the 12 off ffeb- 
ruary 1658 

Martha The daughter of John Adams Was Borne The .6. of 
march 1658 

Maior winslow had a d(augh)ter Borne the 13. of march 1658 

John Roggers Junyour had a sonne being caled Thomas which 
was Borne The 2 (worn) of december 1659 

William The sonne of John Carver was Bor(ne) The 6. of Sep- 
tember 1659 

Peter y e sonne of Joh(n) Branch was Bor(ne) y e .28. of may 

Mary the daughter of (John) Bourne was Born(e y e ) .5. of June 

Hannah y e daughte(aw») Hincksman was (worn) of September 

Joseph y e sonne (worn) Hincksman was (borne y e ) 20 of ffeb- 
ruary (1660) 

John y e sonne (worn) Carver (worn) 

{To be continued.} 

Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories. 


(Continued from Vol. I, p. 205.) 

[Vol. I, folio 22] New Plymouth WYNSLOW GOVR. 
Jan 2 d 1633. 

An Inventory of the goods & Chattels of Samuel 
ffuller thelder as they were prised by Stephen Hop- 
kins & Joh. Jenny & presented in Court Jan. 2 d An. 
9 Dom. Reg Nri Caroli &c. 

His Bookes. 

Inpr s Brightman on the Revelacon 


Peter Martyr on Rom 


Gultons Homilies 

1 Bible 
another Bible 
another Bible 
Dod on the Comandem^ 
Thomas Dixionary 
Bezaes Catechisme 
A Concordance 
Comunion of S te 
Aynsworth on Genesis 
Notable things 

Robinsons Observacons 
Goades husbandry 
Dick on the heart 
A psalme booke 
household Governm* 
Denison on Pet. 
Dods remedy of Cont. 
Ecclesiasticall discipline 
Catholikes peticon 
Wilsons Dixionary 
Phisicke bookes 
A Chest 
15 table napkins 
3 Tablecloathes 

2 pr of sheets 

00 03 00 
00 00 08 
(X) 00 06 
00 00 o 
00 01 
00 01 
00 00 
00 01 
00 02 
00 00 06 
00 00 06 
00 00 08 
00 01 00 
00 02 00 
00 00 06 
00 00 08 
00 01 00 
00 00 06 
00 01 00 
00 00 02 
co 00 04 

OO CO 02 
OO OO 02 
OO OO 03 
OO OO 02 

00 01 06 

01 CO OO 

OO 08 OO 

00 16 CO 





Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories. 

it 10 pillowbeers oo 14 00 

it 5 Tablecloathes 00 10 00 

it A peece of Bustin 00 04 00 

it 10 yrds of Callico 00 09 00 

it 8 handkerchers 00 02 00 

it 1 pr of gloves 00 08 00 

it 8 plaine bands & a ruffe 00 08 00 

it A peece of tuft canvis 00 01 00 

it 9 shirts 01 16 00 

it 3 wrought Caps 00 04 00 

it 3 linnen Caps 00 01 00 

it 1 peece of Cotten 00 03 04 

it 1 Chest 00 02 00 

it 4 pr of Sheets 01 04 00 

it 7 pillowbeers 00 10 00 

it 8 tablenapkins 00 04 00 

it Stuffe for Caps 00 02 00 

it 3 wrought Coyfes 00 03 00 

it old linnen 00 05 00 

it A Chest 00 06 00 

it 4 yron potts 01 04 00 

it A Case of bottles 00 01 06 

it 5 Cheyres 00 12 00 

it A fire shovell & tongues 00 03 00 

it 1 pr Andyrons * 00 02 00 

it 3 ffrying pans 00 03 06 

it 2 ladles 00 02 00 

it 2 brasse morters & pestles 00 06 00 

it 2 skellets 00 05 00 

it 4 kettles 01 00 00 

[23] it 1 Caldron 00 03 00 

it 3 pewter bottles 00 05 00 

it 3 other pewter bottles 00 03 00 

it 2 Cadle cups 00 01 00 

it 2 beakers 00 08 00 

it A dowble salt 00 08 00 

it 10 pewter platters & 2 basons 00 15 00 

it 1 doz. \ Alcumy spoones 00 04 06 
it A Surgions chest w th the things belonging to it 05 00 00 

it 2 ffowling peecs & a musket 02 00 00 

it 1 pr hoOkes & hinges 00 02 00 

it a scumer 00 00 02 
it A bucking tub, a keeler 2 payles a churne & 3 ) 00 16 00 

trayes 1 

it 2 haire sives 00 01 06 

it A felling Axe an hatchet & 5 howes 00 05 00 


Plymouth Colony Wills and Inve)itories. 

it 4 augers a handsaw a 2 handsaw a whipsaw w th 

other tooles 
it An Armour 
it 2 skellets 
it 3 spades & a pickaxe 
it wedges 
it A crop of corne of an hundred bushels at 5 sh 

pr bushell 
it 2 ffetherbeds, a fetherbed tick & 2 bolsters 
it 3 white ruggs & 3 pr blanckets 
it a fflock bed quilt & bolster 

his wearing apprell 

t A cloake & gray sute 

t A stuffe sute 

t 2 old sutes 

t an old pr black silke garters 

t 2 pr wosted stockins 

t 1 gowne 

t A hat & band 

t six Cushens 

t 2 hangers & 2 pr pothookes 

t A trunck 

t pt in a boate 

t A new sute & Cloake 

t 1 Asse 

t 3 melch Cowes 

t 2 steer Calves 

t 6 ew goats 2 wethers 2 lambs 

t 6 barrow hogs 6 sowes 2 young sowes & 16 

wening pigs 
it A dwelling howse &c in the towne 
it the Countrey howse 



1 51.00.0 

212:16:6 besides the books & the Countrey house 

01 00 00 

01 00 00 
00 10 00 
00 05 00 

00 05 00 

25 00 00 

04 00 00 

01 00 00 
00 10 00 

01 13 00 
01 05 00 
01 00 00 
00 02 00 

00 04 00 

01 00 00 
00 10 00 
00 12 00 
00 04 00 

00 08 00 

01 10 00 

04 00 00 
10 00 00 
60 00 00 

05 00 00 
21 00 00 

21 10 00 

15 00 00 
10 00 00 

[25] Plymoth PRENC GOVERNOR 

This deponent saieth that upon the (*) day of Aprill John 
Hocking Riding at ankor w th in ou r limitts above the howse 

• The date was not filled in. 

Plymouth Coloyiy Wills and Inventories. \\ 

m r John Howland went up to him w th ou r barke and charged 
the said Hocking to waye his Ankcors and depart who answered 
hee would not w th foule speeches demaunding whie he spake not 
to them that sent him fourth : answere was mad by John How- 
land that the last yeare a boat was sent haveing no other busi- 
nes to know whether it was theire mind that hee should thus 
wronge vs in ou r trade who returned answer they sent him not 
thether and therfore m r Howland tould him that hee would not 
now suffer him ther to ride, John Hocking demaunded what he 
would doe whether he would shout ; m r Howland answered no 
but he would put him from thence John Hocking said and 
swore he would not shoot but swore if we came abord him he 
would send us (*) thus passing by him we came to an ankcor 
sumthing nere his barke m r Howland bid three of his men eoe 
cutt his Cable whose names weare John Irish Thomas Savory 
& William Rennoles who p r sently cut one but were put by 
the other by the strength of the streme m r Howland seeing 
they could not well bring the Cannow to the other cable caled 
them abord & bad Moses Talbott goe w th them who accordingly 
went very reddyly & brought the Canow to Hockings cable he 
being upon the deck came w th a carbine & a pistole in his hand 
& p r sently p r sented his peece at Thomas Savory but the canow 
w th the tide was put nere the bow of the barke w ch Hocking 
seeing p r sently put his peece almost to Moyses Talbotts head,. 
w ch m r Howland seeing called to him desiering him not to shut 
his man but take himselfe for his mark saying his men did but 
that w ch hee commaunded them and therfore desiered him not 
to hurt any of them if any wrong was don it was himselfe that 
did it and therfore caled againe to him to take him for his 
marke saying he stod very fayer but Hocking would not heare 
nor looke towards ou r barke but p r sently shooteth Moyses In 
the head, and p r sently tooke up his pistell in his hand but the 
lord stayed him from doing any further hurt by a shot from ou r 
barke himselfe was presently strooke dead being shott neare 
the same place in the head wher he had murderously shot 

* A blank space was left here. 

( To be continued?) 

12 The Will and Inventory of StepJien Hopkins. 


Literally transcribed from the original records, 
By George Ernest Bowman. 

The exact date of the death cf Stephen Hopkins is un- 
known, but he must have died at Plymouth, in the year 1644, 
between June 6, the day his will was made, and July 17, the 
day his inventory was taken. 

The will and inventory were recorded in the Plymouth 
Colony Wills and Inventories, Volume I, folios 61, 62 and 63. 

£61] The last Will and Testament of m r Stephen Hopkins 
exhibited upon the Oathes of m r Willm Bradford 
and Captaine Miles Standish at the generall Court 
holden at Plymouth the xx th of August Anno dm 1644 
as it followeth in these wordes viz fc . 

The sixt of June 1644 I Stephen Hopkins of Plymouth in Xew 
England being weake yet in good and prfect memory blessed 
be God yet considering the fraile estate of all men I do ordaine 
and make this to be my last will and testament in manner and 
forme following and first I do committ my body to the earth 
from whence it was taken, and my soule to the Lord who gave 
it, my body to be buryed as neare as convenyently may be to 
my wyfe Deceased And first my will is that out of my whole 
estate my funerall expences be discharged secondly that out of 
the remayneing part of my said estate that all my lawfull Debts 
be payd thirdly I do bequeath by this my will to my sonn Giles 
Hopkins my great Bull w ch is now in the hands of m ris Warren 
Also I do give to Stephen Hopkins my sonn Giles his sonne 
twenty shillings in m ris Warrens hands for the hire of the said 
Bull Also I give and bequeath to my daughter Constanc Snow 
the wyfe of Nicholas Snow my mare also I give unto my daugh- 
ter Deborah Hopkins the brodhorned black cowe and her calf 
and half the Cowe called Motley Also I doe give and bequeath 
unto my daughter Damaris Hopkins the Cowe called Damaris 

The Will and Inventory of Stephen Hopkins. 1 3 

heiffer and the white faced calf and half the cowe called Mott- 
ley Also I give to my daughter Ruth the Cowe called Red 
Cole and her calfe and a Bull at Yarmouth w ch is in the keepe- 
ing of Giles Hopkins w ch is an yeare and advantage old and 
half the curld Cowe Also I give and bequeath to my daughter 
Elizabeth the Cowe called Smykins and her calf and thother 
half of the Curld Cowe w th Ruth and an yearelinge heiffer w th - 
out a tayle in the keepeing of Gyles Hopkins at Yarmouth 
Also I do give and bequeath unto my foure daughters that is 
to say Deborah Hopkins Damaris Hopkins Ruth Hopkins and 
Elizabeth Hopkins all the mooveable goods the w ch do belong 
to my house, as linnen wollen beds bedcloathes pott kettles 
pewter or whatsoev r are moveable belonging to my said house 
of what kynd soever and not named by their prticular names 
all w ch said mooveables to bee equally devided amongst my said 
daughters foure silver spoones that is to say to eich of them 
one, And in case any of my said daughters should be taken 
away by death before they be marryed that then the part of 
their division to be equally devided amongst the Survivors. I 
do also by this my will make Caleb Hopkins my sonn and heire 
apparent giveing and bequeathing unto my said sonn aforesaid 
all my Right title and interrest to my house and lands at Ply- 
mouth w th all the Right title and interrest w ch doth might or of 
Right doth or may hereafter belong unto mee, as also I give 
unto my saide heire all such lande w ch of Right is Rightly due 
unto me and not at p r sent in my reall possession w ch belongs 
unto me by right of my first comeing into this land or by any 
other due Right, as by such freedome or otherwise giveing 
unto my said heire my full & whole and entire Right in all 
divisions allottments appoyntments or distributions whatsoever 
to all or any pt of the said lande at any tyme or tymes so to be 
disposed Also I do give moreover unto my foresaid heire one 
paire or yooke of oxen and the hyer of them w ch are in the 
hands of Richard Church as may appeare by bill under his 
hand Also I do give unto my said heire Caleb Hopkins all my 
debts w ch are now oweing unto me, or at the day of my death 
may be oweing unto mee either by booke bill or bills or any 
other way rightfully due unto mee ffurthermore my will is that 
my daughters aforesaid shall have free recourse to my house in 

•14 The Will and Inventory of Stephen Hopkins. 

Plymouth upon any occation there to abide and remayne for 
such tyme as any of them shall thinke meete and convenyent 
& they single persons And for the faythfull prformance of this 
my will I do make and ordayne my aforesaid sonn and heire 
Caleb Hopkins my true and lawfull Executor ffurther I do by 
this my will appoynt and make my said sonn and Captaine 
Miles Standish joyntly supervisors of this my will according to 
the true meaneing of the same that is to say that my Executor 
& supervisor shall make the severall divisions parts or porcons 
legacies or whatsoever doth appertaine to the fullfilling of this 
my will It is also my will that my Execut r & Supervisor shall 
advise devise and dispose by the best wayes & meanes they 
cann for the disposeing in marriage or other wise for the best 
.advanc nt of the estate of the forenamed Deborah Damaris 
Ruth and Elizabeth Hopkins Thus trusting in the Lord my 
will shalbe truly prformed according to the true meaneing of 
the same I committ the whole Disposeing hereof to the Lord 
that hee may direct you herein 
June 6 th 1644 
Witnesses hereof By me Steven Hopkins 

Myles Standish 

William Bradford 

£62] An Inventory of the Goods and th Cattells of m r 
Steven Hopkins taken by Captaine Miles Standish m r 
Thomas Willet and m r John Done the xvii th of July 
1644. xx° Cal. Re. 

£ s d 

Inpris one brod home Cowe 05 10 00 

it Mottlis Cowe 05 10 00 

it Damaris heiffer 05 00 00 

it Red Cowe 05 05 00 

it Curld Cowe 05 05 00 

it Symkins Cowe 05 00 00 

it brod Homes calf 00 12 00 

it white faced calf 00 15 00 

it Cooles calf 00 14 00 

it Symkins calf 00 12 00 

it a great Bull 08 00 00 

it a mare 06 00 00 

it a yeong bull 01 05 00 

it a yearling heiffer w th out a tayle 01 05 00 


The Will a?id Inventory of Stephen Hopkins. 1 5 

it a yok of oxen 

it 2 pigges 

it poultry 

it a bed & boulster & one pillow 

it another bed & boulster & pillow 

it another feathe bed & pillow 

it another bed & bouster w th an old straw bed 

it 3 white blankets 

it " 


it a yellow Rugg 

it a greene Rugg 

it 2 check 1 " blanketts 

it curtaines & vallence 

it a scarfe 

it a pair of flanell sheets 

it one old paire of sheets 

it one paire of sheets 

it one paire of sheets 

it 3 sheets 

it 4 pillow beares 

it 5 napkins 

it 1 diapr napkins 

it 3 table clothes 

it 4 dymothy caps 

it 2 white capps 

it 2 wrought caps 

it 2 shirts 

it two paire of shooes 

it p" of cotton stockings 

it 4 spoones 

it in money 

it claspes 

it a pair of garters 

it 2 Ruffe 

it a paire of drawers 

it a moheire petticote 

it a petticote of phillip & cheny 

it a grogorm coate 

it a prpetuam coate 

it a cloth coate 

it a cloake 

it a gray cloak 

it suit of cloth 

it a pair of breeches 





















































































86 06 06 




















































1 6 The Will and Inventory of Stephen Hop k 

it an old coate & jerkine 

it a muffe 

it 3 cusheons & a pair of breeches 

it a chest 

it a chest 

it a case & bottel & box 

it a hogshead 

it an old warmeing pann 

it a frying pann 

it 6 porringers 

it 2 porringers 

it 4 wine measures 

it 3 quart potts 

it chamber potts 

it 2 laten candlesticks 

it i puter candlestick 

it a pestell & morter 

it a beere bowle & wine cup 

it a beaker 

it a salt seller 

it 2 funnells 

it 2 basens 

it a great dish 

it 6 dishes 

it a little dish 

it earthen potts 

it an Iron pott 

it a bras pott 

it a cast skellet 

it a smale skellet 

[63] it a great kettle 

it a lesse kettle 

it a smaler ketle 

it another kettle 

it 5 spoones 

it 1 dossen & half trenchers 

it two graters 2 s 

it a shooeing home 

it a paire of bellowes 

it 4 paire of old pothookes 

it a fireshovell & tongs 

it two spitts 

it 3 paire of links 

it a peece of a bar of Iron 

it a gridiron 

it 9 trayes 












































































































































Plymouth Bhths, Marriages and Deaths. 


a churne 
2 chees fatts 
a old Cullender 
2 payles 
wodden Mo 
2 wheeles 
2 chaires 

2 stooles 
latten pans 

a tubb & forme 

a cheane 

a sive 

old chest 

a bakeing Tub 

old tubbs 


3 hoopes of Iron 
1 sawe 

a cheese rack 

4 skins 
an axe 

t a prcell hemp 

scales & waights 
t Debts 

t Divers bookes 
t more in Debts 
t a hatt 

00 04 00 
00 01 00 
00 00 02 
00 01 04 
00 01 06 
00 07 00 
00 08 00 
00 02 00 
00 00 06 
00 12 00 
00 06 00 
00 00 06 
00 02 00 

OO 02 (X) 

00 01 00 
00 03 00 
00 01 06 
00 01 06 
00 04 00 
00 03 00 
00 01 06 
00 02 06 
00 05 00 
16 05 00 

00 12 00 

01 01 00 

OO 01 OG 


( Continued from Vol. I, p. 212.) 

[p. 21] The Children of Nathaniel Harlow and Abigal his Wife 

1 Abigail born the 27 th of January 1695 

2 Nathaniel borne the 27 th of ffebruary 169 J 

3 James borne the 1 of August 1698 

The Children of Samuel Harlow and.priscilla his Wife 
1 Rebekah born the 27 th of february 1678 

The Children of Samuel Harlow and hannah his wife 

1 John born desember 19 th 1685 

2 hannah born November 15 th 1689 

3 Samuel born August 14 th 1690 

4 William born July 26 th 1692 

1 8 Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths. 

5 Eliazer born Aprill 18 th 1694 

6 pricillia borne October 3 d 1695 

The Children of John Carver, & Grace his Wife. 

1 Sarah Carver born July 25, 1749 

2 Lemuel Carver born Dec r 6. 1751 

The Children of Jonathan Mory Junior and hannah his Wife 

1 Benjamin born November the 10 th 1690 

2 Maria born on the 22 d of September 1692 

3 Mary born on the 18 th of September 1694 Descaaed novem- 

ber 23 d 1715 

4 Thankfull Borne the last weeke in March 169I 

5 Jonathan born August 1699 

6 Relyance born on the 6 of June 1702 

7 Curnelios born on y e 2 d of May 1706 

8 Josep born January 19 17 10 7 clock afternone 

[p. 22] The Children of Joseph Bartlet Junior and lidiah bart- 
let his Wife (She m Jo. Holmes 1705) 

1 Joseph Borne May y e 15 th 1693 

2 Samuel Borne on the 29 th of august 1696 Deceas d Mar : 25 th 


3 Lidiah Borne on the 1 of January i6g%. Deceas d May 29. 1742 

4 Beniamin Born the 9 th day of octtober 1699 

5 Sarah born The 24 th day of March 170I 

The Children of Richard Cooper and hannah Cooper his Wife 
(He d 1724) 

1 Sarah Born November y e 4 th 1693 

2 Isaac Borne October 10 th 1695 he deceased the 9 th of March 


3 John Borne on the 12 of december 1697 

4 Elizabeth born on the last day of March 1700 

The Children of Samuel Bradford and hannah Bradford his 
wit (worn) 

1 hannah Born on the 14 th of february 1689 

2 Girshum Born on the 21 of desember 1691 

3 Peris born desember 28 1694 

4 Elizabeth born on the 15 th of desember 1696 

5 Jerusha born on the 10 th of March 1699 

6 Welthe Bradford May 15 th 1702 

7 Gamaliel Bradford May 18 th 1704 

The Children of Elias Trask, and Abigail his Wife. 
I Abigal Trask, born, July I. 1746. 

Plymouth Births, Marriages a?id Deaths. iq 

2 John Trask, born, May 14. 1 75 1. 

3 Samuel Trask, born, Dec r 2J. 1753. 

[p. 23] The Child of Samel Waterman and Marsey Waterman 
his Wife 

1 Annah borne december 7 th 1693 

The Children of Samuell Waterman & of Bethiah his Wife 

2 Samuel born September y e 23 1703 

3 John born January y e 12. 1704 

4 Hannah born on y e 13 th of March 170-J 

The Children of Edmund Tilson and of Elizabeth Tilson his 

1 John Born on the 19 th of November 1692 

2 Edmund Born on the 2 d of March 169I 

3 Joanna Born October y e 9 th 1696 

4 Mary born Aprill y e 14 th 1668 

5 Eliazebeth born May y e 6 th 1700 

6 A Child born february y e 10 th 1702 Deseass d february y e 21. 

ijo(wor7i ) 
J An born June 12 th 1703 
S Ruth born february 5 th 1705 

The Children of John Rickard Senior and of Mary his Wife 

1 Marcy borne October 27 th 1677 

2 lidiah borne december 12 th 168 1 * 

3 John borne desember 29 168 1 

4 Joseph borne on the 7th of february 1683 

5 Marcy borne May 14 th 1687 

6 Joannah borne September 22 d 1691 

7 Abigaiel borne the 22 d of May 1694 

8 Rebeckah born the 3 d day of January 1699 

[p. 24] The Children of Ebenazar Cobb and Marcey his Wife 

1 Ebenazar born on the 22 d of March 1694 

2 Mercy born January 6 th 169 J deceased March 23 d 1697 

3 Nathaniel born the 20 th of february 1698 

4 hannah born ffebruary 27 th 1699 

5 Sarah born on the 15 th of Aprill 1702 

6 Marcy born January y e first 170-i 

7 Nathan born January 14 th 170-f- 

8 John born May y e 30 th 1709 

9 Mary born October y e 13 171 1 
io Elizabeth born March 30 1714 

11 Job Born ffebruary 28 th 171 7 

12 Rolon born on y e 30 th of October 1719 

* This is plainly a mistake of the Town Clerk. 

20 Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths. 

The Children of John ffoster and hannah his Wife 

1 Hannah Born July 25 th 1694 

2 Sarah Born on the 16 th of Aprill 1696 
Marcy Born 

4 John Born November 7 th 1699 

5 Thomas born on y e 19 th of March 1705 

6 Ichabod born on y e 7 th of ffebruary 170I- he Deceased on y e 

8 th of aug st 
Gershom born March 2 d 170I 

7 Nathaniel born June 6 th 171 1 

8 Seth born Aprill 16 17 13 

The Children of Ephraim Coole and of Rebekah Coole his 

1 Ephraim born february 3 1691 

2 Samuel born September 17 th 1694 

3 Rebeckah born August 7 th 1696 

4 Mary born July 27 1698 

5 Dorothy born ffebruary 3 d 1701 

6 James born on the 14 of November 1705 

7 Samuel born on the 2 d of April. 1709 

[p. 25] The Children of John Barnes and Mary his W r ife 

1 John born on the 26 th day of June 1694 

2 Hannah born on the 8 th of January 169J 

3 William born on The 19 of October 1697 Died July 23 1714 

4 Seth born on the 25 th of August 1699 

5 Mary born on the 8 of ffebruary 1701 

6 Jonathan born on the 16 of Desember 1703 died in 1748 

7 Thankfull born October 23 1705 

8 Elizabeth March 15 1707 

9 lidiah born Desember 4 th 171 3 

The Children of Nathaniel Thomas and Mary Thomas his wife 

1 Nathaniel born the 27 th of May 1695 he deceased Aprill 5 th 


2 John borne the 21 of October 1696 

3 Nathaniel born on the 24 th day of June 1700 

4 Joseph born November 11 th 1702 

5 Mary born on y e 15 of July 1709 Deceased aprill 3 d 17 14 

(wor?i)drQn of Samuel Cornish and Suzannah Cornish his Wife 

1 Samuel Borne on the 15 th day of July 1694 

2 Abigail Born October 24 1696. Deceased May 31 th 1724. 

3 Josiah borne the 24 of february 1698 

4 Joseph born on the 4 th of february 1702 

The Brewster Book. 2 1 

5 Benjamin born on the 13 th i70| february 

6 Thomas born the 23 d of January i/oj 

7 James born on y e 8 th of June 171 1 

8 Naomy borne in y e year 17 10 & Deceased in November 1710 

( To be continued.} 


{Continued from Vol.1, p. f<py.) 

(p. 108, right side tip) 

All of the entries on this page, except the death of Pelatiah, which is in an un- 
known hand, were written by Jabez Fitch, Jr., son of Jabez and Anna. 

Jabez Fitch, & Anna Knowlton were Joined in Marriage March 

1 719. 
Elisha, Son to y e abovs d Jabez & Anna was born March 6 th 

Pelatiah, Son to y e s d Jabez &c was Born xMay 26 th 1722. He 

died April i6tk, 1803, at Salem, N. Y. 
Asa, Son to y e s d Jabez &c was born June I st 1730. He died 

April 16 th 1755. 
Lurene, Daughter to y e s d Jabez &c. was born May 1732. She 

Died Jan? 20 th 178 1. 
Jabez, Son to y e s d Jabez &c. was born Feb r 15 th 1737. 
Cordilla, Son to y e s d Jabez &c. was born Oct r 15 th 1738. He 

died at Sea in June 1762. 
Cynthia, Daughter to y e s d Jabez &c. was born June 8 th 1743. 

(p. 109, right side tip) 

Jabez Fitch Ju nr & Hannah Perkin(aw#) Joind in Marriage, 

June 3 rd 1760. 
Cordilla, Son to y e aboves d Jabez & Hannah was born April 6 th 

Darius, Son to y e said Jabez &c. was born Jan^ 2 nd 1764. 
Theophilus Wilson & } Sons to y e s d Jabez &c were born July 
Sam 11 Perkins \ 15 th 1765. 

Jabez, Son to y e s d Jabez &c. was born March 26 th 1770. 
Betcy, Daughter to y e s d Jabez &c was born June 7 th 1771. 
Hannah, Daughter to y e said J z &c was born May 10 th 1773. 
Lurene, Daughter to y 2 s d Jabez &c was born June 10 th 1775. 

The preceding entries on page 109, were made by Jabez Fitch, Jr. The two deaths 
were recorded by Theophilus Wilson Fitch. 

22 The Brewster Book. 

She Died at Hydepark Nov r 19 th 179S. 

The above mentioned Hannah, Wife to the s d J z Fitch J r Died 
at Hydepark August 13 th A D 1808 

(p. 113, right side tip) 

Cordilla Fitch & Joanna Mix was Joined in Marriage Sep r 8 th 

Frederick Niles Son to the above Cordilla & Joanna was Born 

May 10 th 1796 
Jabez Demming Son to the above Cordilla &c : was Born June 

2 nd 179S 

The preceding entries on page 113, except the word "Demming," are in the hand- 
writing of Jabez Fitch, Jr. The word " Demming " and the next two entries were 
written by Theophilus Wilson Fitch. 

Mary Rudd Daughter to Cordilla Fitch & Joanna his Wife was 

Born August 12 th 1800 
The Above Named Cordilla Fitch Died October 25 th 1800 at 

Norfolk in Virginia Aged 38 Years. 

The death of Cordilla Fitch, in 1800, was the last entry made before the book came 
into the possession of his grandson, Mr. Cordilla Walker Fitch. The latter, on the 
thirtieth of October, 1899, entered many additional records of the descendants of his 
great grandfather, Jabez Fitch, Jr. A part of these entries are here given. All were 
written with the book held right side up. 

(p. 113) The Children of Cordilla and Joanna Fitch were all 

born in Norwich, Conn. 
Joanna, the widow of Cordilla Fitch, married Sept. 30, 1809 

Jacob Walker. She died at Hydepark, Vt. Feb. 27, 1863 

aged 91 years, 4 months. 

(P- JI 5) Jabez Deming Fitch and Eleanor Wells were married 

Oct. 12, 1826. 
Jabez Deming Fitch died at Hydepark, Vt., Jan'y 8, 1836. 
Eleanor Wells Fitch died at Hydepark, Vt., Aug. 2, 1836, aged 

38 years. 

Their children, born at Hydepark, Vt. 

1. Orlando Mix Fitch, born Oct. 12, 1827. 

2. Deborah Ann Record Fitch, born March 22, 1829 

3. Cordilla Walker Fitch, born May 13, 1831 

4. Betsy Manila Fitch, born July 1, 1833, and died in Hyde- 

park, Mar. 12, 1850, unmarried. 

(p. 125) Cordilla Walker Fitch and Esther Ann, daughter of 
Nehemiah French, were married at Morristown, Vt., De- 
cember 29, 1857, and are now (Oct. 30, 1S99) living at 
Morrisville, Vt. 

The Brewster Book. 

Our children. 


1. Nellie Belle Fitch, born at Montpelier, Vt., April 14, 1861. 

2. Minnie May Fitch, born at Morrisville, Vt., June 13, 1863. 

3. Jennie Eleanor Fitch, born at Morrisville, Vt., June 19, 

1865, and died there, May 20. 1866. 

4. Freddie Wilson Fitch, born at Morrisville, Vt., Feb. 20, and 

died March 9, 1867. 

5. Willie Jabez Fitch, born at Morrisville, Vt., June 23, 1868, 

now living with his parents. 

6. Walter Cordilla Fitch, born at Morrisville, Vt., Dec. 16, 

1870, now living with his parents. 

(p. 126) Edward A. Crane and Nellie Belle Fitch were married 
at Morrisville, Vt., June 19, 1S89, and they now live in 
Omaha, Nebraska. They have no children. 

William Francis Steele and Minnie May Fitch were married at 
Morrisville, Vt., Oct. 14, 1891, and they now live at Mor- 
risville, Vt. They have had one child, Rebecca Esther 
Steele, born at North Platte, Nebraska, May 31, 1S97, and 
died June 3, 1897. 

(p. no) Jabez Fitch died at Hydepark, Vt., Feb. 29, 18 12, 

aged 75 years and 3 days. 
Theophilus Wilson Fitch died unmarried at Hydepark, Vt., 

Feb'y 28, 1845. 
Samuel Perkins Fitch died at New London, Conn., June 13, 

1841. He married, but had no children. 
Jabez Fitch died at Hydepark, Vt., July 17, 1847, aged yj years, 

3 months & 21 days. He married twice but had no chil- 
Betsy Fitch died July 20, 1846, at Hydepark, Vt., unmarried, 

aged 75 years, 1 month, 13 days. 
Lurene Fitch died unmarried at Hydepark, Vt., aged 23 years, 

5 months, 9 days. 

(p. 82) Darius Fitch and Lydia, daughter of Nathan Billings 

were married June 29, 1797. 
Darius Fitch died at Hydepark, Vt., Jan. 20, 1823, aged 69 

years, 18 days. 
Lydia Billings Fitch died at Hydepark Jan. 9, 1866, aged 95 

Their children, all born at Hydepark, Vt. 

1. Cynthia Fitch, born Apr. 9, 1798, married Horace Felcher, 

Oct. 9, 1823. 

2. Fanny Fitch, born May 6, 1801, married Orra Wiswell, 29 

June 1828. 

3. Nathan Billings Fitch, born Aug. 1 and died Oct. 3, 1803. 

24 The Will and Inventory of Francis Cooke. 

(p. 83) 4. Eunice Fitch, born March 17, 1805, married^Daniel 

5. Lurena Fitch, born Dec. 5, 1807, married Samuel Wiswell, 

Dec. 4, 1833. 

6. Erastus Perkins Fitch, born Dec. 5, 18 10, married Sarah 

Brigham Sept. 28, 1837. 

(p. 84) Ezekiel Pond and Hannah the daughter of Jabez and 

Hannah Fitch were married Dec. 7, 1797. 
Their children. 

1. Clarissa Pond, born at Hydepark, Vt., Sept. 7, 1798. 

2. Theophilus Perkins Pond, born at Hydepark, Aug. 29, 1800. 

3. Lurena Pond, born at Wolcott, Vt., Jan'y 16, 1803. 

4. Aaron Pond, born at Wolcott, Vt., Feb'y 26, 1809. 

(p. 114) Frederick Niles Fitch and Hannah the daughter of 

John Adams were married Apr. 2, 1829. 
Frederick Niles Fitch died at Hydepark, Vt., Sept. 24, 1873. 
Hannah Adams Fitch died at Hydepark, Vt., November 21, 

188 1, aged 87 years, 6 months. 
Their children, born at Hydepark, Vt. 

1. Mary, born Feb. 4, 1830, died at Waco, Texas, March 17, 

1889. She married Frank A. Dodge, and had no children. 

2. Joanna, born April 22, 1832, is living at Hydepark, Vt., Oct., 

1899. She married, March 8, 1865, Otis A. Griswold, who 
died at Hydepark, Vt., July 20, 1885. They had no chil- 

( To be continued.) 


Communicated by Edith Forrester Pratt. 

Francis Cooke died at Plymouth, on the seventh of April, 
1663, ar, d his will and inventory were recorded in the Plymouth 
Colony Wills and Inventories, Volume II, Part II, folios 1 and 2. 

[1] The last Will and Testament of ffrancis Cooke of Ply- 
mouth late Deceased : exhibited before the Court held att 
Plymouth aforsaid the fift day of June 1663 on the oathes of 
m r John Aldin and m r John howland ; 

The Will and Inventory of Francis Cooke. 2 5 

The Last Will and Testament of ffrancis Cooke made this 
seaventh of the tenth month 1659 

I being att p r sent weake and Infeirme in body yett in prfect 
memory throw mercy Doe comitt my soule unto god that gave 
it and my body to the earthe ; which my will is should bee 
Intered in a Decent and comly manner; 

As for such goods and lands as I stand posessed of I Doe 
will and bequeath as followeth ; 

1 My will is that hester my Dear and loveing wife shall have 
all my moveable goods and all my Cattle of all kinds ; viz : neat 
Cattle horsekind sheep and swine to be att her Dispose 

2 my will is that hester my wife shall have and Injoy my 
lands both upland and meddow lands which att p r sent I posesse 
During her life 

3 I Doe ordaine and appoint my Deare wife and my son John 
Cooke Joynt exequitors of this my said will 

Witnes ffrancis Cooke 

John Aldin 
John howland 

An Inventory of the estate of ffrancis Cooke Deceased taken 
and Aprised the first Day of May 1663 by Ephraim Tinkham 
and Willam Crow 

Imp rs 2 Iron potts & 1 Iron skillett 

Item 2 paire of pott hookes 

Item 7 pewter Dishes & 2 basons 

Item 3 pewter potts 

Item 1 pewter bason 2 porringers & 

Item 1 pewter Candlesticke 

Item 2 Alcemy spoones 

Item 1 lanthorn 1 gallypot 

Item halfe a Dozen of trenchers and 

Item 3 olde ladles 00 00 06 

Item 1 woodden tray 6 trenchers 00 01 00 

Item 1 morter and pestell 00 02 00 

Item 4 wooden Dishes 00 00 08 

Item 1 earthen pan and 2 earthen potts 00 00 09 

Item 1 great brasse kettle 01 06 00 

Item 2 smaller kettles 00 08 00 

Item 3 wooden pailes OO 03 06 

Item 1 pewter Chamber pott 00 02 06 

Item 1 warming pan 1 frying pan OO 10 06 

£ s d 

00 16 00 

1 salt seller 

00 01 00 
00 17 06 
00 c6 06 
00 02 00 

00 02 00 

one stone bottle 

00 03 03 
00 01 00 
00 01 00 

26 The Will and Inventory of Francis Cooke. 


i thwart saw i hand saw 


i paire of pincers I hammar 


i Drawing Knife 


i water Tubb 


i axe 


I greate Chaire 


3 smale Chaires 


I gridiron I fiershovell I paire of tonggs 


2 paire of pothangers 


2 old musketts 


I paire of sheers I paire of sissers 


i great bible & 4 old bookes 


1 brush 


1 file and 1 paire of pincers 


1 Table & forme 


1 old bucking Tubb 


1 tubb & 2 kimnells * 


1 Chist 


1 pair of Cards and one baskett 


1 Chist 

Item 4 earthen potts 1 Cupp 2 wooden trayes 

Item 1 Chern 1 old Cask & four bottles 

Item 1 old trough & a forme 

Item 1 woolen wheele & scales 

Item 1 Iron Driping pan 

Item 1 sifting trough & one old trough 

Item 1 tray 1 tubb 1 box 

Item 2 seives 

Item 3 paire of sheep sheers 

Item 3 paire of old Cards 

Item 1 Cheespresse 1 Cheesfatt 

[2] Item 2 old ferkins & som sope 

Item 2 old basketts & yarne 


1 feather bed & bolster 


1 paire of sheets 


1 Coverlid & blankett 


1 pound of Candles 


2 hoes 


1 Cushien 


2 Chistes & 3 boxes 


1 feather bed 1 bolster 1 pillow 


1 paire of sheets io 5 1 blankett 


2 old Curtaines & vallence 


2 paire of sheets 


3 halfe sheets 

1 Coverlid 15 








































































































































• Tubs. 

Plymouth Colony Deeds. - 27 

Item 2 hatts 00 15 00 

Item 1 long coate 25 s 2 short coates 30 s 02 15 00 

Item 1 old coate & 1 Jerkin 00 15 00 

Item 2 paire of briches 1 paire of Drawers 01 10 00 

Item old clothes stockens gloves shooes 01 00 00 

Item 4 shirts & sin ale linnine 01 10 00 

Item 1 bed & beding in the loft 03 00 OO 

Item 20 lb of woole & 2 paire of old stockens 01 07 00 

Item 8 paire of stockens 01 05 00 

Item some other old lumber about the house 00 02 00 

Item 2 mares & one yearling mare 26 00 00 

Item 2 Cowes & one Calfe 07 10 00 

Item 1 2 yeare old and 1 yearling heiffers 03 10 00 

Item 16 sheep 08 00 00 

Item 5 lambes 01 00 00 

Item 4 smale swine 01 04 00 

The slime apprised is 85 01 01 

Debtes Due to the estate from severall about 04 00 00 

Due from the estate of severall about 02 10 00 

sum ma totalis 86 n 01 
Besides the housing and land ; 

the goods and Chattels amount to eighty six pounds eleven 
shillin(gs) and a peney ; apprised by us 
Ephraim Tinkham 
his E T 
Willam Crow 

The above written Inventory was exhibited before the Court 
held att Plymouth the fift of June 1663 and Attested unto upon 
oath by hester Cooke widdow 


{Continued from Vol. I, p. 219.) 

[Vol. II, p. 35] BRADFORD GOVN R 

A Deed of guift appointed to bee Recorded 
This 10 th of June 1646 the condicions of the marriage between 
Jacob Cooke and Damarise hopkins 
Know all men by these p r esents that upon a conclusion of a 

28 Plymouth Colony Deeds. 

marriage between Jacob Cooke of Plymouth and Damarise hop- 
kins of the same It is promised by ffrancis Cooke of Plym : 
aforsaid and father of the said Jacob Cooke upon the conclu- 
sion of the said marriage That hee Doth give unto the said 
Jacob his sonne one hundred acres of land with meddow or 
therabouts bee It more or lesse Lying att the north River ; 
2 condiy The said ffrancis giveth to his said sonne Jacob halfe 
the Land that att any time shall fall to him the said ffrancis by 
any Devision of the Purchase Land or Due to the first commers 
3 dl >' The said ffrancis given upon the conclusion aforsaid to his 
said sonne Jacob one oxe one cow and one calfe and the next 
fole that the said ffrancis his mare bringeth 
4 ! >* It is promised by the s d ffrancis that att any time that the 
said Jacob shall see most conducable to his condicon that the 
said Jacob at his said fathers appointment in such place as shal- 
bee considered convenient by the said ffrancis and Jacob build 
an house upon the Land wherof the said ffrancis is now pos- 
sessed of att Rockynooke and if the said Jacob shall think it 
convenient att any time in the time of his fathers life or after 
his Decease to Remove himselfe or shalbee enforced to Re- 
move ; that then the said ffrancis Doth promise that the said 
Jacob Removeing or being Removed the said Jacob shall at the 
Judgment of honest and Judiciall men shall have satisfaction 
for any building or buildings fence or fences which otherwise 
might prove Damage to the. said Jacob ; 

S ly It is mutually promised by the said ffrancis Cooke and Hes- 
ter Cook his wife ; the parents of the aforsaid Jacob Cooke 
that att the Decease of the Longer surviver of the said ffrancis 
and hester that then and att such time the said Jacob or his 
heires shall have the teame with all the furniture belonging 

And to concluding of all these p r mises aforsaid wee the said 
ffrancis and hester Doe by these p r sents bind ourselves our 
heires adminestrators or assignes 

Witnesse our hands the Day and yeare above written ; 
In p r sence of these Witnesses 

Miles Standish ffrancis Cooke 

James Hurst the marke of hester Cooke 

John Howland 

Plymouth Colo?iy Deeds. 29 

[37] 1652 BRADFORD GOVN R 

Witnesseth these p r sents that vvheras Miles Standish by 
order was appointed to satisfy an Indian whose name is called 
Josiah Dwelling at Nawsett for a smale Tract of Land lying att 
Manomett and graunted to Thomas Burgis senior of Sandwidge 
the which said tract of land the aforsaid Josiah the Indian hath 
barganed and sold unto the aforsaid Miles Standish in the be- 
halfe of the said Thomas Burgis to him and his heires forever ; 
The said Josiah hath given graunted enfeofed and absolutly 
sold the said Tract of Land to the aforsaid Miles Standish with 
all and singulare the emunities therunto belonging with all and 
singulare all the upland meddowes wood underwood privilidges 
and benefitts therunto belonging or any way appertaining ; The 
said Land being bounded to the southward by a marked tree by 
the mersh and from that tree to a fresh brooke ; and from the 
said tree to another marked tree to the Northward which said 
tree stands to the Eastward of Thomas Burgis his sonn in lawes 
house ; and all the said tract both upland and Meddow with all 
the said emunities within the said Tract soe bounded as afor- 
said To the said Miles Standish in behalfe of the said Thomas 
Burgis senior to him and his heires forever; To the which said 
bargan and sale the said Josiah the Indian for himselfe or any 
other Indian or Indians to free the said title from Molestacon 
from time to time Doth bind himselfe his heires executors and 
adminestrators feirmly by these p r sents. Witnesse his hand 
this third of March 1652 

Josiah his marke 
Witnesse William Paddy. 

[39] 1652 BRADFORD GOVN R 

The names of those whoe by order of and agreement of the 

(purchase {worn) mett at Plymouth to make Purchase and De- 
vision of the Lands as are att Sowamsett and Mattapoisett the 
7 th of March 1652 whoe are to have theire several] ptes or 
moyeties Layed out att the places above expressed ; And are 
to make and to satisfy the purchase and all other charges aris- 
ing therupon according to theire severall proportions 
Theire names are as follow ; 

jo Plymouth Colony Deeds. 

M r Willam Bradford one Moyetie 
M r Thomas Prence one halfe pte 
M r Edward Winslow all his portion 
Capt : Myles Standish his halfe pte 
Capt : Thomas Willett his pte 
M r White his pte 
M r Cushman his whole pte 
Mr. John Winslow all his pte. 
John Addams his whole proportion 
Experience Michell his halfe pte 
Thomas Clarke his halfe pte 

Memorand; the 4 th of March 1652 

That wheras Samuell Eeddy and Elizabeth his wife of the 
Towne of Plymouth haveing many children and by Reason of 
many wants lying upon them soe as they are not able to bring 
them up as they Doe Desire and out of the good Respect they 
have to m r John Browne of Rehoboth they Did Desire that hee 
the said m r Browne would take Caleb theire sonne being of the 
age of nine yeares and bring him up in his Imployment of hus- 
bandry or any other busines hee shall see meet for the good of 
their child till hee come to the age of one and twenty yeares ; 
wherupon M r Browne did in the p r sence of M r Bradford Govn r 
and other of the maiestrates take into his sendee the said 
Caleb ; and promiseth to provid for and allow him Dureing the 
said tearme all nessesaries Reqesite for such a servant accord- 
ing to the condition and state of the countrey ; And Doth fur- 
ther of his owne will provide ; that if incase hee the said M r 
Browne and his wife shall Depart this life before the said Caleb 
shall attaine to the end of his time of service ; that then his 
sonne that shall have the goverment of him Dureing the Res- 
edue of the said time not attained unto ; shall not make sale of 
the said Resedue of time not attained unto nor any pte therof 
to any pson or psons whatsoever wherby hee shall or may bee 
wronged ; And if it shall soe come to pase that those to whom- 
soever hee shalbee comitted unto after the Death of the said 
M r John Browne and his wife shall not Deale well with him as 
such a servant ought to bee Dealt with; then upon the com- 
plaint of any of the frinds of the said Caleb ; It shalbee Law- 

Plymouth Coloiiy Deeds. 3 [ 

full for the Deacons of the Church of Plymouth aforsaid with 
the Governor that then shalbee to take him wholy away and 
place him with whom they shall see meete provided that noe 
sale or marchandice bee made of the Remainder of his time by 

[41] 1653 BRADFORD GOV R 

Wheras a Diference hath arisen between the Inhabitants off 
the Towne of Sandwidge and the Sachem off Manomett and 
other Indians consenting a Tract of upland called quitnite the 
said Sachem with the Rest haveing chosen Miles Standish 
senior and John Alden senior ; And the said Townsmen of 
Sandwidge haveing chosen Robert Dennis of Yarmouth and 
John Smith of Barnstable to arbetrate and fully to conclude 
and end the aforsaid Diferences ; all the said pties of Sand- 
widg and the said Sachem haveing given full power to end and 
conclude all Diferences betweene the said pties Diferinge for 
any matter of Land 

Wee therfore haveing waighed the arguments on both sides 
according to our best understanding have; all the said pties 
that is to say Miles Standish John Alden Robert Dennis and 
John Smith mutually concluded all the said Diferences consern- 
ing the Land off quitnite as followeth ; 

videlecet wee Doe by these p r sents in full satisfaction wee 
give unto the said Sachem &c. twenty six acres of upland onely 
for all that the said pties have can or may challenge in full 
satisfaction for all Rightes claimes or Demaunds of all or any 
pte of the said Lands appertaining to the Towne of Sandwidge 
except the formencioned twenty six acres of upland ; Alsoe wee 
Doe mutually agree and conclude the said Sachem &c shall 
have the twenty six acres of Land in one Intire place provided 
it bee in the best and fitest Land for theire use ; Wee alsoe 
graunt to the said Sachem &c libertie to fell fitt wood to ffence 
the said Land upon any p te of the said quitnite alwaies pro- 
vided incase there bee not sufficient upon the twenty six acres 
of upland ; further It is concluded that the said Indians make 
a sufficient fence att theire owne Dammage; and that the said 
Sachem shall for himselfe and all other Indians that shall Re- 
sort to him ; shall undertake for him and them that neither hee 

32 Scituate, Mass. 

or any such Indians that they shall not Damnifye the said 
Townsmen of Sandwidge by killing or hunting any such cattle 
as they shall att any time put upon the said necke : and incase 
any cattle bee hurt or killed by the Indians upon Due proofe 
the aforsaid Sachem shall make the Dammage good ; and that 
there may bee naighbourly agreement between the said Indians 
and the Townsmen of Sandwidge 

Alsoe It is concluded by the said Miles Standish John Alden 
Robert Dennis and John Smith that the said Sachem and all 
that appertaine to him or Resort unto him shall not hunt or 
chase the cattle of the towne of Sandwidge ; And if the said 
Sachem shall see any of the cattle of the English in any Dan- 
ger the Sachem shall p r sently give notice to som man or men 
of the Towne of Sandwidge 

To all the aforemencioned conclusions Wee have subscribed our 
hands This 15 th of Aprill 1653 

Miles Standish 
John Alden ; 
Robert Dennis 
John Smith ; 

( To be continued,} 


{Continued from Vol. I, p. 238.) 

[Vol. IV, Pt. 2, p. 1] Marriages 

Novembe 5 th 1640 Resolved White Marry ed to Judith the 

Daughter of m r William Vassal! : 1640 
2 November 1643 James Torrey Marryed to Ann Hatch the 

daughter of will. Hatch pr m r Hatherly 
14 Novembr 1643 John Bryant Marryed to Mary the daughter 

of George Lewes of Barnstaple pr m r Hatherly 
June John Damen Marryed to Katherine the Daughter of 

Henry Merrit. 1644 
Ja. 1645 Ephraim Kempton Marryed to Joanna Rawlings 28 th 

January 1645. 

Scituate, Mass. 33 

Rodolphus Elmes marryed to Catern whitcombe the 25 of 
December 1644 

Aprill 1646 Isack Chittenden was Marryed to Martha Vinall in 
Aprill. 1646 

June 16 th 1646 James Addams Marryed to ffrances the Daugh- 
ter of 3# Will. Vassall. 1646 

James Doughtey Marryed to Lydia Turner the Daughter of 
Humph Turner the 15 Agust 1649 

John Turner Junior marryed to Ann James th 25 of Apriell 

May 6th Walter Hatch Marryed to Eliz : the Daughter of 
Thomas Holbrooke 1650 

William Peaks was married to Judith Lechfeeld the of Octo- 
ber 1650 

no: 13: 165 1 Will Parker Marryed to Mary the daughter of 
Humphry Turner No: 13: 165 1 

[p. 2] November 12: Anthony Dodson Marryed to mary Wil- 
liames. November 12 th 165 1 

Januarv 6 th 1652 Thomas Turner marryed to Sarah Hiland Jan. 
6 th ' 1652 

May 13 th 1652 Will. Hatch Marryed to Susanna Anniball 
Daughter of Anth. Anniball 1652 

Sept: 4 th 1652 Nathanael Rawlings Marryed to Lydia the 
daughter of Ric° Silvester 1652 

March 31 th Thomas King Marryed to Jane Hatch Widdow the 
31 th of March 1653. 

November 20 : 1656 Thomas Oldam Marryed to Mary Wether- 
ell November 20 th 1656 

John Cowen was Marryed to Rebackah Man th last of march 

[p. 3] These are to Certyfy all those to Whom It may Con- 

scirne that John Lowwell and Elizabeth Silvester hath Been 

Lawfully Published accordinge to law three Lecture Daves. 

Wittnes Henry Bridgham William Coursser 

Jan : 24 John Lowwell abovesayd was Marryed to Elizabeth 

Silvester January the 24 th 1658. pr M r Hatherly. In Scittu- 

December John Bryant was marryed to Elizabeth Wetherell 

Decembe the 22 th 1657 
Decembe 23 1657 Jonas Pickles was marryed to Allice Hatch 

December 23 th 1657 
^58 Samuel Utley was Marryed to Hannah Hatch December 

the 6«> 1658 
Sept 19 1659. Daniel Hicke was Marryed to Rebeckah 

Hanmo r September 19 1659 

34 Scituate, Mass. 

John Damen was Marryed to Martha Howland th 15 day of 

January 1659 
Anthoney Collamer and Sarah Chettenden ware married y e 

14 th day of June 1666 
John Sutten was marryed to Elizabeth House the first of Jan- 
uary 1 66 1 
January 15th : 1661 George Younge Was Marryed to Hannah 

Pinson January 15 th 1661 
Ja : 25 166 1 Steven Tilden Was Marryed to Hannah Littell 

January 25th 1661 
Thomas Hilland was marryed to Elizabeth Stockbridge January 

th first 1 66 1 
26 February 1661 Steven Vinal Was Marryed to Mary Baker 

February 26 th 1661 
Sept : 18 th 1662 Thomas Pinson Jun r was Marryed to Elizabeth 

White Sept : 18 th 1662 
1662 Feb. 4 day Thomas Hatch was married to sarah elmes 

the Daughter of Rodulphus Elmes Feb : 4 1662 
John Briant was married to mary Hilland in Aprell in the yeare 

Nathanell Turner was married to Mehetabell Rigbee th 29 of 

John Vinall was marryed to Elizabeth Backer th 2 day of 

ffebuary 1664 
[p. 4] William Blackmer was marryed to Elizabeth Bankes th 

17 of July 1666 
Jerimiah Hatch was married to Mary Hewes th 29 of Decem- 
ber. 1657 
May 25. Edward Wright was marryed to Lydia Rawlins Wid- 

dow, May 25 th 1664 
Nov. 9. Ephrim Hewett maryed to Elizabeth Foster Dafter 

of Edward Foster Nov. 9 th 1665 
1666 Jan>* 20. Daniell Turner marryed to Hanna Randall 

Daughter to will Randall June th 20 : 1665 
1666 Ap th 19 Joseph Webb marryed to Grace Dipple th 16 

day of apriell 1666 
Samuell Clapp married to Hanah Gill th 14 day of June 1666 
James Torry was married to Lyda Willes th first dav June 

Thomas Roose was to Alise Hatch the * 
feb : 8 : 1666 Thomas Woodworth Maried to Debrah Damen 

th.8of feb : 1666 
Joseph Woodworth married to Sarah Stockbridg th 6 : of 

January : 1669 

•This entry was left incomplete. In a modern hand has been added "December 
1665," or 1666, (he last figure being doubtful. Another hand has added " wid. Jonas 


Scituate, Mass. 35 

Steven Tillding was married to Hanah Litell the 15 day of 

January 1661 
July 8 : 71 James Briges was married to Rebackah Tillding th 

8. of July 1673 
Thomas Nicholles was married to Sarah whiston the 25 of may 

Jonathan Cudworth was Marryed to Sarah Jacksun the Las: 

Day of May 1661 
Samuell House marryed to Rebackah Nicholles th 15 of march 

Thomas Ring was marryed to Elizabeth Clapp th 20 of apriell 

[p. 5] Thomas Perry was Married to Susana Wheston th 2 of 

May 167 1 
Josiah Lechfeld was married to Sarah Backer th 22 of Febu- 

ary- 1 67 1 
John Baylie was married to Sarah white th 25 of January- 

Theophulus Witherelee was Marriayed j^^^di^^^jk^r th 9 

day of November : 1675 WtKHmHHKK 

Trustrum Davis of Sittuate and Sarah Archer of Brantry were 

Joyned in marriage together March the 19 th 169I pr me 

Jeremiah Cushing 
Joseph Berstow was married to Susana Linkhorne of hingham 

th 16 Day of May 1666 
Joseph Randall marryed to hannah Maycumber of Marshfeild 

October, 1672 
Richard Dweily was marryed to Eame glass of Duxborough, 

Aprill the 4 th 1682 
Abraham Pierce, and Hannah his wife of Marshfield, were 

married October the 29 th 1695 
Richard Church and Hanah his wife of Sittuate were Married 

ffebruary the 2 d 1 69-f- 
Robert Barker and Hannah his wife of Sittuate were Married 

the first day of Aprill-1697 
Joseph Stockbridge and margaret * his wife of Sittuate were 

married October the 20 th 1697 
Timothy Tylestone of Dorchester & Hannah his wife of Sittu- 
ate were maried January y e 5 th 1697 
William Maycumber of Dartmouth & lizabeth * his wife were 

maried march y e 9 th 169-^ 
Hatherly ffoster & Bathshua* his wife were Married the i 5t of 

December, 1698 
Peter Colamer married to Abigail Davis of Roxborough No- 
:r vember y e 8 th 1694 

" Turner" has been added, above the line, in-a modern hand. 

I I 

36 The Will and Inventory of Nathaniel Wanrn. 

Elisha Turner Maryed to Elizabeth Jacob June the 6 th 1687 
Nathanaell Tilden married to Mary Sharpe November the 5 th 


Henry Josline Married to Abigail Stockebridge November the 
4 th 1676 

William Tickner marryed to Lydia Tilden November 2 d Day 

John Hiland married to Elizabeth James the third Day of Jan- 
uary 169I 

( To be continued?) 


Literally transcribed from the original records, 

By George Ernest Bowman. 

Nathaniel Warren, the eldest son of Richard and Elizabeth 

( ) Warren, died at Plymouth in the year 1667, between 

the sixteenth of July, the date of the codicil to his will, 
and the twenty-first of October, the date on which the inven- 
tory of his estate was taken. 

His will and inventory were recorded in the Plymouth Col- 
ony Wills and Inventories, Volume II, Part II, folios 46 and 47. 

[46] The last Will and Testament of Nathaniel : Warren of 
Plymouth Late Deceased Exhibited to the Court held att 
Plymouth aforsaid the thirtyeth of October Ann Dom 1667 on 
the oathes of hugh Cole and Nathaniel : Morton 

I, Nathaniel Warren seni r of the Towne of Plymouth in New 
England being weake in body and ill att ease but of a Dispos- 
ing mind and of a p r fect memory: not knowing how soon the 
Lord may Call mee away out of this world ; Doe ordaine this 
to bee my last Will and Testament in maner and forme follow- 
ing ; Imprimis : I make ordaine and Constitute Sarah my love- 
ing wife to be the sole exequitrx of this may last will : To 
Dispose of my estate according to the tenor of this my Will 
with the advise and approbation of the supervissors heerafter 
named ; Item I give unto my loveing wife Sarah the full sume 

The Will and Inventory of Nathaniel Warren. 37 

of fifteen pounds in goods or Chatties with my best bed and 
bedstead with Curtaines and vallence belonging to it : with two 
pillowes with two paire of pillowbeers and two paire of sheets 
with the best Rugg and a paire of the best blanketts ; Incase 
shee shall and Doe alter her Condition by marriage ; But incase 
and soe longe as shee shall remaine a widdow ; that then my 
estate be all att her Dispose and in her hand to be Improved 
for her support and for the bringing up of my Children ; Divers 
of them being young ; provided that I Doe by this my Will 
give and bequeath unto my Children to each of them three 
pounds in mony to be Delivered to them att theire Day of mar- 
riage ; onely incase That if through nessesity by the advise of 
my Supervissors afternamed my wife Doe or shall Dispose of 
the mony I leave or any p r te therof That then theire p r te therof 
shall not be payable whoe have not received it att the time 
when this is made known by my said exequitrix that she is soe 
Disinabled to pay it as aforsaid. further my will is and I Doe 
heerby Authorise and Impower my said exequitrix: with the 
advise of my supervissors afternamed : To make sale of Any 
of my lands and to give and seale Deeds for the Confeirma- 
tion therof to be Improved for the makeing good of my leg- 
acyes and engagements ; which shalbe as Authenticall in law 
to all Intents and purposes as if I my selfe were surviveing 
and Did acte therin ; and to be under stood that the land be 
sold to the full worth therof ; and not as it may posibly be 
vallued in an Inventory ; and accordingly what it shalbe sold 
for in the full extent of it ; my will is shalbe Devided amongst 
my Children in such maner as is after expressed : Item my will 
is That as any of my Children shalbe occationed to alter theire 
Condition by marriage that they then shall have the sume of 
ten pounds to each of them Delivered to them att theire Day of 
marriage ; or in some Convenient time soone after by my exe- 
quitrix out of my estate; and unto my eldest son then surviv- 
ing the sume of twenty pounds and incase the said sumes Can- 
not be made good out of my goods or Chatties that then some 
P r te of my lands be sold to Doe it as aforesaid ; moreover my 
will is that incase my wife shall marry ; That whatsoever of my 
estate either of lands goods or Chatties shalbe then extant and 
not expended In the bringing up of my Children and in the 

38 The Will and Inventory of Nathaniel Warren. 

payment and makei(ng) good of my Ingagements and legacies 
shalbe equally Devided amongst my children then surviveing in 
equall and alike proportions onely that my eldest son then sur- 
viveing shall have a Double portion therof ; furthermore my 
will is That att the Decease of my wife ; if any p r te of my 
estate shalbe then left and not expended as aforsaid be it either 
in lands goods or Chatties ; That then it shalbe Devided in 
equall and alike proportions amongst my Children then survive- 
ing ; onely my eldest son then surviveing shall have a Doubble 
portion thereof ; my Will is That incase my Deare Child my 
Daughter hope shall Continew lame and Impotent That it shal- 
be left unto the Descretion of my exequitrix and supervissors 
(after named) To Inlarge her portion as they shall see meet ; 
and the like alsoe for any other of my Children ; if they shalbe 
lame sicke or Impotent ; my Will is and I Doe heerby request 
my trusty and welbeloved frinds Captaine Thomas Southworth 
and my loveing brother Joseph Warren and Leiftenant Ephraim 
Morton To be the supervissors of this my last Will and Testa- 
ment much Confiding in theire love and faithfulnes to be 
healpfull to my said exequitrix in the acting and Disposing of 
p r ticulars according to the tenore therof ; and to be Consid- 
ered out of my estate for what time and charge they shalbe att 
in the p r mises ; and that they my supervissors ; shall have full 
power and I Doe heerby request them to advise about and take 
Care of my Children in reference to theire marriage ; That they 
bee matched with such as may be fitt for them both in refer- 
ence to theire sperituall and outward estate ; In witness that 
this is my last Will and Testament; I the said Nathaniel War- 
ren have heerunto sett my hand and seale ; this 29 th day of 
June Ann Dom 1667 

Witnes heerunto Nathaniel Warren 

hugh Cole and a seale 

Nathaniel : [Morton ; 

A Supplyment to the abovwritten Will exhibited to 
the Court held att Plymouth the thirtyeth Day of Oc- 
tober one Thousand six hundred sixty and seaven on 
the oathes of Captaine Southworth hugh Cole and Na- 
thaniel Morton ; 
I Nathaniel Warren being weake in body but of Desposing 

The Will and Inventory of Nathaniel Warren. 39 

memory Doe heerby Declare and manifest unto all unto whom 
these shall Come ; That my will further is as an appendix and 
Supplyment unto my will bearing Date the 29 th of June 1667 
That in Reference unto the Land my mother mistris Elizabeth 
Warren hath Instated and posessed my beloved brother Joseph 
Warren and my sisters Mary Bartlett seni r Ann Little Sarah 
Cooke Elizabeth Church and Abigaill Snow shalbe and is by 
these p r sents fully freely and absolutly Ratifyed and Confeirmed 
unto them and theire heires and assignes for ever; with all and 
singular my Right title and Interest of and Into the same ; To 
them and theire heires and assignes for ever ; In Witnes 
wherof 1 have heerunto sett my hand this sixteenth Day of 
July 1667 in the p r sence of 

Thomas Southworth Nathaniel : Warren 

hugh Cole 
Nathaniel Morton 

[47] An Inventory of the goods and estate of Nathaniell War- 
ren late Deceased taken the 21 of October 1667 and exhibited 
to the Court held att Plymouth the thirtyeth of October 1667 
on the oath of Sarah Warren widdow ; 

£ s d 

Imp r his wearing apparrell 10 00 00 

Item in Cash 41 10 00 

Item 10 paire of pillowbeers 02 00 00 

Item 19 paire of sheets 10 00 00 

Item 3 Table Clothes & 2 Dozen of Napkins 02 00 00 

Item 1 feather bed and bolster 2 pillowes 1 rid rugg j 

> os 00 00 

1 paire of blanketts with Curtaines and vallence ( 

Item 4 feather beds and bolsters and five ruggs and ) 

4 paire of blanketts and a Coverled and 1 paire > 20 00 00 
of pillowes ) 

Item 1 bedsteed and Cubbert with Drawers 1 longe 
Table and form with two Joyne stooles 

Item six Chaires 1 Cradle with 2 pillows 

Item 1 winescot Chist more 4 Chists 

Item 1 Carpett & Cubbercloth & 2 Cushens 

Item 2 old Chaire Tables & a little one 

Item 3 brasse kittles 

Item 1 bel mettle skillett & 1 old warming pan 

item 4 Iron potts 2 Iron kettles and an Iron skillett ) 

2 paire of pothooks three hangers 1 frying pan j 3 
Item 2 paire of tongs I shovell a gridvron and spitt \ 

L & an Iron ladle \ ° °° 























02 10 OO 



















40 The Will and Inventory of Nathaniel Warren. 

Item 6 pewter platters 2 little ones 2 great basons 2 
little ones 2 pint potts 1 great pott 1 beaker 1 
winecup six porrengers 6 spoons 1 tin pan 1 bed 
pan 1 little bottle & a tinin lampe 

Item 7 earthen pans & other earthen 

Item 3 milke pans & Dishes and trayes 

Item 1 paire off stilliyards 1 paire of sheepsheers 5 
old sythes 

Item 1 muskett & 2 swords 

Item 1 old bedsted & a trundle bedsted 

Item 4 spining wheels 5 paire of Cards woolen yarn 
& woole in Cotten yarn & woole 

Item 12 pound of feathers. 2 window Curtains 3] 

seives 8 pound of powder 28 pound of shott & > 03 00 00 
som bulletts old lumber hogsheds & tubbs ) 

Item 4 oxen 

Item 8 Cowes 

Item 6 two years and vantage & two 3 year old ) 
steers ij 

Item 1 yearling & an half & 4 Calves 

Item a share of horse fflesh 

Item a saddle & pillian and panell & bridle 

Item his p r te of furniture belonging to the teame \ 

with axes howes & other lumber of old Iron [03 10 00 
and three wedges ) 

In lands the house and land belonging to it lying \ 

att the Eelrivier with fifty acrees of land lying [-140 00 00 
in the woods ) 

Item lands lying on both syds Namassakett river \ 

that is to say his owne right and what hee > 60 00 00 
bought of John Adams ) 

Item a share of land within the Township of Dart- ) 

mouth J 50 00 00 

Lands belonging to him att Punkateesett 06 00 00 

Item in Coat beaver about 2 lb 13 00 00 

Item in Debts owing to the estate about 22 07 06 

Item Debts owing from the estate 15 16 03 

Item the Corn in the barne wee Judge to be but 
sufficient for the families eating 



















the sume totall is 47$ 00 00 

more since Came to remembrance 1 grindstone 4 1 Q , 

shots two hamers and a drawing knife \ 

more Due from the estate 3 barrells of Tarr 

Taken by us Joseph Warren Ephraim Morton Thomas 
Southworth » 

Middleborough BirtJis^ Marriages and Deaths. 41 



{Continued from Vol. I, p. 224.) 

[Early Records, Pt. II, p. 2] 

Births of Children 

Mary Soul the daughter of James Soul was born : October the 

:2 d : 1694 
Martha Soul the daughter of James Soul was born : april the 

: 11 th 1696 
Isaac Soul the Son of James Soul was born : June the : 16 : 

Rebecca Soul the daughter of James Soul was born : april the 

: 21-1700 
Jacob Thomson the Son of Jacob Thomson was born April the 

. : 1/-1695 
Abigail Thomson the Daughter of Jacob Thomson was born 

February y e 14 : i6cjf 
Mercy Thomson the Daughter of Jacob Thomson was born 

October : y e : 13 1699 
John Thomson the Son of Jacob Thomson was born march the 

19 : 170$ 

Shubeal Thomson the Son of John Thomson was born Aprill 

the : 11 1686 
Thomas Thomson the Son of John Thomson was born July the 

29 1688 
Martha Thomson the Daughter of John Thomson was born 

January the : 4 : l6ff 
Sarah Thomson the Daughter of John Thomson was born 

march the 3-169^- 
Peter Thomson the Son of John Thomson was born may the 

Isaac Thomson the Son of John Thomson was born march the 

koenezer Thomson the Son of John Thomson was born June 

the 19-1699 
Frances Thomson the Son of John Thomson was born January 

the 27-170^- 
John Price the Son of Hugh Price was born December the 7- 

William Morse the Son of Jonathan morse was born September 
the : 24 : 1702 

P-cob Soul the Son of James Soul was born August the Thir- 
tieth 1702 

42 Middleborough Births, Marriages and Deaths. 

Thomas Palmer the Son of m r Thom s Palmer was born January 

the 7-iiU 
Zurishaddai Palmer the Son of m r Thomas Palmer was born 

January the 12-170.} 
John Cob the Son of John Cob was born the tenth day of June 

Martha Cob the daughter of John Cob was born march the 23- 

Patience Cob the daughter of John Cob was born September 

the 23-1693 
James Cob the Son of John Cob was born April the 12 th 1696 
Rachel Cob the Daughter of John Cob was born december the 

: 8 : 1702 
Hannah Renolds the Daughter of Electious Renolds was born 

October 113: 1702 
Samuel Pratt the Son of Samuel Pratt was born May the 1 5- 

John Pratt the Son of Samuell Pratt was born August the 22- 

Lydia Thomson the Daughter of Jacob Thomson was born 

April 22-1703 
John Lovel the Son of John Lovel was born September-29- 

Silence Short the Daughter of Luke Short was born February 

Deborah morse the Daughter of Jonathan morse was born 

April 17-1704 
Barnabas Thomson the Son of Jacob Thomson was born Janu- 
ary 28-1 70| 
Hannah Nelson the Daughter of Thomas Nelson was born 

April 10-1699 
Hope Nelson the Daughter of Thomas Nelson was born De- 
cember : 23 : 1700 
John Nelson the Son of Thomas Nelson was born August 1- 

Lois Nelson the Daughter of Thomas Nelson was born April 

Cornelius Bennet the Son of Ebenezer Bennet was born July 

'9 • 1703 
Mercy Eajghten the Daughter of Samuel Eajghten was born 

decern : 16 : 1695 
Kezia Eajghten the daughter of Samuel Eajghten was born 

may 16 : 1700 
Elisabeth Eajghten the daughter of Samuel Eajghten was 

born July : 26 : 1701 
Barnabas Eajghten the Son of Samuel Eajghten was born 

April 12 : 1703 

Middleborougli Births, Marriages and Deaths. 43 

Elkanah Leonard the Son of Elkanah Leonard was born 

Decern : 15 1703 
Elisabeth Palmer the daughter of m r Thomas Palmer was born 

august : 22 : 1704 
Ebenezer Richmond the Son of Ebenezer Richmond was born 

March : 31 : 1701 
Robart Richmond the Son of Ebenezer Richmond was born 

Septem : 18 : 1702 
Anna Richmond the daughter of Ebenezer Richmond was born 

October : 14 1704 
Susanna Hascol the daughter of John Hascol Senior was born 

January 15 169J 
[p. 3] Deaths 

Lieut: John Thomson deceased June the 16 th 1696 : in the 

eightyeth year of his age 
James Short the son of Luke Short Deceased feb : 26 : I70f : 

in the third year of his age 
Sarah Hascol the Daughter of John Hascol Juner Deceased 

June : 5 : 1704 : in the 5 th year of her age 
Mary Soul the Daughter of Jame Soul Deceased June the 12: 

1704 in the tenth year of her age 

[p. 5] Marriages 

John Cob was married to Rachel Soul the fifth day of Septem- 
ber 1688 

Jacob Tomson was married to Abigail wadsworth the 28 day 

of December 1693 
Samuel Eddy was married to Malatiah Pratt the third day of 

february i7of 
Jonathan Thomas and mary Steward both of this Town of 

Midleborough were Joyned together in mariage this 

ninth day of September 1703 by me Thomas palmer 
Also David Thomas and Hannah Steward both of Said Town 

of Midleborough were at the Same time married together 

: p r me Thomas palmer 
January the 26 : 170J Samuel Warren and Eienor Billington 

were married p r Thomas Palmer 
Thomas Nelson was Married to Hope Huckins the 24 day of 

March 169I 
Ebenezer Bennet was married to Ruth Coombs the 26 day of 

August 1702 
October y e 28 th 1703 : Ebenezer Tinkcom and Patience Pratt 

were married p r T : Palmer 
william Thomas Senior and Sarah Barden were married febru- 
ary : 28 : ijoi p r Tho Palmer 
Llisha Vaughan and Joanna morton were married July the 3 (1 

1705 p r Tho palmer 

( To be continued.') 

44 Rachel Cobb's Bible. 


Owned by Mrs. Phebe Nye Fuller Ryder of Medford, Mass. 

This bible was printed in London, by "John Baskett, Printer 
to the Kings most Excellent Majesty, and by the Assigns of 
Thomas Newcomb, and Henry Hills, deceas'd. 171 5." Bound 
with it is " The Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs . . . Lon- 
don, Printed for Tho. Varnam and John Osborn, at the Oxford- 
Arms in Lombard St. 1713." 

The bible belonged to the present owner's great-great-grand- 
mother, Rachel Cobb, the daughter of John Cobb of Middle- 
borough, by his wife Rachel 3 Soule (John 2 , George 1 ). Rachel 
Cobb was born at Middleborough, 8 December, 1702,* and 
married Moses 4 Standish (Ebenezer 3 , Alexander 2 , Myles 1 ) of 
Plympton. Their daughter, Rachel Standish, married Philemon 
Sampson of Plympton, and, after his death, Amos Fuller of the 
same town, and by her second husband had two sons, Amos and 
Philemon, the latter being the grandfather of the present owner 
of the bible. 

All of the entries, except those on the cover, which were 
evidently made by Rachel Cobb soon after the book came into 
her possession, were made by Rachel (Standish) (Sampson) 
Fuller, who died at Plympton, 13 October, 1809, having survived 
her second husband nearly nineteen years. 

(On the inside of tJie back cover.) 

Rachel Cob her book 

Rachel Cob it is my name and with my pen i right the same 
and if ey had bin larned beter i might have mended every leter 

(Facing title page of New Testament.) 

Moses Standish Born August 17.01 and he died april the 24 day 

Rachel Standish Born december the 8th day 1702 and She 

died June the 24th day 1769 

(On the back of title page of New Testament.) 
Rachel standish furst Marige May the 12th day 1742 
Rachel sampson Sacond Marige October the 25th day 1759 

* See pp. 42 and 43 of this issue. 

Depositions. 45 

Rachel Fuller born April the 24th day 1726 
Philemon Sampson Born September the 20th day 1720 and he 
died Septemder the 6th day 1766* 

{Opposite last page of Revelation.) 

Amos Fuller Juner Born October the 27th day 1760 

Philemon Fuller Born October the 20th day 1763 

Philemon Samson Juner died January the 4th day 1761 Aged 

17 years and 10 months 

(On next page to preceding entries.) 
Philemon Sampson born February the 24th day 1743 
Newland Sampson born december the 31th day 1744 
Sarah sampson born October the 28th day 1746 
Lydia sampson born January the 19th day 1749 
Moses sampson born May the 30th day 175 1 
Benjemin sampson born July the 29th day 1753 
Jeremiah sampson born december the 15th day 1755 


Under this caption the Editor will present, from time to time, 
literal transcripts, from the original records, of depositions giv- 
ing the ages of some of the Pilgrims and their descendants. 
In many instances such a record furnishes the only means of 
determining, even approximately, the year in which the depo- 
nent was born. Occasionally a deposition proves that the age 
at death contained in a town record or gravestone inscription is 
incorrect, for a man's own statement of his age must be con- 
sidered better authority than a record made after his death. 
Two of the depositions appended illustrate the tendency to 
overstate a person's age after his decease. 

[Plymouth County Deeds, I : 81] 

Jacob Cooke aged fifty six years or there about dus testifie 
on my Certaine knowledge that m r John Coombs had a lott of 

* Philemon Sampson died 1756. The entry was a mistake. Note date of second mar- 
riage, i 759 . 

46 Depositions. 

Land Lying on the south side of the lands that was formerly 
Phineas Pratts that now is Edward Grays and he did enjoy it 
to my knowledge Severall years and Cutt the wood on it and 
Caryed it to the Towne by water and sold it, and it did Run 
down to the sea side as Phineas Pratts did. 
Taken upon oath this 14 th day of July 1674 : 

By me Constant Southworth Assist : 

From the foregoing deposition it is evident that Jacob 2 Cooke (Francis 1 ) was born 
about 1 6 18, at Leyden, and must have been about rive years of age when his mother 
brought him to Plymouth in the Anne, in 1623. 

[I : 81] Phineas Pratt aged eighty one years or there abouts 
dus Testifie that the Lands formerly which I did live upon and 
did enjoy at Plimouth that land or lott Containing twenty acres 
or there abouts which lay on the south side of that which was 
mine was granted by the Court unto m r John Combs and there 
was no Common betweene those lands and the said Combs did 
enjoy that lott and Cut wood upon the land and Sold. 
Taken upon oath this last day of June 1674 

Before me Constant Southworth Assist 

The inscription on Phineas Pratt's gravestone, at Charlestown, Mass., states that he 
died 19 April, 16S0, aged " About 90 Y rs ." But we must accept, as more trustworthy, 
his own statement in the deposition, and assign the year 1593 as the approximate date 
of his birth. Phineas Pratt married Mary 2 Priest (Degory J ). 

[I : 81] I ffrancis Billington of 6S years of age doth Testifie 
that to my best Remembrance that m r John Combes had a par- 
cell of Land lying upon the south side of that parcell of land 
that was Phineas Pratts which John Cooke Bought of him, and 
Goodman Gray bought of John Cooke : 

The oath of ffrancis Billington taken this 10 th day of July 

Before me Constant Southworth Assist. 

According to the Middleborough records * Francis Billington died 3 December, 
1684, "aged 80 years." From his deposition we learn that he was born about 1606. 
Consequently he was about fourteen years old when his parents brought him to Plym- 
outh on the Mayflower, and about seventy-eight when he died. 

At the County Court at Plimouth the third Tuesday of march 
i6|-| John Gray of Plimouth produced the above testimonies 
before sd Court and Requested to have them Recorded and the 
Court granted his sd Request and advised the same be done : 
which is done accordingly : 

pr Sam 1 Sprague Record 1 " 
•Mayflower Descendant. I. 222. 

The Diary of Jabez Fitch, Jr. 47 


{Continued from Vol. I, p. 24 j.) 

Claverick Sunday May 8 th 1757 
After Breakfast I Toock a walk Westward In y~ wood about 
a Mile From our Quarters where I Spent Some Vary Pleasing 
Hours Retired From all Company & Nois about 10 oClok I 
Came Back again To My Quarters Hered Some of Old Mur- 
fys Discorce — Then Pride and I Toock a Walk over y e River 
and Up to M r Toness Mad m Gave Us Some Butter Millock To 
Drink Then we Came Home again I Lay Down on y e Slawbunk 
and Slep a Nap — Toard Night M r Tones & His Wife Came 
Here I Sat & Hered a Long Dutch Discorce among them — I 
Observed That y e Negros were Vary Industres at Playing 
Copers strti Ball Most of y e Day — In y e Evening Fuller Came 

ye gth a t g Qok we Raisd a Guard Consisting of one Serj 1 
one Corp u & 16 Privats Serj fc Comstick Toock Charge of y e 
Guard — Then we Exercisd as Usual After Noon we went Up 
to Town To Se Capt Hucabons Company there we Se a Great 
Sum of Money offerd for Men to List &c There I Lit of Som 
old Acquaintants Spent a Pistareen for a Bottle of wine — 
There we Hered y fc we were To March on Thursday Next — 

ye I0 th ye Role was Cald over as Usual at (*) oClok at 9 I 
went on Guard Being y e First Guard y l Ever I Mounted At 
Noon Dined with y e Captain — This Day y e Company Toock 
an Allowance for a Week — in the Evening M rs Vondwozer 
Invited Me To Drink Some Chocolet — 

Memmorandum Paul Pride and James Baldwain Went away 
& Didn* Com Back while Morning &c — 

y e 11 th In y e Morning y e Guard Was Intirely Dismisd — 
This Day we were Vary Much Hurried In Prepairing for a 
March &c — about Noon I Toock a Walk alone Suthward 
about Two Miles when I was Returning I Se a Pecock — Then 
after I Got to My Quarters James Baldwain and Bennet Tried 
To Quarrel — at Night I Eat a Supper of Some Stued Fish 
with y« & Then we Turnd in & Slept Vary well 

* 1 legible. 

48 The Diary of Jabez Fitch, Jr. 

ye I2 th ye £) a y f Gen 11 Election at Hartford in y e Morning 
we Got Ready To March about 8 oClok we Bid our Dutch 
Friends Fairwell and Sent our Packs Down to M r Fundies To 
Be Carried by Water By Some of our Men — Then we Marchd 
Up to y e Church and Joind with Cap* Slapps Company & 
Traveld about 3 mile where we Drinkd Som Greesa Rhum Then 
we Marchd Up to a Tavern within 5 Miles of Canderhuck and 
Eat Some Dinr and Got Some Sider &c — Then we Marchd 
again & about 4 oClok Came into Town Got a Larg barn to 
Lodg in There we Se a Number of y e Boston Solders — Wil- 
liam Long we Sopos is Deserted old Murfy we Confind &c 
This Day I Eat Some Milk Thinking it to Be y e Last before 
y e Campain at Night we Considerd what they at Home were 
about & our Sircumstances a Year Past 

ye j-^th W e Got Ready To March and Came of about 8 in y e 
Morning at Noon we Came to y e Halfway Hous Where we 
Refreshd our Selves & Had a Little fiddleing & Dansing and 
Marchd again Sun Two Hours High we Came to Col. Ranslies 
in Green Bush after Sun Set our Battoes arrivd with our Packs 
— Here we Lodgd in This Great Barn y e Rats Had Liked to 
Distroyd us 

ye 14th We Sent over to y e City for Som Provisions & amuni- 
tion about 10 oClok we Marchd off we Came Round Eastward 
from y e River to Shun y e Small Pox which was Vary thick in 
y e City we Made Several Resting Spels by y e Way at Length 
arrivd at y e Brick Hous at y e Flats where we Lodgd in a Barn 
there was Sider Vary Plenty there for 7 Copers a Mug — In 
y e Evening I Spent Some Time By My Self walking Backward 
& Forward on y e River Bank which Seemd Vary Pleasant 

May 15 th Sunday — In y e Morning we Had an Alowance of 
Rhum about 9 oClok Marchd off went about 3 Miles & Came 
To y e Gen 11 Stoers Then we was Obbligd to Take our Packs & 
2 Days Provisions on our Backs and March Up to Scotercook 
it was about as Warisom a March as Ever I See in My Life 
However at Night we Came to a Comfortable Hous & Barn 
where we Lodgd Vary Easy 

y e 16 th In y e Morning A Number of Us Movd Into a Small 
Log Hous Near To Capt. Fitchs Quarters — Then I Shaved 
and went Down to our Head Quarters For Orders Where I 

The Diary of Jabez Fitch, Jr. 49 

Se Lieu* Herlihy &c — I Mad Two Returns of y e Company 
and one for Provisions — 

ye j^th j n ye Morning I went Upon Guard with Capt Fitch 
& L* Durke it Being y e First Capt s Guard that was Raisd at 
this Plais — The Men Complain y e Most of Hunger y 1 Ever I 
Hered in My Life — about Noon I went Home for Som Din r 
they Had away our Hous for y e Guard — I Got Some Con- 
sidrable acquaintance with Serj* Jiles &c — Then I Returnd to 
My Guard after we Had Rele d I Went Up into y e orchard an 
Hered Holdrich Play on y e Fiddle &c — Then Jacob Ephraim 
was Confind By y e Desire of U Stoton — Maj r Pasons & Capt 
Gallups Companys were Exercisd Togather In y e Evening L* 

(Durke Sent Me Up to Capt Lamsons for a Pint of Cherry 
Rhum which I found we Vary Much Needed in y e Night — 
the Night Seemd Long & was Vary Cold for y e Season But we 
Had a Vary Good Guard 

ye jgth we was Relievd By a Sub 5 Guard and Soon Dismisd 
Then I Repaird Home and After we Had Removed y e Serj* 
Guard from our Hous and Got Setled I Slep a Nap &c Toard 
Night I Toock a Walk up to y e Meddow alone there I Found a 
Hors Just Shot Came Back and after Role Calling and Sup r I 
went to Beed Dreamed about Playing with a Dutch Garl — 

ye j^th a Month of My absence from Home — In y e Morning 
I went Down to our Head Quarters to Get Some Instructions 
about a Muster Role — Then I went Back and Made one while 
I was about it there was a Larrem Mad by Some Indions on 
Tother Side the River But No Man Kild — Then Capt Fitch 
fie I went Down to Van Antwerps and their I Se a Man Carried 
to y- Post to Be whip d But y e Gen 11 For Gave Him — Ins n 
Tracy Came Up &c — Then I went Up y e Brook till I Came 
to a Soymill which I admire for Curiosity Beyond any that 
Ever I Saw Before a Vary Conveanent Plais & Streem a Nice 
Framd Damb a Good Logway on Each Side and In y e Saw 
Gate Hung Eight Soys Fit for y e Work and In y e Mill I Se 12 
*.her Soys — A Vary Good Frame and Covering Mad Cheefly 
I i'mc fcc. Then I went Down to y e Perade & Toock y e 
D< tails then Home & Se Serj* Mack who Just arrived 

JT* 2o ! - In y y Morning I went on Guard again when we was 
b >« Pcrad Serjt Coit was Threatned &c — I Toock Com- 

50 Early Records of Plympton> Mass. 

mand of y e Guard at our Quarters — This Morning Serj fc Mack 
Got a Furrlow To Go Home & after we Had Set our First 
Sentries I Wrote a Letter to Brother Elisha — in y e afternoon 
Capt. Slapp Came to Se us Brought News that we were to 
March for F* Edw d y e Next Sunday Soon after y 1 I Toock My 
Fire Lock and went Up into y e Meddow — where I am Now 

May 20 th 1757 &c 

( To be continued.') 


{Continued from Vol. I, p. 24.8.) 

In order that the illness of the transcriber may not stop the 
publication of these records, the editor has taken up and will 
continue the work. 

Corrections: Vol. I, p. 177, line 17,63 should read 69; p. 
245, line 18, Eleanah should read Elcanah ; p. 247, line 3, Mary 
should read Marcy; p. 247, line 12, the year 1726 should be in- 

[Vol. I, p. 86] 

Joseph Ransum Marred to Marcy Pinchin March 24. 1730. by 

M r Isaac Cushman 
Isaac Sturtevant. Sarah fuller. Married aprill 8 1731 by M r 

Isaac Cushman 
Joseph Holmes. Rebeckah Waterman Married. May 20. 173 1 

by M r Isaac Cushman 
John Freeman and Johanah Rickard Married Sep b 30 173 1 by 

M r Isaac Cushman 
David Shurtleff and Bethiah Lucas Married octo br 14 1731 by 

m r Isaac Cushman 
Beniamin Weston and Hannah Comer Married Octo b 15 1731. 

by m r Isaac Cushman 
James Wright and Elizebith Waterman Married Nov r 17. 173 1 

by m r Isaac Cushman 
Beniamin Spooner and Sarah Cushman Married Nov r 23. 1731 

by m r Isaac Cushman 

Early Records of Plympton, Mass. 5 1 

Hopestill Besbey and Hannah Churchell Married Nov r 25 1731 

by m r Isaac Cushman 
Amas ford and Rebeckah Churchell Married Nov r 25 173 1 by 

m r Isaac Cushman 
Jonathan Rippley and Hannah Sturtevant Maried Jen r y 20. 

173 1 by m r Jonathan Parker 

[p. 1 19] The Child of David Bozworth by Priscilla his wife 
Elisabeth Bozworth was born april y e 11 th 1722 

Susanna shurleff the daughter of John Shurtleff and sarah his 

wife was born decem er 5 th 1727 
william and benony ware both born at a birth april 7 th 1730 

Some of the Children of Joseph Rickard by Deborah his wife 
william Rickard was born octo r y e 27 th 1720 
Japhet Rickard was born feb r y e 23 th 172I 
Abigail Rickard was born Maye y e 25 th 1724 
Jacob Rickard was born march y e 21 st 172-J 

the Children of Josiah Perkins by Deborah his wife 
Nathan perkins was born aug st y e 19 th 1723 
william perkins was born octo r y e 26 th 1724 
John perkins was born feb r y e 22 d 172I 
martha perkins was born October 22 d 1727 

the Child of John Thomson by Elisabeth his wife 
John Tomson was born feb r the 18 th 172^ 
Elisabeth Tomson was born aug st y e 7 th 1726 
Lydia tomson was born august 13 th 1730 

Nehemiah Bozworth Child by Susanah his wife 
Deborah Bozworth was born Nov 1 " y e 19 th 1726 
Susanah bozworth was born Sep er 8 th 1728 and died the 8 th of 

decem er 1729 
John Bozworth the son of Nehemiah Bozworth by sarah his 

wife december 29 th 1729 
Nehemiah Bozworth was born april 3 d 173 1 

[p. 122] The Children of Moses Standish by Rachel his wife 
Abigail Standish was born octo r y e 6 th 1724 and died feb r the 3 d 

Kachel was born april the 24 th 1726 

The Child of James Briant by dorkas his wife 
Sarah Briant was born Sep* y e 14 th 1726 
'ithew Brvant was born dec er 15 th 1727 and died march 22 d 

Abishai Bryant was born January 3 d 172! and died February 

22 d 172I 

52 Early Records of Plympton, Mass. 

the Children of Isaac thear * by Deliverance his wife born in 

Debrah Thear was born March y e 9 th 1723 
Mary Thear was born maye 9 th 1725 
Thomas Thear was born January 10 th i/2|- 

The Child of Samuel wright by Ann his wife 
Sarah wright was born June y e 3 d 1726 
Sam ueI wright was born October 6 th 1728 
Edmund wright was born October 2S th 1730 

the Children of Sam 11 Rickard by Rachel his wife 
Lemuel Rickard was born Nov er 6 th 1722 
Theophilus Rickard was born January 26 th 1725 
Sam 11 Rickard was born October 12 th 1727 

[p. 123] The Child of Josiah waterman by Joanah his wife 
Ichabod waterman was born Nov r y e 3 d 1723 
Ephraim waterman was born October the 20 th 1725 
Josiah waterman was born august 2 d 1728 

the Children of Jeduthan Robins by Rebeckah his wife 
Joseph Robins was born October 4 th 17 19 and died The 20 th of 

the same month 
Mary Robbins was born octo r y e 25 th 1721 
Sarah Robins was born octo r y e 13 th 1723 
Elezer Robins was born June y e 9 th 1724 

The Child of Samuel Briant Ju by Tabbatha his wife 

Lusanah Briant was born Jan r y e 19 th 172-f 

Lois born June the 9 th 1725 

Abigal Bryant was born March 13 th 172-I 

silvanus bryant was born march 20 th I7§|- 

the Children of francis Cook Ju by Ruth his wife 
Ruth Cook was born feb r y e 4 th 172J 
Susanah Cook was born July y e 28 th " 1723 

[p. 124] the Children of Edward Cole and martha his wife 
Elisabeth born Sep t y e 5 th 1722 

The Children of Josiah Churchel and Jamima his wife 
Jabez Churchel was born Jan r y e 21 st 172I 

The Child of John Phinney and Rebekah his wife 
Jonathan Phinney was born feb y e 10 th 172I 
John Phiney was born Janewary y e first 1721 


Reports from State Societies. 53 

Abigal Samson the daughter of Ephraim Samson and Abigal 
his wife was born October 25 th 1729 

The Children of Ebenezer Ransom by Jerusha his wife 
Hanah Ransom was born feb r y e 28 th 172 J 
Ebenezar Ransom was born april 6 th 1728 

[p. 125] The Children of Benjamen Churchel by mary his wife 
Mary Churchel was born y e 17 th of april. 1720 
Perez Churchel was born octo r y e 15 th 1722 

The Children of Robert Ransom by Sarah his wife 

william Ransom was born Maye y e 9 th 1720 

Sarah Ransom was born y e 26 th daye of march 1723 

The Children of Zachariah Standish by Abigail his wife 
Ebenezer Standish was born October y e 16 172 1 
Hanah Standish was born Decern 1 " y e 15 th 1723 
Sarah Standish was born august 5 th 1729 
abigell Standish was born Decem r 16. 173 1 

the Children of Isaac Churchel & Susanah his wife 
averick Churchel was born Sep 1 y e 15 th 1723 

( To be continued.} 



The fourth annual meeting was held at Hotel Somerset, 
Boston, on Tuesday evening, November 21, 1899, the Two 
Hundred Seventy-ninth Anniversary of the Signing of the 

The Secretary reported that the Board of Assistants had 
elected, during the year, 129 members and accepted three resig- 
nations, and that there had been seven deaths, leaving the total 
membership 518. The donations to the Library and Cabinet 
s *nce the last annual meeting have been 44 books and pam- 

(phlets, 19 photographs and engravings, and 149 old documents. 
The Massachusetts Society has on file 1,177 pedigree papers. 

54 Reports from State Societies. 

The following officers were elected for the year 1 899- 1900 : — 

Governor, Gamaliel Bradford. 

Deputy Governor, Winslow Warren. 

Captain, Myles Standish, M.D. 

Elder, Rev. Charles Augustus Brewster. 

Secretary, George Ernest Bowman. 

Treasurer, Marcus Morton. 

Historian, Frederick Wesley Parker. 

Surgeon, Samuel Jason Mixter, M.D. 

Assistants, Morton Dexter, Mrs. Burr Porter, Mrs. John 

Anthony Remick, Francis Richmond 
Allen, Mrs. William Lawrie, Mrs. Henry 
Emmons Raymond, Benjamin Franklin 

After the business meeting dinner was served. The special 
guests were Hon. John M. Hail, of the Connecticut Society ; 
Mrs. Julia A. Ray, of the Illinois Society ; Thomas Snell Hop- 
kins, Esq., of the District of Columbia Society ; Rt. Rev. Wil- 
liam Lawrence, of the Society of Colonial Wars ; Rev. Edward 
G. Porter, A.M., President of the New England Historic Gen- 
ealogical Society ; Rev. Howard A. Bridgman, representing the 
Congregationalists ; Hon. James Gifford, President of the Cape 
Cod Pilgrim Memorial Association ; Miss Sarah Whittemore 
Daggett, State Regent of the Daughters of the American 
Revolution ; Miss Sara E. Hunt, State Regent of the Daugh- 
ters of the Revolution. 

Nearly two hundred members and guests were present. 

The following Standing Committees have been appointed by 
the Board of Assistants, for the year 1899-1900 : — 

Membership : Henry Southworth Shaw, Mrs. Richard Arnold, 
Mrs. Charles Edward Grinnell, Mrs. John Holmes Morison, F. 
Apthorp Foster. 

Publication : Morton Dexter, Winslow Warren, Charles Au- 
gustus Hopkins, Frederick Wesley Parker, George Ernest Bow- 

Finance: George Adelbert Alden, Samuel Billings Capen, 
William Minard Richardson, S. Reed Anthony, Edward Tobey 

Library: Benjamin Franklin Stevens, Mrs. William Lawrie, 
Henry Francis Coe, Miss Mary A. Mixter, Mrs. George Francis 

Entertainment : Horace Homer Soule, Rev. Frederick Bay- 
lies Allen, Mrs. Edward Livingston Allen, J. Myles Standish, 
Mrs. John Anthony Remick. 

Reports from State Societies. 55 

Historical Research: Francis Richmond Allen, Morton Dex- 
ter, James Atkins Noyes, George Ernest Bowman, Frederick 

Marking Histoyic Sites; Gamaliel Bradford, Mrs. Burr 
Porter, Benjamin Delano Sweet, Mrs. Edward Tobey Barker, 
Miss Susan Barker Willard. 

Donations to the Library and Cabinet. 

Program of the " Masonic Ceremonies at the Laying of the 
Corner Stones of the Monumental Canopy and National Monu- 
ment at Plymouth, August 2d, 1859," '"■ Who Identified Brad- 
ford's Manuscript," "The Printing of the Massachusetts and 
Plymouth Records, and Mr. Pulsifer's Connection with it," all 
from John Ward Dean. 

Two engravings representing " Priscilla Mullins " and "Mary 
Chilton," both from Benjamin F. Stevens. 

Sixteen reports (18S4-1899 included) of the Bostonian So- 
ciety, from the Society. 

"Barker Pedigree," from the compiler, James Atkins Noyes. 

" Elder John Prince of Hull," from the compiler, George 

" Centennial Celebration at Wayne, Me.," from Henry N. 

" Pilgrim Memorial Bulletin," from Hon. James Gifford. 

Members Elected. 
October n, 1899. 

524. Mrs. Harry P. Gamble, Boulder, Col., ninth from William 
Brewster, eighth from Love Brewster. 

525. Josiah Laselle, Manchester, N. H., eighth from William 
Brewster, seventh from Love Brewster. 

526. Decatur Axtell, Richmond, Va., eighth from John Alden. 

November 8, 1899. 

527. Miss Marion Andrews Smith, Enfield, ninth from William 

November 21, 1899. 

528. James Bosley Noel Wyatt, Baltimore, Md., ninth from 
James Chilton, eighth from Mary Chilton. 

529. Charles Handfield Wyatt, Baltimore, Md., eighth from 
James Chilton, seventh from Mary Chilton. 

530- Fred Clifford Hinds, Newtonville, eighth from Samuel 

531. Mrs. George Augustus Bowman, East Hartford, Conn., 

ninth from William Brewster. 

56 Reports from State Societies. 

532. Mrs. Edward Everett Blodgett, Brookline, tenth from 

Richard Warren. 

533. Lewis Le Baron Goodwin, Detroit, Mich., ninth from Rich- 

ard Warren. 

534. Mrs. Henry Lyman Bryant, Brockton, eighth from Rich- 

ard Warren. 

535. Miss Caroline Eaton Densmore, Somerville, eighth from 

Myles Standish. 

536. Edward Dana Densmore, Somerville, eighth from Myles 


537. Albert Volney Foster, Evanston, 111., tenth from William 


538. Mrs. Edwin E. Darling, Troy, N. Y., sixth from William 


December 27, 1899. 

539. Person Cheney Laselle, Grasmere, N. H., ninth from Wil- 

liam Brewster, eighth from Love Brewster. 

540. Miss Rebecca Jackson, Plymouth, ninth from Richard 


Supplemental Lines Filed. 
November, 1899. 
75. George E. Richardson, eighth from William Brewster, sev- 
enth from Love Brewster. 
297. Archie L. Talbot, ninth from Degory' Priest. 
327. Harry C. Philbrick, tenth from Richard Warren. 
534. Mrs. Henry L. Bryant, eighth from George Soule. 

December, 1899. 

88. Miss E. Leora Pratt, ninth from Isaac Allerton, eighth from 

Mary Allerton; tenth (3 lines) from Francis Cooke; 
ninth from Degory Priest ; tenth from Richard Warren. 

89. Miss Edith Forrester Pratt, ninth from Isaac Allerton, 

eighth from Mary Allerton ; tenth (3 lines) from Francis 

Cooke; ninth from Degory Priest; tenth from Richard 

92. Mrs. Jonathan R. Bullock, eighth from Peter Brown. 
266. Edwin S. Crandon, tenth from Thomas Rogers, ninth from 

Joseph Rogers. 
352. Henry D. Sleeper, ninth from Peter Brown. 
492. Mrs. George W. Downing, eighth from William White, 

seventh from Peregrine White. 
506. Mrs. William W. Lunt, ninth from William Brewster. 
508. Miss Nora L. Fairbanks, eighth from John Howland ; 

ninth from Richard Warren. 

Reports from State Societies. 57 

530. Fred C. Hinds, eighth from Francis Eaton, seventh from 
Samuel Eaton. 


Officers elected at the Annual Meeting, held November 22, 

Governor, John Taylor Terry. 

Deputy Governor, Levi Parsons Morton. 

Captain, J. Bayard Backus. 

Elder, Brady Electus Backus, D.D. 

Secretary, Jeremiah Richards. 

Treasurer, Edward Loudon Norton. 

Historian, Richard Henry Greene. 

Surgeon, Joseph Edward Janvrin, M.D. 

Assistants, Jared Weed Bell, William Milne Grinnell, 

James LeBaron Willard, William Lan- 
man Bull, Walter Scott Allerton, James 
Dougal Bissell, M.D., George Herbert 

Members Elected. 
October 4, 1899. 

551. Israel Newton Terry, Utica, eighth from William Bradford. 

552. Elijah Thompson Farnham, Elizabeth, N. ]., eighth from 

John Alden. 

553. Miss Alice Hill Chittenden, Brooklyn, tenth from John 

554- Mrs. Albert Johnson Pitkin, Schenectady, eighth from 
William Bradford. 

555. Miss Edna Bell, Troy, ninth from Myles Standish. 

November 1, 1899. 

556. Miss Florence Edith Romer, Buffalo, ninth from William 


557- Mrs. Charles Hendricks Dolbeer, Batavia, ninth from Rich- 
ard Warren. 

558. Mrs. Calvin D. Stowell, Ithaca, ninth from James Chilton, 
eighth from Mary Chilton. 

559- Willis Seaver Paine, New York, ninth from John Alden. 

560. William George Collins, New York, seventh from William 


December 6, 1899. 

56 1. Miss Lucy Haley, Brooklyn, eighth from John Alden. 

58 Reports from State Societies. 

562. Miss Julia Raymond Livingston, Carmel, tenth from 

Richard Warren. 

563. Mrs. Charles Wilson Smith, New York, ninth from Francis 


564. Miss Rosamond Tuck, New York, eighth from John 


565. Clarence Ettienne Leonard, Caryl- Yonkers, eighth from 

John Howland. 

566. Joseph Henry Oglesby, Sea Girt, N. J., tenth from William 


567. Miss Ellen Rose Nye, Champlain, eighth from Richard 


568. Miss Louisa Watson Clarke, New York, eighth from 

Edward Win slow. 

December 27, 1899. 

569. Mrs. Josiah G. Bellows, Walpole, N. H., sixth from John 


570. William Stiger Richards, New York, ninth from Degory 


571. James Wilson Clark, New York, tenth from Richard 



The Annual Meeting was held at the Crocker House, New 
London, on Thursday evening, December 21, 1899. After the 
business meeting Rev. James G. Johnson, D.D., the Elder of 
the Society, delivered an address on " How the Pilgrims As- 
serted their Influence over the Greater Body of Emigrants, 
and Planted the Germinal Idea of the Nation." An informal 
reception followed the address. 

The following officers were elected for the year 1899- 1900: 

Governor, Charles Dudley Warner. 

Deputy Governor, Henry Augustus Morgan. 

Captain, Rear Admiral Royal Bird Bradford. 

Elder, James Gibson Johnson, D.D. 

Secretary, Henry Richardson Bond, Jr. 

Treasurer, Laurence Waterman Miner. 

Historian, Edwin Allston Hill. 

Assistants, W T illiam Molthrop Stark, Percy Coe Eggles- 

ton, Mrs. John L. Branch, Mrs. George 
J. Bramble, Mrs. George D. Whittlesey, 
Miss Elizabeth Mussey Browne, Miss 
Helen M. Avery. 

Reports from State Societies. 59 

Donations to the Library. 

"The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record," 
Vols. I and II, from the publishers. 

" Slavery among the Puritans," " Sermon of Rev. William M. 
Rogers," and " Sermon of Rev. Asa Messer," all from H. VV. 

Members Elected. 
October 16, 1899. 

204. Mrs. Van Sinderen Lindsley, Washington, D. C, tenth 

from William Brewster. 

205. David Chester Brown, M.D., Danbury, tenth from Wil- 

liam Brewster. 

December 18, 1899. 

206. Horace Rogers, Norwich, eighth from William Brewster. 

207. Miss Emma Eliza Moseley, New Haven, seventh from 

John Alden. 

208. Mrs. George Kellogg Colt, Winsted, eighth from William 


Supplemental Line Filed. 
December, 1899. 
158. Mrs. Hunter C. White, ninth from Richard Warren. 


Officers elected at the Annual Meeting, held November 22, 

Governor, Charlemagne Tower, Jr. 

Deputy Governor, Francis Oicott Allen. 

Captain, Charles A Brinley. 

Secretary, George Champlin Mason. 

Treasurer, James Mauran Rhodes. 

Historian, Josiah Granville Leach. 

Surgeon, Charles Harrod Vinton, M.D. 

Assistants, Edward Clinton Lee, Eben Francis Bar- 

ker, William Henry Castle, Arthur Hale, 
Ashbel Welch, James Crosby Brown, 
Craige Lippincott. 

Members Elected. 
October 4, 1899. 

115. Mrs. Byron P. Moulton, Rosemont, ninth from Edward 
Fuller, eighth from Samuel Fuller. 

60 Reports from State Societies. 

116. Mrs. Phillip Mark Shannon, Pittsburg, eighth from John 


Officers elected at the Annual Meeting, held November 22, 

Governor, Walter Morton Howland. 

Deputy Governor, Volney William Foster. 

Captain, Isaac Burrows Snow. 

Elder, Rt. Rev. Charles Edward Cheney. 

Secretary, Mrs. Seymour Morris. 

Treasurer, Frederick Morgan Steele. 

Historian, Victor Clifton Alderson. 

Surgeon, Harry Cushman Worthington, M.D. 

Assistants, Josiah Lewis Lombard, Mrs. John R. Wil- 

son, Mrs. Dwight W. Graves, Mrs. Levi 
B. Doud, Paul Blatchford, Martin Med- 
bury Gridley, Fredrik Herman Gade. 

Members Elected. 
November 1, 1899. 

74. Samuel Waters Allerton, Chicago, seventh from Isaac 


November 8, 1899. 

75. Joel Francis Talbot, Chicago, eighth from John Alden. 

Supplemental Line Filed. 
November, 1899. 
74. Samuel W. Allerton, eighth from William Brewster. 


Officers elected at the Annual Meeting, held November 21, 

Governor, Herbert Jenney. 

Deputy Governor, Mrs. Frank J. Jones. 
Captain, William Howard Doane. 

Elder, Rev. John Hugh Ely. 

Secretary, Miss Clara Chipman Newton. 

Treasurer, Henry Christopher Yergason. 

Reports from State Societies. 6 1 

Historian, Charles Davies Jones. 

Assistants, Mrs. Warren Rawson, Mrs. Henry Melville 

Curtis, Mrs. Frank R. Ellis, Mrs. James 
Hicks, Edward A. Handy, Charles Hum- 
phreys Newton. 

Member Elected. 
November 7, 1899. 

34. Mrs. George Bowen Parkinson, Cincinnati, ninth from 
James Chilton, eighth from Mary Chilton. 


A meeting of the Society was held in the parlors of the Con- 
gregational Church, Washington, on Tuesday evening, October 
10, 1899, with Governor Marsh in the chair. Mr. William W. 
Case gave an account of his recent trip to Scrooby, Delfs-haven 
and Leyden, and exhibited photographs of the places visited. 
He also presented to the Society a silver mounted gavel made 
from oak brought from Scrooby by the donor. Other speakers 
were Messrs. Hopkins, Ewell and Faunce. 

The Annual Meeting was held at the Ebbitt House, Washing- 
ton, on Tuesday evening, November 21, 1899. Telegrams of 
greeting and congratulation from the Governors of the Massa- 
chusetts and the Illinois Societies were read by Governor Marsh, 
and replies of like tenor were sent by him. Addresses were 
made by Rev. Irwin P. McCurdy, D.D., George R. Stetson, Rev. 
John L. Ewell, D.D., and Edwin A. Hill. Refreshments were 
served at the close of the exercises. 

The following officers were elected for the year 1 899-1900: 

Governor, William Lowrey Marsh. 

Deputy Governor, George Rochford Stetson. 

Captain, William Wallace Case. 

Elder, Rev. John Louis Ewell, D.D. 

Secretary, Harry Weston Van Dyke. 

Deputy Secretary, Miss Isabel Sargent Chamberlain. 

Treasurer, Thomas Snell Hopkins. 

Historian, Algernon Aikin Aspinwall. 

Surgeon, George Lyman Fox, M.D. 

Assistants, Miss Isabel Sargent Chamberlain, Solomon 

Elmer Faunce, Jerome Fletcher John- 
son, Miss Carlie Emeline Marsh, Alonzo 
Howard Clark, Edwin Allston Hill, 
Thomas Blagden. 

62 Reports from State Societies. 

The following committees have been appointed by the Board 
of Assistants : — 

Membership: William Wallace Case, Mrs. Frank Sherman 
Smith, Howard Wilson Blanchard, Joseph Edward Bradford, 
Mrs. Charles Francis Nesbit. 

Publication: Harry Weston Van Dyke, Rev. John Louis 
Ewell, D.D., Edwin Allston Hill. 

Auditing: Solomon Elmer Faunce, Henry Peter Renouf 
Holt, Benjamin Prentis Watrous. 

Room and Property : Jerome Fletcher Johnson, Mrs. Medad 
Chattman Martin, Caleb Holt Ellis, Mrs. William W T esley Karr, 
Mrs. A. L. Craig. 

Entertainment : Alonzo Howard Clark, Mrs. George Roch- 
ford Stetson, Miss Mary Lyon Robinson, Miss Alice Wight 
Alden, Mrs. Preston Heath Bailhache. 

Press: Miss Hattie Lucinda Alden, Miss Carlie Emeline 
Marsh, Miss Isabel Sargent Chamberlain. 

Donation to the Library. 

" New York in the Revolution," from Hon. Chauncey M. 

Members Elected. 
September 12, 1899. 

60. Mrs. Harry Hunter Seldomridge, Colorado Springs, Col, 

ninth from John Alden. 

October 10, 1899. 

61. George Chandler Harrison, West Cornwall, Conn., seventh 

from William Bradford. 

62. Mrs. Solomon Elmer Faunce, Washington, ninth from 

Isaac Allerton, eighth from Mary Ailerton. 

November 14, 1899. 

63. Mrs. William Henry Chany, Washington, eighth from 

William Brewster. 

64. Mrs. Charles Francis Nesbit, Washington, eighth from 

Isaac Allerton, seventh from Mary Allerton. 

65. Mrs. Ellery Channing Ford, Washington, seventh from 

Isaac Allerton, sixth from Mary Allerton. 

66. Miss Sarah Adelia Giddings, Colorado Springs, Col., ninth 

from John Alden. 

67. Caleb Holt Ellis, Washington, eighth from William Brad- 


68. Miss Alice Wight Alden, Washington, seventh from John 


Pilgrim Notes and Queries. 63 

69. John Belden Bradford, Cornwall Hollow, Conn., seventh 

from William Bradford. 

December 12, 1899. 

70. Mrs. William Henry Harrison Hewitt, New Haven, Conn., 

seventh from William Bradford. 

71. Miss Fannie Soule Campbell, San Francisco, Cal., seventh 

from George Soule. 

Supplemental Lines Filed. 
October, 1899. 

42. Solomon E. Faunce, eighth from Thomas Rogers, seventh 
from Joseph Rogers ; seventh from Henry Samson ; 
seventh from Richard Warren. 



The Mayflower Genealogies. — The first installment of the May- 
flower Genealogies will appear in the April issue. 

Stephen Hopkins' Second Wife. — The statement that Elizabeth, 
the second wife of Stephen Hopkins, was the daughter of Francis 
Cooke seems hardly to need contradiction. If Elizabeth had been a 
daughter of Francis Cooke, her daughter Damaris would have been the 
niece of Jacob 2 Cooke (Francis 1 ). But the fact that Damaris 2 Hop- 
kins (Stephen 1 ) became the wife of Jacob 2 Cooke is sufficient evi- 
dence that her mother was not Jacob's sister, and therefore was not 
Francis Cooke's daughter. 

Richard Warren's Wife. — That Richard Warren of the Mayflower 
did not marry Elizabeth (Juatt) Marsh becomes evident when it is 
stated that in 1628, the year of his death, Elizabeth Juatt was still un- 
married and only about fourteen years old ; while Richard's widow 
Elizabeth was the mother of seven children, of whom at least one was 
older than Elizabeth Juatt. 


[ This department is limited to subjects connected -with Pilgrim genealogy and history. 
Am-jjers should be sent to the Editor for publication in later issues.] 

17* Snow. Who were the parents of Abijah Snow, who was born 21 
December, 1754, and married, at Abington, Mass., 18 November, 1775, 
Sarah Porter? H. C. W. 

64 Pilgrim Notes and Queries. 

18. Coombs — Eaton. Who were the parents of Mary Coombs who 
married, iS December, 16S9, Benjamin 3 Eaton (Benjamin 2 , Francis 1 ), 
of Plymouth? M. M. 

19. Washburn — Perkins. Who were the parents of Mary Wash- 
burn, who married, 20 February, 1 717, Thomas Perkins, of Bridgewater? 

M. A. M. 

20. Washburn — Leonard. Who were the parents of Marjoram 
Washburn, who married, 2 November, 1699, Josiah Leonard, of Bridge- 
water? E. F. P. 

Answer to Query. 

16. Walker — Warren. Since the publication of this query the 
Editor has found the following record, which furnishes an interesting 
clue to the ancestry of Sarah (Walker) Warren. The fact that this 
petition was not made by William Collier, but by his wife Jane, seems 
to indicate that Sarah was her granddaughter by a former husband, but 
unfortunately it is not conclusive evidence. It appears, therefore, that 
there were three ways in which Sarah Walker could have been Jane 
Collier's granddaughter. First, Sarah's mother might have been the 
daughter of William and Jane Collier. Second, Sarah's father might 
have been the son of Jane Collier by a former husband named Walker. 
Third, Sarah's mother might have been a daughter of Jane Collier by 
a former husband of unknown surname. 

[Plymouth Colony Deeds, II : 73] 


An Obligation appointed to bee recorded ; 
Wheras there hath been a Difference Depending betwixt M ls Elizabeth war- 
ren and her sonn Nathaniell Warren about certaine lands which the said Na- 
thaniell conceiveth hee hath right unto as heire unto the lands of M r Richard 
Warren Deceased ; These are therfore to Declare and certify unto all whom 
it may conserne That wheras a late petition hath been prefered unto the 
court by M' 3 Jane Collyare in the behalfe of her grandchild Sara the wife of 
the said Nathaniell Warren and an other petition formerly prefered to the 
court by Robert Bartlett sonn inlaw of the said Elizabeth Warren by each 
petitions the prties requesting Justice in the p r mises ; the said M is Elizabeth 
Warren and M' 15 Jane Collyare and Nathaniell Warren haveing agreed to refer 
the said Difference unto such of the bench as they have chosen ; viz M !;S Eliza- 
beth Warren hath chosen M r Willam Bradford and captaine Willett and M^ 
Jane Collyare and Nathaniell Warren haveing Chosen Mr Thomas Prence and 
capt : Myles Standish and they the said Elizabeth Jane and Nathaniel! Doe 
bind them selves heerby videlecett Elizabeth Warren in the summe of an 
hundred pounds and the said Jane Collyare and Nathaniell W'arren in the 
summe of an hundred pounds to stand to whatsoever they shall Doe and 
finally Determine in the p r mises or the Maior prte of them ; and incase they 
can not agree they are to chose a nft to bee Umpire in the case In Witnesse 
wherof they have heerunto sett theire hands The eleventh of June 1653 
Witnesse The marke £ of Elizabeth Warren 

Nathaniell Morton Jane Collyare 

Nathaniell Warren 
of the conclusions and Determiations made and come unto by the prties 
chosen to end the abovesaid Differences see more overleafe 

)J1 ■','■' •/ / " v /Si. (*,.•.< i^-''-' f,i,-J.-—--t ■,- ■.I'*'*- 

"The Mayflower 


Vol. II. APRIL, 1900. No. 2. 



Communicated by Mary Washburn Parkinson, of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

It was not only in their Bibles that our ancestors wrote 
family notes of interest to their descendants. The precious 
blank sheets of paper in whatever book lay at hand were often 
used for this purpose. Mr. Charles Hopkins Washburn, brother 
of the writer, owns an old book of laws for the use of a Justice 
of the Peace, which he values from the fact that it contains 
items regarding his family, in the handwriting of five genera- 
tions, including his own. As the first writer, on the page 
shown in the illustration, mentions three generations of his 
forefathers, the old book contains records of eight generations 
of this line of Washburns. 

The title page of the book is as follows : — 


ING Some general rules and directions to be known and ob- 
served by all Justices of the Peace. 

BOSTON: Printed for, and sold by JOSEPH GREEN- 

The first owner of the book was Col. Seth Washburn, of 
Leicester, Mass. Besides other positions of trust in Leicester, 
ke held that of Justice of the Peace. This book was quite 
likely his whole law library. In it, on the blank page after the 
preface, he recorded the following marriage : — 


66 Col. Seth Washburn's Justice of the Peace Book. 

Worcester ss Jenuary 31th 1788 than Bezaleal Phelps from 
the state of rodeisland and Lucia Henderson of leicester 

Entered into the solam covenent of marage by marraying tham 
Saleves before me and desired me to record the same. 

Seth Washburn, Justis a peace. 

Possibly it was this recorded marriage that first moved him 
to put to some use the other blank pages, so turning the book 
upside down he wrote inside the last cover : — 

The account from briten is that thay lose 100,000 lives in the 
war with america and and one hundred and forty millon of 

On the page opposite is written : — 

Wee was marrade April 12th 1750. 

Seth was born febuary 1 al 1751 the babe that dide was 
born decemb 30 

Joseph was born 

But this is broken off. It evidently occurred to him to begin 
with an account of his forefathers. Turning back to the page 
opposite the last printed page, he wrote : — 

My grate grandfather was own of the first Settelers in New 
England his name was John Washbourn he had two brouthers 
came over with him one of thear names was Philip and one 
Setteled in yorck State but I dont know his name. 

My grat grand father had Seven Sons viz Joseph Samuel 
Thomas John Bengamon Jonathan and James My grand- 
farthers name was Joseph he had Seven Sons viz Jonathan Jo- 
seph Ebenezer miles Epheram Edward and bengamin my 
fathers name was Joseph he had five Sons four that lived to 
grow up viz Elijah Joseph Seth and Ebenezer I had three that 
Jived to grow up viz Seth Joseph and Asa Seth died in the 
armay in the year 1776 at yorck island he had two Sons viz 
Nathinel and Seth Nathinel died young my brouther Elijah 
had three Sons Samuel Elijah and Joseph brouther Joseph had 
but one Son his name is Joseph brouther Ebenezer had three 
Artamos Ebenezer and Syras my son Joseph has 2 Sons Davis 
and Seth and two more viz Joseph and Amory* Asa has has 
3 Sons Ruben Levi and Seth and Asa and Jacob* Levi died 
december 12 1792. 

Turning again to the front of the book, Seth Washburn set 
down his own family record opposite the title page, upside 

•The words in italics were inserted, above the line, by Asa Washburn. 

Col. Seth Washburn s Justice of the Peace Book. 67 

down. (The dates after February, 1794, were inserted by his 
son Asa and grandson Reuben.) 

Wee was marred April 12 1750 
Seth was born febuary 1, 175 1 
and dided in Augest 17th iyj6 the child that was Steel born 
was born December 30 1753. 
Joseph was born May 18th 1753 

and died March 2j a.d. 1807 
Asa was born July 25th 1757 

and died October 6th 1834 
Maray was born June 16th 1759 

and died 1849 
Hannah was born June 5th 1762 

and died 1850 
Sarah was born October 22d 1764 

and died December 14th 1850 
Amity was born april 17th 1766 

and died June 22 1794 
Lucy was born November nth 1769 

and died November 26th 1796 
Elizabeth was born October 12th 1774 

and dided June 30th 1777 
My dear consart departed this life Sept. 16th 1787 in the 59 
year of her age of a Sunday morning between 3 and 4 oclock 

. I was marrade to the widder Sarah Sargeant april 30th 


Across the page is written by Seth Washburn : — 

I was born May 19th 1723. My wife was born December 
19th 1728 my last wife was born May 3 1733 

When Seth Washburn died in 1794, the book became the 
property of his son Asa, and was taken to Putney, Vt. Asa 
wrote after his father's death : — 

My Honored Father Seth Washburn Departed this life Feb- 
ruary 12, 1794. My mother in law died September 1801. 

After this in the handwriting of Reuben, son of Asa, is the 
following : — 

The above is the Family Record of Seth Washburn of 
Leicester, Worcester County, Mass, made in his own hand writ- 
es up to the time of his death, February 12th 1794, and after 
«*« death, there are some minutes in said Record made by his 

68 Col. Seth Washburn s Justice of the Peace Book. 

son Asa Washburn, and after his death some, made by his 
Grandson Reuben Washburn. The said Seth Washburn was 
born at Bridgewater Mass. May 19th 1723, and settled in 
Leicester, and there, April 12th 1750, married Mary Harwood, 
Who was born at Lunenburgh Mass. December 19th 1728. 

Reuben Washburn. 

After the title page Asa Washburn gives his own family 
record (the deaths under the lines inserted by his son Reuben). 

I was born July 25th 1757. 
My wife was born December 13 1758 
We was marred November 16 — 1780 
Reuben was born December 30 — 1781 
Levi was born October 20 — 1783 

and died December J 2 1792 
Elizabeth was born Decern 18 1785 

and died June 3d iS 15 
Seth was born January 27 1788 

and died February 6th 1841 
Lucy was born January 11 1790 
Asa was born December 31 1791 
Levi died December 12, 1792 
Sallie was born March 21 1794 
Jacob was born March 13 1796 

and died October 26 1855 
Amity was born January 29 1798 
Lucretia was born August 2d 180 1 

Our babe that died was born July 19 — 1803 
My dear Wife died Sept. nth 1804, about half after eight 
o'clock in the morning in the 46 year of her age. 

Persis Boutell my present wife was born March 29th 1760 
We was marred Septr. 26th 1805 

and died June 1837. 

The last date is in the handwriting of Reuben Washburn, 
also the following : — 

The above is the Family Record of Asa Washburn of Put- 
ney, Windham County, Vt., made in his own handwriting up to 
the time of his death, October 6th 1834; and after his death 
there are some minutes in said Record, made by his son, Reu- 
ben Washburn. The said Asa Washburn was born at Leicister 
July 25th 1757 ; and, November 16th 1780, married Sally Upham 
of Spencer, Mass. who was born at Spencer December 13th 
1758. The said Asa W r ashburn emigrated from Leicester to 
Putney in March 1785. Reuben Washburn. 


Col. Seth Washbiwri s Justice of the Peace Book. 69 

Opposite the first page of the book Reuben Washburn re- 
corded his marriage with Hannah Blaney Thacher, at Maiden, 
Mass., October 10th, 18 13, and dates of birth of five children. 
The first born was Peter Thacher, who finds space, after what 
his father had written concerning Col. Seth Washburn, to write 
the following : — 

My father, Reuben Washburn, gave this book to me, March 
29 i860. It contains the handwriting of my great grandfather 
Seth Washburn, of my grand father, Asa Washburn, and of 
my father Reuben Washburn. 

Peter Thacher Washburn. 

The present owner of the book, the son of Peter Thacher 
Washburn, has written a few words indicating possession, the 
four generations of his fathers having left little available space. 

Seth Washburn was a soldier in the Revolution, fighting at 
Bunker Hill, a captain in the eight month service of 1775, 
afterwards a member of the General Court of Massachusetts 
thirteen years in succession, i^yG-iySS, part of the time as 
Representative from the town of Leicester, and part of the 
time as Senator from the County of Worcester. He was a 
member of the Constitutional Convention of Massachusetts, 
1779, an d colonel of a regiment of militia after the Revolution- 
ary War. Governor Emory Washburn's " History of Leicester " 
gives an interesting account of Seth Washburn's part in the 
Battle of Bunker Hill, and his march on April 19, 1775, as cap- 
tain of the Leicester Minute Men. 

Mitchell, in his history of Bridgewater, leaves in doubt which 
of several Joseph Washburns went from Bridgewater to Leices- 
ter to live. The jottings regarding his father's family, which 
Seth Washburn put down in the old Justice of the Peace book, 
settle this point. 

The Joseph Washburn who went to Leicester was the Jo- 
seph whose father had the seven sons, Jonathan, Joseph, Eben- 
e zer, Miles, Ephraim, Edward, and Benjamin. Mitchell gives 
these seven sons, in different order, to the Joseph Washburn 
who married Hannah Latham, granddaughter of Mary (Chilton) 
Winslow. These sons were the grandsons of John Washburn, 
w horn Seth Washburn speaks of as his " grate grand father." 

jo John Howland' s Will and Inventory. 

John Washburn married Elizabeth Mitchell, granddaughter of 
Francis Cooke, the Pilgrim. 

Thus the old book, from which these notes are taken, furnishes 
proof that the Leicester Washburns are within the fold of 
Mayflower Descendants. 


Transcribed from the original records, 
By George Ernest Bowman. 

John Howland died at Plymouth, on the twenty third of Feb- 
ruary 1672-3, and his will and inventory were recorded in the 
Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories, Volume III, Part I, 
pages 49 to 54. 

[p. 49] The Last Will and Testament of m r John howland of 
Plymouth late Deceased, exhibited to the Court held att Plym- 
outh the fift Day of March Ann° Dom 1672 on the oathes of 
m r Samuell ffuller and m r Willam Crow as followeth 

Know all men to whom these p r sents shall Come That I John 
howland seni r of the Towne of New Plymouth in the Colloni(e) 
of New Plymouth in New England in America, this twenty 
ninth Day of May one thousand six hundred seaventy and two 
being of whole mind, and in Good and p r fect memory and Re- 
membrance praised be God ; being now Grown aged ; haveing 
many Infeirmities of body upon mee ; and not Knowing how 
soon God will call mee out of this world, Doe make and ordaine 
these p r sents to be my Testament Containing herein my last 
Will in manor and forme following ; 

Imp I Will and bequeath my body to the Dust and my soule 
to God that Gave it in hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection unto 
Glory ; and as Concerning my temporall estate, I Dispos(e) 
therof as followeth ; 

Item I Doe give and bequeath unto John howland my eldest 
sonne besides what lands I have alreddy given him, all my 
Right and Interest To that one hundred acrees of land graunted 

John How land's Will and Inventory. y\ 

mee by the Court lying on the easter(n) side of Taunton River ; 
between Teticutt and Taunton bounds and all the appurte- 
nances and privilidges Therunto belonging, T belonge to him 
and his heires and assignes for ever ; and if that Tract should 
faile, then to ha(ve) all my Right title and Interest by and in 
that Last Court graunt to mee in any other place, To belonge 
to him his heires and assignes for ever ; 

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Jabez howland all 
those my upland and Meadow That I now posesse at Satuckett 
and Paomett, and places adjacent, with all the appurtenances 
and privilidges, belonging therunto, and all my right title and 
Interest therin, To belonge to him his heires and assignes for 

Item I Give and bequeath unto my son Jabez howland all 
that my one peece of land that I have lying on the southsyde of 
the Mill brooke, in the Towne of Plymou(th) aforsaid ; be it 
more or lesse ; and is on the Northsyde of a fei(ld) that is now 
Gyles Rickards seni r To belonge to the said Jabez his heires 
and assignes for ever ; 

Item I give and bequeath into Isacke howland my youngest 
sonne all those my uplands and meddowes Devided and undi- 
vided with all the appurtena(n)ce(s) and priviliges unto them 
belonging, lying and being in the Towne of Middlebery, and in 
a tract of Land Called the Majors Purchase neare Namassakett 
Ponds; which I have bought and purchased of Willam White 
of Marshfeild in the Collonie of New Plymouth ; which may or 
shall appeer by any Deed or writing that is Given under the 
said Whites hand all such Deeds or writinges Together with 
the aformensioned prticulares To belonge to the said Isacke his 
heires and assignes for ever ; 

Item I give and bequeath unto my said son Isacke howland 
the one halfe of my twelve acree lott of Meddow That I now 
have att Winnatucsett River within the Towne of Plymouth 
aforsaid To belonge to him the said Isacke howland his heires 
and assignes for ever, 

Item I Will and bequeath unto my Deare and loveing wife 
Elizabeth howland the use and benifitt of my now Dwelling 
bouse in Rockey nooke in the Township of Plymouth aforsaid, 
*'ith the outhousing lands, That is uplands [p. 50] uplands and 

72 John How land' s Will and Inventory. 

meddow lands and all appurtenances and privilidges therunto 
belonging in the Towne of Plymouth and all other Lands hous- 
ing and meddowes that I have in the said Towne of Plymouth 
excepting what meddow and upland I have before given To my 
sonnes Jabez and Isacke howland During her naturall life to 
Injoy make use of and Improve for her benifitt and Comfort ; 

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph howland after 
the Decease of my loveing wife Elizabeth howland my aforsaid 
Dwelling house att Rockey nooke together with all the outhous- 
ing uplands and Meddowes appurtenances and privilidges be- 
longing therunto ; and all other housing uplands and meddowes 
appurtenances and privilidges That I have within the aforsaid 
Towne of New Plymouth excepting what lands and meadowes I 
have before Given To my two sonnes Jabez and Isacke ; To 
belong to him the said Joseph howland To him and his heires 
and assignes for ever ; 

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Desire Gorum 
twenty shillings 

Item I give and bequeath To my Daughter hope Chipman 
twenty shillings 

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth Dick- 
enson twenty shillings 

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Lydia Browne 
twenty shillings 

Item I give & bequeath to my Daughter hannah Bosworth 
twenty shillings 

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Ruth Cushman 
twenty shillings 

Item I give to my Grandchild Elizabeth howland The Daugh- 
ter of my son John howland twenty shillings 

Item my will is That these legacyes Given to my Daughters, 
be payed by my exequitrix in such species as shee thinketh 
meet ; 

Item I will and bequeath unto my loveing wife Elizabeth 
howland, my Debts and legacyes being first payed, my whole 
estate : viz : lands houses goods Chatties ; or any thinge else that 
belongeth or appertaineth unto mee, undisposed of be it either 
in Plymouth Duxburrow or Middlbery or any other place what- 
soever; I Doe freely and absolutly give and bequeath it all to 

John How land's Will and Inventory. 73 

my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth howland whom I Doe 
by these p r sents, make ordaine and Constitute to be the sole 
exequitrix of this my Last will and Testament to see the same 
truely and faithfully p r formed according to the tenour therof ; 
In witnes wherof I the said John howland seni r have heerunto 
sett my hand and seale the aforsaid twenty ninth Day of May, 
one thousand six hundred seaventy and two 1672 
Signed and sealed in the John howland 

p r sence of Samuell ffuller And a seale 

Willam Crow 

[p. 51] A trew Inventory of all the goods Catties and Chat- 
ties and Lands of M r John howland lately Deceasd taken and 
aprised by Elder Thomas Cushman Serjeant Tinkham and Wil- 
lam Crow the third of March Ann Dom 1672 and exhibited to 
the Court held att Plymouth the fift of March i6|f on the 
oathe of m™ Elizabeth howland widdow as followeth 

In the outward or her Rome £ s d 

Imp r 1 muskett 1 long Gun 1 Cutlas 1 belt, att 02 10 00 

Item 1 Chimney Iron barr 2 paire of pot hangers 00 09 00 

Item I fler shovell 1 paire of tonges 1 paire of Cob ) 

r or 00 07 00 

irons ) ' 

Item 1 frying pan 1 smoothing box and Irons 00 05 06 

Item 1 adds 2 axes 1 mortising axe 1 hoe 00 11 06 

Item 3 augers 1 pikaxe 00 05 00 

Item 1 hammer 1 paire of Pincers 1 Drawing knife ) 

1V - , -rr & 00 02 00 

1 splitmg knitte ) 

Item 2 Cow bells 1 old Chaine, and Divers peeces ) 

of old Iron Aules & a box j 00 05 00 

Item 2 presshookes 1 paire of sheep sheers 2 sickles 00 04 00 

Item 1 pruning Instrument 1 peece of Steele 00 02 00 

Item 2 staples 1 peec of a Chaine 00 01 06 

Item 2 staples 4 peeces of a chaine 00 01 06 

Item 1 Dagger three knives 2 paire of sissers i)^^^ 

paire or stilhyards ) 

Item 1 padlock 1 thwart saw 3 wedges 1 ploughshare 00 10 00 

Item 3 Iron potts 1 paire of pothookes 1 Iron kettle 01 06 00 

Item 2 brasse kittles 1 warming pan or 15 00 

Item 1 skimer 1 ladle r sawsse pan r brasse skillett 00 04 06 

Item 6 pewter platters 3 basons 3 smale pewter thinges o r 07 00 

Item a quart pot 1 candlesticke r beer bowle 00 05 00 

Item 3 porringers r Dram cupp 1 Tunell 00 03 00 


John Howland } s Will and Inventory. 

Item 2 salt sellers 2 chamber potts 7 spoones 
Item 1 Iron candlesticke 1 latten pott 1 Ironsockett 
Item 1 shove Iron 2 washers 2 old sikles and old Iron 
Item 4 earthen potts 1 pan and 1 Jugg and earthen 

Item 1 hatchell 
Item 1 great bible and Annotations on the 5 bookes 

of Moses 
Item m r Tindalls workes m r Wilsons workes 7 more 

Item 3 wheeles 1 cherne 1 straning Dish 
Item 3 cheesfatts 1 1 trayes 1 kimnell 
Item 3 pailes six tubbs 1 ladle 1 cheese ladder 
Item trenchers Roleing pins and some smale things 
Item 3 Chaires stooles old barrells 3 Cushens 
Item 3 beer vessells 

In the Inward Rome or bedchamber 

[P- 52] 

his wearing apparell 
Item 3 hatts 
Item 3 great coates 
Item 1 suite of cloth 
Item 1 serge suite 

Item 1 homespon suite and wastcoate 
Item 1 suite 
Item old clothes 
Item 2 red wastcoates 
Item 6 paire of Stokens 
Item 1 Jackett and one paire of Mittens 
Item 1 holland shirt 
Item 4 shirts 

Item 4 holland capps 4 Dowlis capps and 4 other capps 
Item 2 silke Neckclothes 
Item 1 paire of bootes 2 paire of shooes 

In the said Rome 

Item 4 remnants of clothe 

Item 2 yards of serge 

Item 3 yards \ of carsey 

Item 4 Dozenof buttons \ 10 skines of silke 3 yards 

of Manchester 
Item 1/ yards of fflax and cotton cloth att 
Item 1 peece of fine Dowlis 
Item r remnant of lincye woolsey 








































16 06 







































































John Rowland 's Will and Inventory, 


Item about 16 yards of several remnants of homade 
Cloth vallued att 

In the aforsaid Inward Roome 
Item i pound of woolen yerne 
Item i paire of sheets 
Item 2 paire of sheets 
Item I paire of sheets I halfe sheet 
Item i paire of sheets att 
Item i paire of holland pillowbeers 
Item 2 paire of pillowbeers 
Item 3 pillowbeers 
Item i Table cloth and y napkins 
Item io towells 
Item 4 smale Table clothes 
Item 2 smale pillowbeers 
Item i Table and 2 formes 
Item i cobbert and a framed chaire 
Item 4 chest and I settle 
Item i bedsted and box and coard 
Item i seifting trough and 2 seives 
Item i glass 2 glasse bottles 2 earthen potts 
Item I wineglasse gallipotts and spectacles 
Item 2 paire of coards one bed cord I fishing line 
Item some hobnailes & twelvepeny nailes 
Item 5 peeces of Dresed lether one peece of taned 

Item a smale p r cell of hemp and hopps 
Item 3 or 4 basketts i brush i file 
Ip. 53] Item Cotton woole about a Dozen pound 
[tem 3 old caske 
Item i feather bed and bolster 3 great & 2 smale 

Item 5 blanketts 
Item 1 rugg and one blankett 
Item 1 blankett att 
Item in reddy mony 

Item a smale p r cell of powder shott and bulletts 
Item 1 Inkhorn 

In the uper Roome or Chamber 

Item I feather bed bolster and pillow 
2 blanketts and a 

03 10 00 



Item 1 woole or fflocke bed 

2 feather bolsters and a 













































































































y6 John Howland *s Will and Inventory. 

Item 2 blanketts oo 15 00 

Item 1 bedstead cord and box 00 10 00 

Item 1 p r cell of sheeps woole about fifteene pound 00 15 00 

Item a p r cell of feathers about 15 or 16 pound 00 15 00 

Item a cupple of old hogsheds and an old candlesticke 00 02 00 

Item 20 bushells or therabouts of Indian corne 03 00 00 

Item 4 bushells of Mault or therabouts 00 16 00 

Item 4 bushells of Rye or therabouts 00 14 00 

Item 6 bushells of wheat or therabouts 01 07 00 

Item 3 peckes of pease or therabouts 00 02 00 

Item 2 bushells and an halfe of barly or therabouts 00 10 00 

Item 2 ffliches of bacon and 1 third of a barrell of ) 

porke J 02 00 00 

Item 1 halfe of a barrell of beeff and 2 empty barrells 00 15 00 

Item 15 pound of Tallow and Candles 00 07 06 

Item 34 pound of butter & lard 00 17 00 

Item 14 pound of sugare 00 07 00 

Item 1 halfe hogshed 00 03 00 

Item 1 pad 1 pillian 1 bridle 1 sheepskin 00 05 00 

Item 6 pound of Tobacco 1 pecke of beans 00 04 00 

Item 1 grindstone and handles 1 ffan 00 09 00 

Item 8 baggs 15 s old Iron 1 shilling 00 16 00 

Item 2 mares and one colt 
Item 4 oxen 4 cowes 

Item 2 heiffers and 3 steers of three years old 
Item 2 two yeare old heiffers 2 yearling calves 
Item 13 swine 

Item 45 sheep young and old 
Item the one halfe of a paire of Iron bound wheeles 

and cart and 12 bolts 2 shakles 
Item 1 paire of hookes and a staple 
Item 1 bullockes hyde 
Item a cannooe 

[p. 54] Debts Due to the Testator 

ffrom John Branch of Marshfeild att 2 severall pay- 
ments the sume of 
Edward Gray 1 barrell of salt 
Item a Debt Due from a frind 

Brought from the other side 

Sume 164 11 03 






















[ 02 















I O8 












155 09 


Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths. 77 

Debts owing by the Testator 

To Elder Thomas Cushman oo 15 00 

To Thomas Cushman Juni r 00 05 00 

To John Clarke 00 10 06 

To Edward Gray 00 08 03 

To Willam Crow 00 02 00 

To John Gorum 01 12 00 

To two or three smale Debts about 00 02 00 

ffunerall Charges 03 08 00 

Debts Deducted 07 02 02 

The totale of the estate prissed 157 08 08 

Wee find that the Testator Died posessed of these severall 
p r cells of Land following ; 

Imp r his Dwelling house with the outhousing uplands and 
meddow belonging therunto lying att Rockey nooke in the 
Towne of New Plymouth 

Item a p r cell of meddow att Jonses river meddow 

Item the one halfe of a house and a p r cell of meddow and 
upland belonging therunto lying and being att Colchester in the 
aforsaid Townshipp ; 

Item a p r cell of meddow and upland belonging therunto ; 
lying neare Joness river bridge in the Towne of Duxburrow 

Item one house and 2 shares of a tract of land and meddow 
that lyeth in the Towne of Middleberry that was purchased by 
Captaine Thomas Southworth of and from the Indian Sachem 
Josias Wampatucke 

Item 2 Shares of a tract of Land Called the Majors Purchase 
lying neare Namassakett ponds 

p r nos Thomas Cushman sen r 
Ephraim Tinkam seni r 
Willam Crow 


{Continued from page 21.) 

[p. 26] The Children of John Clarke and Rebeka his Wife 

1 James born on the 12 th of March 169J 

2 Abigail born on the last of July 1698 

3 John bom on the first day of September 1701 

4 Joseph born on the 26 th of January i/0| 

5 Mary born on y e 12 of Jenuary ij\^ 

yS Plymouth Births, Marriages atid Deaths. 

The Children of frances Lebaron and Mary his Wife 

1 James borne on the 23 d of may 1696 

2 Lazaros borne on the 26 day of december 1698 

Deces d Sep 1 3. 1773 

3 ffrances born on the 13 th of June 1701 

The Children of Joseph Stirtevant anna his wife 

1 Joseph Born September 4 th 1695 

2 David born on The 11 th of June 1697 

3 Annah born aprill 20 th 1699 

4 Jonathan born March 1702 

5 Ephraim born ffebruary 5 th 1704 

6 Mary born Novemb 3 d 1708 

[p. 27] The Child of Ebenezer Norcut, & Susanna, his Wife 
Elizabeth Norcut born August 20 th 1745. 

The Children of William Ring and hanah Ring his w(zvorn) 

1 deborah borne January 24 1695 She deceased May 29 1696 

2 Hanah borne the 26 of May 1697 

3 William was born on the 25 th of July 1699 

4 Elizabeth born on the 15 th of ffebruary 1701 

5 Eliazar born on the 16 th of January 170-i 

6 Deborah Ring born on y e 5 th of ffebruary 1708 

The Children of Ebenezer holmes & phebe holmes his w(zuom) 

1 Ebenazer borne October the 9 th 1696 

2 Elizabeth born August 18 th 1699 

The Children of Thomas Spooner Jun r & Deborah his W T ife 
Nathaniel Spooner Born, March 8 th 174J 
Anna Spooner Born, March 8. 174^ 

Are Twins. 

[p. 28] The Children of Benjamen Eaton & Mary Eaton his 

1 William borne on the 1 of June 1691 - 

2 Hannah borne on the 10 th of ffebruary 1692 

3 Jabiz borne on the 8 th of february 1693 

4 Sarah borne on the 20 th of October 1695 

5 John borne on the 6 th of October 1697 

The Child of Sarah Kempton 

Abigail Kempton alias Abigail Thomas. Born Sep* 11 th 1747 

The Children of Richard Seers & Bathshua Sers his Wife 
Silas borne on the 23 d of August 1697 
Seth born on the 18 th of March 1699 
Mary born on the 3 d of ffebruary 170! 

Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths. 79 

James born on y e 22 d of June 1705 

John born about y e middle of November 1707 

The Child of William Prat, and Mary his Wife 

Ruth Prat, Born in Plymouth, Monday October y e I st 1745. 

The Children of James Barnebe & Joanah his Wife 

1 James borne on the 1 day of March 1698 

2 Elizabeth on the 18 th of August 16* 

3 Ambross born on y e 20 th of Aprill 1706 

The Children of Isaac Harlow, and Jerusha his wife 

1. Rebeckah Harlow born Oct r 21. 1750. Deceas d 

2. Isaac Harlow, born, March 9. 1753 Deceas d 

3. Bette Harlow, born, Jan r y 18. 1755. 
4 th Will m Harlow, born, May 3 rd 1757 

5 Jerusha Harlow born Aug st 8 th 1759 

6 Rebeckah Harlow Born Jany 4. 1762 

7 Deborah Harlow Born Novemb r 3 rd 1764 

8 Lemuel Harlow Born Nov r 30 th 1768 

[p. 29] The Children of Abiall Shirtlef & Lidiah Shirtlef his 

1 James born on the 16 th of November 1696 Deceas d Sept. 
17 th 1766 

2 Elizabeth born on the 6 th of desember 1698 

3 Lidiah born the 28 th of ffebruary 17^ 

4 david born the first of June 1703 

5 Hannah born July 31 1705 

6 John born november 8 th 1707 

7 Benjamin born Aprill 17 1 71c 

8 Wiliam September 8 th 171 3 

9 Joseph born January 22 d i?7of-f 

10 Abiall born October 23 d 171 7 Dec d June 1778 

The Children of Beniamin Warren & hanah Waren his Wife 

1 Beniamin born on the 15 th day of March 1698 Deceased 

2 Abigial born on the 9 th of May 1700 

3 hannah born on y e first of March 1704 

4 Nathaniel born on y e 20 th of July 1706 

5 Benjamin born on the 10 of aprill 1709 

6 Pricila born on the 12 of agust 1712 

7 Patience born October 27 th 171 5 

The Child of Captain Benjamin Warren Esther Warren his 

1 Joseph born September 4 : 1717 
Marcy born May 15 1721 

* This entry has been erased. 

So ' Plymouth Births, Marriages a?id Deaths. 

The Children of Caleb Lorein and Lidiah his Wife 

1 Caleb borne on the 7 th of June 1697 

2 hanah born on the I day of august 1698 

3 Ignatious born the 27 th of december 1699 

4 policarpos born in January 1701 

5 Caleb born on the 2 d of October 1704 

Thomas * 

[p. 30] The Children of Edmond Weston & Rebeckah his Wife 

1 Nathan born february y e 8 th 1688 

2 Zachariah born desember the 16 1690 

3 Rebeckah born July the 31 1693 

4 John born July 27 th 1695 

5 Edmond born October 21 1697 

The Children of Nathaniel Howland & Martha hovvland his 

1 Joseph Borne on the 8 th of May 1699 

2 Mary borne on the 15 th of february 170^ 

3 Nathaniel borne the 9 th day of June 1705 

4 Joseph born on the 28 th Day of August 1708 

The Children of David bozworth & Marsy his Wife 

1 david borne The 21 th of May 1699 

2 Jonathan borne on the 16 th of february 170^ 

3 Nehemiah born March 15 th 1702 

4 hannah born June 24. 1705 

[p. 31] The Children of Stephen Barnabe & Ruth barna(be) 
his Wife 

1 Lidiah Was borne September the 4 th 1697 

2 Ruth born Jully 12 th 1699 

3 Elizabeth born Desember 5 th 1701 

4 Timothy born on y e 15 th of Aprill 1706 

5 hannah born December 5 th 1709 

The Child of Stephen Barnebe & Judeth his wife 
Joseph Barnebe born April 3. 17 12 

The Children of Nathaniel holmes Jun r & Joana holmes his 

1 Nathaniel borne September 13 th 1699 

2 James borne Desember 27 1700 

3 Bathshabe borne Desember 18 1703 

4 Sarah borne aprill 10 1707 Deceased March 11 th 171 5 

5 Barnabas borne Desember 17 1710 

6 Zeffaniah born January 16 th I7{§ 

* These two names are in a modern hand. 

The Will and Inventory of George Soul e. 8 1 

7 Joanna born October 7 171 5 

8 Ephram born ffebruary 14 i7^-§ 

The Children of Jacob Cook & Lidiah Cooke his Wife 

1 William born on the 5 th of October 1683 

2 Lidiah born on the 18 th of May 1685 

3 Rebekah born on the 19 th of November 1688 

4 Jacob born on the 16 th of June 1691 

5 Margarett born on the 3 d of November 1695 

6 Josiah born on the 14 th of May 1699 
y-S John & Damores born May 23 d 1703 

( To be continued.') 


Literally transcribed from the original records, 
By George Ernest Bowman. 

George Soule died at Duxbury, probably in the month of 
January, 1680, since his inventory was taken 1 February, 1680 
(new style). His wife died at Duxbury, in December 1676. 

The will and inventory were recorded in the Plymouth Colony 
Wills and Inventories, Volume IV, Part I, page 50. 

[p. 50] In the Name of God Amen 

I Gorge Soule seni r of Duxberry in the Collonie of New Plym- 
outh in New England being aged and weake of body but of a 
sound mind and Memory praised be God Doe make this my last 
Will and Testament in Manor and forme following Imprimis 
I comitt my soule into the hands of Almighty God whoe Gave 
it and my body to be Decently buried in the place appointed 
for that use whensoever hee shall please to take mee hence; 
and for the Disposall of my outward estate which God of his 
Goodnes hath Given mee first I have and alreddy formerly by 
Deeds under my hand and seale Given unto my two sonnes 
Nathaniel : and Gorge All my lands in the Township of Dart- 
mouth ; Item I have formerly Given unto my Daughters Eliza- 
beth and Patience all my lands in the Township of Middleberry 

82 The Will and Inventory of George Soule. 

Item I Give and bequeath unto my Daughters Sussannah and 
Mary twelve pence a peece to be payed by my executer heerafter 
Named after my Decease ; And forasmuch as my Eldest son 
John Soule and his family hath in my extreame old age and 
weaknes bin tender and carefull of mee and very healpfull to 
mee ; and is likely soe to be while it shall please God to continew 
my life heer therfore I give and bequeath unto my said son John 
Soule all the Remainder of my housing and lands whatsoever 
to him his heires and Assignes for ever Item I Give and 
bequeath unto my son John Soule all my Goods And Chatties 
whatsoever Item I Nominate And appoint my son John- Soule 
to be my sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament ; 
and lastly I Doe heerby make Null and voyde all other and 
former wills and Testaments by mee att Any time made ; and 
Declare this Instrument to be my last Will and Testament In 
Witnes wherof I the said Gorge Soule have heerunto sett my 
hand and seale this eleventh Day of August in the yeer of our 
Lord one Thousand six hundred seaventy and seaven ; 

Gorge Soule and a seale 
'The above Named Gorge Soule Did signe seale and Deliver this 
Instrument to be his Last Will and Testament in the p r sence 
of us 

Nathaniell Thomas 
The Marke D T of Deborah Thomas 

Item the twentyeth Day of September 1677 I tne above Named 
Gorge Soule Doe heerby further Declare that it is my will that 
if my son John Soule above named or his heires or Assignes or 
any of them shall att any time Disturbe my Daughter Patience 
or her heires or Assignes or any of them in peacable Posession 
or Injoyment of the lands I have Given her att Namassakett 
allies Middleberry and Recover the same from her or her heires 
or Assignes or any of them That then my Gift to my son John 
Soule shall shalbe voyd ; and that then my will is my Daughter 
Patience shall have all my lands att Duxburrey And shee shalbe 
my sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament And 
enter into my housing lands and meddowes att Duxburrow, 
In Witnes wherof I have heerunto sett my hand and seale ; 

Gorsce Soule and A seal 

The Will and Inventory of George Soale. 83 

The above Named Gorge Soule Did Signe and seale to this 

addition in the p r sence of us 

Nathaniell Thomas 

The Marke D T of Deborah Thomas ; 

[p. 51] An Inventory taken of the estate of the Late Deceased 
Gorge Soule of Duxburrow in his Ma ties Collonie of New Plym- 
outh in New England this twenty second of January 1679 by 
Edward Southworth and Thomas Delano and exhibited to the 
Court of his Ma tie holden att Plymouth the fift of March 
1679 : 80 on the oath of John Soule 

20 00 00 

Item Dwelling house orchyard Barne and upland ) 
praised att J 

Item Meddow Land 05 10 00 

Item bed and beding and wearing Clothes 10 00 00 

Item a Gun 00 15 00 

Item bookes 01 00 00 

Item a Chest and Chaire 00 05 00 

Item 2 paire of Sheers a tramell and wedge 00 06 00 

Item to other old lumber 00 03 00 

Item by Debts Due to the estate 03 00 00 

40 19 00 

An Acompt of Debt Due unto John Soule to be payed out 
of his fathers estate 
Anno : 1674 Imp r for plowing in one bushell of 

wheat & one bushell of pease 
for reaping Rye and pease 
Item one Day plowing Greensword 
Item for plowing in weeding 
Item 2 Dayes and an half plowing in of Rye 
Item to Willam Clarke 

Item for Geting and bringing horn 3 load of hay 
1675 Item for one Day plowing in of pease & two 

Days Reaping of Rye 
Item 1 locke for a Barne Dore 
Item for Goods taken up att Edmun Mufords att ) 

(Boston viz : 4 yards 2 1 Carsey ) 

Item for 7 yards of penistone 2 3 09 d p r yard 
Item for 10 yards of Canves att I s 6 d p r yard 
Item for buttons and silke 
Item for blew linnine 
Item for thred browne Coullered 
Item for four yards of Red Cotton att 2 s 6 d p r yard 


06 00 


7 00 


05 00 


02 00 


oS 06 


00 09 


00 00 


07 06 


01 06 

19 01 


*9 03 


15 00 


01 10 


02 02 


02 08 


10 00 

oo 08 00 

84 Scituate Births, Marriages and Deaths. 

Item for three hundred of shooe Nailes 00 01 00 

Item payed to M r Mumford upon the old accoumpt 00 08 09 
1676 for Drawing 13 load of Brush and hedging i 

about a feild { °° °5 00 

Item for plowing in of pease and wheat 2 Dayes 00 08 00 
Item for Makeing a p r teing fence between the 


Item for makeing stone wall about the orchyard 02 00 00 

Item for 12 yards of teicking of William Vobes 01 10 00 

Item for 20 yards of Can vis att I s 9/ p r yard 01 15 00 
Item for Dowlis of M r hetman 7 yards att 2 s 3 d ) ~ 

Item for eight yards of Osenbrigg of m r Thomas j 

att i* 2* p^ yard | 00 09 04 

Item for serge for a paire of briches 00 10 00 

Item for one paire of sheets 00 10 00 

Item for Diett and tendance since my mother Died N ) 
which was three yeer the Last December I 
except some smaie time my sister Patience [ 
Dressed his victualls J 

Item for funerall charges 01 00 00 


{Continued from page 36.) 

[Vol. IV, Pt. 2, p. 18] 

Joseph Garrett married to Ruth Buck th 17 day of January : 

Thomas Clarke marriaded to Martha Curtice the 11 of Janu- 
ary : 1676 

William Brooks Son of Will™ Brook Jun r , & Betty his Wife 

Born March y e 12 th 1775 
Sally Brooks Daughter of Will™ Brook Jun r , & Betty his Wife 

born Nov r y e 12 th 1776 
Philondia Brooks Daughter of Will m Brooks Jun r , & Betty his 

Wife born oc tr y e 3 1778 
Temprince Brook Daughter of Will m Brooks Jun r , & Betty his 

Wife born Oct r y e 8 1780 
Betty Brooks Daughter of Will m Brooks, & Betty his wife born 

July y e 10 th 1782 

Scitnate Births, Marriages and DeatJis. 85 

Gilbert Brooks Son of William Brooks Ju r & Betty his Wife 

born Feb? 18. 1785 
Lucy Brooks Daughter of William Brooks Ju r & Betty his Wife 

born May 16. 1787. 
Seth Brooks Son of William Brooks Ju r & Betty his Wife born 

Aug 1 11. 1789. 
Elijah Brooks Son of William Brooks Ju r & Betty his Wife 

born Feb? 25. 1793. 
Nathan Brooks Son of William Brooks Ju r & Betty his Wife 

born Jan? 8. 1798. 

Saley Barker Daughter of Cap 1 Wim s : Barker & Sarah his Wife 

born Sep 1 29 th : 1778 
John Williams Barker Son of Wm s Barker, & Sarah his Wife 

born Oct r y e 7 : 1782 
Ruth Leach Barker Daug 1 of Wm s Barker & Sarah his Wife 

born Jan? 27 : 1785 
Elizebeth Thatcher Barker Daug 1 of Wm s Barker & Sarah his 

Wife born Jan? 29 : 1787 

Israel Turner Son of Israel Turner, & Mercy his Wife Born 

November y e 2 d 1784 
Mercy Turner Daughter of Israel Turner & Mercy his W T ife 

born March 5 th 1786 
Samuel Turner Son of Israel Turner & Mercy his Wife born 

Feb? 22 d 1788 
Deborah Turner Daughter of Israel Turner & Mercy his Wife 

born May 2 d 1790 
Betty Turner Daug 1 of Isral Turner & Mercy his Wife born 

aug st 12 : 1792 

[p. 19] Jacobe Bumpas Married to Elizabeth Blackmor th 24 

of January 1677 
John Curtis married to Miriam Brooks Aprill the 4 th 1678 
Cornelious briggs and mary Russell widdow * both of Scittuate 

was marryed y e 20 th of march 1677 
Thomas Turner and Hannah Jenkens his wife both of Scittuate 

were married the 9 th day of ffebruary 1693 
James Torry married to Elizabeth Railings th 29 of September 

Joseph Otis married to Dorothy Thomas the 20 th of November 


[p. 20] William Barrell married to Lydah James f th 20 day of 
Aprell 1680 

*" of Sam Russell " has been added in a different hand. 
t " widow of John James " has been added in later hand. 


86 Scitnate Births, Marriages and Deaths. 

Beniamen Pearce married to Martha Adames th 5 day of ffebu- 

ary 1678 
Beniamen Studlie married to Mary Merrett the 7 day October 

Steven Oatice married to Hanah Ensine th 16 day of Janne — 

David Jacob married to Sarah Cushing th 20 of December 

John Booth Junior was maried to Mary Dodsun the 12 day of 

December 1687 
Isack Buck Junior was married to Unice Turner th 24 day of 

October 1684 
Nathanell Tillden was married to Margrett Dodsun at Hinsfham 



by m r John Norton the Third Day of January i6cj 4 
John Cushing Junior was married to Debrah Loring th 20 day 

of may 1688 
Beniamen Stetsun was married to Grace Turner th 22 day of 

January 1690 
Josiah Torry was married to Isabell Witherlee th 6 of October 

Josiah Torry was married to Sarah Mendall th 12 of January 

Samuel House maryed to Sarah Pinson ffebruary 25 th day 169J 
Timothy white married to Abigail Rogers January the I st dav 


[p. 21] Iserell Chittenden married to Debroah Backer th 25 of 
Aprill 1678 

Isack Randall married to Susanah Berstow th 19 day of No- 
vember 1684 

Isack Randall marriade to Deborah Buck th 29 day of Novem- 
ber 1692 

John Barstow married to Lydia Hatch January the 16 th 167S 

Ichabod Ewell married to Mehetable gwinne the I st of may 

Jonathan pratt married to Marget Loe the 8 th of January 169.} 

Thomas Pincen marryed to Sarah Turner the 26 of December 


Samuel Tilden married to Sarah Curtice the 25 of July 1694 
James Whetcomb marryed to Mary Parker November 22 d 1694 
Eliab Turner married to Elnathan Hinksman the 22 of Novem- 
ber 1694 
John Palmer married to Mary Rose the 20 th of December 1694 
Thomas Curtice married to Mary Cocke the 6 th day of marc: 


Joseph Ihome married to Joanna Pincen the 16 of may 1695 

Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories. 87 

Elnathan Palmer married to Mercy Clarke the 25 of December 

Amos Turner & mary hiland his wife were maried the 6 th day 
of Aprill 1695 Recorded at the Request of Amos Turner 
in or about the year of our lord 1707 

John D welly marryed to Rachell Buck the 4 th of January 169J- 

Nathanaell Brooks married to Elizabeth Curtis the 24 th of De- 
cember 1678 

Thomas Brooks maried to hannah Bisbee the 6 th day of June 

Joseph Stetson marryed to Hannah Oldam the 6 th of Novem- 
ber 1688 

Thomas Oldam maried to Mercy Sprout the 27 th day of June 

Benjamin Curtis married to Mary Silvester the (*) 1689 

William Cliff t married to Lydia wills the 25 th day of November 

Nathan Pickles married to Mariam Turner the 3 d day of Au- 
gust 1687 

Thomas Young married to Sarah White in the month of Jan- 
uary i68§ 

Benjamin Turner Married to Elizabeth Hawkins the 14 th of 
Aprill 1692 

Aaron Symons maryed to Mary wood worth the 24 th of Decem- 
ber 1677 

William Perry maried to Elizabeth Lobdell May 31 st 16S1 

John Peirce maryed to Patience Dodson the 12 th of December 

Zechariah Damen married to Martha wood worth in June 1679 
Stephen Chittenden married to Mehetable Bucke november y e 

5 th 1679 

( To be continued?) 


{Continued fro?n page //.) 

[fol. 26] An Inventory of the goods of Steven Deans Deceased 
taken the 2 of October 1634 By Steven Hopkins & 
Robert Hicks 

I s d 
Inprimis 4 ewe goates two ewe lambs 15 00 

two wether lambs an old wether a ram lamb 1 6 o 

• The month and day were omitted. 

88 [Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories. 

half a steere calfe 

Two sows & one barow hog 

Two pigs 

A ketle a litle brass pot \ 

A skelet 4 litle ketles ( 

Two litle Iron pots 

Three pewter platters with the rest of the pewter 

Two earthen dishes 

one chest with other small boxes 

fower sives 

A musket 

A gridiron Hooks pothook tonggues belows ladle a lamp 

howes hatchets a saw & other tooles & nayles 

A.Bible & other bookes 

5 pound of bever 

In monye 

The house & fens at fresh lake 

a bill of 4 1 5 s 

The dwelling house & garden 

The mill 

his wearing aparrell & other linen & wollen Clothes 

10 spoones 

a bucking tub other tubs barells runlets & treys 

a parcell of Bords 

Summe 87 1 19 s 6 

[27] A true & perfect Inventory of the goods of Thomas 
Evans Deceased the 27 of January 1634 Taken by m r 
John Howland & Jonathan Brewster the 18 of Febru- 
ary 1634 

I s d 

Inprim One greate Deale chest with lock & key 080 

it one litle box with lock & key 026 

it one Canvas bed with fethers 1 00 

it one yard j- of broad lace 020 
it 6 bever skinnes 

it 4 small oter skins o 100 

it one cap faced with oter 020 

it one pare of ruset shoes o 30 

it I yard of red cotton 010 

it A parcell of knit stockings 010 

it A greate wooden tobacko pipe 030 

it A pare of plyers 007 

it a gimlet 000 

it A white wolen cap 006 

it A whit Demitye wastcote wrought o 10 o 














1 15 


2 10 



4 5 








Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories. 89 

it In monye 034 
it one small ring silver & gilt 

it a yard of Coloured tape 002 

it black & browne thred 008 

it A hat band 006 

it A wrought Cap 026 

it 2 Coyfes 008 

it a neck cloth 004 

it 3 folding bands 010 

3 stone pipes 010 

3 dosen of thredden buttons 003 

2 shirts o 12 o 

a Blanket 030 

a suit of Clothes 080 

a suit of Clothes 060 

a suit of Clothes 040 

one portugall Cap 016 

it A coate 020 

it 2 shot pouches 030 

it A seales skin 004 

it 3 greate trayes 030 

it a seales skinne 010 

it A suit of Clothes 080 

It w as ordered by governour and Asistants that these goods 
should be sould and his Debts being payed the remaynder to 
be kept for the widdow acording to his will upon her Demand 
to be made good by the Governour. 

The debts of the sayd Thomas Evans 
owing to m r Howland 
To m™ Colier 

Debts owing to the sayd Thomas Evans Deceased 

By Thomas Cushman 0120 

Thomas Bordman 030 

Samuell Nash 016 

John Rogers 026 

Edward Bumpas 016 

Steven Trace o 12 o 

Henry Howland 020 
Job Cole 
francis Sprag 
The governour & partners 

( To be continued.} 

90 The Vital Records of Bridgewatcr, Mass. 


Literally transcribed from the original records, 

By George Ernest Bowman. 

Bridgewater was originally a part of Duxbury, and was 
incorporated as a separate town 3 June 1656. The first town 
clerk was John Cary, who kept the records for twenty-five 
years. The first book of the records was used until 1702. It 
is in a very dilapidated condition, many entries being incom- 
plete, or entirely lost. Scattered among the records of town 
meetings are found the records of births, marriages and deaths. 

[Vol. I, p. 4] the child of John Cary 

(worn) eleventh whose name is Sarah was Borone the second of 

August 1667 
The twelfe whose name is mahetabell was borne the twenty 

fowrth of the last month 1670 

The Day and yeare of the Berth of the children of John Cary 

Junior heare in the towne of Bridgwater is as ffolloweth 

and his mariage was the 7th of Desember 1670 
Imprimis his first borne whose name was John was brought 

forth into the world the sixt of november 1671 And the 

Lord tooke hime to himselfe And was Buried the nine and 

twentieth of Desember 71 
The Second whose name is Seth was borne the 28th of January 

The third whose name is John was borne the 9th of Desember 

The fourth whose Name is Nathaniell was borne the 24th of 
^ November 1676 
The fift whose Name is Eliazer was borne the 27 of September 

The sixt whose Names is James was borne the 10th of June 

The mariage of James Cary Which was Solemnized : the '.4 : day 

January in the yeare of our Lord : 1681 : 
his first born being a daughter who was borne born in the Sixt 

of November: in: 1683 : and (deceased) the 24 (day) of 

the same month * 

* The lower half of the leaf is gone. 

The Vital Records of Bridgezuater, Mass. 91 

[p. 10] The Day And Birth & yeare of John (Cary's) Chilldren 

Imprimis John Cary being his first (worn) the fourth of Novem- 
ber in Y)uxbour (zvorn) 
the second being ffrauncis was bor(ivorn) and place the ninteenth 

of Janu(o/0/7/) 
the third w ch is Eliazabeth was {worn) Twenteth Day of Desem- 

ber 1649 in {worn) 
The fourth whose name is James was bor (worn) Brantree the 

eight and twenteth Day of march 1652 
The fift whose name is Mary was borne at Bridgwater the eight 

of July 1654 
The sixt whose Name is Jonathon was borne at Bridgwater the 

foure and twenteth Day of September 1656 
the seventh whose Name is David was borne at Bridgwater the 

seven and twenteth Day of January 1658 
the eighth whose Name is Hannah was Borne at Bridgwater the 

last of Aprill 1661 
the Ninth whose name is Joseph was borne At Bridgwater the 

eighteenth of Aprill 1663 
the tenth whose name is Rebecka was Borne the thirtieth Day 

of March 1665 

[p. 14] A Child borne to John Washborne* the fifteenth of 
may one thousand sixe hundred seventy tow in Bridgwater 
whose name is James 

A Child borne to John Robbins the nth of January 1667 In 
Bridgwater whose Name is Zeduthun or Jeduthun 

[p. 15] John Cary Senior inhabitant in the town of bridg- 
water deceased the last day of October in the yeare of our 
lord : 1680 : 

And his wife whose name was Elizebeth Deceased the : 1 : of 
November : 1680 : 

The day and yeare of the birth of the children of Samuel Allen 

senior heare in the towne of bridgwater 
Imprimis his second borne whos name is samuel who was borne 

the :4th: of December: 1660 
the third a daughter whose Name is Essiel who was borne the 

: 1 : of march : 1662 : or : 63 : 
4: a daughter whose Name is mehetable who was borne at dux- 

borugh : 20 : of Jenuary : 1664 : 

5 a daughter whos name is Sarah who was borne in apri(l) the 

: 14: day : 1667 : 

6 The sixt a daughter whose name is bethiah who was borne 

: 12 : of May : 1669 

* In a different hand, above the line, is written " Sene." 

92 The Vital Records of Bridgewatcr, Mass. 

7 a son whos Name is nathaniel who was borne : 10 febuary 


8 a son whos Name is Ebenezer who was borne 114: October : 


9 a son whos Name is Josiah who was borne :2i : of april : 


10 a son whos Name is Elishah who was borne : 8 : febuary 1678 

11 a son whos Name is Nehemiah borne : 5 : Jenuary : 1680: 

[p. 19] A Child Borne to Isaack Leonard whose Name is Han- 
nah in the Towne of Bridgwater the fifteeneth of March 
one thousand sixe hundred 79 or 80 

The birth of the children of John Hayward sen r of Bridgwater 
The first born a Daughter who was born some time in June in 

the year 1662 and dyed within a few days 
The seccond a Daughter named Sarah was born October y e 25 

in the year 1663 
The third a son born in January in the year 1665 and dyed 

about the age of five weeks 
The fourth a son named John who was born the 20 th day of 

April in the year 1667 
The fift a son named Joseph was born the 23 day of November 

in the year 1669 
The sixt a daughter named Mary who was born April y e 20 th in 

the year 1672 
The seventh a son named Thomas who was born January the 

10 th in the year 1674 
The eight a son named Benjamin was born on the 26 day of 

November in the year 1677 and dyed on the 4 th of October 

in the seventh year of his age 
The ninth a daughter named Susanna born y e 10 th of August 

in the year 1680 
The 10 th a daughter named Elisabeth born the 16 th day of April 

in the year 1683 
The Eleventh a son named Benoni who was born y e seventeenth 

day of March in the year 1686 
The twelfth a daughter named Mercy born the 29 th of October 

in the year 1687 

[p. 20] The Mariag of John Washburne Junior hear in the 

towne Of Bridgwater which was sollemnized the sixteenth 

of Aprill 1679 

The Record of the Birth of the children of Jo : Wash : Jun 
And the first Borne of John Washburne hear in the Towne of 

Bridgwater whose Name is Josia was by the help of god 

the eleventh of february 1679 

Plymouth Colony Deeds. 93 

The second whose name is John was Borne the fift of Aprill in 

the yeare 16S2 : &c 
The : third sonn whose name is Joseph was borne the seventh 

of July : 1683 
The fourth son whose Name is William was borne the : 16 : Day 

of febuary 1686 
The fivft a Daughter whose Name is Abigail who was borne the 

second day of June : in the yeare of our lord 1688 

( To be continued.") 


( Contimied from p. 32. ) 

I [Vol. II, Pt. I, p. 43] 


A Deed appointed to bee Recorded 
This Deed made the twentyeth Day of the seaventh month 
in the yeare of our Lord God one Thousand six hundred and 
fiftie ; betweene John Holland and Hopestill ffoster of Dorches- 
ter in New England marchants of the one pte and William 
Paybody of Duxburrow within the Jurisdiction of Plymouth in 
New England aforsaid yeoman of the other pte ; Witnesseth 
that Wheras Jonathan Brewster y e elder of Duxburrow by 
vertue of his writing and Deed bearing Date the fifteenth day 
of November Anno Dom 1648 Did Demise and graunt unto the 
abovesaid John Holland and Hopestill ffoster and theire heires 

fand assignes all that his Dwelling house outhouses Barnes 
stables orchyards gardens Land Meddovv pastures with all and 
singulare the heredetaments and appurtenances therunto be- 
longing or any wise appertaining within the plantation of Dux- 
burrow aforsaid To have and to hold unto the said John Holland 
and Hopestill ffoster and to theire heires executors adminnes- 
trators attornies or Deputies for ever; As in & by the said 
Deed is more att Large expressed ; Now Know yea that wee 
the said John Holland and Hopestill ffoster for and in consider- 
acon of the summe of seaventie pounds of currant pay in New 
England in hand payed unto them by the abovesaid William 
Paybody of which said summe of seaventie pounds wee the said 
John Holland and Hopestill ffoster Doe acknowlidg our selves 
to bee fully satisfyed and paied ; and therof and of every pte 
and pcell doe for us our heires executors and adminestrators 

94 Plymouth Colo?iy Deeds. 

acquit the said William Paybody his heires executors & admin- 
nestrators for ever ; feirmly by these p r sents hath given graunted 
barganed sold assigned and sett over And by these p r sents Doe 
give graunt bargane sell assigne and sett over unto the said 
William Paybody all the above Recited p r mises ; viz all the 
said Dwelling house outhouses barnes Stables orchyards gar- 
dens Land and meddow and pasture which said Land and pas- 
ture containes about Eightie acres ; and the said meddow about 
ten acres bee It more or lesse with the heredetaments and 
appurtenances therunto belonging which was -the house and 
accomodacon of Jonathan Brewster the elder of Duxburrow as 
is above expressed ; To have and to hold unto the said William 
Paybody and his heires executors adminestrators and assignes 
all the above said houses orchyards gardens Lands and meddow 
from the Day of the Date of these p r sents for ever to bee con- 
tinew to bee the whole and sole and proper Inheritance of the 
said William Paybody and his heires for evermore ; without any 
the Lett molestacon Desturbance or Deneyall of them or of or 
by any other pson or psons claiming under or by them or any 
of them or the heires of either of them the said John Holland 
and Hopestill ffoster and theire heires will warrant acqvitt and 
Defend ; 

[45] And Wee the said John Holland and Hopestill ffoster Doe 
by these p r sents Authorise and appointe and give full power 
unto our much esteemed and Respected frinds M r Willam Coll- 
yare and Captaine Myles Standish of Duxburrow aforsaid to 
Deliver and give forthwith full peacable and quiett possession 
and seasure of the abovesaid house and p r mises unto the above- 
said Willam Paybody for him and his heires for ever; and what 
they Doe therin according to our Desire wee promise to allow 
Ratify and Stablish ; Anything in these p r sents contained to 
the contrary in any wise notwithstanding ; In Witnesse wherof 
Wee y e said John Holland and Hopestill ffoster have heerunto 
Interchangably put our hands and Seales the Day and yeare 
first above written 

Signed Sealed and Delivered Hopestill H F ffoster 

in the p r sence of us viz John | H Holland 

Myles Standish 

Gorge Weekes 

Plymouth Colo?iy Deeds. 95 

[46] 1653 BRADFORD GOV R 

A Receipt and aquittance appointed to bee Recorded 
Received the 3 d of ffebruary 1652 of Thomas Bourne of Marsh- 
feild the full summe of three pounds and fifteen shillings in full 
paiment of that house and Land and meddow that Robert 
Waterman Did buy of mee Edmond Weston being adminnes- 
trator unto Thomas howell Deceased ; and furthermore where 
the abovenamed Thomas Bourne hath engaged himselfe upon 
Record in New Plymouth booke for the above named summe 
of three pound and fifteene shillings to mee Edmond Weston I 
doe heerby before these Witnesses Discharge and acquitte the 
said Thomas Bourne of all such engagements and promises 
which hee hath made unto mee for the paiment heerof In Wit- 
nesse wherof I have sett to my hand 
Wittnesse Edmond Weston ; 

John Bradford 

the marke of 

Willam ford 

[4;] 1653 BRADFORD GOV R 

Wheras capt : Standish and m r John Winslow were appointed 
and Deputed by the court to view and sett out the meddow 
Land formerly graunted to M r Edward Winslow att Marshfeild ; 
which accordingly they Did ; and It is bounded as followeth ; 
videlecett on the west by a meddow commonly called carswell 
meddow Inclusive to a point of Land of John Rouses, and from 
thence by stakes pitched in the mersh by capt : Standish Downe 
to a great River and then by It bounded ; and soe Runing East- 
erly to the cutt creeke ; on the East bounded by Greenshar- 
bour River and soe ending att a marked tree standing on a 
point of Land opposite to M r Howlands Little Hand 

Mernorand : the 4 th of May 1653 
That wheras in the yeare 1640 or therabouts there was a pcell 
of Land lying att the North River neare Scittuate ; graunted by 
the court unto Experience Michell and John Paybody Deceased 
videlecett fifty acres to the said Experience Michell and thirty 
acres unto the said John Paybody with the meddow Lying 

g6 Plymouth Colony Deeds. 

before yt neare the creeke adjoyning to M r Varssells Land 
there beinjr a barren wast between without either wood or trees; 
which said pcells of upland graunted by the court unto the said 
pties with the meddows Lying before each pcell the said Ex- 
perience Michell and Willam Paybody have sence sold with all 
and singulare the appurtenances belonging unto the same unto 
Josepth Beedle of Marshfeiid Carpenter and have Received full 
satisfaction for the same ; These are further to signify That the 
said Josepth Beedle Doth acknowlidg that for and in considera- 
con of the summe of forty pounds to him alreddy paied by John 
hoare of Scittuate in the Jurisdiction of Plymouth planter 
wherwith hee Doth acknowlidg himselfe fully satisfyed ; hee 
hath freely and absolutely barganed allianated and sold unto the 
said John hoare all the said uplands conteining four score acres 
or therabouts bee yt more or lesse lying att the North River 
aforsaid with the meddowes Lying before yt with the house or 
houses theron ; and all other appurtenances privilidges and 
emunities upon or any way appertaining unto the said upland 
and meddow or any pte or pcell therof with all and singulare 
the said Josepth Beedle his Right title and enterest of and into 
the said p r mises or any pte or pcell therof To have and to 
hold the said fourscore acres of upland bee It more or lesse 
with the meddow Lying before yt with the house or houses 
theron with all and singulare the appurtenances privilidges and 
emunities belonging therunto ; or to any pte or cell therof unto 
the said John hoare his heires and assignes for ever ; The said 
p r mises with all and singulare the appurtenances and privelidges 
belonging therunto ; To appertaine unto the onely proper use 
and behoofe of him the said John hoare his heires and assignes 
for ever 

This bargain e and sale was acknowlidged by the said 
Experienc Michell Josepth Beedle and John hoare 
before capt : Standish m r John Alden and capt : Wil- 
lett the day and yeare first above written ; 

( To be continued?) 

^r-vr^^^ w ^vr*, ^ ^^^^f^^ ^-^^^^^^,^^. . 

' v. .. 



i V' »>-* nil ,-x 

i '■■:' 

- - - 


I i 


LlfealaiiMStf jjJMSfeMffi&gJg^& J 


The John Robinson Tablet. 97 


By Morton Dexter. 

On Friday, July 24, 1891, an event occurred in Leyden, Hol- 
land, of more than local or temporary interest. It was the un- 
veiling and dedication of a bronze tablet in memory of Rev. 
John Robinson, pastor of the Pilgrim church founded in 
Scrooby, England, in 1606 or 1607, resident in Leyden frpm 
1609 to 1620, emigrating then, by its minority, to America, but 
continuing in Leyden, by its majority, for some years longer, 
and perpetuated at present in Plymouth, Mass., by the Church 
of the Pilgrimage and the First Parish Church. 

The tablet is on the outer wall of St. Peter's, the (Lutheran) 
cathedral church of Leyden, under which, in a grave which 
cannot be identified, Robinson was buried March 4, 1625. Just 
across the street, the Kloksteeg, is the site of the house in 
which Robinson lived and preached, and in the garden of which 
a score of smaller dwellings were built for other members of 
the Pilgrim company. 

The tablet was erected under the auspices of the National 
Council of Congregational Churches of the United States. 
The original movers in the matter were the late Rev. Dr. 
Henry M. Dexter and Prof. George E. Day. At their instance 
the National Council, which met at Detroit in 1877, appointed 
a committee, of which they were members and Dr. Dexter 
chairman, to promote the object. But the execution of the 
project was delayed unavoidably for various reasons until 1891, 
when it was accomplished immediately after the end of the first 
International Congregational Council, held that summer in 
London. During the intervening years Dr. Dexter and others 
of the original committee died. As finally constituted, it in- 
cluded Prof. G. E. Day, ex-President S. C. Bartlett, Hon. E. W. 
Blatchford, Rev. Drs. J. K. McLean, C R. Palmer, and W. A. 
Robinson, and Rev. Morton Dexter. 

The tablet is seven feet high by six feet wide. It was cast 
by the Henry Bonnard Bronze Company, of New York. It was 
the largest, with a single exception, ever cast in one piece in 

98 The John Robinson Tablet. 

America. At the top is the device of a vessel, under which 
are the words, *' The Mayflower. 1620." Below is the following 
inscription, composed by Dr. Dexter: — 







IN l620. 




A.D. 1891. 

There is no authentic picture of the " Mayflower," and the 
device upon the tablet, which was selected, after much investi- 
gation, by Prof. J. F. Weir, of Yale University, represents a 
typical vessel of the period, of about the size and character 
of the famous Pilgrim ship. All the lettering upon the tablet 
is raised above its surface. 

The total cost of the undertaking was less than $2,500. It 
was easily raised by contributions from individuals and Congre- 
gational churches, and, by consent of the contributors, an un- 
expected surplus afterwards was added to the building fund of 
the John Robinson Memorial Church in Gainsborough, Eng- 

The dedication of the tablet was in charge of Messrs. Palmer 
and Dexter of the committee. But a number of other Amer- 
icans were present, among them Rev. Drs. F. A. Noble, A. H. 

The John Robinson Tablet. 99 

Ross, T. T. Munger, and Burdett Hart, President W. F. Slo- 
cura, Hon. S. R. Thayer, United States Minister to Holland, 
and Messrs. Samuel Holmes and G. H. Whitcomb. British 
Congregationalists were represented by Rev. Drs. Alexander 
Mackennal and John Brown, Principal A. M. Fairbairn, Rev. 
G. S. Barrett, and Henry Spicer, Esq., from England, and Prin- 
cipal A. Gosman, Rev. Dr. Thomas Roseby, and Josiah Mullens, 
Esq., from Australia. Representatives of the municipality, the 
Ecclesiastical Commissioners and the University of Leyden, 
various religious bodies within the city and the military forces 
stationed there also were in attendance. 

The exercises attracted general interest and a large company 
of citizens gathered. Early in the afternoon a procession was 
formed at the Hotel Lion d Or and marched, headed by a mil- 
itary band, to St. Peter's Church. The tablet had been cov- 
ered by canvas and a platform erected beneath it. Above the 
tablet rose three flag staffs, from which hung, ready to be 
hoisted, the American, Dutch, and English flags. 

The exercises of dedication were simple but impressive. As 
the city clocks struck two Dr. Palmer called the assembly 
around the platform to order. The secretary and treasurer of 
the committee, Mr. Dexter, read a brief paper, giving the his- 
tory of the undertaking, after which Dr. Mackennal offered 
prayer. Then followed the unveiling of the tablet. Miss 
Edith B. Palmer let fall the canvas which had concealed it and 
its appearance was welcomed by prolonged applause. She also 
hoisted the three flags successively, the band accompanying 
the raising of each by its own national air, "The Star-Spangled 
Banner," " Wien Neirlandsch Bloed" and " God # Save the 
Queen," respectively. 

The procession then was formed again and entered the great 
church. As it moved forward the band played the appropriate 
air, "Integer Vitae" which was taken up and concluded by the 
organ within while the audience was seating itself. 

The indoor exercises were opened by the singing of the late 
Dr. Leonard Bacon's Pilgrim hymn, beginning 

"O God, beneath thy guiding hand 
Our exiled fathers crossed the sea." 

IOO The John Robins o?i Tablet. 

The memorial address was delivered by Dr. Palmer. It was 
a thoughtful, felicitous and eloquent study of the age in which 
John Robinson lived, of the special conditions out of which the 
Pilgrim enterprise grew, and of the history, character, writings, 
and influence of Robinson himself. From its many passages 
which deserve to be generally read several should be quoted 
here. In describing the times and the country of the Pilgrims 
Dr. Palmer spoke thus : — 

In the reign of Queen Elizabeth the seeds of liberty which a divine en- 
lightenment had been scattering broadcast in England for fifty years began 
to germinate, to take root and to grow. Nowhere can these seeds be discov- 
ered so readily as in the convictions of the advanced Puritans. Their watch- 
word was reformation, but the real outcome of their conflict with repressive 
power was to be religious and political freedom for untold myriads. We are 
bound to remember this day the particular shape this conflict assumed. Hun- 
dreds and thousands of Christian people, in whose hearts there burned a 
passionate desire for a spiritual church and an unadulterated gospel, felt con- 
strained to renounce the national church of England. They believed the 
further reformation of religion to be imperatively needful. Hopeless of see- 
ing this effected within the national church — because the Episcopal party, 
who could promote it, would not, and the Puritan party, Presbyterian in its 
preferences, who would promote it, could not, and the two parties were in 
irreconcilable antagonism — they resolved upon "reformation without tarry- 
ing for any. 11 They separated themselves from the church by law established, 
and at the cost of everything which men hold dear, organized, by covenant 
with God and each other, what we know as Congregational churches, on 
what they conceived to be New Testament principles. Like other third par- 
ties, they were subject to ill will from both sides. They offended the party 
within the church which was zealous for further reformation no less than the 
opposite party who believed reformation had already gone too far. To go 
forth, therefore, was to challenge well-nigh universal execration. The step 
exposed them to be hunted as malefactors, to be persecuted, imprisoned, 
plundered, banished, executed. But forth they went, and the future vindi- 
cated their self-sacrifice and their faith. They became by the act the van- 
guard of advancing Christendom. Their heroic struggles, their unconquer- 
able resolution in all this experience, make the period forever memorable. 
Nor did they struggle, dare and endure to no purpose. Posterity owes to 
them what it enjoys of religious liberty. Those Separatist communions were 
the pioneer free churches. 

And of John Robinson himself he said: — 

Upon his church, upon the community of Leyden, upon his generation, 
and through the Pilgrim Fathers upon the future of New England and of the 

The John Robinson Tablet. IOI 

United States, and even upon the England which had driven him from her 
shores but which he never ceased to love, John Robinson made an enduring, 
an indelible impression — an impression not rationally to be accounted for 
save in one way : it must have been the impress of a grand personality, grand 
in its moral, its intellectual, its spiritual resources. . . . 

His most imposing virtue, perhaps, was his catholicity — his large tolerance. 
In this he outran his time. Dr. Bushnell declares him two whole centuries 
in advance of his age. ... He was free from fanaticism. ... If in the 
earlier years of his ministry he was led by the intensity of his convictions 
into any narrowness of view, it is apparent that every year led him further 
from everything of the kind, and that by force of the better reason he carried 
men with him into the enlargement he had experienced. And to him more 
than to any other man of his age is traceable that ultimate development of 
true liberality and charity toward all which is the glory of modern Congrega- 
tionalism. ... He was characterized by a profound and spiritual piety; an 
intense loyalty to Christ as in all things his Master and Lord ; singular rever- 
ence for the Scriptures as the rule of faith and conduct ; an unconquerable 
trustfulness, giving him courage, fortitude, and assurance of the future; 
strong religious affections and unfailing sympathies ; an abhorrence of cant, 
pretense, and indirection ; an exemplary walk and a scrupulous vigilance of 
himself; and his saintly spirit shone ever more brightly until the last. His 
decisive personal influence was largely founded in his conspicuous righteous- 
ness, fidelity, and disinterestedness. 

One of his concluding passages also should be cited : — 

And now at length we, descendants of the Pilgrim Fathers, proud of their 
blood and their faith, messengers of five thousand churches and of uncounted 
Christian citizens in the Great Republic, are here to call to remembrance his 
inestimable services to Truth, to Liberty, to Civilization, to Christ's Eternal 
Kingdom, and by this tablet, which we are now solemnly to dedicate, to per- 
petuate that remembrance to coming generations. Fitly it will stand here, a 
silent but eloquent memorial, telling to listening posterity its story of faith 
and patience, of fortitude and magnanimity, of heroism and triumph! Yet 
it will not be John Robinson's grandest monument. That is the Great Re- 
public itself, spanning the Western Continent, rising conspicuous among the 
nations, cherishing the exalted consciousness that in its broad area, and in 
its intense life, civil and religious freedom far transcending the fathers' aspira- 
tions reigns universal, unassailable, enthroned in the hearts of ever-multiply- 
ing millions. 

Although the address was delivered in English it held the 
close attention of the large company present. 

Rev. F. A. Noble, D.D., then offered an appropriate prayer, 
after which Dr. Palmer formally completed the work of dedi- 
cating the tablet in these words : — 

102 The John Robinson Tablet. 

Now, therefore, we, Samuel C. Bartlett, Eliphalet VV. Blatchford, George 
E. Day, Motion Dexter, John K. McLean, Charles Ray Palmer, and William 
A. Robinson, by authority to us intrusted, in the name OF the National 
Council of the Congregational Churches in the United States of 
America — delegates from the Congregational Union of England and Wales 
and from the International Council of Congregational Churches lately assem- 
bled in London, together with representatives of Yale University, the Uni- 
versity of Leyden, and Mansfield College in Oxford, present and assisting — 
do solemnly set apart and dedicate this Bronze Tablet, which we have erected, 
to the perpetuation of the venerable and sacred memory of the erudite 
scholar, the devoted minister, the saintly man, whose name it bears — John 
Robinson, M.A., the pastor of the Pilgrim Church, the projector and spirit- 
ual father of the Plymouth Colony ; and we declare this dedication duly and 
irrevocably accomplished. And for the grace vouchsafed to that blessed 
man, and to our forefathers, and to us their descendants and fellow servants — 
to God Almighty, the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, we give praise now 
and evermore! Amen. 

He then formally transferred the tablet to the care of the 
Ecclesiastical Commissioners of the city of Leyden, a perma- 
nent body having charge of all such memorials within the 
municipality, in the following sentences : — 

To the Honorable, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. 

Gentlemen, — This tablet, which we have brought from our far-away home 
and dedicated to the perpetual memory of John Robinson, we now take 
pleasure in committing to your honorable keeping. We heartily thank you 
for the gracious permission to erect it here. We thank you also for the kindly 
sympathy with us in our filial purpose, manifested by your presence with us 
to-day. To you, and to your successors forever, we now convey and deliver 
this memorial in which we feel so deeply interested, assured that our trust is 
by you cordially accepted and that it will be safe in your hands. Receive 
with it, gentlemen, assurances of the highest consideration on the part of 
ourselves and of the churches and institutions we have the honor to repre- 
sent ; and also of our best wishes and our prayers for the peace and progress 
of the churches of Leyden, and of all the churches of this ancient and hon- 
orable realm. 

To these addresses several responses were made. Mr. E. 
van den Brandeler replied in behalf of the Ecclesiastical Com- 
missioners, and Mr. E. M. De Laat de Kanter, the Burgo- 
master, in behalf of the city of Leyden, each expressing him- 
self in Dutch. The eminent scholar and critic, Prof. A. 
Kuenen, D.D., also responded, first in Dutch and then in Eng- 

MiddleborougJi Births, Marriages and Deaths. 103 

lish, for the University of Leyden. Then Principal Fairbairn, 
of Mansfield College, Oxford, England, made a brief and elo- 
quent closing address, after which the audience sang the well- 
known hymn by Mrs. Hemans beginning: — 

" The breaking waves dashed high 
On a stern and rock-bound coast," 

and Dr. Palmer concluded the service with the benediction. 

This bare outline of the proceedings gives little more than 
the merest suggestion of the surpassing interest of the occa- 
sion. It is eminently fitting that this magazine should contain 
some record of it. As a work of art the tablet is most credit- 
able alike to its designers, to those who erected it, to the city 
of Leyden, and to the memory of John Robinson. It is one 
of the objects which ail strangers in the city are careful to 
visit, and it is a becoming tribute to the man who not only was, 
more than any one else, the inspiration of the Pilgrim enter- 
prise, but also was an intellectual and spiritual leader far in 
advance of his contemporaries, and whose reputation to-day is 
far greater than it was during his lifetime. 



( Continued from page 43.) 

[Vol. I, p. 1] 

Joseph Bumpas the Son of Joseph Bumpas was born august the 

28 — 1674 
Rebekah Bumpas the Daughter of Joseph Bumpas was born 

December the 17 1677 
James Bumpas the Son of Joseph Bumpas was Born December 

the 25 — 1679 
Penelope Bumpas the daughter of Joseph Bumpas was born 

December the 21 1681 
Mary Bumpas the Daughter of Joseph Bumpas was born august 

the 12 1684 
Mehetabel Bumpas the daughter of Joseph Bumpas was born 

January the 21 169^- 
Frances Miller the Son of John Miller was born Januarv the 1 1 


104 Middleborough Births, Marriages a?id Deaths. 

John Miller the Son of John Miller was born October the 28 

Hannah Thomas the daughter of Jonathan Thomas was born 

September 24 1704 
Jacob Tomson the Son of John Tomson was born June the 24 

Abigail prat the daughter of Thomas Prat was born June the 

23 1701 
Hephzibah Prat the daughter of Thomas prat was born April 

the 22 1705 
Joseph Chard the Son of Samuel Chard was born July the 18 

John Barden the Son of John Barden was born may the 1 1704 
William Rayment the Son of John Rayment Juner was born 

Decern 1 " 20 1704 
Thomas Darling the Son of Thomas Darling was born Septem- 
ber 7 1704 
David Alden the Son of John Alden was born May the 18 

Priscilla Alden the daughter of John Alden was born march the 

2 170I 
Priscilla warren the daughter of Samuel warren was born de- 

cemb r 12 1704 
John Vaughan the Son of Ensign Joseph Vaughan was born 

September the 8 1692 
Mary Vaughan the Daughter of Ensign Joseph Vaughan was 

born October the 6 1694 
Josiah Vaughan the Son of Ensign Joseph Vaughan was born 

february 2 169I 
Joanna Vaughan the Daughter of Ensign Joseph Vaughan was 

born January 26 170J 
Ephraim Renolds the Son of Electious Renolds was born feb- 
ruary 14 170I 
John Hascol the Son of John Hascol Juner was born february 

the 20 170I 
Sqier Hascol the Son of John Hascol was born June the 1 1706 
Ruth Nelson the Daughter of Thomas Nelson was born febru- 
ary the 25 : 170! 
Samuel Richmond y e Son of Samuel Richmond was born in 

Taunton October the 16 : 1695 
Oliver Richmond the Son of Samuel Richmond was born in 

Taunton august : 25 : 1697 
Thomas Richmond the Son of Samuel Richmond was born in 

Midleborro Septem r 10 1700 
Hannah Richmond Daughter of Samuel Richmond was born 

August the 29 1702 

Middle bo > rough Births, Marriages and Deaths. 105 

Lydia Richmond the Daughter of Samuel Richmond was born 

May the 14 : 1704 
Ignatius Elmes the Son of Rodolphus Elmes was born April 

the 8. 1706 
Esther Tomson the Daughter of Jacob Tomson was born feb- 

ruary the 18. 170^ 
Ichabod Barden the Son of John Barden was born December 

the 18. 1705 
Electious Renolds the Son of Electious Renolds was born feb- 

ruary the 21 170^ 
Jonathan Morse the Son of Jonathan Morse Juner was born 

August the 18 : 1705 
David Morse the Son of Jonathan Morse Juner was born Oc- 
tober the 13 1707 
Jabez Warren the Son of Samuel Warren was born february the 

3 i7o| 
Samuel Warren the Son of Samuel Warren was born August 

the 9 1707 
Martha Soul the Daughter of John Soul was born April the 

11 1702 w 

Sarah Soul the Daughter of John Soul was born October the 8 

John Soul the Son of John Soul was born April the 13 

Esther Soul the Daughter of John Soul was born April the 16 

Sarah Bennet the daughter of Ebenezer Bennet was born 

March the 27 1707 
Ebenezer Barrows the Son of Samuel Barrows was born July 

the 27 1702 
Coombs Barrows the Son of Samuel Barrows was born Decem- 
ber the 15 1704 
William Reddin the Son of Ebenezer Reddin was born Novem- 
ber the 7 1706 
Sussanna Bennet the Daughter of Peter Bennet was born 

July the 10 1707 
Peter Bennet the Son of peter Bennet was born March 16 

[p. 2] Joseph Leonard the Son of Elkanah Leonard was born 

April the 9 1705 
Rebekah Leonard the Daughter of Elkanah Leonard was born 

february the 24 170% 
Abiah Leonard the Daughter of Elkanah Leonard was born 

April the 30 1707 
Rachel Richmond the Daughter of Ebenezer Richmond was 

born May the 6 1707 

106 Middlcborough Births, Marriages and Deaths. 

Elizabeth Richmond the daughter of Ebenezer Richmond was 

born September I 1708 
Samuel Palmer the Son of M r Thomas Palmer was born august 

the 8 1707 
William Chard the Son of Samuel Chard was born november 

the 16 th 1708 
Sarah Barclen the Daughter of Stephen Barden was born april 

the 30 1695 
William Barden the Son of Stephen Barden was born March 

the 25 1697 
Abigail Barden the daughter of Stephen Barden was born 

March y e 3 169I 
Stephen Barden the Son of Stephen Barden was born May the 

I 1 701 
Timothy Barden the Son of Stephen Barden was born January 

the 3 170J 
Mercy Barden the Daughter of Stephen Barden was born Octo- 
ber 27 1705 
Hannah Barden the Daughter of Stephen Barden was born 

march 13 170J 
Bithiah Allen the Daughter of Nathanel Allen was born Janu- 

uary the 25 170J 
Anna Morse the Daughter of Jonathan Morse was born april 

the 1 1709 
Elnathan Wood the Son of Abiel Wood was born AdhI the 14 

Abijah Wood the daughter of Abiel Wood was born february 

the 20 i68§ 
Abiel Wood the Son of Abiel Wood was born March the 19 

Timothy Wood the Son of Abiel Wood was born October the 

13 1693 
Jerusha Wood the Daughter of Abiel Wood was born Novem- 
ber 11 1695 
Ebenezer Wood the Son of Abiel Wood was born August the 

4 1697 
Judah Wood the Son of Abiel Wood was born July the 2S 

Thomas Wood the Son of Abiel Wood was born January the 

30 170I 
Chipman Cobb the Son of Samuel Cobb was born March the 5 

Nathan Pratt the Son of Samuel Pratt was born June the 20 

(S)arah Pratt the Daughter of Samuel Prat was born august 18 

Middleborough Births •, Marriages and Deaths. 107 

(Ha)nnah Pratt the Daughter of Samuel Prat was born May the 

17 170S 
(Sa)rah H[ascol the Daughter of John Hascol was born March 

21 1708 
(wom)\&m Thomas the Daughter of Edward Thomas was born 

December 28 1694 
(E)dward Thomas the Son of Edward Thomas was born May 

the 20 1699 
Mary Thomas the Daughter of Edward Thomas was born July 

21 1701 
Nathan Thomas the Son of Edward Thomas was born Sept : 

12 1707 
Mary Soul the Daughter of John Soul was born March the 14 

(D)avid Miller the Son of John Miller Juner was born April 17 

(J)ohn Palmer the Son of Thomas Palmer was born July the 30 

(J)onathan Hascol the Son of John Hascol was born June the 

25 1710 
(worn)ax Southworth the Daughter of Nathaniel Southworth 

was born febr : 3 17^- 
Nathaniel Thomas the Son of Jeremiah Thomas was born Jan- 
uary 2 1686 
Sarah Thomas the daughter of Jeremiah Thomas was born De- 
cern : 25 1687 
Jeremiah Thomas the Son of Jeremiah Thomas was born-febru : 

Elizabeth Thomas the daughter of Jeremiah Thomas was born 

Novem : 19 1690 
Mary Thomas the Daughter of Jeremiah Thomas was born 

June 5 1692 
Lydia Thomas the Daughter of Jeremiah Thomas was born 

March 26 1694 
Thankfull Thomas the daughter of Jeremiah Thomas was born 

June 30 1695 
Jedidiah Thomas the Son of Jeremiah Thomas was born august 

19 1698 
Bithiah Thomas the Daughter of Jeremiah Thomas was born 

March 27 1701 
Ebenezer Thomas the Son. of Jeremiah Thomas was born no- 

vem r 1 1703 
(P)riscilla Thomas the Daughter of Jeremiah Thomas was born 

October 13 1705 

( To be continued.) 

108 The Diary ofjabez Fitch, Jr. 


(Continued from page jo.) 

Scottercook May 20 th 1757 
I Was on y e Serj 1 Guard at Cap* Fitchs Quarters &c — In y e 
Evening I Lay Down and Slep while Near Midnight Then I 
Got Up & y e Corp 1 Turnd In about an Hour one of our Sentries 
was Surprisd Soposing He See Some Indians But No Gun 
Fired — In y e morning I Lokd for Sines of y e Enimy But 
Found None — at 9 oClok I Expected to Be Rele d as Usual But 
there Came No Relief about 1 1 I went Down to Head Quarters 
& Askd y e Gen 11 Why we was Not Relv d and Got orders to 
Dismis y e Guard Then I went Back & Found a Sentry asleep 
on His Post Then I < went and Marchd y e Guard 100 Paces 
From y e Spot & Dismisd em — Then I went Down to Head 
Quarters Mad Report of My Guard to Ens n Minor &c Then I 
went Home was Vary much Not well at 4 oClok we were ordred 
to March over y e River Before we went of I Had a Fit of Vom- 
eting &c Then we Crosd y e River and Pichd our Tents Azariah 
Lothroop Came to Se Us — This was y e First of our Lodging 
in Tents this Year — Moses Cleavland Spraind His Ancle &c 

ye 22 nd In y e Morning I Wrote To Father U Fitch Set out 
to Go Home about 1 1 oClok we Got Ready to March and Came 
off Vary Beautifull 7 Compy of Us at Still waters we Made 
Some Stop to Change our Carriage in to a Gundelow Then we 
Marchd again Up to The Fly where we Picht our Tents and 
Lodgd that Night 

ye 23d W e Started Early in y e Morning But Soon after it 
Began to Rain & Held Raining Most of y e way to Saratoge 
When we Came there our Men Catchd Fish Vary Fast — Cap* 
Fitch was Cald to an account For one of His Mens Firing a 
Gun Before Night y e Gundelo Came Up and we Got our Tents 
and Pichd em Then I went a Fishing 

y e 24 th we wated For y e Team Exercisd Considrablely V- 
Wells arrivd Here From Connecticutt Brought News of 1 100 
Men more Being Raisd &c. This Day Two Serj ts was Con- 
find For Bringing Men on to y e Parade with out Being Shavd 
— I Understand y* y e Small Pox is in Saratoge Fort & at F t 

The Diary of Jab e 2 Fitch, Jr. 109 

Edw d Both we Pich our Tents Here on y e South Side of y e 
Small River — This Day also there Came a Post From Fort 
Edw d and Brought News of a Party of Wagons and a Guard 
Being attacted Betwend there & y e Lake 

ye 25 th There Came a Letter From one of y e Forts Joseph 
Johnson was Sent Down to y e Still Waters with it — we Exer- 
cized as Usual — about 2 oClok I Se Daniel Boge Run y e 
Gantlet about Sun Set Lieut. Billings Arrived Here From 
Home Brough me a Letter From Home — This Night I was 
Cald Up to Get Some Men to Help Up y e Scows 

May 26 th In y e Morning I Had Considrable Discorce with 
Serj* Giles — about 8 oClok we Got Ready to March and W T aded 
over y e River Marchd Vary Slow & Mad Several Stops By y e 
way — about Noon We Stopt By a Brook A Little abov Where 
F l Millar was & there Refreshd our Selvs Then Marchd again 
Before Sunset we Crost the River onto y e Island Near F fc Edw d 
Staid there Some Time then Returnd Back again & went 
Down to y e Plain Near y e old Ferry it was Some Time in the 
Evening Before our Tents Came Up For about a Mile Back our 
Cart Broke Down — Then we Cookd Some Chocalet and Picht 
our Tent and Had Good Entertainment &c 

ye 27th we W ere Vary Hungry Provision Vary Short about 
Noon we Cookd Some Rice without Sweetning Butter or Salt 
But it Tasted Vary Good then we Got Some Barks for Loging 
I Hurt My Foot & About Sun Set we were orderd To Strike 
our Tents and to March our Ludgig was Carried Up in a Scow 
Then in Crosing y e River Jacob Andrus Fell into y e River 
But Some Time in y e Evening we Got to F* Edw d Pitcht our 
Tents within y e Stockades North of y e Fort &c This Night 
Pride Serj* Avery & I Drink Some Rhum Togather — I Had 
Considrable Discorce with a Regular Sentry in y e Evening 

y e 28 th Duty Com Extream Hard on y e Company we Had 53 
Men on Command This Day then Arrivd 400 men from N. 
Jersey Of Col Parkers Reg 1 He Himself with them & Several 
women In ye Afternoon I Se y e Regulars Thro Some Bums &c 

Sunday y e 29 th in y e Morning Col Parkers Reg* Marchd for 
y e Lake they Had a Fife on their March — This Day Capt 
Slapp & Cap* Gallups Companies Arrivd Here we Movd our 
Tent and Got Setled — our Party Came Back from y e Lake &c 

HO The Vital Records of Mars Jifi 'eld, Mass. 

{To be continued.} 

This Morning there was 10 Waggons & 36 Carts went with Col 
Parker for y e Lake — This Day Cap fc Putmon is Raising a Com- 
pany For Rangers — in y e Afternoon y e Regulars Fired at a 
Mark & Made a wild Hand of it — about this time the Setler 
was Vary Much in Request With Some of our Men &c in y e 
Evening There was a Fiddle Going Vary Brisk in y e Camp — 

ye 20 th in y e Morning y e Serj ts of y e Reg 1 were Exercisd By 
M r Welch — I Understand that a Man in Cap* Jefferies Com- 
pany Has Got the Small Pox — In y e afternoon I Exercis d our 
Company The Canon in y e Fort were all Fired this afternoon 
&c — In y e Evening Serj* Belnap Treted us 

ye 31st 1 was orc } ere d To Go with 20 Men & Build a Hospital 
on y e Loar End of y e Island To Put those that Had y e Small 
Pox intoo — accordingly went & was Directed By M r Best — in 
y e afternoon y e Doer went Down with Us & Found Som Fait 
with What was Don &c 


{Continued from page 7.) 

[p. 3] names of y e manages 

William fford Juniour & Sarah Dingly were maried The 4 of 
november 1658 

John Carver and Millicant fford were maried The 4. of Novem- 
ber 1658 

Thomas durram & Sarah Bumpus were maried y e last of march 


(J)ustice Eames & Mehetabell Chillingworth were maryed y e 
2 ond { ma y j55 x 

(J)ohn Thomas and Sarah Pitny were maryed the 21. of decem- 
ber 1648 

(T)homas Tilden and Mary Holmes were maryed y e 24 of Jan- 
uary 1664 

(R)ichard Child and mary (T)reuant were maryed the 24 Jan- 
uary .1664 

(N)athaniell winslow and (Fa)ith miller were maryed y e 3 rd of 
August 1664 

The Vital Records of ' Marshfield, Mass. 1 1 1 

(Na)thaniell Thomas and (Debo)rah Jacob were maryed (i9) th 

of January 1663 * 
(John S)awyer & mercy little {worn) maryed the : last of 

(November) 1666 
(Josiah) Bent and Elizab(eth B)ourne was maried (the las)t of 

June : 1666 
(wom)nco\ne f & eadyth (maycu)mber were maryed {worn) no- 

vember : 1664 
(Josiah R)ead and grace (Holloway) were maryed (worn) novem- 

ber 1666 


Thomas the sonne of John Branch was Borne the 18 of ffebru- 

ary 166 1 
Mercy the daughter of John Branch was Borne the 28 of Novem- 
ber 1664 
John the sonne of william fiord Juniour was Borne y e 14 th of 

August 1659 
mercy y e daughter of william fford Juniour was Borne y e 29 of 

Aprill 1662 
Josiah y e sonne of william fford Juniour was Borne the .15. of 

August 1664 
elizabeth the daughter of Richard french was Borne y e 2 ond 

february 1660 
Elizabeth the daughter of Abraham Holmes was Borne The 

.18. of September: 1666 
william the sonne of Edward Steevens was Borne the .18. 

december 1666 
Elizabeth the daughter of maior Jos : Winslow was Borne the 

8* of Aprill 1664 
Edward the sonne of Maior Jos : Winslow the 14 th of May : 

Ephraim the sonne of John Thomas was Borne October 1667 
Mary the daughter of Jacob Dingly was Borne the : first of 

december 1667 
Sarah the daughter of Samuell Sprague was Borne the 2 ond 

May. 1666 
(Josia)h Bent had a sonne Borne y e 18. t 11. 1677 
Sarah the daughter of John Bourne was Borne the .17. of Octo- 
ber 1663 
hannah the daughter of william Hincksman was Borne y e 20 

September 1658 

•This marriage is recorded again on page 13. 

t This was probably John - Lincoln (Thomas 1 ) of Taunton. 

X The "8 "is doubtful. 

112 The Brewster Book. 

Joseph y e sonne of william Hincksman was Borne y e 20 of feb- 

ruary 1660 
fortunatus y e sonne of william Hincksman was Borne y e .9. of 

July .1663. 
Elizabeth the daughter of John Carver was Borne y e 4 th of 

march 166-f 
John the sonne of John Thomas was Borne y e 16 th of Novem- 
ber 1649 
Elizabeth y e daughter of John Thomas was Borne y e 12 th of 

September 1652 
Samuel y e sonne of John Thomas was Borne the 6 th of novem- 

ber 1655 
daniell y e sonne of John Tho(mas) was Borne y e 20 of novem- 

b(er) 1659 
Sarah y e daughter of J(ohn) Thomas was Borne y e (worn) of 

September 1661 
James y e sonne of John (Thomas) was Borne y e last of novem- 

ber 1663 
Nathaniell the sonne of Nathaniell Thomas was Borne the 18 th 

of October 1664 
ffaith the daughter of Nathaniell winslow was Borne the 19 th of 

June 1665 
John the sonne of Jona(than) Winslow was Borne the first of 

March 1664 
Arthur y e sonne of ]o(wom)\ow was Borne y e 1 of november 

Elizabeth y e da(ughter of) William Hin(cksman) Borne the 

3(0 October 16 — ) 

(To be continued.) 


( Continued from page 24.) 

The first two entries here given are in the handwriting of Ben- 
jamin 3 Brewster (Jonathan* 1 , William 1 ). The letter on page 
88 was written to Daniel Wetherell, the husband of Benjamin's 
sister Grace. (See Vol. I, pp. 2-and 74.) 

(p. 88, tip side down) 

Loveing Brother Wetherell 
my Love comended to you with my sister if Gorge and you 
dele for his cow then yo(u) must make a vere puntuall barginn 

The Breivster Book. 1 1 3 

with him for hee is trading with severall for hur goodman 
Grissill * expects the cow and therefore if you dele make aright 
with him and when hee comes up let him make delevere of the 
cow to mee for you and dele thus for prise that what the 
buccher will gife that you will give : and if you dele then send 
me word what your mind is whether I shall have hur or not 
and you take butter you may have som Now Rest 
Your assured Loveing Brother 

Benjamen Brewster 

(p. 181, right side tip) 

Being at the hose of Gorge Geres upon the first of may in 
the yere of our Lord : 1684 then and there was a discorse 
betwene the afore sayd Geres and his son Jonathan he then 
being of age to be for him selfe : upon som consederration 
mofeing the sayd Geres there to he then declared what he 
would gefe his son Jonathan as the full of his porshon except 
upon his sons better behaver should desarve more which was 
: 130 : akers of Land that his father had of Owanneco up in 
the contre : and : 2 : best of 2 yere old : 1 : stere of : 4 : yer 
old and a cow . this I testefey as witnes mey hand 

Benjamen Brewster 

(p. 89, right side up) 

february the : 20 1 717 thear fel a great sno it began to sno 

(worn) nith and held tel friday and it was three fut dep 

The preceding entry is in the handwriting of Daniel 4 Brewster (Benja- 
min 3 , Jonathan 2 , William 1 ) ; the following is in that of Benjamin 4 Brewster, 
brother of Daniel 4 . 

(p. 1 24, right side up) 

Benjmjn Brewster his book god give him grace thar in to look 

( To be continued.) 
* Griswold. 

1 14 The Mayflower Genealogies. 


I. Vital Statistics of the Mayflower Passengers. 

Compiled from original sources, 
By George Ernest Bowman. 

Any compilation of the vital statistics of the Mayflower 
passengers must necessarily be very incomplete, owing to the 
loss of early records, but in many instances births, marriages or 
deaths may be shown to have occurred between two dates, and 
the Editor has spent a great deal of time in a critical examina- 
tion and comparison of original records for the purpose of col- 
lecting facts which would assist in fixing as many such dates as 
possible. The results of this research have been arranged in 
alphabetical order for convenient reference. Lack of space 
forbids the insertion of the authority for each statement, but 
this will be given in the succeeding articles on the separate 

All dates have been given in new style to prevent mistakes in 
celebrating anniversaries. 

John Alden. Born about 1599. Died at Duxbury, 22 Sep- 
tember, 1687. He married, at Plymouth, before 1624, Pris- 
cilla 2 Mullins (William *), who died after 1650. 

Isaac Allerton. Died at New Haven, Conn., before 22 
February, 1659. He married, first, at Leyden, 4 November, 
161 1, Mary Norris, who died at Plymouth, 7 March, 1621. 
He married, second, at Plymouth, between July, 1623, and 1 
June, 1627, Fear 2 Brewster (William 1 ), who died at Plymouth 

in 1634. He married, third, before 1644, Joanna , who 

survived him. 

Mary (Norris) Allerton. Wife of Isaac. 

Bartholomew 2 Allerton. Son of Isaac and Mary. Born 
at Leyden. He returned to England, married and had chil- 
dren there, and was living in 1650. 

Remember 2 Allerton. Daughter of Isaac and Mary. 
Born at Leyden. Died at Salem, between 12 September, 1652, 

The Mayflower Genealogies. 115 

and 22 October, 1656. She married, before 6 May, 1635, Moses 
Maverick, who died at Marblehead, 7 February, 1686. 

Mary 2 Allerton. Daughter of Isaac and Mary. Born 
at Leyden. Died at Plymouth, 8 December, 1699. She mar- 
ried, at Plymouth, about 1636, Thomas Cushman, who was born 
in February, 1608, and died at Plymouth, 21 December, 1691. 

John Allerton. Not known to be related to Isaac. Died 
at Plymouth, between 11 January and 10 April, 162 1. 

John Billington. Died at Plymouth, in September, 1630. 

He married, before 1605, Eleanor , who died after 12 

March, 1643. She had married, second, at Plymouth, in Sep- 
tember, 1638, Gregory Armstrong, who died at Plymouth, 15 
November, 1650. 

Eleanor ( ) Billington. Wife of John. 

John 2 Billington. Eldest son of John and Eleanor. 
Born before 1605. Died at Plymouth, between 1 June, 1627, 
and September, 1630. 

Francis 2 Billington. Son of John and Eleanor. Born 
about 1606. Died at Middleborough, 13 December, 1684. He 
married at Plymouth, in July, 1634, Christian (Penn) Eaton 
(widow of Francis Eaton), who died at Middleborough, about 


William Bradford. Born at Austerfield, England, in 
March, 1590. Died at Plymouth, 19 May, 1657. He married, 
first, in Holland, in November or December, 1613, Dorothy 
May, who was born about 1597, and was accidentally drowned 
at Cape Cod Harbor, 17 December, 1620. He married, second, 
at Plymouth, 24 August, 1623, Alice (Carpenter) Southworth 
(widow of Edward Southworth), who was born about 1590, and 
died at Plymouth, 5 or 6 April, 1670. 

Dorothy (May) Bradford. Wife of William, 

William Brewster. Born in 1566 or 1567. Died at Plym- 
outh, 20 April, 1644. He married, before 1593, Mary , 

who died at Plymouth, 27 April, 1627. 

Mary ( ) Brewster. Wife of William. 

Love 2 Brewster. Son of William and Mary. Died at 
Duxbury, in January or February, 165 1. He married at Plym- 
outh 25 May, 1634, Sarah 2 Collier (William 1 ), who died after 
12 March, 1680. She had married, second, after 1 September, 
1656, Richard Parke, of Cambridge, who died there in 1665. 

Wrestling 2 Brewster. Son of William and Mary. 
Died, unmarried, between 1 June, 1627 and August, 1643. 

Richard Britteridge. Died at Plymouth, 31 December, 
1620. The first death after reacJiing Plymouth* 

Peter Brown. Died at Plymouth, between 4 April and 10 
October, 1633. He married, first, at Plymouth, in 1624 or 

Ii6 The Mayflower Genealogies. 

1625, Martha ( ) Ford, who died at Plymouth, between 1 

June, 1627 and 1 631. He married, second, between 1627 and 
163 1, Mary , who died after 21 November, 1633. 

William Butten. Died on the Mayflower, at sea, 16 No- 
vember, 1620. 

Robert Carter. Died at Plymouth, early in 1 621, after 3 

John Carver. Died at Plymouth, between 12 April and 10 
May, 162 1, He married Katharine , who died at Plym- 
outh, five or six weeks after her husband. 

Katharine ( ) Carver. Wife of John. 

Maid servant of John Carver. (See Francis 


James Chilton. Died on the Mayflower, at Cape Cod Har- 
bor, 18 December, 1620. His wife died early in 162 1, after 11 

Chilton. Wife of James. 

Mary 2 Chilton. Daughter of James. Died at Boston, 
shortly before 11 May, 1679. She married, at Plymouth, be- 
tween July, 1623, and 1 June, 1627, John Winslow, who was 
born at Droitwich, England, 26 April, 1597, and died at Boston, 
between 22 March and 31 May, 1674. 

Richard Clarke. Died at Plymouth, between 1 1 January 
and 10 April, 1621. 

Francis Cooke. Died at Plymouth, 17 April, 1663. He 
married, in Holland, Hester , who died after 18 June, 1666. 

John 2 Cooke. Son of Francis and Hester. Died at Dart- 
mouth, 3 December, 1695. He married, at Plymouth, 7 April, 
1634, Sarah 2 Warren (Richard 1 ), who died after 25 July, 1696. 

Humility Cooper. Died in England, between 1627 and 

John Crackston. Died at Plymouth, between 11 January 
and 10 April, 1621. 

John 2 Crackston. Son of John. Died at Plymouth, soon 
after 1 June, 1627. 

Edward Doty. Died at Plymouth, 2 September, 1655. He 
married, second* at Plymouth, 16 January, 1635, Faith 2 Clark 
(Tristram *), who was buried at Marshfield, 31 December, 1675. 
She had married, second, John Phillips, who was born about 
1602, and died at Marshfield, between 30 October, 1691 and 19 
May, 1692. 

Francis Eaton. Died at Plymouth, between 4 and 18 No- 
vember, 1633. He married, first, Sarah , who died at 

Plymouth, early in 162 1, but after 11 January. His second wife, 
whom he married at Plymouth, was probably Governor Carver's 

* Nothing is known concerning the first wife. 

The Mayflower Genealogies. 1 17 

maid servant. He married, third, at Plymouth, in 1624 or 1625, 
Christian Penn, who died at Middleborough about 1684. She 
had married, second, Francis 2 Billington (John 1 ). 

Sarah ( ) Eaton. First wife of Francis. 

Samuel 2 Eaton. Son of Francis and Sarah. Born in 
1620. Died at Middleborough, in 1684, before 8 November. 

He married, first, before 20 March, 1647, Elizabeth , who 

died before 1661. He married, second, at Plymouth, 20 Janu- 
ary, 1661, Martha 3 Billington (Francis 2 , John 1 ), who died after 
8 November, 1684. 

Ely. Returned to England at the expiration of his 

contract for one year. 

Thomas English. Died at Plymouth, between 11 January 
and 10 April, 162 1. 

Moses Fletcher. Died at Plymouth, between 1 1 January 
and 10 April, 1621. He married, first, Maria Evans, who died 
before November, 1613. He married, second, at Leyden, 21 
December, 161 3, Sarah ( ) Dingby, widow of William. 

Edward Fuller. Died at Plymouth, between 11 January 
and 10 April, 1621. His wife died early in 1621, after 11 Jan- 

Fuller. Wife of Edward. 

Samuel 2 Fuller. Son of Edward. Died at Barnstable, 
10 November, 1683. He married, at Scituate, 18 April, 1635, 
Jane 2 Lothrop (John l ), who died between 1658 and 1683. 

Samuel Fuller (Dr.). Died at Plymouth, between 9 
August and 26 September, 1633. He married, first, Elsie 
Glascock, who died before 161 3. He married, second, at Ley- 
den, 30 April, 161 3, Agnes 2 Carpenter (Alexander 1 ), who died 
before 16 17. He married, third, at Leyden, 2y May, 16 17, 
Bridget Lee, who died after 11 March, 1664. 

Richard Gardiner. Died in England or at sea, between 
1623 and 165 1. 

John Goodman. Died at Plymouth, before 1627. 

William Holbeck. Died at Plymouth, early in 162 1, but 
after 11 January. / 

John Hooke. Died at Plymouth, early in 1621, but after 11 

Stephen Hopkins. Died at Plymouth, between 16 June 
and 27 July, 1644. Nothing is known of his first wife. He 

married, second, in 16 18 or earlier, Elizabeth , who died 

at Plymouth, between 1640 and 1644. 

Elizabeth ( ) Hopkins. Second wife of Stephen. 

Gyles 2 Hopkins. Son of Stephen by his first wife. Died 
at Eastham, in 1690, before 26 April. He married, 19 Octo- 
ber, 1639, Katharine Wheldon, who died after 15 March, 

Il8 The Mayflower Genealogies. 

Constance 2 Hopkins. Daughter of Stephen by his first 
wife. Died at Eastham, in October, 1677. She married, at 
Plymouth, between 1623 and 1 June, 1627, Nicholas Snow, who 
died at Eastham, 25 November, 1676. 

Damaris 2 Hopkins. Daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth. 

Oceanus 2 Hopkins. Son of Stephen and Elizabeth. 
Born on the Mayflower, between 16 September and 21 Novem- 
ber, 1620. Died before 1 June, 1627. 

John Howland. Born about 1593. Died at Plymouth, 5 
March, 1673. He married, at Plymouth, before 1624, Eliza- 
beth 2 Tilley (John 1 ), who was born about 1607, an ^ died at 
Swansea, 31 December, 1687. 

John Langmore. Died at Plymouth, early in 1621, after n 

William Latham. Died at the Bahama Islands, between 
7 November, 1645, anc * 6 March, 165 1. 

Edward Leister. Died in Virginia, before 6 March, 165 1. 

Edmund Margeson. Died at Plymouth, between 11 Janu- 
ary and 10 April, 162 1. 

Christopher Martin. Died at Plymouth, 18 January, 
1 62 1. His wife died early in 1621, after 11 January. 

Martin. Wife of Christopher. 

Desire Minter. Died in England, before 165 1. 

Jasper More. " A litle boy." Died on the Mayflower, at 
Cape Cod Harbor, 16 December, 1620. 

Ellen More. " A litle girle." Sister of Jasper. Died at 
Plymouth, early in 1621, after 11 January. 

Richard More. Brother of Jasper. Born about 1614. 
Died after 20 May, 1690. He married, 30 October, 1636, 
Christian Hunt, who died at Salem, between 11 November, 
1671 and 20 June, 1675. 

More. Brother of Jasper. Died at Plymouth, early 

in 1621, after 11 January. 

William Mullins. Died at Plymouth, 3 March, 162 1. He 

married Alice , who died at Plymouth, early in 1621, after 

2 April. 

Alice ( ) Mullins. Wife of William. 

Joseph 2 Mullins. Son of William and Alice. Died at 
Plymouth, early in 1621, after 2 April. 

Priscilla 2 Mullins. Daughter of W t illiam and Alice. 
(See John Alden.) 

Solomon Prower. Died at Plymouth, 3 January, 162 1. 

Degory Priest. Born about 1579. Died at Plymouth, n 
January, 1621. He married, at Leyden, 4 November, 161 r, 
Sarah (Allerton; Vincent (the widow of John Vincent), who 
died at Plymouth, in 1633, before 3 November. 

The Mayflower Gciiealogics. 119 

John Rigdale. Died at Plymouth, between 1 1 January and 

10. April, 162 1. He married Alice , who died at Plymouth, 

early in 1621, after 11 January. 

Alice ( ) Rigdale. Wife of John. 

Thomas Rogers. Died at Plymouth, between 1 1 January 
and 10 April, 1621. Nothing is known of his wife. 

Joseph 2 Rogers. Son of Thomas. Died at Eastham, be- 
tween 12 and 25 January, 1678. He married before 1633, but 
nothing is known of his wife except that she was living 18 
August, 1652. 

Henry Samson. Died at Duxbury, 3 January, 1685. He 
married at Plymouth, 16 February, 1636, Ann Plummer, who 
died between 1650 and 1685. 

George Soule. Died at Duxbury, shortly before 1 Febru- 
ary, 1680. He married at Plymouth, before 1627, Mary , 

who died at Duxbury in December, 1676. 

Myles Standish. Died at Duxbury, 13 October, 1656. He 

married, first, Rose , who died at Plymouth, 8 February, 

1621. He married, second> at Plymouth, between July, 1623, and 
3 April, 1624, Barbara , who died after 16 October, 1659. 

Rose ( ) Standish. First wife of Myles. 

Elias Story. Died at Plymouth, early in 162 1, after 11 

Edward Thomson. Died on the Mayflower, at Cape Cod 
Harbor, 14 December, 1620. The first death after reaching 
Cape Cod. 

Edward Tilley. Died at Plymouth, between 11 January 
and 10 April, 162 1. He married Ann , who died at Plym- 
outh, early in 1621, after 11 January. 

Ann ( ) Tilley. Wife of Edward. 

John Tilley. Died at Plymouth, between 11 January and 

10 April, 162 1. His wife died at Plymouth, early in 162 1, after 

11 January. 

Tilley. Wife of John. 

Elizabeth Tilley. Daughter of John. (See John How- 

Thomas Tinker. Died at Plymouth, between 1 1 January 
and 10 April, 1621. His wife died at Plymouth early in 1621, 
after 11 January. 

Tinker. Wife of Thomas.. 

Tinker. Son of Thomas. Died at Plymouth, early in 

1621, after 11 January. 

William Trevore. Died after 7 May, 1650. 

John Turner, Died at Plymouth, between 11 January and 
lt> April, 1621. 

Turner. Son of John. Died at Plymouth, early in 

1621, after 11 January. 

120 The Mayflower Genealogies. 

Turner. Another son of John. Died at Plymouth, 

early in 1621, after 11 January. 

Richard Warren. Died at Plymouth, in 1628. He mar- 
ried, before 161 1, Elizabeth , who was born about 1583 and 

died at Plymouth, 12 October, 1673. 

William White. Died at Plymouth, 3 March, 162 1. He 
married at Leyden, 1 February, 161 2, Susanna Fuller, who 
married, second, Edward Winslow. 

Susanna (Fuller) White. Wife of William. 

Resolved 2 White. Son of William and Susanna. Died 
between 1690 and 1694. He married, first, 15 November, 1640, 
Judith 2 Vassall {William 1 ) who was buried at Marshfield, 13 
April, 1670. He married, second, at Salem, 15 October, 1674, 

Abigail ( ) Lord (widow of William Lord), who died at 

Salem, between 25 June and 7 July, 1682. 

Peregrine 2 White. Son of William and Susanna. Born 
on the Mayflower, at Cape Cod Harbor, between 7 and 10 
December, 1620. He died at Marshfield, 31 July, 1704. He 
married, before 16 March, 1649, Sarah 2 Bassett (William 1 ), 
who died at Marshfield, 2 February, 171 2. 

Roger Wilder. Died at Plymouth, between 11 January 
and 12 April, 1621. 

Thomas Williams. Died at Plymouth, between 11 January 
and 10 April, 1621. 

Edward Winslow. Born at Droitwich, England, 28 October, 
1595. Died at sea, near the island of Hispaniola,* 18 May, 
1655. He married, first, at Leyden, 16 May, 1618, Elizabeth 
Barker, who died at Plymouth, 3 April, 162 1. He married, 
second, at Plymouth, 22 May, 162 1, Susanna (Fuller) White, 
the widow of William White. 

Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow. Wife of Edward. 

Gilbert Winslow-. Brother of Edward. Born at Droit- 
wich, England, 5 November, 1600. Died in England, before 

• Now St. Domingo. 

( To be continued?) 

Early Records of Plympton, Mass. 121 


( Continued from page jj.) 

[p. 126] The Children of Georg Briant and Sarah his wife 

Lidia Briant was born maye y e 10 th 17 18 

John Briant was born Janewary y e 12 th 1720 

Joanah Briant was born aug st y e 28 th 1723 

Ephraim Bryant was born april 12 th 1726 

mary Bryant was born Jannuary 20 th 1729 

Sarah Bryant was born Octo br 31 : 1731 

The Children of John Holmes Jun r by Elizebeth his wife 
Ephraim Holmes was born april y e 19 th 17 19 
John Holmes was born april y e 25 th 1721 

The Children of John Ransom and martha his wife 
John Ransom was born march y e 11 th I7y§ 
Thomas Ransom was born aug st y e 13 th 1720 
Martha born octo r the 18 th 1724 

The Children of Zachariah Soul by mary his wife 
Jabez Soul was born June y e 5 th 1721 
Zachariah Soull was born feb r y e 20 th I72f 
Mary Soull was born april y e 2 d 1725 
Sarah Soul was born June 15 th 1727 
Ephraim Soul was born may 4 th 1729 

The Children of Ebenezer Lobden by Lidia his wife 
Isaac Lobden was born December y e 26 th 1716 
Sarah Lobden was born July y e 4 th 17 19 

( To be continued.') 



A meeting of the Society was held at the Hotel Vendome, 
Boston, on Wednesday afternoon, January 31, 1900. Thomas 
Weston, Esq., read a paper on "Governor William Bradford," 
and an informal reception followed. Nearly one hundred and 
seventy members and guests were present. 

A meeting of the Society was held at the Hotel Vendome, 

122 Reports from State Societies. 

Boston, on Wednesday afternoon, March 28, 1900. Edwin S. 
Crandon, Esq., read a paper on " Old Boston, England," and 
Miss Harriet Arline Shaw rendered several selections on the 
harp. An informal reception followed as usual. More than 
two hundred members and guests were present. 

Donations to the Library and Cabinet. 

" The Prison Ship Martyr, Captain Jabez Fitch," from Mr. 
Cordilla W. Fitch. 

"TheGorham Family in Rhode Island," and a Photograph 
of a painting of Delft, Holland, both from Mr. Frank W. 

" Franklin and Wrentham " (Mass.), from the author, Dr. 
J. C. Gallison. 

Three photographs of entries in Benjamin Snow's Bible, from 
Mr. H. N. Snow. 

" Dictionary of United States History," from Mr. William 
B. Rand. 

"Governor William Bradford and his son, Major William 
Bradford," from the compiler, Mr. James Shepard. 

Members Elected. 
January 31, 1900. 

541. George Prince, Boston, seventh from William Brewster. 

542. Charles Jarvis Williams, Boston, eighth from Edward 


543. John Balch Blood, Newburyport, eighth from John Alden. 

544. Jefferson Cushing Gallison, M.D., Franklin, eighth from 

Richard Warren. 

545. Mrs. Charles William Abbott, Reading, seventh from John 


546. Mrs. Walter Allen, Newton Highlands, seventh from 

George Soule. 

547. Walstein Roath Chester, Brookline, eighth from William 


548. Mrs. Frederick Francis Woodward, Fitchburg, seventh 

from John Howland. 

549. Miss Katharine Hayes Peck, Milwaukee, Wis., ninth from 

Isaac Allerton, eighth from Mary Allerton. 

550. Miss Almira Melita Fowler, Galena, 111., ninth from Wil- 

liam Brewster, eighth from Love Brewster. 

February 26, 1900. 

551. Edward Cornelius Briggs, M.D., Lexington, seventh from 

John Alden. 

Reports from State Societies. 123 

552. Miss Eva Cornelia Foster, Evanston, 111., tenth from Wil- 

liam Brewster. 

553. Francis Alden Ware, Somerville, eighth from Myles 


554. Miss Abby Louise Allen, Newton Highlands, eighth from 

George Soule. 

555. William Brisbane Rand, Boston, eighth from Stephen 

Hopkins, seventh from Gyles Hopkins. 

556. Miss Floretta Vining, Hull, ninth from William Brewster. 

557. Mrs. Edwin Hubbard Van Ostrand, Neenah, Wis., tenth 

from William Brewster. 
March 28, 1900. 

558. William Perkins Tyler, Tylerdale, Pa., eighth from Fran- 

cis Cooke. 

559. Mrs. Levi Lincoln Gould, Boston, seventh from John 


560. Mrs. Charles Francis Dowse, Boston, eighth from John 


561. Frederick Henry Prince, Wenham, ninth from William 


562. John Gilman Foster, Halifax, Nova Scotia, ninth from 

William Brewster. 

563. William J. Riddell, Des Moines, Iowa, ninth from William 


564. George Thomas Prince, Omaha, Neb., eighth from William 


565. Joseph Briggs Howland, M.D., Tewksbury, eighth from 

John Howland. 

566. Henry Willard, Boston, seventh from Stephen Hopkins, 

sixth from Gyles Hopkins. 

567. Philip Foster Turner, Portland, Me., ninth from William 


568. Miss Elizabeth Cowing, Seneca Falls, N. Y., seventh from 

Thomas Rogers. 

569. Miss Janet McKay Cowing, Seneca Falls, N. Y., seventh 

from Thomas Rogers. 
57°- Mrs. Charles Langdon Kingsbury, Boston, ninth from 

William Brewster. 
57 r . Mrs. Albert Sauveur, Boston, ninth from William Brewster. 

572. Miss Julia Frances Jones, Spencer, ninth from William 


573. Mrs. Erastus Jones, Spencer, eighth from William Brew- 

574- Joseph Parker Bass, Bangor, Me., eighth from John Alden. 
575. Miss Martha Cobb Wight, Rockland, Me., ninth from 

John Howland. 

124 Reports from State Societies. 

Supplemental Lines Filed. 
January, 1900. 

479. Miss Mary S. Clark, seventh from John Alden, ninth from 

John Alden ; eighth from George Soule. 

480. Miss Sarah L. Clark, seventh from John Alden, ninth from 

John Alden ; eighth from George Soule. 

February, 1900. 

88. Miss E. Leora Pratt, tenth from Peter Brown ; tenth from 

Francis Cooke. 

89. Miss Edith F. Pratt, tenth from Peter Brown ; tenth from 

Francis Cooke. 

90. Mrs. Andrew D. Fuller, ninth (two lines) from John How- 

484. David W. Noyes, eighth from George Soule. 
541. George Prince, seventh from John Billington, sixth from 

Francis Billington ; sixth from Francis Eaton, fifth from 

Samuel Eaton ; sixth from Samuel Fuller ; sixth from 

Stephen Hopkins, 
544. Jefferson C. Gallison, M.D., eighth from John Howland. 
546. Mrs. Walter Allen, eighth from Richard Warren. 

March, 1900. 
13. Gamaliel Bradford, sixth from John Alden, seventh from 
John Alden, eighth from John Alden ; eighth from 
William Brewster, seventh from Love Brewster ; eighth 
from Thomas Rogers ; eighth from Richard Warren. 

226. Francis R. Allen, ninth from Thomas Rogers. 

370. Mrs. Dexter R. Puffer, eighth from Henry Samson. 

371. Mrs. John M. Rice, eighth from Henry Samson. 
440. David Thomas, seventh from Henry Samson. 
507. Mrs. Godfrey Ryder, seventh from George Soule. 

544. Jefferson C. Gallison, M.D., eighth from John Howland. 
549. Miss Katharine H. Peck, eighth from Francis Cooke. 
554. Miss Abby L. Allen, ninth from Richard Warren. 
556. Miss Floretta Vining, eighth from John Alden; eighth 
from Thomas Rogers. 


Members Elected. 
January 3, 1900. 

572. Miss Catharine March Clark, New York, eleventh from 

Richard Warren. 

573. Drake Whitney, Niagara Falls, eighth from Thomas 


Reports from State Societies. 125 

February 7, 1900. 

574. Alfred Livingstone White, New York, ninth from Richard 


575. Miss Mary Amelia Terry, Hartford, Conn., ninth from 

William Bradford. 

576. Mrs. Eugene S. Mower, Roselle, N. J., ninth from Myles 


577. Walter Richards Wheeler, New York, ninth from William 

White, eighth from Resolved White. 

578. Benjamin Shepard, East Orange, N. J., eighth from Wil- 

liam Bradford. 

March 7, 1900. 

579. Paul Lee Bissell, Charleston, S. C, eighth from William 

$80. Edward Anderson, Charleston, S. C, eighth from William 

581. John Taylor Terry, Jr., New York, ninth from William 


582. William Livermore Kingman, New York, eighth from 

Francis Cooke. 

583. Mrs. Charles H. Adams, New York, eighth from William 


584. Miss Mary Eva Allerton, Rochester, eighth from Isaac 


585. Alfred Ely, New York, ninth from William Brewster. 

eighth from Love Brewster. 


Mr. Nathan Holt Smith, of New London, was elected Sec- 
retary, January 8, 1900, to fill the vacancy caused by the resig- 
nation of Mr. Henry Richardson Bond, Jr. 

Members Elected. 
February 19, 1900. 

209. Mrs. Albert C. Dart, Rock Island, 111., eighth from John 


210. Hunter Carson White, Jr., Providence, R. L, tenth from 

Richard Warren. 

211. Miss Katherine Seymour Day, Hartford, tenth from Wil- 

liam Bradford. 

126 Reports from State Societies, 


Members Elected. 
January 3, 1900. 

117. Mrs. Louis Piollet, Wysox, seventh from John Alden. 

118. Mrs. Albert Warren Kelsey, Philadelphia, ninth from 

Francis Cooke. 

January 31, 1900. 

119. Mrs. J. Harold Wickersham, Lancaster, ninth from Wil- 

liam Brewster. 

120. Mrs. George A. Forsyth, Washington, D. C, seventh from 

John Alden. 

121. Walter Lippincott, Philadelphia, ninth from William Brad- 


122. Bertha Horstman Lippincott, Philadelphia, tenth from 

William Bradford. 

123. Charles Peaslee Turner, M.D., Philadelphia, ninth from 

William Brewster. 


Supplemental Line Filed. 
February, 1900. 
51. Charles F. Quincy, ninth from George Soule. 


Members Elected. 
January 9, 1900. 

35. William Henry Pabodie, Wyoming, seventh from John 


36. Mrs. Albert William Miller, Sandusky, ninth from William 


37. Herman John Groesbeck, Cincinnati, eighth from Myles 



Members Elected. 
January 9, 1900. 
72. John Bradford Fox, Thomaston, Conn., seventh from Wil- 
liam Bradford. 

Pilgrim Notes and Queries. 127 

February 13, 1900. 

73. Mrs. Charles Lester Marlatt, Washington, seventh from 

John Alden. 

74. Frederick William Mitchell, Washington, eighth from 

John Howland. 

March 13, 1900. 

75. William Catlin Millard, Cleveland, O., eighth from Wil- 

liam Bradford. 

76. Miss Harriet Merle Aspinwall, Albany, N. Y., seventh 

from John Alden. 
TJ. Mrs. Clifford Howard, Washington, eleventh from Wil- 
liam Brewster. 

Supplemental Lines Filed. 
January, 1900. 
42. Solomon E. Faunce, eighth from Myles Standish ; eighth 
from John Alden. 

February, 1900. 
45. Mrs. William W. Karr, eighth from John Alden. 


Proposed Removal of Myles Standish from Duxbury. — The fact 
that Captain Standish was preparing, in 1653, to remove from Duxbury 
to Swansea seems to have escaped notice hitherto, and it will doubt- 
less interest many to know that his plans so far progressed that he 
sold all of his real estate to Captain Thomas Willett, and the deed was 
recorded. Although no reason is stated for the agreement making the 
sale "of non efect," it is probably safe to assume that the troubles with 
the Dutch in 1653 and 1654, and with Ninigret, the Niantic Sachem, in 
1655, caused a postponement of the removal until his advancing years, 
and possibly the beginnings of the disease which finally resulted in his 
death, brought about this change in his plans. 

Annamoysett, commonly called VVannamoisett, became in 166S the 
town of Swansea. 

The sale is recorded in Plymouth Colony Deeds, Volume I, Part I, 
Page 85. 

These p r sents Witnesse that I have barganed and sould to captaine Thomas 
Willett my house and land with all my accomodation att Duxburrow to him 
<*nd his heires for ever ; ffor and in consideration of one hundred pounds 

128 Pilgrim Notes and Queries. 

sterling; that is to say ten pounds in current silver; and the remayning pte 
of the said hundred pounds to bee paied in such goods as will best conduce to 
the ends of my removeall as linnin woolen stuffe &c or cattell if it will answare 
the aforsaid ends ; And further the said capt : Thomas Willett hath bar- 
ganed over and above the said hundred pounds to transport my goods by sea 
to the place neare Annamoysett giving the said capt : Willett three months 
warning ; And further that over and above the said capt : Thomas Willett is 
to pay all the purchase of the land purchased of the Indians rTor my pte 
there ; 

Witnesse our hands this 13 th September 1653 
Witnesse Thomas Clarke Myles Standish 

James Browne Thomas Willett ; 

{On the margin of the page) This sale hath sence been made of non efect 
by agreement of both pties 

Foreign Research Fund. — Subscriptions received : Mrs. C. How- 
ard Colket, $5.00; Mrs. Frank H. Lovell, $5.00; Miss Ellen Chase, 

Colonial Research Fund. — Subscription received : Mrs. Frank H. 
Lovell, $5.00. 

Bradford Meerstead. — The Treasurer reports a subscription of 
#5.00 received from Mrs. Alonzo B. Bray. 


[This department is strictly limited to subjects connected with Mayflower genealogy and 
history, and queries can be inserted for subscribers only. Answers should be sent to the 
Editor for publication in later issues^ 

21. Cushman — Hutchinson. What was the given name of Mary 
(Cushman) Hutchinson's husband? The will of her father, Elder 
Thomas Cushman, dated 22 October, 1690, mentions his three grand- 
children in Lynn, " the children of my daughter Mary Hutchinson de- 
ceased." What were the names of these children? Did they marry 
and leave descendants ? A. B. L. 

22. Chandler — Thompson. Who were the parents of Rachel 
Chandler, who was born 22 February, 1780, and married, 3 December, 
1 801, Rev. Otis Thompson of Rehoboth, Mass.? These dates are from 
Bible entries made by Mr. Thompson. S. B. F. 

23. Young — Fuller. Who were the parents of Patience Young, 
who married, 25 February, 1692-3, Matthew 4 Fuller (Samuel 3 , Sam- 
uel 2 , Edward l ) of Barnstable ? N. H. J. 

24. Pratt. What was the maiden name and who were the parents 
of Hannah, the wife of Henry 3 Pratt (Aaron 2 , Phineas l ) of Newton, 
Mass.? Henry was born in 1685 and died in 1750. Hannah died be- 
tween 1750 and 1767. J. F. D. 

25. Coombs. What was the maiden name, and the parentage of 
Mary, the second wife of Francis 2 Coombs (John 1 ) ? They were mar- 
ried about 1678, and Mary married, second, about 1685, David Wood of 
Middlebo rough. She was living in 17 11. V. C. P. 

k 6 - 

■ M U 

- 1} 


tt*J fW-»n - , V ^^ttWYfrfV^ 

-. .- *-.»\ ^^--.A .... |jg . ■ mart,-,-,; ^ 



I I 

1 rr 


he Mayflower 


Vol. II. JULY, 1900. No. 3. 


By Edwin S. Crandon. 

On the east coast of England, on the banks of the river 
Witham just above its juncture with the bay called the Wash 
in the low lands, or fen country of the county of Lincoln, is 
ancient Boston — St. Botolph's Town, where the first minister 
of the Puritan colony at Trimountain labored for a generation 
as the Vicar of the Church of England parish, where the Pil- 
grim Fathers who settled Plymouth were imprisoned for a time 
prior to their escape to the Netherlands and where to-day the 
feet of the New England Bostonian turn lovingly, although a 
journey considerably off the main line of travel is involved 
thereby. And surely the attractions of old Boston are ample 
to compensate for the necessary change of route involved. 
Few travellers in England think of the old town as worthy the 
loss of a day from the celebrated " Cathedral route " albeit St. 
Botolph's Church is far more interesting as a sample of archi- 
tecture, is far more interesting from historical associations, and 
is considerably larger than some of the cathedrals famed in 
travellers' story. The average traveller gets to Lincoln, the 
shire town of the county, and finds much to interest him there ; 
in truth Lincoln is one of the most interesting towns in Eng- 
land, but to us of Massachusetts the old town in the south east 
of Lincolnshire, with its old and stately Church, its quaint 
streets and inns, its memories of the past in connection with 
the Reverend John Cotton, and most of all, its name must 
possess an interest far greater than mere oddity, or picturesque- 
r: ^ss. Boston has these and to spare, but to us of the New 
England Boston, its attraction is subtler than the mere pleas- 


130 Old Boston, England. 

ure of gazing at old buildings or impressive ecclesiastical 
architecture. Perhaps the traveller is not to be blamed for 
ignoring Boston — even the New England traveller, for his 
Baedeker says that it is famous chiefly for having given its 
name to our Boston, and dismisses the town with barely twenty 
lines of description. From this the tourist easily might gain 
the impression that the English Boston possesses little of 
interest beyond its name, surely not enough to warrant the 
journey thither and the consequent interruption to a well 
defined itinerary. 

Boston is 116 miles north of London and 35 miles due east 
from the centre of England, say not more than 150 miles from 
Liverpool, but the main line of the railway from London to 
the North passes to the west of Boston, which is reached from 
Lincoln by a branch and from Nottingham by another. The 
country thereabouts is decidedly low ; in fact the local name 
until recently was Holland, which meant exactly what the same 
name means for one of the provinces of the Netherlands on 
the opposite side of the North Sea, namely, hollow land. 
Nowadays they call that section the Lincolnshire fens, and 
many have been the inundations, the high tides and destruc- 
tion on the English side of the North Sea, unprotected from 
the ocean by dikes until many years after the Dutch had 
solved their infinitely harder problem of forcing a country from 
the sea. The country is not particularly interesting after one 
has seen some other parts of England, but it has the same 
beautifully green appearance ; the roads are grand and run 
between hedges of singularly attractive beauty to the Ameri- 
can traveller ; many poplar trees give local color to the quiet 
landscape and rivers and canals wind through the country 
diversifying the view enough to prevent its becoming tedious. 
Boston is on both sides of the river Witham, a narrow stream 
where there is one bridge and a ferry. The latter simply is a 
small boat and you are rowed across in a few minutes for a half 
penny. Along the river-side are old streets and lanes, with 
inns the oldest I saw anywhere in that country of famous old 
taverns — inns that were entertaining man and beast and ring- 
ing with hearty good cheer years before the Three Hills on 
Massachusetts Bay ever echoed to the sound of the Puritan's 

Old Boston, England. 13 1 

axe or became the seat of wisdom so profound as fairly to 
entitle it to the proud appellation of the Hub of the Universe. 
Old buildings, too, greet the delighted novice from America ; 
buildings whose bulging sides give evidence of their antiquity, 
of the old, half-timbered, projecting upper story kind which 
delight us so much in foreign photographs, and all of stone or 
brick, for wood is too precious in Europe generally for use in 

Old Boston has a most honorable, albeit somewhat unevent- 
ful past. From the English view-point it is a slow old town, 
with little to distinguish it from many others of like size. To 
us, however, it is associated with Rev. John Cotton, the first 
Pastor of the Boston, New England, Church, for he was Vicar 
of St. Botolph's Church in the Lincolnshire Boston for many 
years. Again, Boston is associated indelibly with the Pilgrim 
Fathers of Plymouth, for in the guild hall were imprisoned the 
Scrooby Pilgrims, arrested in their first attempt to escape from 
England's persecuting King and Prelate. Striking indeed is it 
that history should have linked together the Pilgrim and the 
Puritan thus early in the great movement which ultimately 
settled New England, dethroned for a time both English King 
and Bishop and made for the triumphant vindication of the 
right of freedom of worship for the English race. While the 
Puritan Cotton was Vicar of the Church of England parish of 
St. Botolph in Boston, England, the Separatist, or dissenting 
Pilgrims, were imprisoned in the same city, and a quarter 
century later the same Cotton, persecuted in his turn was fain 
to fly to the same New England shores and to become, like 
them, a Separatist, and ultimately the two — Pilgrim and Puri- 
tan — blended into the New Englander and laid the foundations 
of our mighty Nation. In this connection it is suggestive cer- 
tainly, that the Colonel of the Plymouth County regiment of 
Minute-Men which responded to the Lexington Alarm, 19 
April, 1775, was Theophilus Cotton, a direct lineal descendant 
of the Puritan Vicar of Old Boston and the first Minister of 
the Puritan Church of the New Boston, to which was given the 
name of the town in England where he had labored long and 
w elL The Pilgrim descendants went forth to battle from the 
Pilgrim Colony under the Puritan's descendant — they had 

132 Old Boston, England. 

become one people then, the people of Massachusetts, and 
distinctions of Pilgrim and Puritan had passed away. But 
there was a sharp difference in the early years of the seven- 
teenth century. The Pilgrim was hounded out of England a 
generation before the Puritan had to go. Here in the New 
England the two types blended, the Puritan, or Low-Church- 
man of the English Church adopting the Pilgrim's Separatist 
or Independent principles of Church government and mean- 
while absorbing the little Pilgrim colony into its own more 
virile and enduring State. 

Some traditions identify Boston as known to the Romans, 
but beyond possibly having a fort thereabouts there is nothing 
of Roman origin susceptible of the least proof. The first his- 
torical notice is the following, from the Saxon Chronicle : " St. 
Botolph built a monastery here a.d. 654, destroyed by the 
Danes, a.d. 870." But this is controverted and the good saint 
himself seems to be almost traditional if not mythical. The 
best that I have been able to find about him is that he flour- 
ished about the middle of the seventh century, being of a 
noble family, of German descent, famous for learning and zeal. 
The name " Botolph " is Saxon, and means " Boat-help " or 
" Help-ship," hence he was the patron saint of sailors. He is 
said to have been given a place for the establishment of a 
monastery by King Ethelmund of the South Angles, but the 
iingship of Ethelmund over a South Anglian kingdom is 
matter of dispute and the whole episode is shrouded in historic 
gloom. St. Botolph probably existed about that time but to 
distinguish from the legends and traditions what is actual fact 
is beyond the power of to-day. In any event the story goes 
that the saint did not want to dispossess anybody in establish- 
ing his monastery and desired a wilderness which nobody else 
could use, which is why he was accommodated with the loca- 
tion known as "Icanhoe," now Boston. At that time the 
-Lincolnshire fens or marshes must have been dreary and wild 
indeed and well suited to the humble saint's yearnings for soli- 
tude. "Icanhoe," Saxon, means " Ox-hill"; some have en- 
deavored to trace a parallel in the name of Boston — "bos" 
being Latin for "ox" and thus carrying out the Saxon name, 
but beyond much doubt the name of Boston is a contraction ot 

Old Boston, England. 133 

"Botolph's town," which was the name generally used in the 
middle ages, and the natural tendency of the English to clip 
names in pronunciation easily would make "Botolph's town'* 
into "Bos-ton." The monastery was destroyed completely by 
the Danes in a.d. 870 and Boston does not reappear in English 
history for over two hundred years, or in the reign of William 
the Conqueror. 

As to the Saint, all that we know is that his body was buried 
in his monastery and that at the Danish invasion his " relics 
were translated to the monastery at Ely and later to that at 
Thorn ey." William of Malmesbury says that St. Botolph's 
body lay in St. Edmund's monastery at Bury, and Weever is 
quoted : " It was usual with the monks of Bury when they 
wanted rain to carry about in procession a coffin with the bones 
of St. Botolph inclosed." The 16th of May was set for his 
memory and the Church of St. Botolph, Aldersgate, London, 
took his name in the reign of Edward III. Boston as a dis- 
tinct town or centre of habitation cannot be identified prior to 
the twelfth century. It is not mentioned in the celebrated 
Domesday book and it is a fair inference that up to that time 
it never was a town or anything else but the traditional seat of 
St. Botolph's monastery in the wild, low, Lincolnshire fens. 
Probably in the Conqueror's reign, at the Domesday survey, 
the locality formed part of the town of Shirbeck, which parish 
indeed, nearly surrounded it at the beginning of the present 

Under the Normans Boston fell to the earls of Richmond 
and became a place of considerable commercial importance 
prior to the reign of John, for in 1204 it paid a tax on mer- 
chants of ^780, second only to that of London, with £836. 
This shows that Boston must have begun to rise into conse- 
quence shortly after the conquest. King John granted it a 
charter, dated 30 January, 1204, anc * in 1205 the men of Boston 
paid ^100 to secure immunity from interference from sheriffs 
and the right to choose their own bailiffs. It was known gen- 
erally at this time in legal documents as " The Town of St. 
Botolph." The Hanseatic merchants and those of Flanders 
carried on a very large and important traffic in Boston in the 
thirteenth century and its market and annual fairs thus early 

134 Old Boston, E)igland. 

became celebrated. It was a walled town, but no part of the 
wall remains and only the names of streets — Bar-gate, Worm- 
gate and similar names — survive. The town sent members of 
Parliament from the reign of Henry VIII, when it was made 
a free borough. It had sent members to the Councils in the 
reign of Edward III, 1326-53, the names of four of whom are 
known. From the reign of Edward VI, 1552, to the present 
the list of Boston's M. P.'s is complete. The list of Mayors 
of Boston begins with Nicholas Robinson in 1545 and also is 
complete to date, with over 250 names. In 1698 one of Wil- 
liam Ill's Dutch friends, Henry of Nassau, was created Vis- 
count Boston in reward for conspicuous services under the 
Prince of Orange, but the title became extinct in 1754. 

In 1 28 1 the town suffered from a great fire, and in 1286 the 
fourth great flood overtook it. The low country and the near- 
ness to the coast — the River Witham running into the Wash 
but a few miles below Boston — made it liable to high tides 
and to overflows, and throughout its history we see constant 
references to its exposed condition and to the efforts made to 
protect it, unavailing until comparatively modern times. In 
1288, during the annual fair, a most important event in medi- 
aeval Boston, the town was sacked by a company of bandits or 
brigands, and as illustrative of the wealth of old Boston in 
those times the historian tells us that "streams of gold, silver 
and other metal, molten, ranne into the sea." It recovered 
speedily and became a great wool port, gave attention to the 
fisheries, became a great resort for Flemish and other mer- 
chants, and in 1336 a patent was issued for the protection of a 
great number of German merchants and fourteen ships coming 
to the fair of St. Botolph. In 1359 when Edward III prepared 
to invade France, of the eighty-two towns assessed in proportion 
to their trading importance, Boston stood twelfth. In 1467 
came another great flood. We have a description of the town 
at the middle of the sixteenth century, which has come down 
from a chronicler of the time : 

"Botolph's towne standeth hard on the river of Lindis (the 
Witham). The great and chiefest part of the towne is on the 
e>,te side of the ryver, where is a faire market place and a 

Old Boston, England. 135 

crosse with a square towre. The chief parish church was St. 
John's where yet is a church for the towne. St. Botolph's was 
but a chapel to it, but now it is so risen and adorned that it is 
the chiefest of the towne and for a parish church the best and 
fairest of all Lincolnshire, and served so with singing, and that 
of cunning men, as no parish in all England. The society and 
brotherhood (be)longing to this church causeth this and much 
land (be)longeth (to) this society. The steeple being quadrata 
turris and a lanthorn on it, both very high and faire and a 
marke both by sea and land for all the quarters thereaboute. 
There is a goodly fonte, whereof part is of white marble, or of 
stone very like to it. There be three colleges of Freeres 
(friars), gray, black and Augustine, also an hospital for poor 
men, and in the towne, or near to it, the late Lord Huse had 
a place with a stone tower. All the buildings of this side of 
the towne are fayre, and merchantes dwelle in it, and a staple for 
wool is used there. There is a bridge of wood to come over 
Lindis into this part of the towne, and a pile of stones set yn 
the middle of the ryver. The streame of it is sometymes as 
swift as it were an arrow. On the west side of Lindis is one 
long street and on the same side is the White Friars. The 
mayne se (sea) ys vi miles of Boston. Dyverse good shippes 
and other vessels ryde there." 

Under Henry VIII the dissolution of the monasteries 
tended to reduce the importance and commercial prosperity of 
Boston, but Henry made amends by raising it to the rank of a 
free borough and by granting it several privileges under a 
charter 14 May, 1546, confirmed by Edward VI, 16 May, 1547, 
while Mary, 1554, endowed the corporation with lands to sup- 
port the bridge and port, in a deplorable state at that time, 
also to establish and maintain a grammar school and for public 
worship. By the early years of the reign of Elizabeth the 
port nearly had gone to ruin, largely due to alterations in the 
river's mouth, but late in her reign means were taken to im- 
prove this. A violent tempest, 5 October, 1 571, did immense 
damage, and in 1585 and again in 1603 visitations of the plague 
occurred. James I granted a charter 17 August, 1608, con- 
firming former charters and endowing'The corporation with new 
privileges and immunities. It was at this time that the Pilgrim 
Fathers, attempting to escape from Scrooby to the Nether- 
lands, were imprisoned under the Boston Guild-Hall, or town 
hall, and soon after, in 1633, R- ev - John Cotton, Vicar of St. 

136 Old Boston, England. 

Botolph's, with some of the leading men of his parish, were 
forced by the antipathy and persecution of Archbishop Laud 
to leave the country, going to Winthrop's colony where they 
gave the name of Boston to the Puritan capital. Bradford 
says of the little Pilgrim company : 

Although they could not stay yet were they not suffered to 
go, but the ports and havens were shut against them, so as 
they were fain to seek secret means of conveyance, and to fee 
the mariners and give extraordinary rates for their passages. 
And yet were they oftentimes betrayed, many of them, and 
both they and their goods intercepted and surprised, and there- 
by put to great trouble and charge. . . . 

Bartlett, "The Pilgrim Fathers," says: 

Of all the seaports on the eastern coast, the most conven- 
ient for Holland, and at that time the most important, was 
Boston, situated amidst the rich, level fens of Lincolnshire, 
intersected by ancient dykes formed by the Romans, and com- 
municating with the sea by the sluggish river Witham. . . . 
To Boston the principal company of the emigrants turned their 
eyes and secretly hired a vessel to take them over to Holland. 
Brewster seems to lead the conduct of this business and of the 
arrangements relative to the embarkation. . . . Having reached 
Boston they found the Captain had not yet arrived and were 
compelled to remain in that town, sadly reducing their scanty 
funds, and exposed to the continual risk of discovery. At 
length the Captain made his appearance, but only to betray 
them. . . . They were carried into the town where they were 
made a spectacle to the multitude and at last " being by the 
catchpole officers rifled and stripped of their money, books and 
much other goods," they were carried before the magistrates 
and put into wards, and messengers were sent to inform the 
Lords of the Council of their capture and to inquire their 
pleasure concerning them. 

Lincolnshire was the centre of the Puritan agitation. Doug- 
las Campbell in his " Puritan in England, Holland and Amer- 
ica," says : 

The low districts about the Humber and the Wash, re- 
claimed from the ocean by the Hollanders, were always hot- 
beds of Nonconformity; here was the original Boston; near by 
was Cambridge, the home of Puritanism. 

Old Boston, England. 137 

On the subject of the Pilgrims' imprisonment at Boston Dr. 
John Brown says : 

The magistrates were not unfavorable to them, for Puri- 
tanism was too rife in Boston itself for them to think ill of 
those that went that way. When, a quarter of a century later 
nine hundred Puritan colonists sailed for Massachusetts with 
John Winthrop, many of the leading townsmen of Boston were 
among the number : Richard Bellingham, Recorder of the 
town from 1625 to 1633; Atherton Hough, Mayor of the 
borough in 1628 and Thomas Leverett, an Alderman. Thomas 
Dudley, second Governor of Massachusetts, made Boston, Lin- 
colnshire, his residence at one time that he might listen to the 
preaching of the Reverend John Cotton. Bellingham also was 
Governor of Massachusetts later, and so was John Leverett. 

Of the Pilgrims' treatment at Boston, Bradford says : 

The magistrates used them courteously and showed them 
what favor they could, though they could not deliver them till 
order came from the Council table. 

What the lords of the Council did is not known but after a 
month's imprisonment at Boston most of the Pilgrims were 
sent back to Scrooby or elsewhere in that vicinity. Brewster 
and six others were bound over to appear at the Assizes, but 
there are no records of what then occurred, and the failure to 
escape in the autumn of 1608 was followed by ultimate success 
in the following spring. 

As to the name of our Boston and its being given in 
honor of John Cotton, authorities disagree. The tablet com- 
memorating the restoration of the Chapel in St. Botolph's 
Church by New England Bostonians in 1855 asserts that this 
was the case, and certainly that idea is common. However, 
the Memorial History of Boston, New England, cites a mem- 
orandum to this effect : " At a Court held at Charlestown 
7 September, 1630, it was ordered that Tri Mountain be called 
Boston " and this was three years before Cotton arrived. 
Governor Dudley says that it had been predetermined to name 
the settlement Boston, no matter where it should be made. 
So many of the prominent men of the Colony came from 
Boston and thereabouts and it was such a centre of Puritanism 

138 Early Records of Plympton> Mass. 

that the name certainly was a natural selection. That our 
Boston was named for the Lincolnshire St. Botolph's Town 
admits of no doubt ; whether it was so named in honor of 
Cotton alone, or from the Puritanical associations of the 
Mother town, remains an open question, interesting in its sug- 
gestiveness to the seeker for odd historical facts. 

( To be continued?) 


{Continued from page 12 /.) 

Miss Elisabeth Penn Hammond, of Plympton, has kindly 
consented to complete the transcription of these records, be- 
ginning with the present issue. 

[p. 128] Jonathan Sampson was Maried to Joanah Lucas Sep* 

ye 28 th 1 72 1 by m r Isaac Cushman 
Giles Leach was Maried to anna Waterman November 2 d 1721 

by m r Isaac Cushman 
Seth Staples was maried to Hanah Standish Janewary the 4 th 

172 1 by m r Isaac Cushman 

Joshua Brewster was Maried to Deborah Jackson March y e 13 th 

1 72 \ by m r Isaac Cushman 
Octo r y e "n th 1721 Then Joseph Thomas and Hannah Loring 

were Joined together in Mariage by me.* 

Nathaniell Thomas Justice of peace 
John Prat was Maried to Prescilla Briant July y e 5 th 1722 by 

me : Isaac Cushman Sen r : 
Samuell wright was Maried to ann Tilson aug st y e 2 d 1722 by 

me Isaac Cushman Sen r 
Samuell waterman was Maried to Mary Doten of Rochester 

aU gst ye 23d 1722 by me Isaac Cushman Sen r 
peleg Sampson was maried to mary Ring November y e 7 th 1722 

by me Isaac Cushman Sen r 
Josiah phiney was Maried to abigail Briant December y e 13 th 

1722 by me Isaac Cushman Sen r 

Elisha Lucas was Maried to Margret Shaw Janewary y e 10 th 
1 72 J by me Isaac Cushman Sen r 

•In the margin opposite this record is written : "enter at Plimouth." 

Early Records of Plympton, Mass. \ 39 

John ffuller was Maried to Deborah Ring feb r y e 7 th 172^ by 

me Isaac Cushman Sen r 
Josiah waterman was maried to Joanah Briant feb r y e 21 st 172^ 

by me Isaac Cushman Sen r 
Barnabus woood was Maried to Lydia Shurtlef feb y € 28 th 172 1 

by me Isaac Cushman Sen r 
Jeremiah fflowra was Married to Thankfull King March y e 7 th 

I72f by me Isaac Cushman Sen r 
Joshua Ransom was maried to mary wright December the 13 th 

1722 by me Jacob Tomson Justice of y e peace 

£p. 129] Josiah Churchel was Maried to Jamima Hamblen Maye 

ye j^th j^23 by me Isaac Cushman Sen r 
John weston was Maried to Content Jackson Nov r y e 29 th 1723 
Jonathan Chandler was Maried to abigail Jackson Nov y e 29 th 

Robert waterman was Maried to Elizebeth Cushman Dec y e 5 th 

1723 — (She was his 2 d wife, left no Children, died March 
13. 1725. in her 40 th year — DangJiter of Dea. Elkanah Cush- 

Jonathan Bosworth was Maried to aiice Cushman Decem r y 6 

19 th 1723 
Jabez Prat was Maried to Mehetabel prat Jan r y e 8 th 172! 
Samuel Barows was Maried to Lidia Ransom Jan r y e S th 172! 
James Raiment was Maried to Elisabeth ffuller Jan r 30 th 172I 
Seth Sampson was Maried to Ruth Barrows march the 19 th 172! 
John Chandler was Maried to Bethiah Rickard Maye the 6 th : 

Andrew Ring was Maried to Zeruiah Standish May y e 20 th 1724 
Ignatious Loring was Maried to Sarah Shurtlef June the 11 th 

1724 by me Isaac Cushman Minister 

Georg Barrows was Maried to the widow anna Ranson June 

the 25 th 1724 by me Isaac Cushman Min 
John Doty was Maried to Lidia Dunham July y e 8 th 1724 
Thomas Prat was Maried to Rebeckah Rickard October the 8 th 

1724 (said RebekaJi was the daughter of Dea. John Rickard 

of Plympton.) 
Jabez ffuller was maried to Deborah Soull November the 12 th 

1724 by me Isaac Cushman min 
Giles Rickard was Maried to Mary Edye Novem r the 18 th 1724 

by me Isaac Cushman min 
Edmon Weston was maried to Susanah Jackson Jan r y e 21 st 

172! by m r Isaac Cushman 
Samuel Ring was Maried to the widow Ruth Cook widow and 

Relect of francis Cook Jun r Jan r y e 28 th ij2i by M r Isaac 

Caleb Cook was maried to Hanah Shurtlef march y* 4 th 172% 

by me Isaac Cushman min str of Plimpton 

140 Early Records of Plympton, Mass. 

[p. 130] Deths within y e town of plimpton 

Aged Benjamine Eaton Deceast Janewary 16 th \7\\ 
Mehetebell Shaw wife of Jonathan shaw Deceased October y e 

19 th 1 71 2 
The Aged widdow Elizebeth ffuller widdow and Relect of m r 

Sam 11 ffuller formerly minester att Middleborough Deceased 

att plimpton November y e 1 I th 1713 : 
Marcy Sturtevant wife of Sam 11 Sturtevant Sen r Deceased 

August y e 4 th 1 7 14 — (in the 60 th year of her age, and is 

buried in Plympton Burying placed) 
Mary Dunham wife of Nath u Dunham Deceased 17 14 
Abigail Briant wife of Left Briant Deceased Maye the 12 th 

171 5 — (Lt.John Bryant's wife.) 
John ffuller Sone of Abiell ffuller Deceased Maye the 18 th : 171 5 
Hannah Tilson wife of Edmon Tilson Deceas d Sept 2 2 d 1715 

Edmons 3d wife : 
aged Ephraim Tilson Deceased octo r y e :: 1716 
Sarah Cushman Deceased on Sabath daye October y e 28 th : 1716 

between : 7 and 8 in : y e : evening, wife of Isaac Cushman 

Jun r . 
Sarah Soull Daughter of Benjamen Soull Deceased November 

ye jQth J-TJ6 

Elizebeth Eaverson wife of Richard Everson Deceas february 
ye X 5th j^ x 6 . 

francis Curtice sen, Deceast aprill y e 24 th 1717, (in his 67 th year 

— Buried in Plympion Burying place.) 
Barnabas Briant Deceast aprill y e 25 17 17 
John Tilson Deceased feb y e 12 th 171^ 
Isaac wood Deceast feb 26 th 171^ 
Nathaniell shaw son of Jonathan shaw Jun r Deceast March the 

second iji\ 
Samuell Watterman Deceast March y e 10 th 171I 
Deacon John Waterman Deceast Sep 1 14 th 1718 on Sab th at 12 

a Clock at night : (in the 77 th year of his age. Buried near 

Northwest comer of the Burying place in Plympton}) 
anna Waterman widdow of Deakcon John Waterman Deceast 

feb r y e 9 th 17 19 : 20 (in the 71 st year of her age.) 
(M r Benjamin Curtis died Sept. 6, 1727, in his 63 d year. 
M rt Mary Curtis wife of M r Benjamin Curtis, died May 15, 1755, 

in her 75 th year. Both buried in Plympton.) 
[p. 131] Abiall ffuller Deceast aprill y e 20 th 1720 (in his 44 th 

John Barrows Deceased octo r y e Seventh 1720 
M re Hanah french widdow and Relect of Cap* Stephen french 

Late of weymouth deceased at Plimpton octo r y e 8 th : 1720 

(in the 84 th year of her age. She was the Mother of Caleb 

Early Records of Plympton, Mass. 141 

Loring Esqr. by her first husband, and she is buried about 

10 feet southerly of her son s monument!) 
Peter west deceased feb r the 20 th ifV\ 
Nathaniell Harlow Sen r Deceased aprill the 19 th 1721 {in his 

$8 th year) 
Jeduthan Robbins deceased april y e 25 th 1721 aged 53 
Bartholomew Cushman Deceast Dec r 21 st 1721 (in the 38 th year 

of his age) 
Jabez Eaton Deceas* May y e : 19 th 1722 : 
Martha Cushman wife of Deakcon Elcanah Cushman deceast 

Sep* y e 17 th 1722 (in the 65 th year of her age) 
abigail Ransom wife of Samuell Ransom deceased octo r y e first 

1722 (She was the daughter of Dea. foJin Rickard of 
Plympton, and is btiried near her father s grave.) 

william Churchell Sen r Deceased octo r y e 5 th 1722 (aged 66 

Mary waterman wife of Robert waterman Deceast March y e 

13 th 172J (in the 41 st year of her age. She was the daughter 

of the Rev. Isaac Cushman.) 
The aged widdow Robbins Decest at Plimpton March y e 29 th 

1723 age 83 years. 

Martha prat wife of Daniel prat Deceased april y e 2 d : 1723 : 

Robert Ransom Deceased april the 27 th 1723 

John Desperd dcaesd y e 15 th of april 1723 

Caleb Loring sone of Docter Loring Deceased June y e 12 th 1723 

patience Barows wife of Georg Barrows Deceased octo r y e 30 th 

aged widow Hanah Cortis (Curtis) deceased Janewary y e 17 th : 

I7§-| (in her 75 th year. Buried i7i Plympton) 
Hanah Briant wife of Benjamen Briant deceast 172^ March y e 4 
John Cole Deceast march y e 14 th 172I (in the 63^ year of his 


Samuel Cole Sone of John Cole Deceast March y e 22 d : 172I (in 

the 23 d year of his age.) 
John Carver Jun r deceast april y e 27 th 1724 
francis Cook Jun r Benjamen Briant and John Ransom were all 

drounded on plimouth shore the 4 th daye of Maye 1724 

( To be continued.') 

142 The Will and Inventory of Henry Samson. 


Literally transcribed from ike original records, 
By George Ernest Bowman. 

Henry Samson died at Duxbury, 3 January, 1685, new style, 
or 24 December, 1684, old style, according to the Duxbury 
town records. His will and inventory were recorded in the 
Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories, Volume IV, Part II, 
pages 94 and 95. 

[p. 94] Duxburrow this 24 th of the : 10 th 1684 

The Last Will and Testament of henery Sampson of Dux- 
burrow ; 

In the Name of God Amen 

Know all p r sons whom it may Concerne that I henery Samp- 
son being in my right understanding Doe thuse will and bequeth 
my estate to be Disposed of, after my Death 

1 I Doe Comitt and Comend my soule to God that gave it mee 
whom I trust hath redemed it ; and my body to the earth for 
a season ; Desiering that I may be Decently buried ; 

2 It is my will that all p r sonall Debts be payed out of my 
p r sonall estate; and that my funerall Charges before any leg- 

3 I Doe Give and bequeath unto my son Stephen one third 
p^e of my whole puchase of Land lying and being in the 
Township of Dartmouth ; 

4 I Doe Give unto my son John one thirds of my whole pur- 
chase of Lands lying and being within the Township of Dart- 
mouth ; 

5 I Give and bequeath unto my son James the remaining p r te 
of the other third of my Land lying within the Towneship of 
Dartmouth ; That is thuse Joseph Russell is to have the Land 
which was my son Jameses sold to him the said Russell ; and I 
signed it taken out of the Last third ; and the remainder is 
that which I Doe bequeath to my son James for hee had the 
Mony for the Land that was sold to the abovsaid Russell ; 

The Will and Inventory of Henry Samson. 143 

6 I Doe further give and bequeath unto my son James one 
shilling ; 

7 I Doe give and bequeath unto my son Caleb one shilling ; 

8 I Doe Give unto my Daughter Elizabeth now the wife of 
Roberd Sprout one shilling ; 

9 I Doe Give and bequeath unto my Daughter hannah now the 
wife of Josias holmes one shillinge ; 

10 It : I Doe give and bequeath unto my Daughter Now the 
wife of John hanmore ten shillings ; 

ill Doe Give and bequeath unto Mary my Daughter Now the 
wife of John Summers ; one shillinge 

12 I Doe give unto my Daughter Dorcas now the wife of 
Thomas Bony one shillinge 

13 I Doe Constitute ordaine and appoint ; my son Stephen to 
be executor of this my Last Will and Testament to pay all my 
Debts and Legacyes and to receive all Dues ; 

14 It is my Desire that my trusty and honored frind m r Wis- 
wall would be the overseer of this my last will and Testament ; 
Thus Desireing to waite untill my Change shalbe ; and that those 
that come after may be att Peace ; I shall subscribe with my 
hand and seale the Day & yeer above expressed ; signed and 
sealed in the r/sence 

of the witnesses : 

Thomas Delano Henery Sampson I , 

Joseph Channdeler his H marke j s 

Thomas Delano & Joseph Chandeler made oath in Court the 5 th 
of March i6f|- that they see henery Sampson signe seale and 
Declare this to be his Last will and Testament ; and that to 
the best of theire Judgment hee was of a Disposeing mind 
when hee soe Did ; 

[p. 95] Duxburrow this 24 of the 12 1684 

An Inventory taken of the estate of the Late Deceased 
henery Sampson of Duxberrow by us whose Names are under 
written ; 

Item To Land in Dartmouth 70 00 00 

Item To one Cow 02 05 00 

Item Armes wearing Clothes and Lyberary 04 10 00 

Item To bedes and beding 12 00 00 

Item To pewter brasse & Iron 10 00 00 

Ite a Table and benches 01 10 00 

144 The Vital Records of Bridgewater, Mass. 

Item to one and harnise oo 10 oo 

Item to Chaines and plow Irons and Glasse bottells 01 15 00 
Item To one Chest three wheeles and some other 

Lumber 01 04 00 

Item To Come 08 00 00 

The totall sume is 106 14 00 

The Debts that are Due out of the estate 

is first To Elizabeth Sproute 01 05 00 

To m r Winge of Boston 03 10 00 

To m r Thomas three Gallons of Rum And other) « 

funerall charges J 

To m r Wis wall 00 08 00 

To the Country 00 04 00 

Thomas Delano 
Joseph Chandeler 

Stephen Sampson made oath in Court the 5 th of March i6|4- 
that this a true Inventory of the estate of henery Sampson 
Deceased ; and that when hee knowes more hee will cause it 
to be added to this Inventory as Attests 

Nathaniel Morton Secretary. 


( Continued from page <?j».) 

[p. 30] Ebenezer Biram was born October I st 1692 

A Ninth Child born to Nicolas Biram heare in the Towne of 
Bridgwater A son whose Name is Joseph biram born the : 
18 : day of Jenuary : 1701 : 

[P- 53] The mariag of Nickolas Byrum Junior hear in the 
Towne of Bridgwater was sollemnized the twentieth Of 
September 1676 

And the Birth of the first Borne of nickolas Birum Junior be- 
ing a Daughter whose name is Bethia was on the 27 of Oc- 
tober 1678 

The second Child borne to hime whose name is Margeret Was 
brought forth Into the world the twenty sixt of february 

The third Child borne to him whose name is mehetabel was 
brought forthe into the world the tewnty eights of Septem- 
ber : 1683: 

The Vital Records of Btidgewater, Mass. 145 

bethiah biram and margreat biram boath desassed The : 20 : of 

November : 1685 
The fourth Child borne which was a sonne Jennery : 18 1685 

and decassed in march : 19: 1686 
The fivft chide borne whose Name is Nicolas : the Eleventh of 

march : 1687 : 
The sixt Child born whose Name is Mary : the : 10 th : march : 

A Seventh childe borne to Nicolas biram whose Name is Su- 

sana : borne the : 15 : of Jenuary : 1.69I 
The Eight Child borne to Nicolas biram a son whos Name is 

Josiah brought forth into the wold : may : 3 : 1698 
Nicolas Biram Senior left this world for a better The thirteenth 

of Aprill : 1688 

The birth of the Children of Edward ffobes 

his first borne whose name was Elizabeth was borne the : 20 : of 

march in : 1677 : 
his second borne which was a sonne : whose name was John 

who was brought forth into the world the : 1 : of July : in 

the yeare : 1679 
the third borne which was a daughter whose name is mary who 

was borne the : 7 th : day of September in the yeare : 168 1 : 
the fourth borne a daughter whose name is bethiah who was 

brough forth into the world : the : 1 1 : October in the year 

of our lord : 1683 : 

§The fift a daughter whose Name is Hannah who was born into 
the world : 31 : March : 1686 
The sixt a son whose Name is Ephraim who was brought forth 

into the world febuary : 9 th : day of febuary : 1688 : 
The sevnth a son whose Name is Joshuah : brought forth in To 

the world : 20 th : Day of may : in : 1689 : 
The eight A son whose Name is benjamin brought forth in To 

the world august : 24 : in the yeare : 1692 : 
A Ninth son whose Name is William brought forth in to the 

world The : 24 : of July in the yeare : 1698 : 

[p. 85] The birth of the Children of Samuel Washbourn heare 

In the Towne of bridgwater 
His first born whos name is Samuel was borne the : sixt of 

Aprill in the year of our lord : 1678 
The second sonn whos Name is Noah was borne the Eleventh 

of July in the yeare of our lord : 1682 
The third sonn whose Name is Israel was borne the Twenty 

fourth of Febuary in the yeare of our lord: 1683 

146 The Vital Records of Bridgewater, Mass. 

The fourth sonn whose Name is Nehemiah was borne Twentieth 
of may in the yeare of our lord 1686 

[p. 89] Marriages selebrated 

Clement Brigs of the North purchas and Elizabeth feild of 
bridgwater were joyned Together jn Marriage : November : 
3 = 1697 

William Urrohart & Hanah Smith bothe of Bridgwater were 
joyned together jn marriage September : 21 : 1698 

Ebenezer Allen & Rebecka Scate both of bridgwater were 
Joyned together jn marriage October : 11 : 1698 

John Kingman of bridgwater & bethiah Newcom were Joyned 
together jn marriage : december : 1 : 1698 

William Ames & Mary Hay ward were joyned Together jn mar- 
riag Decembr 113: 1698 : being boath of bridgwater 

David pirkins & Martha Hayward were Joyned Together jn 
Marriage : febuary : 1 : 169I 

Josiah Lenard & Marjorum Washbourn were Joyned To gether 
jn marrige Novembr : 1 : 1699 

Ebenezer Whitman and Abigail barnam wer Joyned Together 
jn marriage November: 17 : 1699 

Chilton Latham & Susanna Kingman were Joyned Together jn 
Marriag : Decembr : 6 : 1699 

Caleb Chard & Ellener Waters were Joyned Together In mar- 
riage Aprill : 23 : 1700 

Amos Snell & Mary peckerd wer Joyned Together jn marriag : 
may the : 2 : 1700 

Joseph hayward & mehetable Dunham were Joyned to gether 
jn marriage : May : 30 : 1700 

Peter bennet & priscilla Howland were Joyned To gether jn 
Marriage October the : 30 : on thousand seven hundred by 
Elihu bret Justice 

Nicolas whitman & Sarah Vining were Joyned to gether jn 
marriage the : 19 : of November on thousand seven hun- 
dred by Elihu Brett Justice of the peace 

Israeli Randall And mary willis were Joyned to gether jn mar- 
riage Jenuary : the Twentieth & fivft 1701 : by Elihue 
Breett Justice of the peace 

Samuell Washbourn & Deliverance Lenord of bridgwater wer 
Joyned together j marriage Jenua: 9 th : 1701 : 

Isaac Lenord of Bridgwater & Mary Randoll of Northpurchase 
wer Joyned Together jn marriage : april : 16 : 1701 : 

[p. 90] Joseph Joslin and Sarah Ford were joyned together in 
Marriage March 5 : 170J 

Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories. 147 

Benjamin Leach & Hephzibah Washburn were married Sep 4 8 : 

Nathaniel Ames and Susanna Haward were married Decern 1 " y c 

2 1702 
Josiah Keith and Mary Lathrop were married January y« 6 

Samuel Keith and Bethiah Fobes were marryed January 20 th 

( To be continued?) 


( Continued from page £9.) 

[Vol. I, fol. 28] A true Coppy of the last Will & testament 
Will m Palmer thelder proved before the Govn r and 
Assistants at a Court held the fourth of December in 
the thirteenth yeare of the Raigne of our Sov r aigne 
Lord Charles by the grace of God of England Scot- 
land ffrance and Ireland King Defender of the fayth 
&c 1637 
I William Palmer of Ducksborrow Nayler being ill in body but 
of pfect memorie not knowing how nere I am to my death 
think good briefely to settle my estate, yet hope if God spare 
life to set downe thinges more perticulerly hereafter. In the 
meane tyme for the disposeing of my outward estate this is my 
will & Testament ffirst of all I ordaine my loveing frends m r 
Willm Bradford m r Edward Winslowe and m r Thomas Prince 
my Execut r s. Next of all whereas I have marryed a yeong 
weoman who is deare unto me I desire them to deale well w th 
her: but my desire is that my estate consisting of lands house- 
ing goods chattells &c may be sould and turned into money, all 
but such of my mooveables as my Execut r s aforesaid shall thinke 
meete to give her for her present comfort : next my estate be- 
ing wholly sould as afore my desire is that my wife may not 
have lesse then one third thereof. And if in case shee be w th 
child Then that one other third of my estate be p r served and 
improved by my Execut r s for that child as myne heire. And 
that if in case shee be not w th child Then I would have myne 

148 Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories. 

Executes as in conscience they are pswaded out of the re- 
maynder of my estate deale w th Rebecca my Grandchild and 
Moyses Rowly whom I love, but not so as to put it into their 
father or mothers hands but p r serve it for them till they come 
to yeares of Discretion. Next my Debts being payd I would 
have myne Execute" to give somewhat to Stephen Tracy and 
somewhat towards the meeting house at Plymouth, also I would 
have yeong Rowly to be placed w th m r Partridge that hee might 
be brought up in the feare of God, and to that end if his father 
suffer it I give m r Partridg five pounds. And if in case my 
sonne Henry or daughter Bridgitt be liveing if they Demaund 
it I give them fourty shillings a peece if they be liveing That 
this is my Deede witnes my hand & Seale the seaventh of No- 
vemb r 1637 

Witnesses hereunto The marke of 

Thomas Burnes W m Palmer 

William Basset 

It was the will of the Testator that his wyfe should bee ruled 
by her auncient m r Edward Winslow in her marriage if she 
looke to ptake in any pt of this estate otherwise not Also that 
John Willis have fourty shillings Witnes 

Thomas Burnes 
William Basset 
Thom Burnes sworne to this will the 4 th Decemb r 1637 at a 
Court of Assistants. 
W m Basset deposed to this will the 5 th march 1637 

An exact Inventory of all the mooveable 

Vid. C rt orders ) goods of Willm Palm r thelder taken the 

P. 144 J XIII th of Novemb r 1637 by Jonathan 

Brewster Edmond Chaundler Willia Basset 

& John Willis 

In primis 1 featherbed Bolster & pillow & bedsack 

it 1 featherbed and boulster 

it 1 flock bed & 1 under feather bedd boulster 

it 1 red rugg 1 yellow rugg 1 old rugg & blanket 

it 1 yellow 1 white bastable blanket 

it I paire of holland sheets 

it 11 paire of flaxen sheets 

it 11 paire of hemp sheets 00. 16. 00 










01 . 



01 . 



01 . 



01 . 






Plymotith Colony Wills and Inventories. 149 

it in old table cloaths 00. 07 . 00 

it in table napkins holland 00. 03 . 00 

it 1 callico cupboard cloth & towell laced 00.03.00 

it 1 callico pillowbeere 00 . 02 . 00 

it 3 old sherts 00.04.00 

it 3 handkerchiefs & 2 caps 00 . 01 . 04 

it 1 tauney brod cloth shuite 01. 10.00 

it 3 paire of canvas Drawers OO.O4.06 

it 2 paire of Drawers red & greene 00.04. 00 

it 2 red wascoats 00.07.06 

it 2 paire of old breeches 1 old Dublet 00 . 05 . 00 
it 2 horsmans coats & a remnant of cloth & bayes 01 . 04. 00 

it 1 hatt 3 capps & 1 pair of mittens 00.07.00 

it 4 paire of stockings 1 paire of garters 00.04.00 

it 2 paire of shooes & 1 paire of boots 00.07.00 

it 1 munmoth capp 00. 00. 10 

it 1 table & joyned forme 01 . 04 . 00 

it 1 joyned chaire 00 . 05 . 00 

it 1 bast chaire 00. 01 . 00 

it 2 stooles 00 . 00 . 06 

it 1 joyned chest 00.12.00 

it 1 Sea chest 00.06.00 

it 1 little box & 3 1 of sope 00 . 04 . 00 

it 1 joyned cubbered 00.07.00 

it 1 Bible 00 . 1 2 . 00 

23. 13.08 

[29] it 1 booke called practise of christianyty 00.01.06 

it 1 catachisme 00.00.04 

it 11 iron potts 00 . 08 . 00 

it 1 great Kettle 00 . 08 . 00 

it 4 kettles 2 old & 2 new 1 bakeing pan 01 . 00. 08 

it 1 skellet 1 scummer & a peece of ladell 00.02.00 

it 11 frying panns 00 . 04 . 06 

it 1 iron ladle 1 spitt 1 pair of tongs 00 . 02 . 06 

it 1 pair of pot hooks & 2 pair of pot hangers 00 . 03 . 00 

it 3 pewter platters & 2 basons 00. 10.00 

it 2 candle sticks 00 . 01 . 06 

it 1 double salt 00.01.06 

it 1 flagon I pint pot & \ l of pepr 00. 03 . 06 

it 11 drinking cupps & I dram cupp OO . 01 . 06 

it 2 Tin potts & 1 pewter pottle 00 . 01 . 06 

it 1 driping pan and 7 alcumy spoones 00 . 02 . 08 

it 2 Stone Juggs 00.01.06 

it 1 Iron Candlestick 00.00.06 

it 11 Indian Treyes 00.01.00 


Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories. 

it i pair of snuffers I old porringer & I pair of sheeres 

it I Chamber pot I lookeing glasse 

it i thawrte saw & i handsaw 

it 3 swordes & i Rapier 

it i brush & i pouder home 

it iS l of bulletts & ; lb of shott 

it in Leather 

it I Andiron i Axe I Reapeing hooke I drawing 

knife i auger & 2 haraers 
it I shott bagg 

it 2 measures 1 half bushell 1 half peck 
it 1 Ian t home 

it 1 broken vize tonges 1 screw plate 
it 1 paire of casement Hinges 
it 1 pad lock 
it 1 harnesse barrell 
it 11 sacks 1 bagg 
it 1 caske and feathers 
it 4 milk panns 
it 1 firkin 1 dry caske 1 sive 
it 4 earthen potts 
it 2 smale caskes 1 salt boxe 
it 1 glasse bottle 
it n fishing leades 
it 1 fouleing peece 
it a spade 
it 11 pikeforkes 

it 1 paire of Smyths bellowes 

it 1 great vice 

it 1 Anvile 

it 1 hand hamer 3 paire of smyths tonges 

it 5 naile toales 1 naile hamer 1 naile block 

it 5 boults 

it 20 bushells of Coales 

it 1 grinding stone 

it 1 bucking tubb 

it i 1 of thred 

00.01 .02 
00. 14.00 
00.01 .06 
00 . 04 . 02 

00 . 03 . 06 

00 . 02 . 00 
00 . 03 . 00 
00 . 02 . 00 
00 . 04 . 04 
00.01 .00 
00.05 .00 
00 . 07 . 00 
00 . 04 . 00 
00 . 03 . 00 
00 . 06 . 00 
00.00. 8 
00. 18.00 
00 . 00 . 06 
00.01 .00 

09. 15 . 10 
00.01 . 00 
00 . 04 . 06 
01 .00.00 
00. 02. 00 
00 . 04 . 06 
00.01 . 06 
01 .02 . 00 
00 . 05 . 00 
00.01 . 06 
00.03. 04 

it two Cowes 
it 1 Sowe 











, 10 

40 . 00 . 00 
01 . 10.00 

Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories. 1 5 1 

it Heye for the Cowes 02 . 00 . 00 

it 6 hens 1 cock & 1 5 chickens 00 . 14 . 00 

it 150 bushells of Indian Corne 30.00.00 

it in money 00 . 1 3 . 06 


36. 14. 10 

The totall sum is CXI 1 XII s IIII d tot 1 11. 12.04 

This Inventory is subscribed by 

Jonathan Brewster Edmond Chaundler Willm Bassett 

John Willis 

A record of 2 notes, or bils, given in by m r Prence, of Palmers 

To m r Samuell Maverick 03 03 3 

to John Soutly 03 00 00 

to m r Cradocks agente 01 03 02 

to m r Hopkins 01 12 o 

to Edmond Chandler 00 05 o 

to Joseph Bidle 00 04 7 

to Richard Higgins 00 08 O 

to Georg partridge 00 05 o 

to his servant Cornanell 02 00 o 

to William Bradford 00 07 o 

paid by m r pady 14 00 o 

26 15 00 

[30] m r Prences. 2. bill ; being m r Padys note. 

Upon y e conclution of a reconing 02 12 o 

for money turned over by Borman to him 02 00 o 

to m r Hixe for him 03 08 o 

for money his wife owed me 00 07 6 

paid to y e Church of Duxburie 02 00 o 

}6. elnes of lockrum at 2i d 00 10 6 

6. elnes of Holand at 2.4 d 00 14 o 

to Abraham Blush 01 16 o 

to Tho : Litle 00 10 o 

to John ford 00 01 6 

to Gregorie 00 06 o 

to John Roe 01 08 O 

pide to John Jenkin 00 15 o 

to John Willies 03 06 6 

to Jerimie Willies 00 01 6 

to John Barnes 01 00 o 

152 Thompson Family Records. 

to Richard Bear 

OO 04 


to William Bassett 

OO 10 


for Robart padock a pair shoes 



4. yeards redd coten 

* OO 06 


2. yeards red coten 

OO 03 


2. yeards mohear 

OO 07 

2. John Willies 

02 OO 

to goodwife padock for y e child 

01 05 


paid by m r prence on his accounte 

04 10 


30 03 


(To be continued?) 


Communicated by Miss Abby Louise Allen. 

Four time-worn pages are all that remains to-day of what was 
once the bible in which Nathaniel and Otis Thompson wrote 
their family records. 

Nathaniel Thompson, who was born in Middleborough, Mass., 
in 1750, and died there eighty-three years later, was the original 
owner of the book and the earliest entries are all in his hand- 
writing. He and his wife Hannah Thomas were both fourth in 
descent from Mayflower passengers. Nathaniel was the son of 
Caleb Thomson, of Middleborough, Mass., and his wife Abigail 
Crossman. Caleb was the son of Jacob Thomson, of Barnstable, 
Mass., whose father John Thomson married Mary, the daugh- 
ter of Francis Cooke. Hannah Thomas, Nathaniel Thompson's 
wife, was the daughter of Noah Thomas, of Middleborough, 
Mass., and of Mary Alden. This Mary Alden was the great- 
grand-daughter of John Alden, the connection being through 
his son Joseph and his grandson John. 

The bible passed from Nathaniel's hands into the possession 
of his oldest child and only son, Rev. Otis Thompson, who 
wrote, after his father's entries, the records of his own family. 
Otis graduated from Brown University in 1798. He later 
studied Divinity. As a minister he is chiefly identified with 

— «p. 

$%s$aksMto&mmmm mm>mmmmm&^u 

• :&*■ > ■ p?r ""* ti> - > £=?—*■ £=- » >; 

family record. 



\ li 

*7 *}<& 


f- ill 

J 4 * 

^^ .^— ^r^/7^7 f j 

1 ^^^^c^^^f/C//:^/^^: 



Thompson Family Records. 153 

the church in Rehoboth, Mass., of which he was the pastor for 
over a quarter of a century. 

Sometime after his death, which occurred at Abington, Mass., 
in 1859, his daughter Mrs. Charlotte Wight (Thompson) Bache- 
ler, of Rehoboth, Mass., became the possessor of the bible. 
Through long use it had become much dilapidated and, after 
the record pages were removed, it was no longer preserved. 
These four pages, however, which contain the records have 
been carefully treasured. They were given by Mrs. Bacheler 
to her daughter Mrs. James Nichols Frye, of Brookline, Mass., 
who is their present owner. 

Mrs. Frye has kindly loaned them to the Massachusetts 
Society, that they may be published in The Mayflower 
Descendant. The illustration which accompanies this article 
shows the page of birth records. 

In the marriage records, which follow, the first entry only 
was made by Nathaniel Thompson ; the others are in the hand- 
writing of Otis. 


Nathaniel Thompson and Hannah Thomas married November 

I st 1775 
Otis Thompson & Rachel Chandler married, December, 3 d 1801. 
W m Carpenter & Sabina Thompson, married, Dec r 29 th 1822. 
James Carpenter & Lucena Thompson, married, Jany 8 th 1S26. 
Tyler Thacher & Fidelia Thompson married, Dec r 9 th 1827. 
Lewis Kent & Rachel Chandler Thompson, married, Nov r 11 th 

Origen Bacheler & Charlotte Wight Thompson, married, Nov r 

6 th 1828. 
Otis Thompson & Charlotte Fales, married, Sept r 30 th 1828. 
Otis Thompson & Polly Shaw, May, 8 th 1850. 


Nathaniel Thompson son of Caleb Thompson Born Sept r 13 th 

Hannah Thomas daughter of Noah Thomas Born Jan^ 9 th 

Children of Nath 1 and hannah Thompson 
Otis Born Sep 4 14 th 1776 
Sally Born March 5 th 1778 

• On the Middleborough Records this is entered " January the 9 th 1748-9." 

154 Thompson Family Records. 

Sybil born April 27 th 1780 
Polly Born April 5 th 1782 
Nancy born Sept 9 th 1784 
Sabina Born May 7 th 1787 

The preceding records of births were entered by Nathaniel Thompson, and those which 
follow by Otis Thompson. 

Mrs. Rachel Thompson, Consort of Rev. Otis T. born, Feb? 
22 d 1780. 

Children of Otis & Rachel Thompson. 

Sabina Thompson born Nov 7 th 1802. 

Lucena T. Feb*' 1804. 

Fidelia T. Dec r 9 th 1805. 

Rachel Chandler T. May, 17 th 1807. 

Charlotte Wight T. Mar. 17 th 18 1 1. 

Otis Chandler T. Oct r 9 th 18 13. 

Josiah T. June, 19 th 1816. 

Lucius T. July, 20 th 18 19. 

Alden T. April, 2° 1822. 

Charlotte F. T. January 5 th 1786. 

Charlotte F. Paine Feby, 24 th 1821. 


The first of the following death records was made by Nathaniel Thompson, the second 
to eighth inclusive by Otis Thompson, the ninth and tenth are in an unknown hand and the 
eleventh in still another hand not identified. 

Sabina Daughter of Nathaniel & Hannah Thompson Died 

Sept 7 th 1790. 
Alden Thompson, son of Otis and Rachel T. died, Decern 1 " 30 th 

1823. aged, 20 months, & 28 days. 
Mrs. Rachel Thompson died Septem 1 " 16 th 1827, aged 47 years 

6 m. 24 D. 
Hannah Thompson, Wife of Nathaniel, died April, 7 th 1821, 

aged 73 years. 
Nathaniel Thompson died January, 31 st 1833, a g e ^ 82 years. 
Fidelia Thacher, Daughter of Otis Thompson, & Rachel his 

Wife, March, 31 st 1840. Aged 34 years, 3 months, & 22 

Sally Cushman (Daughter of Nathniel & Hannah Thompson) 

died, Feb. 28 th 1S41. Aged, 63 years. 
Charlotte F. Thompson (wife of Otis T.) Dec r 12 th 1848. JE. 63 d 
Lucena, Wife of James C & Daughter of Otis Thompson and 

Rachel T. died Aug* 7 th 1851 Aged 47 years. 
Died Daughter of Mr thompson 1858 
Died Rev otis Thompson June 26 1859 Aged 82 yea 
Mrs. Polly Thompson died Feb. 3 rd 1 874. Aged 82 yrs. 10. m. 20 d. 

Isaac Allertoris Will and Inventory. 155 


Transcribed from the original records, 
By George Ernest Bowman. 

Isaac Allerton died at New Haven, Conn., between 1 Feb- 
ruary 1658-9, when he appeared in court as defendant in a 
suit brought to compel the payment of an old debt, and the 
twelfth of the same month, the date on which his inventory 
was taken. 

The will and inventory were recorded in the New Haven 
Probate Records, Volume I, Part I, pages 82 and 83. 

£p. 82] At a Court of Magistrates Octob. 19. 59 

A writeing presented as the last will & Testament of Isaac 
Alerton, late of Newhaven deceased, w th an account of cer- 
taine debts, dew to him ; & from him ; 

An account of Debts at the Duch 

first, 700. & odd gilders from Tho : Hall by Arbitration of 
Captaine Willet, & Augustine Harman; about Captaine Scarlet 
w ch I paid out, 

And there is 900 gilders owing by John Peterson the Bore, 
as by Georg Woolseyes booke will appeare ; & severall obliga- 
tions thereto, 

ffrom Richard Cloufe owes, as Georg Woolseyes Booke will 
make appeare ; I thinke 900. gilders, but his Estate being broken. 
I Desire that what may be gotten may be layd hold on for mee, 

Due from william Goulder 270, od gilders, by his Bill appeares ; 

Due from John Snedecare a shoomaker 150, od gilders as by 
his acc° appeares. 

from the widdow of the Hanc Hancson due as by severall 
Bills & accounts ; 

Peter Cornelioussen 120. od guilders as by y e account will 

Due from Henry Brasser for rent for 18 moneths, from the 
first October 1656. to the last of May 58 : for three roomes at 
3 gilders a week. I am in his Debt for worke of the old acc° 
w cl * must be Deducted : 

156 Isaac Allertoris Will and Inventory. 

there is 20 1 * in George Woolseyes hand, that came fro. m r 
Tho Mayhue for mee 

There is 400. od. gilders that I owe to Nicholas, the french- 
man, & a Cooper I owe something to, w ch I would have that 20 u 
in Georg Woolseyes hand, & the rest of that in Henry Brassers 
hand to them two ; 

And now I leave my son Isaac Allerton and my wife, as Trus- 
tees to receive in my debts, & to pay what I owe, as farr as it 
will goe & what is overpluss I leave to my wife and my sonne 
Isaac, as far as they receive the Debts to pay what I owe; 

In Captaine Willetts hand, a pcell of booke lace 1300 & odd. 
guilders w ch I left in trust with Captaine Willett to take care of : 


My brother Bruster owes mee foure score pounds & odd. as 
the obligations will appeare. 

Besides all my Debts in Delloware Bay & in Virgenia w ch in 
my booke will appeare, & in Barbadoes. what can be gott; 
Witness. Isaac Allerton Senio* 

John Harriman 
Edward Preston : 

[p. 83] An Inventory of the Estate of Isaac Allerton late of 
Newhaven deceased taken ffeb 12. 1658 

Imp r the Dwelling house Orchard & Barne w th li sh d 

two acres of meadow 75:00:00 

a pcell of Tubbs & other cask, & 2 boosh apples 01 . 12 . 06 

8. Jarrs, a case of bottles, & 2 cases w th out bottles 01 . 03 . 00 
I pre of small stilleyards 1 old sieve, 6 stooles & 3 

old chaires 01.02.00 
I chest of Drawers. 1 bedstead. w th cord, & one 

small chest, & 1 old booke 01.17.00 

I pre of Ondirons, & 4 potthangers, & other iron 00. oS .02 
I rugg. 2 blankitts. I old featherbed & bolster & 

pillow 04 . 1 3 . OO 

I Drawtable, 2 chaires, & a forme & a carpet 02 . 06. 00 

a pre of blankitts of cotton & sheeps wooll 01 . 16. 00 

I Sea chest, small box, & 2 warming pans 00. 17.06 

4 old skellitts. & 2 small old kettles 00. 15. 00 

3 Iron potts, 2 frying panns, & a pcell of Tinware or . 17. 04 

$ brase candlesticks, & a brass chaffingdish 00.09.06 

1 bolster, 1 blankett, & a renin* tradingcloath. 01 . 10. 00 

a pcell of wearing cloaths 06. 17.06 

MiddUborough Births ', Marriages and Deaths. 1 57 

curtaines & vallens for a bed & a sm : turky carpet 02 . 06 . 00 
2 old blankitts, a pcell of carpeting & a small old 


a pcell of pewter 02. 17. 10 

8 ounces of plate at 5 s pr. 02 : 00 : 00 

a pcell of old linnen i u thread 02 :oy -.04 

2 sowes & 4 piggs 02 : 10 : 00 
a bedstead, old curtaines, & a morter & pestell a 

chest case, & 2 old tubbs, & a pre spectacles, 

old hatt, & capp 01 : 05 : 06 
5 cushions, some old bands, w th some other old 

linnen 00 : 11 :o6 

brimston, & sheeps wooll 00. 14:06 


Will : Andrews 
Will : Russell 

Debts Due to the Estate in Newhaven. 

Mr. Goodenhouse pr Order of m r Malbon 50 s fro 
w ch he deducts 20 s that he saith m r Allerton 
owed him, and 8 s paid m r Mills, Rests 01 . 12 . 00 

m r Tuttle by the Rest of 40 s ord r ed by m r Malbon 00 : 10 : 00 
Goodm : Hull is Dr 00:16:00 

m r Gilberts man Isaac Hall 01 .00:00 

Humphry Spinigh 
m r w m Trowbridg for his p r desesso r Daniell Sillivan 


{Continued from page 107.) 

[Vol. I, p. 3] 

Joseph Vaughan was married to Joanna Thomas : May the 7 

David Delanoe was married to Elizabeth Eddy January the 9 

Ebenezer Reddin was married to Mercy Miller February the 28 


Ephraim Tinkcom Jun r was married to Martha Cob by Justice 
Brett : June : 24 1708 

158 Middleborough Births, Marriages and Deaths. 

Joel Eddy was Married to Sarah Harris by Justice Brett Sep- 
tember 22 1708 

Thomas Macumber of marshfield and Joanna Tinkcom of Mid- 
dleborough were maried together by Justice Brett June 14 

Nathan Delano of Dartmouth and Elizabeth Miller or Middle- 
borough were married together by Justice Brett July 7 

John Smith of Rehoboth and Joanna Wood of Middleborough 
Were Married together by me Peter Thacher Jun r nov : 
28 : 1710 

Henery Smith of Rehoboth and Rebekah Wood of Middleborro 
Were married together : by me Peter Thacher nov : 2S 

Thomas pierce was married to Naomi Booth by m r p : Thacher : 
April : 16 : 1714 

Nathanel Staples of Taunton was married to Rachel Booth of 
middleborough by me Peter Thacher april 16 1714 

Jonathan Smith was Married to Susanna Thomas January the 

M r Peter Thacher Was Marry ed to M rs Mary Prence January 

the 24 17H 
Jabez wood the son of Samuel wood was married to mercy 

Fuller the daughter of Jabez Fuller : by John Bradford 

esq r Justice of the peace : April the 5 1716 
James Lewis of Rochester was Married to Elisabeth Parlour of 

Middleborough : by M r Peter Thacher : September the 1 1 

Thomas Thomson was married to Mary Morton by m r peter 

Thacher Decern : 13 : 1715 

Middleborough : after lawfull publication 

Jabez Vaughan & Deborah Bennet both of Middleborough were 
married : Nov : 23 171 1 

Jonathan Cob & Elisabeth Vaughan both of Middleborough 
were married: decern : 171 1 

Elnathan Wood & Mary Billington both of Middleboro were 
married February 13 171 1 : 12 

Jonathan Fuller & Elinor Bennet both of Middleboro : were 
Married February 14 171 1 : 12 

Shubeal Tomson & Susanna parlour both of Middleboro : were 
married Decern : 10 1713 

John Jackson and Mary Smith both of Middleboro were mar- 
ried : May 17 14 

Joseph Bate & Joanna Tinkham both of Middleboro were mar- 
ried : april : 16 : 17 16 

Middleborough Births \ Marriages and Deaths. 159 

Ichabod King of middleboro & Judith Guibs of plimouth: were 
married, august : 22. 1716 

by me peter Thacher 

[p. 4] Lieut John Thomson Deceased June the: 16 1696: in 

the eightyeth year of his age 
Georg Vaughan Deceased October the: 20 1694: in the: 73 d 

year of his age 
Elizabeth Vaughan the wife of George Vaughan deceased June 

the 24 1693 in the Sixtyeth year of her age 
James Short the son of Luke Short deceased February : 26 

170-I in the third year of his age 
Sarah Hascol the daughter of John hascol Juner Deceased 

June : 6 : 1704 in the 5 th year of her 4 age 
Mary Soul the daughter of James Soul deceased June : 12 : 

1704 : in the tenth year of her age 
Joseph Bumpas Senior Deceased February the: 10: 170J in 

the 65 th year of his age 
John Hascol Senior Deceased May the: 15 : 1706 in the: 67: 

year of his age 
Hannah Thomas y e wife of David Thomas Juner deceased may : 

9 : 1704 : in the (*) year of her age 
David Thomas Juner deceased May the 22 : 1706 in the 26 year 

of his age 
Jonathan Morse senior deceased July the : 9 th 1709 in the seven- 
tieth year of his age 1709 
Sarah Hascol the Daughter of John Hascol : deceased March : 

10: I7i 9 q- in the 2 d year of her age 
Lydia Bumpas Deceased June the 12 th 1710 : in the 41 st year of 

her age 
Mary Bumpas Deceased June the : 12 : 1710 : in the 26 th year 

of her age 
Sarah Thomas the Wife of William Thomas deceased May the 

14 : 1702 : in y e (*) year of her age 
Elizabeth Thomas : the daughter of William Thomas Sen r de- 
ceased September 1703 In the fifth year of her age 
Samuel Cob the son of Samuel Cob aged eleven days deceased 

December 22 : 1710 
Keziah Eaton the daughter of Samuel Eaton Deceased Febru- 
ary 7 17-jj-jj in the tenth year of her age 
Wibra Bumpas Widdow decesed december 27 171 1 aged* 
Rebekah Bumpas deceased January : 3 : 17\\ in the 35 year of 

her age 
Sarah Vaughan Daughter of Elisha Vaughan aged two months 

& two days Deceased September 23 : 171 1 

•The age was not filled in. 

i6o Mayflower Passengers and Coat-Armoiir. 

Thankfull Vaughan Daughter of Elisha Vaughan aged two 

months & iS days Deceased October the : 9: 171 1 
Anna Bennet the Daughter of peter Bennet Aged about 

eleven Months Deceased January the 7 ij\% 
Hannah King the wife of Ichabod King deceased : March the 

first 17JI 
Jemima Clark the Wife of Nathan Clark : Deceased April the : 

25 : 17 16 In the two and fortieth year of her age 
Elisabeth Vaughan the daughter of Jabez Vaughan deceased 

March 22 1 7 14 In the second year of her age 
Hannah Vaughan daughter of Jabez Vaughan : aged : 2 : 

months : & : 9 : days : deceased Sept : 15 17 16 
Jabez Warren the Son of Samuel Warren : Deceased May the 

10 1 71 7 In the Twelfth year of his age 
Mercy Vaughan the daughter of Elisha Vaughan Deceased 

December the 29 1716 In the sixth year of her age 
Patience Hascol daughter of John Hascol Sen r deceased : feb- 

ruary : 14 1705 : 6 In the Twenty seventh year of her age 
Patience Hascol the wife of John Hascol Senior deceased 

March the : 1 I th 1705 : 6 In the (*) year of her age 

(To be continued*} 


By F. Apthorp Foster. 

The fad for using armorial devices on letter paper, carriages 
and what not has become so much a matter of unreasoning 
custom that a word of protest should be entered against the 
wholesale assumption of arms by those having no claim to 

Many years ago in Boston an artist by the name of Cole 
painted coats of arms for the unsuspecting and for those who 
wished a final touch to their respectability. His method was 
much the same as that employed by the so-called " heraldic 
painters," stationers and die-cutters nowadays. Guillim, Burke 
or some other list of arms-bearing families was searched for one 
of the same name as his customer. The arms found were de- 
clared to be his. If there were more than one family men- 
tioned, a description of whose arms was given, no doubt the 

• The age was not filled in. 

Mayflower Passengers and Coat-Armour. 161 

most artistic coat was chosen. Where no armigerous family of 
the customer's name was found, a coat was promptly concocted. 
The whole method was fraudulent and worthy of the strongest 
condemnation, though the heraldic painter or stationer can 
hardly be held blameworthy when the customer insists on mak- 
ing a willing dupe of himself. 

Let us briefly consider who are entitled to coat-armour, if 
any one can be said to be so entitled in a country where class 
distinctions and privileges have no legal recognition. In form- 
ing our opinion we must be guided by the English laws on the 
subject, for from England if from anywhere came the right of 
our English-speaking ancestors to coats of arms. 

Roughly speaking, those who have legal right to coat-armour 
are the descendants in the male line from an ancestor to whom 
the Heralds made a grant of arms, or from one who was con- 
firmed as an armiger by them in one or other of their various 

Women could only use their father's arms (provided he were 
entitled to them) in a lozenge, without helmet, crest or motto. 
Children did not inherit the mother's arms unless she were an 
heiress and then they quartered them with their paternal 

These rules are violated daily, sometimes wittingly, more 
generally from ignorance. A case in point, which came under 
my observation. A young lady found an old seal which had 
been in her family for many years. It was not known who had 
claimed the arms engraved on it or to whom they were sup- 
posed to have belonged. However, she adopted them, and had 
a die made of the crest with the initial of her family name be- 
neath. She was remonstrated with for using arms that she had 
not a shadow of a claim to, and her excuse was that she liked 
them, they were very -pretty and no one would be the wiser if 
she said nothing. This is merely one example in hundreds of 
the gratuitous appropriation and constant misuse of arms. Small 
wonder that the whole subject is thereby brought into ridicule 
and disrepute. 

Now who, if any, of the Mayflower passengers were rightfully 

*Sce the report of the committee on heraldry of the New England Historic Genealogical 
Society in the Register, Vol. liii. p. 399. 

1 62 Mayflower Passengers and Coat-Armour. 

possessed of coats of arms which their male descendants are 
today fairly entitled to by the rules mentioned in a previous 
paragraph ? The answer based upon present knowledge is a 
short one — none. 

A halo of sacredness has so long surrounded those worthy 
men and women who braved all for their conscience's sake, that 
it is with a feeling akin to desperation that one speaks of them 
in other than glowing superlatives, yet from a heraldic stand- 
point it should be borne in mind that, with Edward Winslow 
and Captain Myles Standish as exceptions, the Mayflower people 
were made up of yeomen and indentured servants. This fact 
of station alone disposes of the right of these two classes to 
coat-armour. Arms were an attribute of quality and distinc- 
tion. Hunter, in his Founders of New-Plymouth, (p. 106,) says 
in this regard : " The yeomanry of England in the reign of 
Elizabeth formed the class next to those who were the acknowl- 
edged gentry using coat-armour of right." 

Winslow's father was designated "esquire" * and very possi- 
bly the family was armigerous, but at present definite knowl- 
edge on the subject is lacking. The Governor used arms on 
his seal, but his right to do so has never been satisfactorily set- 
tled and cannot be until his descent from a recognized armig- 
erous ancestor has been proved beyond doubt. Standish is 
the only other of the Mayflower passengers whom circumstan- 
tial evidence would place as one of the gentry. He claimed in 
his will to be of the Standishes of Standish and entitled to lands 
in England through a great-grandfather who was a younger son 
of that house. Diligent search has failed wholly to verify his 
statements, and with proof lacking to show who his English 
ancestors were, any claim to arms through him must be thrown 

In 1891 Mr. William S. Appleton published a list in the 
New England Historic-Genealogical Register^ of " Positive Pedi- 
grees and Authorized Arms." % This has been followed by a 
supplementary list § bringing the number of names up to 

* Pope, Pioneers of Massachusetts. t Vol xlv. 187. 

J The full sub-title is " Or an attempt at a List of Settlers named in Savage's Genealogical 
Dictionary of New England, whose Ancestors are recorded in the Heraldic Visitations of 
England, and whose Descendants are probably living in the United States of America." 

$ Register, VoL Hi. 185. 

Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths. 163 

thirty-two. Proof in each case was indisputable, and no claim 
was admitted without the most careful scrutiny. Neither in 
these lists, nor in a manuscript list of some additional settlers 
likely to have been armigerous, but for whose use of arms there 
was insufficient proof to justify printing their names, does Mr. 
Appleton mention any Mayflower passenger. To those who 
know the care with which Mr. Appleton's work was done, this 
in itself is sufficient proof that neither Winslow, Standish nor 
their fellow voyagers can be considered armigers. 


{Continued from page <57.) 

[p. 32] The Children of George Barrows & patience his Wife 

1 Moses Born on the 14 th of february 169I- 

2 George Born March 1 1 1698 
Samuel B * 

The Children of John doty Junior & Mehittaball doty his wif 

1 Mehitteball born November 4 th 1694 

2 Edward born the first of November 1697 

3 Johnf born february 5 th 1700 
Sarah born October 14 1707 
Suzannah born Aprill 20 1 7 10 
lidiah born february 10 th i/i\j 

The Children of Joshua Mors & Eliazebeth Mors his VJ(worn) 
I Joshua borne September 12 th 1699 

(2 Elizabeth born on y e 8 th of October 1701 
3 Edward born on the 25th of July 1704 
4 Joseph born on the 29 th of December 1706 
5 Newberrey born on y e 28 of July 1709 

6 Abigail born on y e 22 d of September 171 1 

7 TheoDoros Born August 20 th 17 14 

[P- 33] The Child of M er Thomas Lorein and M re Deborah 

Lorein his Wife 
1 Thomas born on the 4 th day of february 1700 

*This entry was not completed. 

tThis has been altered into " Jacob " in a different band and ink. 

164 Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths. 

The Child of Abner Silvester, and Jedidah his Wife 
Nath 11 Silvester born October y e 22. 1749. 

The Children of Abner Silvester, and Abigail his Wife 

1 Caleb Silvester Born December 16 th 1754. Deceas d July 5 th 


2 Abner Silvester Born Aug^ 1. 1756 

The Child of David Shepard & of Rebekah Shepard his Wife 

1 David born on the 4 th day of february 1700 

2 Rebecah born on y e 12 th of Aprill 1702 

3 Prudence born the 26 of March 170I 

4 a son born March 24 176-7* Deceased aprill ijo% 

5 Ruth born february 22 1708 

6 A son born June y e 8: 1713 Deceased on y e 26 of June 


7 Abigal born on y e first Day of September 171 5 

The Children of Jeduthan Robbins & hannah Robbins his wife 

1 Jeduthan born Aprill 23 d 1694 

2 hesther born on the 4 of June 1695 deceased 

3 John born on the 21 of May 1696 

4 Nicolos born on the 25 th of January 1698 
$ perses born on the 27 th of November 1699 

6 Hannah born Aprill 1702 

7 Elizabeth born March 1708 

Abigail f 
Mehitabel f 

[p. 34] The Children of James Winslow and Mary Winslow 
his Wife 

1 Seth born March y e 7 th 169I 

2 Mary born March y e Last 1 70^ 

Isaac Lothrop Esq r born June 23 th 1673. Deceased Sept r 7. 

The Children of Isaac Lothrop & Elizabeth his wife 

1 A daughter born the 28 th of October 1699 deceased Novem- 

ber 19 th 1699 

2 Maltiah born June 29 day Ano Dom 1701 Deceas d July 6 th 


3 Elizabeth born on the 15 th of Aprill 1705 Deceas d Nov r 

I. 1745. 

4 Isaac born on the 13 th of ffebruary 1707 Deceas d April 26. 


* 1706-7. 

+ These names are in a modern hand. 

Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths. 165 

The Children of John Woshborn & lidiah Woshborn his Wife 

1 John born on the 19 th of Aprill 1699 

2 Ichabod born on the 7 th of february 170^- 

3 Marsey born on the 21 of Aprill 1702 

4 Elisha born November y e 5. 1703 

5 Ephrairn born on y e 6 th of June 1705 

6 Barnabas born feburey 12 170$ 

7 Jabiz born Aprill 10 1708 

8 Eben born Agust 18 1709 

9 Thankfull born february 24 17^-J 

[P- 35] The Children of Nathaniel holmes & Ellinor holmes 
his Wife 

1 Marsey born on the 26 th of december 1701 

2 Nathaniel born on the : 1 : of March 1702 

3 Joshua born on the II th of June 1705 

4 Patience born November 14 1707 

5 Elener born March 15 th 1709 

6 Joseph born Novem r 8 th 171 2 

7 Benjamin Born ffebruary 13 th 171 5 

8 Richard born Desember 26 1718 

9 Meletiah born April 7 th 1720. 

The Childrin of Ebenazer Eatton & Hanah Eaton his Wife 

1 Ebenazer born September 17 th 1702 

2 Benjamin born November 23 d 1704 

3 Marsey born March 15 th 170J 

4 Elisha born October 11 th 1708 

5 Gidian born on the 5 th of ffebruary I7y-|- 

6 Joanna born y e 29 th of Aprill 1716 

The Children of Benjamin Curtice & Mary Curtice his Wife 

1 Mary born desember 8 th 1701 

2 Benjamin Curtice born on the 10 of October 1704 

The Children of Josiah Torrey & Marcy his Wife. 

1. Marcy Torrey Born Jan^ 8 th 1752. 

2. Joseph Torrey Born Aug st 8. 1754. 

[p. 36] The Children of Ephraime Kempton & pattience 

Kempton His Wife 
1. Ephraime Born Fabruary The 9 th 170I 

2 Thomas born on the 20 th of february 170^ 

3 William born on y e 3 d of August 1707 

4 Joanna born Jully y e 22 1710. 

The Children of Eleazer Elles & Deborah his Wife 

1. Zilpa Elles Born August 5 th 1747 

2. Barnabas Elles Born, Dec r 9. 1749 

1 66 Plymouth Colony Deeds. 

3. Je * Elles Born, July 15. 1751 

4. Abigail Elles Born, Nov r 24. 1753 

5. Deborah Elles Born, May 15. 1756. 

6. Molly Elles, Born March 17 th 1758. 

7 Pclham Elles, Born Feb? y e 3 d 1761 

8 William Elles, Born April 20 th 1764. 

The Children of Richard Eaverson & of Eliazebeth Eaverson 
His Wi(fe) 

1 Richard Eaverson born November 10 th 1700 

2 Ephraime born September y e 1. 1702 

3 Ebenazar born on the 14 th of Aprill 1705 

The Children of John Eastland and of Mary Eastland His 

1 Zeruiah born December y e 8 th 1703 

2 Joseph born on the 12 th of November 1705 

3 Elizabeth born 31 January 1708 

4 Marey born November first 17 10 Deceased November 13 th 

17 '{worn) 

5 hannah born ffebruary : 13 : I7^f Decesed Desembe 2 d 


6 Jean born September 15 17 15 Decased December 18 th 17 17 

7 Joshuah born on y e 13 th of Aprill 17 18 Deceased July 25 


8 Mary born on y e 3 d Day of March 1720 

( To be continued.') 


{Continued from page 96.) 

[Vol. II, Pt. I, P . 49] 


A bond appointed to bee Recorded 
Know all men by these p r sents that I Timothy Hatherley of 
Scittuate in the collonie of New Plymouth in New England 
gentleman Doe bind mee my heires executors and admines- 
trators unto John Hoare of the same towne and collonie 
yeoman in the summe of fourscore pounds to bee paied to the 
said John hoare his heires executors adminestrators or as- 

•This name is very badly blotted, but appears to be Jesse. 

Plymouth Colony Deeds. 167 

signes ; To the which payment well and truly to bee made and 
Donn I bind mee mine heires executors and adminestrators 
feirmly by these resents 

Sealed with my seale Dated the twen- 
tieth Day of the twelveth month com- 
monly called ffebruary Anno Domi; 

Wheras the above bounden Timothy Hatherly hath sold unto 
the above named John hoare certaine houses and Lands about 
an hundred acres of Mersh and upland as appeers by the Deed 
bearing Date the tenth Day of aprill Anno 165 1 the condicon 
of this p r sent obligacon is such That if the said Timothy 
Hatherley his heires executors and adminnestrators Doe may- 
taine & Defend the said houses and Land and every pte therof 
unto the said John hoare his heires executors and assignes 
against all claimes from or by any of the three gentlemen In 
England M r Richard Andrewes M r John Beachamp M r James 
Sherley and the above bounden M r Timothy Hatherley and all 
or any claiming from by or under them or any of them Then 
this p r sent obligation to bee voide and of none effect or else to 
stand in full power strength and vertue ; 

Timothy Hatherley (Seale) 
Sealed and Delivered 

in the p r sence of 

Josepth Tilden 

Humphrey Turner 

John Saffin 

[50] The writting underneath was Recorded by order 

of the court June the seaventh 1653 
These p r sents Witnesse that wheras Willam hatch and Richard 
Towte hiered of Robert hammon a smale prcell of land for two 
yeares which land the 2 cond yeare was sowen Reaped and the 
cropp carried away by John hoare ; and twise cast him in 
Dammages ; these p r sents Witnesse that I Richard Towte Doe 
freely fully and absolutly acquite the said Willam hatch and 
John hoare them and theire heires for ever for all my Right 
title enterest in the Land aforsaid ; and from all Dammages I 
Richard Towte sustained by the said John hoare his sowing 

1 68 Plymouth Colony Deeds. 

Reapinge and carrying away the cropp from the said land ; and 
further I Richard Tovvte promise and covenant by these p r sents 
never to trouble sue or any way moleste the said Willam hatch 
or John hoare them or either of them they or either of theire 
heires executors or adminnestrators for ever ; in and to the well 
prformance wheroff I bind mee my heires executors admines- 
trators for ever 

In Witnesse wherof I have heerunto sett my hand this fift 
day of March 1652 The marke off 

Witnessed by us Richard R T Towte 

James Cudworth Humphry Johnson 

[51] 1653 BRADFORD GOVN* 

Memorand : the 4 th of May 1653 
That Experience Michell of the Towne of Duxburrow in the 
Jurisdiction of New Plymouth in New England in America ; 
planter Doth acknowlidg that for and in consideracon of the 
full somme of twenty five pounds to him in hand payed by 
Captain Thomas Willett of the Towne of Plym : in the Ju- 
risdiction aforsaid ; hee hath freely and absolutely barganed 
allianated and sold unto the said capt : Willett all that his pte 
and proprietie of Land which as Purchaser belongeth unto him 
at Sowamsett Mattapoisett and places adiacent both upland 
and Meddow with all and singulare the appurtenances privi- 
lidges and emunities belonging unto the the same ; To have and 
to hold his said pte portion and proprietie of land both upland 
and meddow which as purchaser belongeth unto him att Sowam- 
sett Mattapoisett and places adiacent with all and singulare the 
appurtenances privilidges and emunities belonging therunto 
or unto any pte and pcell therof unto the onely proper use and 
behoof of him the said captaine Willett his heires and assignes 
for ever; The said primises with all the said Experience 
Michell his Right title and enterest of and into the said prim- 
ises and every pte and pcell therof to belonge unto the onely 
proper use and behoofe of him the said capt : Thomas Willett 
his heires and assignes for ever 

The bargaine and sale above written was ac- 
knowlidged before captaine Standish asistant ; 
the day and yeare above mencioned 

Scituate Births y Marriages and Deaths. 169 

Memorand : the 4 th of May 1653 
That James Lendall of the towne of Duxburrow in the Juris- 
diction of New Plymouth Tayler hath acknowlidged that for 
and in consideracon of the sum of three pounds to him alreddy 
payed by Edmond Chandeler of the towne aforsaid in the Juris- 
diction aforsaid planter; That hee hath freely and absolutly 
barganed allianated and sold unto the said Edmond Chandeler 
two acres of mersh meddow bee it more or lesse the which was 
sometimes the meddow of Peeter Brownes Children Lying in 
the towneshipp of Duxburrow aforsaid neare unto the Dweling 
place of the said Edmond Chandeler; being bounded on the 
one side with other land of the said Edmond Chandelers ; and 
on the other side with a certaine pcell of meddow belonging to 
John Washburne Junier ; To have and to hold the said two 
acres of mersh meddow bee it more or lesse soe bounded as 
aforsaid with all and singulare the appurtenances and privilidges 
belonging therunto unto the said Edmond Chandeler his heires 
and assignes for ever ; the said primises with all and singulare 
the appurtenances therunto belonging to appertaine unto the 
onely pper use and behoofe of him the said Edmond Chandler 
his heires and assignes for ever 

This sale was acknowlidg(ed) 
before M r John Alden 

asistant ; 

(To be continued.) 


(Continued from page 87.) 

[10] Jonathan Merritt and Elizabeth Whiton were Married 
August 8 iji(worn) pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher 

Joseph Warwick and Experience Tantachu were married 
August 14. 1710 pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher: 

Thomas Turner and Hannah Jackson were married October: 
26: 1710 pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher: 

Jeremiah Hatch Junior and Mary Johnson were married Nov- 
ember, 28 : 1 7 10: pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher: 

170 Scituate Births ', Marriages and Deaths. 

Joseph Tilden and Sarah White were Married November, 30 : 

1710: pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher: 
ffrancis Barker J r and Mary Jacob Were married December, 28. 

\yi{wor?i) pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher: 
Edmund Morey and Sarah Ewell Were Married December 29 : 

1 7 10 pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher : 

Joseph Cushing and Mercy Pickles Were Married January I st 

1710-11 pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher : 
David Tilden and Abigail Pitcher were married January, 11 : 

1710-11 pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher : 
James Cushing and Sarah House were married January, 18: 

1710-n : pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher: 
Joseph Barber and Mary Kent Were married January 25, 1710- 

1 1 pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher : 

Daniell Lincolne and Elizabeth Whetcomb were married ffeb- 
ruary, 15 : 1710-11 pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher: 

Thomas Tobie and Mary Damen were married July 12 : 171 1 : 
pr M r Nath : Pitcher. 

Thomas Curtis and Mary gilford were married September, 19 : 

171 1 : per M r Nathanaell Pitcher 

Philip Wilcutt & Deborah Gannett were married October, 22 : 

171 1 : pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher : 

Thomas Merritt & Abigail woodworth were married November; 
7 : 171 1 : pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher : 

Zechariah Damen & Mehetable Chittenden were married Dec- 
ember, 6 : 171 1 : pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher: 

Thomas Bedford & Jane Melius were married January 1 5 : 
1711-12 pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher: 

Benjamin Pierce J r and Mary Cowing were married ffebruary, 
5 : 171 1-12 pr Nathanaell Pitcher : 

William Melius & Jael Chittenden were married March 5. 171 1- 

12 pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher : 

Matthew Gannett J r and Mary Chapman were married June, 30: 

1 712 pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher :. 

Ebenezer Woodworth & Mary (*) were married October, 16: 

_ 1712 : pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher 
Jedidiah Hammond & Elizabeth Parker were married November, 

3 : 1712 : pr M r Nathanaell Pitcher : 
{p. n] Richard Garrett married to Persis Peirce December the 

3 d 169 

John Jackeson of Plymouth & Abigail woodworth of Sittuate 

were married December the 24 th 1695 
Jacob Vinall & Mary Cudworth were married ffebruary 12 th 



Scituate Births, Marriages and Deaths. 171 

Rodolphus Elmes & Bithiah Dodson were married ffebruary 

20 th 169I 
Thomas Hatch & Hannah Cudworth were married March 6 th 

John ffarow of Hingham & Persis Holebroke of Sittuate were 

married Aprill 30 th 1696 
Zechariah Coleman & Joanna Cudworth were married Septem- 
ber 16 th 1696 
Joseph White Junior married to Oseeth Turner September the 

16 th 1696 
William Tickner Jr * married to Lydia Tilden November the 2 d 

Thomas Oliver Married to Bithiah Clappe November the n tb 

Joseph Nichols Married to Bathsheba Pinsen January the 12 th 

William Parker married to Rachell Clarke March the 2 d 

Abraham Barden married to Mary Booth October the 20 th 

John Marshall of Boston married to Jane Allin of Sittuate 

November 10 th 1697 
Hezekiah woodworth married to Hannah Clap December the 

23 d 1697 
Gershom Marble married to wait-still Ingle December the 29 th 

Joseph White Senior married to Elizabeth Vinall June the 7 th 

Deacon Thomas King married to Deborah Briggs June the 15 th 

Israeli Hatch was married to Elizabeth Hatch July the 27 th 

John Baylie married to Abigail Clap ffebruary the 19 th 

John Bayly and Ruth Clothier both of Sittuate were married 

December the 9 th 1699 : 
Robert Osgood and Sarah Dodson both of Sittuat were mar- 
ried December the 14 th 1699 
Josiah Turner and Hannah Holebrooke both of Scittuate were 

married January 24 th 1700 
Ebenezer Mott & Grace Vinall both of Scittuate were married 

ffebruary 19 th 1700 
Samuell Tuell & Mehetable James both of Scittuate were mar- 
ried October 24 th 1700 

• The " Jr " is in a modern hand. 

172 The Inventory of Samuel Eaton. 

Samuell Winslow of Rochester and Bithiah Holebrook of 
Scittuate were Married September 26 1700 

Samuell Turner & Desire Barker both of Scittuate were mar- 
ried November 20 th 1700 

(To be continued?) 


Transcribed from the Original Records, 

By George Ernest Bowman. 

The record of the settlement of the estate of Samuel 2 Eaton 
(Francis 1 ) of Middleboro, which is found in the Plymouth Colony- 
Wills and Inventories, Volume IV, Part I, page 83, is most 
unsatisfactory, since the meagre facts it contains serve only to 
show that there are probably many descendants of Francis 
Eaton whose connection has never been suspected and may 
always remain unknown. 

Samuel Eaton married, first, before 1647, Elizabeth , who 

was living $ (15) October, 1652, and Bradford's History states 
that she had one child living in 165 1. She died before i66i r 
for Samuel married, second, on 10 (20) January, 1660-61, 
Martha 3 Billington (Francis 2 , John 1 ), who survived him. 

The record shows that the first wife must have had at least 
two daughters who had married and had children living when 
the estate was settled, and that at least one of these daughters 
was dead. No other construction can be put upon the state- 
ment " and the Children of the first wife to have the sume of 
twenty shillings a peece & such of them as are Dead the sume 
to be payed amonge theire Children." 

The record also proves that the surviving children by the 
second wife were a son and three unmarried daughters, the 
daughters all under age. The " Daughter provided for by her 
Grand father " must have been the one named in the deed dated 
3(13) January 1663-64, in which Francis Billington conveyed 
land at Middleborough to Samuel and Martha Eaton (calling 
them his son-in-law and daughter) for their lifetime and then to 
their daughter Sarah. 

The Inventory of Samuel Eaton. 173 

An Inventory of the estate of Samuell Eaton of Middlbery 
Late Deceased exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the 
29 th of October 1684 

Item 3 Cowes 06 00 00 

Item a two yeer old heiffer 01 10 00 

Item a yeer old heiffer 01 00 00 

Item a yeer old heiffer 01 00 00 

Item 2 Colts 01 00 00 

Item a Mare 01 00 00 

Item a Mare 02 00 00 

Item a horse 01 10 00 

Item swine 02 02 00 

Item a p r te in a Grindstone 00 3 00 

Item a Cart and whees and a yoke 01 00 00 
Item plow takeling axes & hoes a spade 2 sickles 01 00 00 

Item wheat and rye and fflax and Tobacco 02 03 00 

Item Indian Corn upon the Ground 05 00 00 

Item a Cannoo 00 05 00 

Item Cotton woole and sheeps woole 01 04 00 

Item Clothes and Armes 03 11 00 

Item beding 03 00 00 

Item bookes 00 08 00 
Item potts & tramell and tonges a bridle & a saddle 02 02 00 

Item old lumber 00 10 00 
Item house and land Graunted by the Towne of 

Middlbery prised att 07 00 00 

prised by us John Allin the whole is 37 1 1 00 
Nathaniel : Warren 

The Debts Due from the estate to marchant lake £, s d 

of Boston 04 00 00 

for worke of his sonnes 02 10 00 

smale Debts 02 10 00 

for the settleing of the estate of Samuell Eaton of Middlbery 
Deceased this Courts orders that the eldest shall have the 
house and Land that was Graunted to the said Eaton by the 
Towne of Middlberry after his Mothers Decease; the Daughter 
provided for by her Grand father ; and to have ten shillings att 
Marriage or when shee is of age the which first happens ; and 
the Children of the first wife to have the sume of twenty shil- 
lings a peece & such of them as are Dead the sume to be payed 
amonge theire Children and twenty shillings for the two young- 
est Children each to have theire p r te att age or Marriage which 
shall first happen ; and the widdow to have the remaindr for 
her releiffe ; 

174 The Diary of Jabez Fitch> Jr. 


(Continued from page no.) 

June I st 1757 I went to work with a Party of 20 men on y e 
Hospital where I was Yesterday Found out Jos h Yemon Came 
Home to Diner as We Were Returning I was Treated Vary 
Hansom By an old Land Lady on y e Island & Toard night y e 
Doc r Came to Se Us Contriv d Somthing More to Be Don — 
Then I Came Home & Heard Considrable Fiddleing in y e 
Evening &c — 

June 2 nd In y e Morning Early I Went into y e Fort For Some 
Nails To Finish y e Hospital Then I Went over to y e Island with 
10 Men Got Some Tools Came to y e Plais There was a Dutch 
Boy & a Yong Woman a Milking Som Cows &c — Then we 
Finishd y e Hospital and Returnd Home M r Best Treted Me 
with a Dram of Cordial — Part of our Reg* are Now Firing at 
a Mark This Afternoon I went to Se Serj* Giles &c — 

ye yd j n ye Morning I went Into y e Fort and Se y e Workmen 
L* Huntley was on y e Works — In y e Evening I Lit of M r 
Langley a Jentleman Living with M r Best He Invited Me Home 
With Him Treted Extreamly well & I Staid & Lodgd with Him 
that Night Had Much Good Discorce with Him &c 

y e 4 th I arose Vary Early In y e Morning & after Rol Caling 
I Toock a Walk with M r Langley in y e Camp & we went to a 
Tent & there with Some others we Read 1 Corinth 13 Chap. & 
Matthew 5 Chap we Sung in Doc r Wattss Hymns Bok I st 49 th 
&c Then M r Langley Prayd with Us &c — This Day I Workd 
for M r Best First went to Work on His Seller on y e Small 
Island In y e afternoon went to Get Som Timber on y e Rode we 
found Near 40 Cakes of chocalet Spil d By Laying in y e Sun at 
Night I Rec d 2S For my Days work 

Sunday June 5 th 1757 I Went to Work with a Party of 15 Men 
to Droy Timber into y e Fort. But Vary Little Resemblence 
of the Sabath. Indeed one of y e Sentries Said that y e Sabath 
was Taken Up & Put Into y e Stors at Albony & Not to Be 
Sufferd to Cora Up Here till y e Fort was Finishd — The Reg- 
ulars Had A Gen 11 Revue in y e Afternoon — Then they were 

Tke Diary of Jabez Fitch, Jr. 175 

Marchd out of the Fort & Fired Platoons after we Had Finishd 
our Days work I was Dismisd From y e Piquet Guard &c — 

ye 5th j n ye Morning I Made a Muster Role of our Company in 
order For a Muster -~ After I Had Don That I Helpd Clerk 
Niles Make another of y e Same Sort — Then our Company c & 
Some others Shot at A Mark — in y e Eening I went to Serj 1 
Gears Tent and Hered Capt. JerTeries Clerk Play Upon His 

ye ^th j n ye Morning After Breakfast I Wrote a Letter to 
Brother Rudd In y e Afternoon y e Reg* was Under arms in 
order for a Muster But we Didn* Go thro with it — We fired 
Some Plattones — Thin I went on y e Piquet Guard with Capt. 
Whittlecy &c This Night John Roben was Sent in from Capt. 
Putmons Scout Confind for Threatning &c 

y e 8 th In y e Morning I was Sent Down to y e Brickill with y e 
Covring Party there I Got acquainted with one Isaac Sims of 
y e Regulars In y e afternoon I Wrote a Letter to Brother Pela- 
tiah &c This Day I Se 48 oxen Swim over y e River — The 
Flies were Vary Troublesom To Me — about 10 oClok at Night 
we was Relievd By a Party from the New Piq* &c 

y e 9 In y e Morning I went To Se Clerk Niles was Treated 
with a Dram of Cherry &c Then I went to Work for M r Best to 
Get Some Pickets — This Day we Hered y e News of a Scirmage 
that Capt Rogers Has Lately Had &c — at Night Corp 1 Wal- 
bridge & I Rec d Each of Us 2 s for our Days work — and Under- 
toock To Get Some Picets for Him By y e Great At Night I 
Slept Vary Comfortable and in my Sleep I Had a Vary Plain 
Idea of Home &c — 

y e 10 th In ye Morning Corp 1 Jacob Andrus &c Corp 1 Wal- 
bridg & I Went to Get Some Picets for M r Best — About 11 
oClok we were Alarmd By A Smart Firing over where y e Car- 
penters was at work We Not Having our Arms with Us made 
y e Best of our way into y e Fort Then I Got My arms and Toock 
out where y e Party was Attacted there found Some Dead Men 
But y« Enimy were Drawn of & Gen 11 Lyman Persuing them 
with a Party &c 4 Men were Brought in and Buried after about 
2 Hours I went out in another Party we Soon Met y* Gen 11 who 
Told Us y t He over Toock them & Fired on them Drove them 
of from Some of their Packs Plunder &c Then we went & 

176 Abstracts of the Barnstable County Probate Records. 

Lockd Round Where y e Scirmage was one of our Men Found 
a Blanket I Found a Gun that Belongd To one of Capt. Slaps 
Men that was Kild then we Returnd In to y e Camp & y e Gen 11 
Gave Us a Dram &c — In the Scirmage there Was Four Men 
Kild and Five More are Mising Viz 
Of Capt. Putmons Company 

Daniel Camel Mising 
Of Capt Fitchs Company 

Jacob Reed \ 

Isaac Tocomawos > Mising 

Benjamin Wintworth ) 
Of Capt. Slapps Company 

Rice Edwards 

W m Mortawomock 

John Wolcot Mising 
Of Capt. Whittlecys Company 

Thomas Buckley | KM 

Martin Hucker ) 
The Men that were Kild Were all Scalpt Some of Them their 
Brains Run out Wil m Mortawomocks Brest was Cut open & His 
Hart Torn Out — Our Men that are Mising We Can't Tell 
whether they are Dead or Captivated They all belongd to y e 
Pic^ Guard Save Camel & He to y e Workmen — In y e Scirmage 
U Billings Lost a Jacket & Some Writinings of Value &c — 

( To be continued.') 

J Kild 


Made from the original records by GEORGE Ernest Bowman. 

On the second of June, 1685, Plymouth Colony was divided 
into three counties, Plymouth, Barnstable and Bristol, and the 
probate records of Barnstable County since that date are kept 
at the office of the Register of Probate at the town of Barnstable. 

[Vol. I, p. 1] Will of Capt. James Forster, " Late of London." 

Legacies: to Mr. Robert Goss, " my hoope ring"; to each 

watcher in his sickness, 5s. ; to Elisha Hedge, Jr., 10s.; to 

Charles Knight, "his ffreedom " ; an island called Quitneset to 

Abstracts of the Barnstable County Probate Records. iyj 

"my Sister Elizabeth Wopshot the Daughter of Elizabeth Torlton 
Lately Living in Jacobs Streete in Southworke neare Lon- 
don" ... if she die without issue " I give it to my honnoured 
mother " Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John Torlton ; to servant Edward 
Ames, £$ in shoes ; to servants " Larrance bustob " and Chris- 
topher West, 20s. each ; Mr. John Norman, his attorney for 
receiving debts due at " Antego " is to send the proceeds to 
Mr. Robert Torlton, at Pewter Hall, Lime St., London, to be 
disposed of according to former order ; to Capt. John Thacher 
and Mr. Elisha Hedge, both of Yarmouth, who are made execu- 
tors, " two guinnes to make each of them a Ring, and in defect 
of the gould the vallue there of in Silver." " I . . . have here 
unto set my Seale and made a marke (my hands being So 
weake I Cannot write) this" n Feb'y, 1685-^6. 

Witnesses Joseph Rider, Samuel Howes. The former made 
oath to the will at the County Court, 15 June, 1686, and the 
latter before the Governor (Thomas Hinckley) and Mr. Barna- 
bas Lothrop, assistant, 13 July, 1686. Recorded 19 July, 1686, 
by Joseph Lothrop, Recorder. 

[p. 2] Inventory taken 26 Feb'y and 10 Mch., 1685-6, by Bar- 
nabas Lothrop, Esq., and Mr. John Miller. Amount ^207 :o6 : 
06. Debts to the estate £01 : 08 : (worn). Estate owed ,£49 : 
01 : {worn), to Dr. John Fuller, Mr. Elisha Hedge and Widow 

[p. 3] Will of Robert Wixam of Eastham. Makes wife Alice 
and son-in-law Nathaniel Mayo executors. Legacies : to daugh- 
ter Jemima, a cow, a hive of bees, and house room and priviledge 
in the orchard as long as she is unmarried ; to grandchild 
Nathaniel Mayo, a calf ; to wife Alice, the rest of the personal 
estate, and " that part of my dwelling house I now Live in and 
the benifit of my orchard during her natural Life " ; to son 
Titus Wixam the remaining part of the house and at the death 
of wife Alice the share bequeathed to her, also all land on same 
side of highway as the house and all meadow adjoining, half an 
acre of meadow at Rock Harbor between two parcels of Thomas 
Williams, a parcel of upland between Little Skekit and Rock 
Harbor, a field which he now improves above the highway, with 
two acres breadth from that field to the highway opposite the 
house; to son Barnabas Wixam the rest of the thirty acres 
above the highway, all meadow and marsh in Great Namaskaket 
by the beach, and meadow at Rock Harbor between Daniel Cole 
and Gyles Hopkins. Sons Titus and Barnabas must provide 
for four or five cattle for the widow while she lives, and at her 
death Titus is to have a feather bed and an iron pot, and 
Barnabas another feather bed and a brass kettle. Dated 1 Oct. 

1 7$ Depositions. 

1686. Signed with a mark. Witnesses, Mark Snow, Thomas 
Paine. Recorded 22 Oct., 1686, by Joseph Lothrop. 
[p. 4] Inventory taken II Oct., 1686, by Mark Snow and Daniel 
Cole; amount, .£87:05: 11. Debts due to Mr. Crosby, Mr. 
Pepper, Mr. Treat, Nath Young, Mr. Prince ; sworn to by Alice 
Wixam, relict, 18 Oct., 1686, before John Freeman, Assistant. 

( To be continued.} 


( Continued from page 46.} 

[Plym. Col. Wills III:I: 4 o] 

The Testimony of Anna Little aged sixty yeares or thera- 
bouts saith that coming to visite Ralph Chapman a little before 
his will was made ; and his Daughter was ffeeding of him ; 
said this Deponant why Doe you feed him ; his Daughter 
answared hee Can not feed himselfe : his hands are soe 
swelled ; and shee being faine to Cutt his victualls into smale 
peeces put it into his mouth which I stranged att ; shee un- 
covering his hands I saw they were swelled like bladders to my 
amazment ; This said Deponant further saith that somtime 
after shee Coming thither to visitt him againe ; they were 
swelled soe That his Daughter was faine to put his Tobacco 
pipe to his mouth and returne it againe as hee would ; for I 
saw hee could not ; as I Judge Doe it ; and this Deponant 
further saith not ; 

Taken in the Court this sixt 
of June 1672 attested p r me 
Nathaniel : Morton Secretary 

The preceding deposition, which shows that Anna (Warren) Little was born about 
161 2, was made in connection with the probating of the will of Ralph Chapman of 
Marshfield, to show why he could not sign and seal it. Other depositions to the same 
effect were made by William Ford, Sr. (who drew up the will), "aged 67 or ther- 
abouts"; by Thomas Tilden, "aged about fifty yeares"; and by Ephraim Little, 
"aged 22 yeares or therabouts." 

[Plym. Col. Deeds, II : II : 56] 

The 15 th of October 1661 
Nathaniell Warren aged thirty seaven yeares or therabouts being 
Deposed saith that hee was Desired by Samuell Ryder to goe 
to the house of Thomas Morton ; somtime about the beginning 
of April! last past before the Date heeroff ; To talke with 
Robert Ransome about some land hee had sold him att Man- 
nomett ponds ; and after some Debate about it ; The said 

The Vital Records of Marshfield> Mass. \ 79 

Robert Ransome Did Release the said land unto The said 
Samuell Ryder againe ; on Condition that the said Samuell 
Ryder should pay the sume of three pounds and ten shillings 
to raee the said Nathaniell Warren for him the said Robert 
Ransome ; and further saith not ; 

The oath of Nathaniell Warren taken before mee Thomas 
Southworth Assistant the Day & yeare abovewritten 

On 20 March, 1660-61, Samuel Ryder, Jr., of Plymouth, cooper, sold to Robert 
Ransome, of Plymouth, planter, his house and twenty-five acres of upland at Mano- 
met Ponds, near Thomas Clarke's farm, also one acre of meadow at Little's meadow. 
The deed of this land, the foregoing deposition, and another of the same tenor and 
date made by William Clarke " aged twenty seaven yeares or therabouts," are all 
recorded on the same page. This deposition and the fact that his mother came in 
the Anne in the latter part of July, 1623, show tl 
was born in 1624, or possibly very early in 1625. 

( To be continued.} 


( Continued from page 112.) 

[p. 4] birthes 

martha y e daughter of Timothy Williamson was Borne y e first 
of may 1670 

abigail y e daughter of Timothy Williamson was Borne y e 10 of 
August 1672 

mary y e Daughter of Arthur Howland Juniour was Borne the 
22 of february 1668 

Ebenezer the sonne of Arthur Howland Jun r was Borne the 7 
of december 1671 

Thomas the sonne of Arthur Howland Jun r was Borne the 26 
of September 1672 

lidia the daughter of Samuell Baker was Borne y e 18 of febru- 
ary 1659 

Elizabeth the daughter of Samuell Baker (was) Borne y e 18 of 
march 1 661 

{worn) daughter of Samuell (worn) of may 1663 * 

(worn) Borne (worn) (16)65 * 

(worn) of Samuell (worn) of (worn) * 

(worn) daughter (worn) 1669* 

(worn) (Sa)muel (worn) of (worn) * 

Elizabeth y e daughter of John ffoster was Borne y e 24 of Sep- 
tember 1664 

* These five entries were made at the same rime, and clearly refer to children of Samuel 

180 The Vital Records of Marshfield, Mass. 

John y e sonne of John foster was Borne the .12. of October 

Josiah the sonne of John ffoster was Borne the 7 th of June 

mary the daughter of John foster was Borne the 13 th of Sep- 
tember 1671 
Bridget y e Daughter of John Huit was Borne y e 17 of may 1673 
William the sonne of michaell ford was Borne the 26 of decem- 

ber 1672 : J2 
Mathew the sonne of william Maycomber was Borne the 3 rd of 

ffebruary 1649 
Hannah the daughter of John low was Borne the .15. of July: 

Sarah the daughter of Joseph Waterman was Borne the 4 th of 

may 1674 
Gilbert the sonne of Nathaniell Winslow was borne the 1 1 of 

July 1673 
John the sonne of John Dogget was Borne the .28. of June 1674 
Joanna The daughter of Clement King was Borne y e 28 of 

September 1655 
Hannah the daughter of Jacob Dingly was Borne the .28. of 

May 1675 
Joseph the sonne of Jacob Dingly was Borne the .9. of August 

George The son of Timothy (W)illiamson was Borne (worn) 2 oad 

of May : 1675 
(worn)\mz the sonne of Nathaniell (worn) was Borne y e 22 of 

(worn) (16)75 


Joseph Han more and Bet(hiah) Tubs were maried the .24. 
June (worn) 

Walter Hatch and stable were maried y e . 1. of August 1674 

Daniell white & Hannah (Hunt) were maried y e 19 of Aug(ust) 

James Clement and martha Deane were maryed the 28 of De- 
cember at night 1674 

Joseph Treauant and Han(nah) Barnes were maried the 6 th of 
January 1674 

John Rowse and Elizabe(th) Doety were maryed y e 13 of Jan- 
uary) 1674 

m r Ralph Powell and martha Clement were maried y e 30 o(f) 
October : 1676 

Thomas maycumber & Sar(ah) Crooker were maried the 2(*) of 
January : 1676 

* This appears to be a number between 20 and 29. 

The Vital Records of Marshfield, Mass. 1 8 1 

Robert Batson and Ann Winter were maried t(he) .13. of July 

John Philips and A(wom) was maryed y e 3 rd of (worn) 1677 
John Bayly and Ann Bourne were maryed t(he) 9 th of May. 

Samuell Baker (worn) Simmons were va(worn) 21 of ffebruary 

Isaac holmes (worn) Rowse were m(wom) of Aprill 167 (worn) 

[p. 5] Burialls 

(worn) Treauant had a sonne (bur)ied the 8 of november 1678 
(Will)iam Holmes was Buried 9 of november 1678 86 yeares old 
(worn) Dogget had a sonne buried 1 1 of march 167I 
(M)ehetabell the daughter of John Carver was Buried y e 19 of 

Aprill 1679 
(worn) Carver Seniour was Buried 23 of June 1679. being 42 

years old 
(W)illiam Sherman Seniour was (bu)ried the 25 of October 1679 
(Jos)iah Snow had a sonne buried the (worn) of December 1679 
(Ro)bert Carver was buried the (worn) of Aprill : 1680 being 86 

yeares old 
(Sarah) the wife of Samuel (Sher)man was Buried the (worn) 

of July 1680 
(wom)h the wife of edward (worn) was Buried y e 1 of October 

(worn) Sherman Junior (worn) y e 17 of november 1680 
(worn)h win slow (worn)ried the 23 of (worn) 
m r Josiah Winslow Sen was Buried the first of December 1674 

being in y e 69 year of his age : 
James Clement was buried The 10 th of ffebruary 1674 
Captaine Nathaniell Thomas was buried the 16 th of ffebruary 

Arthur Howland Seniour was Buried the .30. of October 1675 
Ephraim little had a daughter Buried y e 14 of June : 1675 
faith the wife of John Philips was buried the 21 of december 

John the sonne of John Branch was slayne with Captaine 

Pearce neare Rehoboth y e latter end of march 1676 and 

There buried 
Timothy Williamson was buried y e 6 th of August 1676 
Ellen the wife of Samuell Baker was buried the 27 of August 

Jonathan winslow was Buried the 8 th of September 1676 being 

.38. yeare old 
William fford Seniour was Buried the 23 of September 1676 

being aged .72. 

182 Tht Vital Records of Marshfteldy Mass. 

George y« sonne of John Rouse Juniour was Buried y e 9 of 

decerober 1676 
Mary y e daughter of Si(wom) Rowse was Buried y e 25 (worn) 

deceraber (worn) 
Dorothy y e little was (worn) ffebruary (worn) 

[p. 6] Burialls 

Thomas Bourne dyed & was Buried y e 11 of may 1664 being 

then aged . 83. 
Elizabeth y e wife of Thomas Tilden dyed & was buried y e 12 

of December 1663 
John walker dyed & was buried y e 11 of December 1663 
Grace the wife of John Phillips dyed & was Buried the 24 of 

June 1666 
William Shirtly was Buried y e 24 of June 1666 
Jeremiah phillips was Buried y e 24 of ]u(wom) 1666 


Arthur Howland Jun (worn) and m rs Elizabeth Pr(ence) maryed 

the 9 th of d(ecember 1667) 
michaell fford and (Abigail) Snow was maryed (12) december 

William Sher(man) and Desire Doety (worn) y e 25 of de(cember 


John Hu(et and Martha) Winter (worn) 4 th of (worn) 

[p. 7] (B)urialls 

(worti) White Juniour was (worn) the : 27 : March . 1670 
(wom)e wife of Resolved (worn) (wa)s buried y e . 3 . of Aprill 


Sarah y e daughter of John Silvester was Borne y e . 4 . of febrary 

John the sonne of John Silvester was Borne the 13 . of Sep- 
tember . 167 1 

Nathaniell the sonne of Nathaniell Winslow was Borne The 
. 29. of July. i66y 

James the Sonne of Nathaniel Winslow was Borne the 16 th of 
August : 1669. 

Edmund y e sonne of william Hincksman was Borne the 18 . of 
Aprill : 1670 

Elnathan the daughter (of) William Hincksman (was) Borne y e 
26 of January 167 (worn) 

Reports from State Societies. 183 

[p. 8] Manages 

Joseph Taylour and experience Williamson were maried the 

25 of Aprill 1684 
M r Stephen Burton and m re Elizabeth Winslow was maryed 

The 4 th of September 1684 


Sarah the Daughter of Joseph Waterman & Sarah his wife was 

Born the 4 th of May 1674 
Joseph The son of Joseph Waterman & Sarah his wife was 

Born Jan r the 2 d 1676. 
Elizabeth the Daughter of Joseph Waterman & Sarah his wife 

was born Sept r the 7 th 1679 
Abigail the Daughter of Joseph Waterman & Sarah his wife 

was born Desemb r the 31 . 168 1. 
Anthony the son of Joseph Waterman & Sarah his wife was 

Born June the 4 th 1684 
Bethiah the Daughter of Joseph Waterman & Sarah his wife 

was Born August 20 th 1687. 
Lidia the Daughter of Joseph Waterman & Sarah his wife was 

Born the 20 th of febuary 1689 

( To be continued?) 



A meeting of the Society was held at the Hotel Vendome, 
Boston, on Friday afternoon, May 4, 1900. Mr. George C. 
Burgess read a paper on "John Billington, A Plymouth Pil- 
grim." Miss Caroline Eaton Densmore and Mr. Albert Adams 
Densmore sang several selections, and the usual informal re- 
ception followed. About one hundred and seventy members 
and their friends were present. 

On Saturday, June 2, 1900, a party of seventy-five members 
and their friends made a pilgrimage to Duxbury, and visited the 
Alden House ; Powder Point, where George Soule lived ; the 
Ezra Weston house ; the Standish Monument ; the old ceme- 
tery where Standish is said to have been buried, and other 
points of interest. 

184 Reports from State Societies. 

Donations to the Library and Cabinet. 

"The Gorham Family in Rhode Island," from the compiler, 
Miss Georgiana Guild. 

"Ancestry of John Davis and Eliza Bancroft," from the com- 
piler, Mr. Horace Davis. 

"The Allerton Family," from Mr. Samuel Waters Allerton. 

"The Wade Genealogy," Part I, from the compiler, Mr. Stu- 
art C. Wade. 

"The California Register," April, 1900, from Mr. Zoeth S. 

"The Descendants of John and Rebecka Magoun," from 
Mrs. William Penn Hammond. 

Members Elected. 
April 30, 1900. 

576. Miss Maria Spear Daniels, Newton Centre, tenth from 

James Chilton, ninth from Mary Chilton. 

577. Mrs. Henry Veazey Ward, Boston, seventh from James 

Chilton, sixth from Mary Chilton. 

578. Mrs. James Nichols Frye, Brookline, seventh from John 


579. Boylston Adams Beal, Nahant, eighth from John Alden. 

580. Mrs. Garrett Beekman Van Pelt, Milwaukee, Wis., eighth 

from William Bradford. 

581. Joshua Edward Howard, Detroit, Mich., ninth from James 

Chilton, eighth from Mary Chilton. 

582. Charles Arndt Dunham, New Brunswick, N. J., tenth 

from Edward Fuller, ninth from Samuel Fuller. 

583. Mrs. Joel Clark Walter, Chicago, 111., eighth from William 

Brewster, seventh from Love Brewster. 

584. John Philo Cowing, Cleveland, Ohio, eighth from Thomas 


585. Henry Waite Rowley, Utica, N. Y., ninth from Edward 


586. Mrs. George Rodney Wallace, Fitchburg, seventh from 

John Howland. 

587. George Corlis Nightingale, Providence, R. I., eighth from 

John Howland. 

588. Harry Humphrey Read, Boston, eighth from Myles Stan- 


589. Miss Susan Thaxter Cushing, Boston, eighth from William 


590. Charles Ellis Brewster, Minneapolis, Minn., eighth from 

William Brewster, seventh from Love Brewster. 

591. John Alden Daniels, Newton Centre, tenth from James 

Chilton, ninth from Mary Chilton. 

Reports from State Societies, 185 

592. Mrs. John Alden Daniels, Newton Centre, eighth from 

Degory Priest. 

593. William Fuller Dyer, St. Joseph, Mo., eighth from Edward 


594. Mrs. Anthony Dennis Hall, Boston, seventh from George 


595. Herbert Allen Chapin, Somerville, ninth from William 


596. Mrs. Francis Edwards Trafton, Fall River, tenth from 

Richard Warren. 

597. Mrs. Isaac Curtis, Lynn, seventh from William Brewster. 

598. Rev. John Elliot Bowman, Billerica, eighth from Stephen 


599. Abbott Fuller Graves, Boston, eighth from Samuel Fuller. 

May 4, 1900. 

600. Horace Davis, San Francisco, Cal., seventh from Richard 


601. Mrs. William Dwight Parkinson, Waltham, tenth from 

William Brewster. 

602. Mrs. William Penn Hammond, Boston, eighth from Wil- 

liam Bradford. 

603. Miss Elisabeth Penn Hammond, Boston, ninth from Wil- 

liam Bradford. 

May 28, 1900. 

604. Mrs. Henry Alden Belcher, Randolph, eighth from John 


605. Miss Mary Jane Osborne McAdoo, North Bloomfield, Ohio, 

ninth from John Howland. 

606. Mrs. Esek Steere Ballord, Davenport, la., seventh from 

William Bradford. 

607. Mrs. Joseph Howe Tyler, Boston, seventh from Richard 


608. Charles Hitchcock Tyler, Boston, eighth from Richard 


609. Miss Mary Ann Ford, Scituate, ninth from William 


610. Mrs. Frederick Augustine Nims, Muskegon, Mich., eighth 

from William Brewster. 

61 1. Augustus Hatch Babcock, Bangor, Me., eighth from Deg- 

ory Priest. 

June 29, 1900. 

612. Miss Alice French, Davenport, la., eighth from Degory 


613. Mrs. John C. Cook, Cedar Rapids, la., eighth from Edward 


1 86 Reports from State Societies. 

Supplemental Lines Filed. 
April, 1900. 

214. Ptolemy O'M. Edson, M.D., seventh from Degory Priest. 
508. Miss Nora L. Fairbanks, ninth from Isaac Allerton. 
542. Charles J. Williams, ninth from Richard Warren. 
555. William B. Rand, eighth from George Soule. 
557. Mrs. Edwin H. Van Ostrand, tenth from John Howland. 

May, 1900. % 

104. Elmer H. Allen, eighth from John Alden. 

226. Francis R. Allen, eighth from John Alden. 

568. Miss Elizabeth Cowing, sixth from Henry Samson. 

569. Miss Janet McK. Cowing, sixth from Henry Samson. 

572. Miss Julia F. Jones, ninth from John Billington, eighth 

from Francis Billington ; eighth from Francis Eaton, 
seventh from Samue] Eaton ; eighth from Samuel Ful- 
ler ; eighth from Stephen Hopkins. 

573. Mrs. Erastus Jones, eighth from John Billington, seventh 

from Francis Billington ; seventh from Francis Eaton, 

sixth from Samuel Eaton ; seventh from Samuel Fuller ; 

seventh from Stephen Hopkins. 
578. Mrs. James N. Frye, seventh from Francis Cooke. 
594- Mrs. Anthony D. Hall, eighth (two lines) from John 


June, 1900. 

164. Miss Elizabeth C. Trott, seventh from Henry Samson ; 

eighth from Thomas Rogers. 
266. Edwin S. Crandon, tenth from Stephen Hopkins, ninth 

from Constance Hopkins. 

570. Mrs. Charles L. Kingsbury, ninth from John Billington, 

eighth from Francis Billington ; eighth from Francis 
Eaton, seventh from Samuel Eaton ; eighth from Sam- 
uel Fuller ; eighth from Stephen Hopkins. 
609. Miss Mary A. Ford, eighth from William White. 


Members Elected. 
April 4, 1900. 

586. Francis Russell Stoddard, Buffalo, seventh from William 


587. Harold Binney, Morristown, N. J., tenth from Stephen 

Hopkins, ninth from Constance Hopkins. 

588. Frederic Nelson Le Baron, New York, ninth from Myles 


Reports from State Societies. 187 

589. Mrs. James Lester Sexton, Milwaukee, Wis., ninth from 

Edward Fuller. 

590. Warren Egerton Dennis, New York, eighth from William 


591. Miss Elizabeth Montgomery Sharpe, Wilkesbarre, Pa., 

ninth from William Brewster. 

592. Mrs. Charles Argalis Bovey, Minneapolis, Minn., seventh 

from John Alden. 

May 2, 1900. 

593. Mrs. Catharine Whiting Stowers Decker, Scranton, Pa., 

eighth from William Bradford. 

594. Morris Edwards Stowers, Scranton, Pa., eighth from Wil- 

liam Bradford. 

595. William Burt Cook, Jr., Cohoes, ninth from John How- 


596. Henry Tilden Swan, New York, ninth from William Brad- 


May 22, 1900. 

597. Charles Copeland, New York, ninth from John Alden. 

598. Asa Lansford Foster, New York, eighth from Myles 


June 8, 1900. 

599. Miss Mary Lawton, Washington, D. C, eighth from 

Stephen Hopkins. 

600. Rudolph Garrigue Leypoldt, New York, ninth from Wil- 

liam Bradford. 

Donations to the Library. 

"The Allerton Family," from Mr. Samuel Waters Alierton. 
" Records of Coventry, Conn.," from Mrs. Susan W. Dimock. 

Members Elected. 
April 16, 1900. 

212. Miss Nancy Bishop Haywood, Batavia, N. Y., tenth from 

William Brewster. 

June 18, 1900. 

213. Miss Jessie Clara Chase, Detroit, Mich., ninth from Ed- 

ward Doty. 

214. Mrs. Allan Butler Squire, Meriden, tenth from John 


1 88 Reports from State Societies. 

215. Paul U. Sunderland, M.D., Danbury, tenth from William 

Brewster, ninth from Love Brewster. 

216. Miss Anna Carlyn Patten, Middletown, ninth from John 



Members Elected. 
March 7, 1900. 

124. Mrs. Wilbur F. Paddock, Philadelphia, eighth from Wil- 

liam Bradford. 

June 6, 1900. 

125. Miss Emily Beauveau Rhodes, Ardmore, tenth from John 


126. Mrs. Frank Skinner, Philadelphia, eighth from John Alden. 

127. Miss Lucy Stites Richardson, Dover, Del., ninth from 

John Alden. 

128. Charles Winslow Dulles, M.D., Philadelphia, ninth from 

William Brewster. 

Supplemental Line Filed. 
May, 1900. 
18. Mrs. W. H. McCartney, eighth from Richard Warren. 


Members Elected. 
April 11, 1900. 
J6. Charles Edgar Gifford, Jr., Chicago, eighth from Isaac 
Allerton, seventh from Mary Allerton. 

June 16, 1900. 
TJ. Mrs. Albert Antisdel, Chicago, seventh from William 

78. Mrs. William Ariel Talcott, Rockford, eighth from William 

White, seventh from Peregrine White. 

79. William Ariel Talcott, Rockford, ninth from Edward Ful- 

ler, eighth from Samuel Fuller. 

Supplemental Lines Filed. 
May, 1900. 

3. Victor C. Alderson, ninth from George Soule ; ninth from 
Francis Cooke. 

Reports front State Societies. 189 

51. Charles F. Quincy, tenth from John Alden. 
June, 1900. 
46. Hubert C. Downs, ninth from Richard Warren. 


Members Elected. 

May 1, 1900. 

38. Mrs. George Hoadley, Jr., Cincinnati, eighth from Myles 


39. Mrs. Charles Humphreys Newton, Marietta, ninth from 

William Bradford. 

40. Miss Eleanor Edgerton Putnam, Marietta, ninth from Wil- 

liam Bradford. 

Donations to the Library. 

"The Allerton Family," from Mr. Samuel Waters Allerton. 
"Report of American Historical Association," two volumes, 
from U. S. Senator O. H. Piatt. 

Members Elected. 
April 10, 1900. 

78. Miss Elise Bradford, Washington, eighth from William 


79. Mrs. George Alexander Haskell, Jewett City, Conn., ninth 

from William Brewster. 
So. Mrs. Jeremiah Eames Rankin, Washington, seventh from 
John Howland. 

81. Miss Edith Gadcomb Rankin, Washington, eighth from 

John Howland. 

82. Guy Elliott Mitchell, Washington, ninth from John How- 


May 2, 1900. 

83. Mrs. William James, Oshkosh, Wis., eighth from William 


84. Mrs. George Butterfield, Washington, eighth from George 


85. Joseph Taber Johnson, M.D., Washington, seventh from 

John Alden. 
S6. Loren Bascom Taber Johnson, M.D., Washington, eighth 
from John Alden. 

190 Pilgrim Notes and Queries. 

87. Willis Ellis Parsons, Foxcroft, Me., ninth from William 


May 8, 1900. 

88. Mrs. George Davenport Kirkham, Niles, 0., eighth from 

John Howland. 

June 29, 1900. 

89. Charles Henry Verrill, Washington, eighth from John 


90. Mrs. Robert Simmons Brown, Tacoma Park, ninth from 

John Howland. 

91. Mrs. Clarence Page Townsley, Fort Monroe, Va., seventh 

from John Howland. 

92. Miss Ann Maria Sears, Baltimore, Md., seventh from Wil- 

liam Bradford. 

93. Mrs. George Allen Laird, Royalton, Vt, ninth from Fran- 

cis Cooke. 



The Second General Congress of the General Society of Mayflower 
Descendants will be held at the Pilgrim Memorial Church, Plymouth, 
Massachusetts, on Saturday, September 15, 1900, at eleven o'clock in 
the morning. The two hundred and eightieth anniversary of the sailing 
of the Mayflower from Plymouth, England, falls on Sunday the sixteenth. 

The Mayflower Genealogies. As has been stated in an earlier 
issue, the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants is compiling 
the genealogies of all the Mayflower families. We are now able to 
announce more definitely the plans for carrying on this work and pub- 
lishing the results. The entire work is under the supervision of the 
Editor of this magazine, who is giving his personal attention to every 
detail concerning the early generations. Every statement made will be 
verified by a critical study of the original records. This method of 
research requires a great deal of time, and progress must necessarily be 
very slow unless the Colonial Research Fund, mentioned elsewhere, 
receives liberal contributions. 

A large amount of material has already been accumulated, consisting 
of transcripts of town, probate and land records, abstracts of court 
records and other ancient documents, and statements contained in such 
contemporary writings as Bradford's History, Mourt's Relation, Morton's 
New England's Memorial. All transcripts and abstracts are made 
directly from the original documents, or from literal copies of the same 
which have been made by persons competent to decipher the difficult 

Pilgrim Notes and Queries, 191 

chirography of the ancient records. This rule will be adhered to in all 
the work of the Society. 

The demand for reliable data concerning the early generations is so 
great it has been decided to publish, as rapidly as they can be prepared, 
a preliminary outline of each of the twenty-three Mayflower families. 
These outlines will be published in The Mayflower Descendant and 
will cover three generations, or four if the necessary data can be readily 
obtained. They will contain all descendants, in all female as well as 
male lines, whose descent has been verified by the records. All data 
concerning later generations will be arranged in proper order for 
publication later. 

Three generations of the Warren family will be given in the October 
number, and it is hoped that each succeeding number will contain the 
early generations of at least one family. As the material accumulates 
it is probable that we shall be able to publish more than one family at 
a time. 

As the work progresses a great amount of material will be accumulated 
relating to the families which reached Plymouth in the Fortune, the 
Anne and the Little James. This will be arranged and published as 
there is opportunity. 

Colonial Research Fund. This fund is designed to provide the 
means for carrying on the work of compiling the Mayflower Genealogies. 
If the Committee on Historical Research were able to employ several 
competent assistants the work could be completed in very much less 
time than will be required as it is now being done, with only one 
assistant. Every person interested in Pilgrim genealogy and history is 
urged to make a contribution to the fund, and thus hasten the comple- 
tion of the Genealogies. Subscriptions should be sent to the Editor, 
who will return a receipt and acknowledge them also in this department. 

Foreign Research Fund. Subscriptions received : Mrs. Henry 
Veazey Ward, £5 ; Mrs. Frederick L. Merrick, £5. 


[ This department is strictly limited to subjects connected with Mayflower genealogy and 
history \ and queries can be inserted for subscribers only. Answers should be sent to the 
Editor for publication in later issues.] 

26. Tilden — Rider — Waterman. Who were the parents of Lydia 
Tilden of Plymouth, who married at Taunton, 14 June 1680, Samuel 4 
Rider (Rebecca 3 Bartlett, Mary 2 Warren, Richard 1 ) of Plymouth? 
In his will, Samuel mentions a legacy given to his son Joseph 5 by his 
(Joseph's) uncle, and Joseph Waterman's will contains a legacy to 
Joseph Rider "my sisters son." How were Joseph Waterman and 
Lydia (Tilden) Rider brother and sister? Was Lydia a young widow 
when she married Samuel Rider, or was her mother married twice ? 

A. B. T. 

27. Covel — Bartlett. Who were the parents of Cecilia, the third 
wife of Benjamin 3 Bartlett (Mary 2 Warren, Richard 1 )? In his will, 
dated 21 August, 1691, Benjamin gives forty shillings to Sarah Covel 

192 Book Notes. 

and directs " that my Wife her Aunt shall receive and dispose of it for 
her." Was Sarah a daughter of a brother, or of a married sister of 
Cecilia ? 

28. Bartlett — Ivey. Mercy 3 Bartlett (Mary 2 Warren, Richard l ) 
married at Plymouth, 25 December, 1668, John Ivey of Boston. What 
was his parentage, and were there any children? Was this man the 
same person as "John Ive " mentioned in Sewall's Diary as dying from 
exposure 13 July, 1698? W. R. I. 

29. Harlow. Samuel 4 Harlow (Rebecca 3 Bartlett, Mary 2 Warren, 

Richard l ) married first, before 1679, Priscilla . He married 

second, before 1685, Hannah . What were the maiden names of 

these two wives, and what was their ancestry ? D. L. H. 

30. Cooke. Who were the parents of Jane, the wife of Caleb 3 Cooke 
(Jacob/ 2 Francis x ) ? They were probably married about 1681. 

F. L. P. 

Answer to Query. 

22. Chandler — Thompson. Rachel (Chandler) Thompson was the 
daughter of Josiah and Rachel (Magoun) Chandler, of Plympton, who 
were married there by Rev. Jonathan Parker, 14 November, 1771. 
Rachel Magoun was the daughter of David Magoun of Plympton. 
[Plympton Records.] — Elisabeth Penn Hammond. 


First Congregational Church of Preston, Connecticut, 1 698-1 898, 
together with Statistics of the Church taken from the Church Records. 
Published by the Society [Rev. Richard H. Gidman, Pastor], 1900. 
8vo. pp. viii -f- 201. Price, $2. For sale by Miss Mary E. Morse, 
Preston City, Conn. 

The first one hundred and twenty-five pages of this attractively printed 
volume are devoted to the various addresses delivered at the Bicenten- 
nial Celebration of the Church, held November 16, 1898, and brief 
biographical sketches, prepared by Amos A. Browning, Esq., of the 
twelve original members, viz., Thomas Park, Thomas Tracy, John 
Richards, Hopestill Tyler, Jonathan Tracy, Samuel Leonard, Robert 
Park, John Park, Caleb Fobes, Joseph Morgan, Ebenezer Witter and 
John Welch. 

The remainder of the volume is given over to the statistics of the 
church, comprising a full record of admissions and baptisms, the mar- 
riages from 1744 to 1781, 1789 to 1798, and 1812 to 1847, and many- 
deaths and dismissions. 

A very valuable addition is hereby made to the growing list of printed 
church records. It is unfortunate, however, that the contents have not 
been made more readily accessible to historical students by the addition 
of a full name index. 




- J 

4a>i *> ■^^-Jfcy.T'a^w^W^to 

-:. ■« /i&teL.y rf^*^: 


H^he Mayflower 


Vol. II. OCTOBER, 1900. No. 4. 


By Morton Dexter. 

Scrooby has become a sort of Mecca for all interested in 
Pilgrim history. More and more the number of its visitors 
increases. Some are lineal descendants of the men and women 
who have made the little hamlet famous. More look back to 
them as ecclesiastical and spiritual ancestors. Many others are 
drawn thither merely by that general interest which thoughtful 
people feel in any spot which has been a rallying point of vital 
forces in history. 

Scrooby well rewards its visitor. It is unpretending, even 
more modest now in the days of its fame than it was three hun- 
dred years ago when the manor-house had not parted with its 
stateliness and when the voices of men eminent in Church and 
State used to awake its echoes. It is not picturesque. But its 
associations and memories cause the sensitive spirit to thrill. 

Yet it is not without a real external charm. He must be 
phlegmatic indeed who is not impressed by the serene tran- 
quillity of its peaceful meadows and lazy streams ; the fresh, 
rich coloring of its banks and hedges, its nearer copses and 
remoter woodlands ; and the gracefulness of its old church-spire 
and the cosiness of its cluster of red-roofed houses. It is 
beautiful in its own quiet way. It has that peculiar loveliness 
which characterizes rural scenery in England, and which, al- 
though no more delightful than that of many of our own similar 
landscapes, is different. Yet, as I have said, its special attrac- 
tiveness is historical, and the visitor usually goes there to see 
certain distinct features of the village and the region. 


194 In and About Scrooby. 

Just where is Scrooby ? It is so tiny that your map may not 
exhibit it. Then measure off a line of fifteen miles about due 
west from Gainsborough and another about ten miles due south 
from Doncaster and their point of intersection will be where 
Scroobv lies. You probably will approach it from either north 
or south and by the Great Northern Railroad. But, although 
it has a little station, very few trains stop there and you will do 
better to leave the cars at Bawtry, a mile and a half to the 
north. There make your headquarters at the Crown Inn. The 
host is used to American visitors, and a considerable experience 
enables me to certify that a large measure of modest but 
genuine comfort may be enjoyed under his roof. It is well 
worth while to remain for several days and explore the vicinfty. 

Bawtry is in Yorkshire. Scrooby, although so near, lies in 
Nottinghamshire, and a corner of Lincolnshire wedges itself in 
between the others, so that you may walk in three counties 
within a few moments, if you like. A mile and a half nearly 
north of Bawtry is Austerfield, the birthplace of William Brad- 
ford. A long mile northwest from the Crown Inn, and in Har- 
worth parish, lies the large " Martin" farm, the remainder of 
the wide estate once owned by the Morton family, an ancient 
and honorable house which has furnished, in its descendants, at 
least one governor and one chief-justice of the Supreme Court 
to Massachusetts. 

Two miles or so west of Bawtry is Harworth village — not 
that of the Bronte family — and beyond that at some distance lie 
Tickhill, with its ruined castle, and Rotherham. Babworth and 
Sutton are more to the south and over towards the east rises 
Gringley-on-the-hill, worth a visit for the charm of the drive 
thither and of the view from the summit. And all around Baw- 
try and Scrooby, as a centre, stretch smooth meadows dotted with 
grazing cattle and scattered elms or thickets of trees, with the 
Ryton and the Idle winding sluggishly into the distance, and 
with the line of the railroad in view here or there to remind one 
that this is the nineteenth century instead of the seventeenth. 

In Bawtry itself, although Pilgrim eyes must have looked 
upon it daily and Pilgrim feet must have trodden its streets and 
lanes, there is little to recall them directly. The parish church, 
instead of standing prominently upon the public square, is down 

In and About Scrooby. 195 

by the river and is a squat edifice with a square tower, having 
little beauty and no special historic associations. Much more 
interesting, although it has been "restored" out of whatever 
antique beauty it may have had, is the old Morton Chapel, 
which, although close to the houses of Bawtry, really is just 
over the line in Harworth. Three hundred years or more ago 
the Mortons, then Roman Catholics, built and endowed this 
chapel, and also, just across the road, two or three little cot- 
tages as refuges for poor old women. It is pleasant to know 
that the pious purposes of the founders have not failed to be 
fulfilled by their Protestant successors. Worship still is held 
regularly in the church, which has become a " chapel-of-ease " 
of the Bawtry parish church, and you may still see old women 
in the cottages who owe their enjoyment of homes, instead of 
becoming inmates of some great county asylum, to the benefi- 

(cence of the past. 
Bawtry Hall, naturally the residence of the lord of the 
manor, at present the Earl of Crewe, is within a stone's throw 
but is not occupied by him, as he prefers another home. It is 
a plain but dignified building, in pleasant grounds but invisible 
from the neighboring roads. 

It is an enjoyable walk down to Scrooby. After passing the 
long front of the Bawtry Hall estate on the west and a stretch 
of meadows or wheat fields on the east, with scarlet poppies 
growing in brilliant profusion among the wheat, you find your- 
self on the brow of a slight descent. In front the land is thick 
with gorse and wild flowers. The road divides before you. The 
right hand branch is the turnpike continued. The left hand is 
a lane, hardly more than a cart-path. Each leads you in a few 
moments to Scrooby, the roofs and spire of which you can see 
among trees not far away. The former skirts the western edge 
of the hamlet. The latter winds through the meadows, over 
the Ryton, and beside the village mill into the middle of the 

There are perhaps thirty houses in all, small and unpretentious 
but neat and comfortable, with white-curtained windows and an 
abundance of bright flowers. Their roofs are thatched or red- 
tiled. Tall elms shade some of them and the whole place looks 
well cared for and home-like. Passing the mill and continuing 

196 In and About Scrooby. 

south for perhaps three minutes, at the crossing of two little roads 
you see the graveyard, from the middle of which rises the church, 
known as St. Wilfred's. Its pointed spire is well proportioned 
and graceful and has remained unchanged since the days of the 
Pilgrims. The church is peculiar in shape. Having proved at 
one time too small to accommodate the congregation, which 
draws its members from a considerable surrounding territory, 
it was enlarged by adding an aisle to its south side. As you 
stand in front of the spire, therefore, the south side of the 
church is of about twice the width of the north side. This 
alteration has been made during the present century and the 
interior of the edifice also has been changed considerably. But 
there are in the chancel some venerable pewbacks of oak, 
blackened by time, which bear simple yet graceful carvings of 
a grape-vine and its fruit which are just as they were when 
Brewster used to worship there Sunday by Sunday. 

It is worth your while to sit down for a few moments in the 
church, or in the sunny graveyard, and let your fancy have free 
play. Picture to yourself the days of the Cavaliers and the 
Roundheads, and those earlier days when Elizabeth was queen, 
when Shakespeare was writing and acting his plays, when the 
Spanish Armada was a fact of yesterday, and when the Pil- 
grims one by one were deciding that they must separate from 
the corruptions of the State Church at no matter how great a 
cost. You can almost see these little lanes repeopled by men 
in doublets and hose with peaked hats and with swords at their 
sides as they pass from house to house, or chat by the roadside, or 
walk between the ancient graves and enter the church to worship. 
These very stones before you were there just where they are 
to-day. Could they but speak, what stories they could tell ! 

But we are lingering too long at the church. Let us pass to 
that which has much greater interest, the so-called manor-house. 
Walk back towards the mill and turn to the right, that is, 
towards the east, into the short lane, which you cannot miss, 
and enter through the gate at its end. We are in a meadow 
containing several acres. Its southern boundary is another lane 
leading from the village to the tiny railway station. Opposite 
to us the railway forms the eastern line of the estate. Some 
hundreds of feet away on our left stands an irregular row of 

In and About Scrooby. 197 

buildings with a garden, a farm-yard and many trees, and behind 
them runs the narrow Ryton, which bounds the place on the 
north. Four or five tall Lombardy poplars rise among the 
fruit trees and are visible from a long distance. A few trees 
also are scattered about the meadow. 

This area is far from comprehending the whole of the ancient 
estate. It merely includes the site of the manor-house and its 
immediate grounds. Notice this shallow ditch extending part 
way from the gate to the lane on the south. It also runs along 
the lane and is believed to reveal the line of the former moat. 
Notice, too, the uneven surface of the meadow. Here is a cir- 
cular mound, hardly rising above the average level, yet plainly 
evident. There is an oblong hollow, some thirty feet square. 
All about are irregularities indicating a connection and plan in 
the long ago. During my earliest visit in 1871, I was allowed 
by the courtesy of the late Lord Houghton, then lord of the 
manor, to make borings and excavations freely. These revealed 
almost everywhere beneath the turf a mass of crumbled brick 
work, which once had formed the wall of the original manor- 
house. But to determine the plan of the foundation — if, indeed, 
that be possible — there must be systematic and thorough exca- 
vation of the larger part of the present estate. The prob- 
ability of learning enough to warrant the cost is very slight. 

Fortunately there are records which tell us something. As 
the estate belonged to the Archbishopric of York, the official 
documents of the period occasionally allude to it. And the old 
historian Leland says that in 1541 it had a moat and two court- 
yards, the outer being about four times as large as the inner. 
Its front, he adds, was of brick and the remainder of " tymbre." 
It had a large hall or chapel, and probably both. It appears to 
have been square or oblong, with its open interior divided into 
two parts, the courts, by a cross row of rooms. The structure 
was surrounded by gardens containing fish ponds, the whole 
being encompassed by the river and the moat. It must have 
been stately and handsome. 

It was a convenient resting-place on the tedious journey from 
London to York and Edinburgh, and Queen Margaret of Scot- 
land, Henry VIII, James I, and Cardinal Wolsey were among 
the eminent visitors whom it sheltered from time to time. 

193 In and About Scrooby. 

James I, and, it is said, Queen Elizabeth, tried to buy it, but 
in vain. But, probably about the middle of the seventeenth 
century, it proved too costly to be properly kept up and most 
of it was torn down. But it was not wholly demolished, as we 
shall see. The short wall, extending from the present house back 
to the edge of the Ryton, used to contain stones evidently once 
portions of chiselled cornices or columns, and the roof of one 
of the present cow-sheds is supported by carved beams which 
probably did the same work formerly in the hall or chapel, and 
must have echoed the voices of Brewster and his fellow Pil- 
grims when they organized their historic church and planned 
their escape to Holland. 

To-day you see, as you walk from the gate along the cart-path 
towards the buildings, what at first looks like an ordinary 
English farmhouse. It has two stories and an attic, is long 
and narrow, and extends north and south almost from the bank 
of the Ryton to the meadow. Its walls are partly of brick and 
partly of rubble or rough plaster. On the east side the roof of 
the southern half slopes down over a little shed and several 
minor out-buildings stand near by. On its west side lies a 
small flower and fruit garden, beyond which are barns, sheds, a 
dove-cote and numerous trees, including the conspicuous Lom- 
bardy poplars. 

What is there in this modest building to justify the belief that 
any part of it was included in the dignified manor-house of our 
fathers' time ? Stand in the garden and look up at the house 
and you will see. Observe the wide arch sunken in the southern 
half of the western wall on its outside. Notice, too, the deep 
niche at the left of the upper part of the arch. They have no 
modern significance and they testify to the great age of that 
portion of the wall. Now enter the house, where the courteous 
tenants will make you welcome, and examine the windows. 
Note the thickness of the wall. Nobody builds such walls now. 
But they used to build them in the sixteenth century. Pass up 
the steep and narrow stairway and examine the upper rooms. 
Study especially — you will need a candle in the windowless 
room, itself a weighty proof of antiquity — the arch which has 
been filled up and the neighboring niche in the wall of the inner 
room. If that arch were not the doorway into the ancient 

In and About Scrooby. 199 

chapel, and the niche the place for the usual vessel of holy 
water in the Roman Catholic days not long past in our fathers' 
time, it is difficult to imagine what they can have been. 

" Enough is as good as a feast " runs the old proverb. It 
would be pleasant to have more evidence that we of to-day 
actually can see and touch a part of the very building which so 
often sheltered the Pilgrims. But such evidence as we have, 
although scanty, is convincing. An important part of the 
present farmhouse was included in the manor-house where 
William Brewster lived. We must be on our guard, however, 
as we chat with the present occupants of the farm. They are 
well-meaning but know little of history, and most of their 
traditions have no value. They are unconscious that their 
barns and sheds are comparatively modern, and their tale of the 
use of the shed, in which are the carved beams, as a Pilgrim 
chapel and of hasty escapes out of one door as the government 
officers entered to make arrests by the other door on the same 
side is manifestly absurd. 

Here, too, imagination can build a truer structure on the 
foundation of the few known facts than tradition can supply. 
It is easy to picture to one's self Brewster and Bradford and 
Robinson and Clyfton, with the little company of their asso- 
ciates, praying and singing, preaching and listening, planning 
and organizing, conversing and breaking bread together, enjoy- 
ing thoroughly their precious fellowship, yet ever alert lest they 
be suddenly interrupted and arrested. Kings and queens, car- 
dinals and archbishops had met and feasted within the same 
walls. But none were nobler than the humble Pilgrims, and 
none have left a record in human history like that which Brew- 
ster and his company began to make in that now almost 
vanished edifice. 

Before you leave the Pilgrim region you must not fail to visit 
Austerfield also. A pleasant foot-path from Bawtry station 
leads you to the little village in a quarter of an hour or so. It 
is less prepossessing than Scrooby. Here the church, St. 
Helen's, is the object of special interest. It is small and low 
and has no spire or tower, but only a little pointed belfry, hold- 
ing two bells which are more noisy than musical when rung. 
It stands well back from the village street on the right as you 

200 In and About Scrooby. 

go north, but is easily found. On its south side is a quaint 
entrance porch, and its "zigzag and beak" carving with its rude 
likeness of a dragon, the rough stone benches within the 
porch, the heavy buttresses outside, the narrow, diamond-paned 
windows, and the old oaken chancel rail inside, probably are 
about as they were when, on March 19, 1589, the young child, 
William Bradford, the future friend of Brewster and the gov- 
ernor and historian of the Plymouth Colony, was baptized by 
Rev. Henry Fletcher. 

This church, too, has been somewhat modernized within, and 
recently certain ancient arches have been discovered in its 
northern wall, and an attempt has been made to restore them, 
and, I believe, to rebuild a former north aisle into which they 
opened from the church. As to the success of this effort I am 
not yet informed. But I cannot help regretting it, because the 
earliest history of the church, so far as known, is unimportant. 
The only celebrity and the special interest of the edifice is due 
to William Bradford's connection with it, and to leave it as 
nearly as possible as it was in his boyhood would be far more 
appropriate than to restore its previous appearance, even if this 
could be done certainly and well. 

A few minutes' walk still farther north brings one to the 
so-called Bradford Cottage. The tradition that the Bradfords 
occupied it is generally believed and may possess some proba- 
bility, but has no more solid basis. It deserves a visit, however, 
because of the tradition and of its interesting cellar, which is 
asserted to have been a Pilgrim hiding-place. As such a cellar, 
in case of suspicion, would have been certain to be immediately 
searched, however, the tradition probably is baseless. 

When you visit Scrooby and its vicinity, take time enough. 
You can see all which is most important in a few hours, and of 
course a hasty inspection is better than none. But it pays one 
richly to linger for a few days, or even weeks, long enough to 
see everything thoroughly and repeatedly, long enough to enter 
somewhat into the spirit of the locality and the rich meaning 
of its vital relations to human history. The life of a true de- 
scendant of the Mayflower men and women will have a fresh 
inspiration forever after a reverent visit to the early home of so 
many among them. 

Middleborough Births, Marriages and Deatlts. 201 



{Continued from page 260.) 

[Vol. I, p. 21] 

Elizabeth Thomas the Daughter of William Thomas Jun r was 

born March : 12 I70§ 
Susanna Thomas the Daughter of William Thomas Jun r was 

born May 11 1710 
James Soul the son of John Soul : was born April the 15 171 1 
Nathan Soul the son of John Soul & of Martha his wife was 

born October the first 1717 
Hannah Tomson the Daughter of Jacob Tomson was born 

March the 10 170I 
Mary Tomson the Daughter of Jacob Tomson was born May 

the 19 1711 
Josiah Wood the son of Ephraim Wood was born June the 18 

Pricilla Bennet the daughter of Peter Bennet was born august 

21 1711 
Elias Miller the Son of John Miller Junior was born august : 17 

Thankfull Alden the Daughter of John Alden was born May 

30 1700 
Hannah Alden the Daughter of John Alden was born March 

24 170I 
Lidia Alden the Daughter of John Alden was born December : 

18 1710 
Mary Alden the Daughter of John Alden was born November 

the 18 1712 
Silvester Richmond the son of Ebenezer Richmond was born 

Novem : 25 171 1 
Samuel Cob the Son of Samuel Cod was born december the 11 

Hannah Cob the daughter of Samuel Cob was born april the 

1 1712 
Sarah Morse the daughter of Jonathan morse was born febru^ 

ary 7 if|f 
Cornelius Warren the son of Samuel Warren was born June 12 

James Warren the Son of Samuel Warren was born february 

24 I7H 

202 MiddUborough Births, Marriages and Deaths. 

Moses Tinkcom the son of Ephraim Tinkcom Jun r was born 

august 1 6 1709 
Ephraim Tinkcom the son of Ephraim Tinkcom Junr was born 

february 13 i/R 
Bithiah Elmes the Daughter of Rodulphus Elmes was born 

february 29 \j\\ 
January 15 iy\* Ensign Elkanah Leonard had a child born who 

who deceased at the age of about three weeks in feb 8 

17 if 

Elizabeth Tinkcom the daughter of Ebenezer Tinkcom Jun r 

born oct 13 1704 
Mary Tinkcom the daughter of Ebenezer Tinkcom Junior born 

Janu r 30 170I 
Peter Tinkcom the son of Ebenezer Tinkcom Jun r born Sept 

5 1709 
Jabez Tinkcom the son of Eben Tinkcom Jun r born dec 29 

Simeon Leonard the son of Ensign Elkanah Leonard was born 

January 9 170-I 
Jemima Leonard the daughter of Ensign Elkanah Leonard was 

born May the 20 17 10 
Susanna Thomas the daughter of William Thomas Senior was 

born february : 15 1 69 J 
Sarah Thomas the daughter of William Thomas Senior was 

born decern 6 1696 
Elizabeth Thomas the daughter of William Thomas Senior was 

born October 27 1698 
William Thomas the son William Thomas Senior was born 

March 18 i£ff 
Mary Thomas the daughter of William Thomas Sen r was born 

Decern 4 1701 
David Thomas the son of William Thomas Senr was born July 

4 I7°6 
Lois Thomas the daughter of William Thomas Senior was 

born Sept. 7 1707 
Eunice Thomas the daughter of William Thomas Senior was 

born febru 15 i/bf 
Jabez Thomas the son of William Thomas Senior was bora 

december 8 1710 
Joanna Thomas the daughter of Jonathan Thomas ) ^ . 

David Thomas the son of Jonathan Thomas j 

feb 28 1 70 J 
Mary Thomas the daughter of Jonathan Thomas was born 

March 23 170J} 
Jonathan Thomas the son of Jonathan Thomas was born march 

31 1711 

Love Bre.wsters Will and hiventory. 203 

Mary Bennet the daughter of Joseph Bennet was born Novemb 

5 1708 
John Bennet the Son of Joseph Bennet was born July the 


( To be continued?) 


Transcribed from the original records, 
By George Ernest Bowman. 

Love Brewster's will and inventory are recorded in the Plym- 
outh Colony Wills and Inventories, Volume I, folios 89, 90 
and 91. 

[89] The last Will and Testament of Love Brewster De- 

seassed exhibited at the generall Court holden at New 
Plym : the 4 th of March 1650 upon the oath of Cap- 
taine Miles Standish 
Witnesseth these psents that I Love Brewster of Duxburrow 
in New England and in the goverment of New Plym : being 
in pfect memory doe ordeaine & appoint this to bee my last 
will and Testamente And first my will is that if the lord shall 
please to take mee out of this life that my body bee buried in 
a decent mannor and that my funerall expences bee taken out 
of my whole estate ; Next my will is ; That all my Just and 
lawfull debts bee paied out of the Remainder of my said estate 
allso I give unto my Children that is to say Nathaniell Willam 
Wrasteling and Sara each of them a kettle and further my 
will is that my three sonns shall have each of them a peece 
that is to say a gun ; allso I give and bequeath unto my beloved 
wife Sara Brewster all the Residue of my whole estate both 
goods and Chatties and land at Duxburrow for the bringing up 
of her and my Children the time of her life and after her de- 
sease I doe give the aforsaid lands to my eldest sonn and heire 
apparent Nathaniell Brewster and in Case god should take him 
away out of this life without Issew I give and bequeath the said 
lands at Duxburrow to my second sonn Willam Brewster and 
in like Case to my youngest sonn Wresteling Brewster ; And 

204 Love Brewster s Will and Inventory. 

for those books I have that my wife would destribute them to 
herselfe and Children at her descresion allso my will is and I 
doe by the same give unto my three sonns equally to bee de- 
vided amongst them all such land as is of Right due to mee 
by Purchase and first coming into the land Which was in the 
yeare 1620 allso I doe make Constitute and appoint my be- 
loved wife Sara Brewster sole executrix of this my last will and 
Testament in Witnes Wherof I have put to my hand and 
Seale this sixt of October 1650 

Wittnes heerunto Love Brewster 

Myles Standish (seale) 

A true Inventory of the estate of Love Brewster of Duxbur- 
row late deseassed taken by m r Willam Collyar and Captaine 
Miles Standish January the last day 1650 And exhibited to the 
Generall Court holden at New Plym : the 4 th of March in the 
yeare aforsaid upon the oath of Sara Brewster 

videlect in the first Rome ten pewter dishes or platters 

It 3 pewter basons 

It 3 fruit dishes 

It 3 saucers 

It 2 porengers 

It one quart pott 

It one pint pott 

It one Candlestick 

It one wine Cupp 

It one sault seller 

It one sucking bottle 

It halfe a pint pott 

It 9 spoones and a peece of plate 

It a table frame and forme 

It 2 Cradles 

It a payle a sifting trough and a Rowling pin 

It a halfe bushell a peck and a table Chaire 

It one tray 

It one forme and 2 old stooles 

It 9 trenchers 

It one seive 2 Riddles 

It one bucking tubb 2 beere Rundlets one feirken with a cover 00 10 00 

It one payer of scales one spade 2 wooden spoones 00 04 06 

It one dripping pan 00 10 00 

It one spitt 00 02 06 

It one frying pan 00 02 00 

It an Iron to keep up the fier 00 02 00 

It a gridiron 00 02 00 

It a paier of broken tonges a broken fiershovell a fierforke 02 06 

It a paier of pothanger a paire of pothookes an Iron barr one pound 00 































Love Brewster s Will and Inventory. 205 

It 3 peeces 03 06 00 
It 2 powder homes a flask a shott bagg one paier of bandeleers 00 10 00 

It one pistoll 00 06 00 

It 3 pound of powder 00 06 00 

It 22 pound of shott 00 06 04 

[90] It 3 pound of great shott 00 00 10 

It 3 Iron potts 02 00 00 

It 3 wedges weying 16 pound 00 08 00 

It one Iron lampe one Iron stiring stick 00 02 06 

It a snashell of a bridle 00 00 06 

It one Rapier blade 00 05 00 

It one Morter 00 02 co 

It one skillet 00 02 00 

It one smothing Iron 00 02 00 

It one stone pott 00 00 06 


It M r Greenhams workes 00 10 00 

It 2 books of the Comaundements by M r Dodd 00 04 00 

It Downhams Consolations 00 03 00 

It Cottens Concordance 00 06 00 

It one part of Mr Perkins works 00 08 00 

It Calvin upon Esaiah 00 05 00 

It M r herons work 00 05 00 

It the five books of Moses 00 10 00 

It Downhams life everlasting 00 03 00 

It Broughton on the lamentations of Jeremy 00 06 00 

It of the Spanish Inquisition 00 00 04 

It ten smale torne books 00 02 06 

It m r Baals Caticisme 00 00 06 

It m r Whettunsall 00 00 06 

It Duty of Constable and housholder 00 00 06 

It 4 smale books at 6<* pr booke 00 02 00 

It Downhams Warfare 00 02 06 

It Deffence of a peticion for Reformacion 00 01 06 

It a Comentary on Philemon 00 01 06 

It a Dicsonary 00 00 06 

It a book of husbandry 00 10 06 

It another smale book of husbandry 00 00 06 

It Reasons descused 00 01 06 

It a ffrench dicsonary and another dicsonary 00 02 00 

It m r Downham on AntiChrist 00 01 00 

It Jackson on unbeleefe 00 01 06 

It Gorg his Armor 00 02 00 

It swords Intelegencer 00 01 06 

It a bible 00 12 00 

It m r Ainsworth in answare to S r ffrancis hastings 00 01 06 

Clothes beding &c 

It 2 suites and a Coat 03 00 00 

It 3 paier of shooes and 3 paier of stockens 01 00 00 


Love Brewster s Will and Inventory. 

t one pr of boots 

t one hatt 

t new Cloth or a suite 

t silk & buttens 

t a wastcoat of penestone 

t 2 shirts 

t lockorum for 2 shirts 

t 4 handkerchifes six bands and six Capps 

t 4 feather beds and boulsters 

t 3 shagg Ruggs 3 plaine Ruggs two blankits 

t 3 pr of sheets 

t 2 pr of pillow beeres 2 table Clothes and seaven dosen 

and an halfe of napkins 
t 3 Chists & one box 

t one settlebedd one standing bedd one settle 
t 3 kettles & one brase pan 

t one warming pan one Candlestick one old kittle 
t a Cart & an horse furniture for the Cart 
t ten hoes 6 Reaphookes 7 augers one hatchet 3 axes and 

other lumber 
t one plow Cheine one share one Ring for a Coppyeok ^ 

& a double hooke 
t a Cherne a butter Tubb an old trunck an old hoggs- 

head an old Chest 
t 3 pillows 
t 3 Cowes 
t one yearling 
t one sow and 2 shoats 
t poultry 

[91] It 9 bushells of wheat 
t 5 bushells of Rye 
t 14 bushells of Indian Corn 
t one bushell of pease 
t 3 pecks of barly 
t one peck of naked oates 
t halfe a bushell of Mault 
t 2 forkes Rakes a ladder and other lumber 
t 14 pound of Cotten woole 
t ten pound of sheeps woole 
t 4 pound of linnin yarne 
t sope 

t sault and a tubb 
t a Case without bottles 
t an old frying pan 
t 3 old tubbs 
t 3 ewesheep 
t 3 weathers 

Suma Totalis 97 07 01 

Willam Collyar Myles Standish 
























































x 5 










































































Yarmouth, Mass., Vital Records. 207 


Transcribed from the original records, 
By George Ernest Bowman. 

The earliest vital records of Yarmouth are found in Volume 
III of the town records, and on a loose leaf which may have 
belonged to the first or second volume, now lost. The first 
part of Volume III is very badly worn, and it has recently 
been repaired by the Emery process. 

The records presented in this issue are those found on the 
loose leaf. 

Elisabeth Hawes the Dauther of John Hawes was 13 yer. old 

the 5th of ocktob 1674 
Mary Hawes was 10 yr. old the 10th of June 74 
Edmond Hawes was 5 yr. old the 2 d of May 74 
John Hawes was 3 yr. old the, 14th of May 74 
Joseph Hawes was 1 yr. old the 16 th of July 74 
Gabis Hawes borne the 20th of May 1675 
Ebenesar Hawes borne the 24 of March 1678 
Isack Hawes borne the 9th of march 1679 or 80 
Desyar Hawes borne the last of ffebry 1681 
Beniamin Hawes borne the 20th of march 1682 
'Ex^q (illegible)* borne the 24 of sept 86 
Rebecka Howes the Daughter of Captaine Howes was borne 

in desembr 1657 
Thomas Howes his son borne the second of may 1663 
Johnnathan Howes his son borne the 25 of ffeb 1669 
Sarah Howes his Dauther borne the 29th of ocktob 1673 
John Baker the Son of John Baker 3 yr old the last of May 

Bethya the Daughter of J oh Baker a yr old the last of Novmb 

Sara Baker the Daughter of Joh Baker borne in Septemb 

Samuell Baker the Son of Nathanell Baker was 4 yr old the 

29 of ocktob 1674 
Nathanell Baker his Son was to yr old the 29 of Janury .1674 
Jonathan white the son of perigen and Sarah white of march- 

feeld was Borne at marchfeeld upon the forth day of June 

in the year 1658 brofte to record by said Jonathan whit 

• This entry was probably intended for " Experience." 

2o8 Yarmouth, Mass., Vital Records. 

this 1 8 th of maye : 1700: and recorded by me John Miller 

The Children of Nicklis Nickerson 

Hester Nickerson was 18 yr old the last wick of ocktobr 1674 
william Nickrson was 16 yr old the 12th of Janury 1674 
Elisabeth Nickrson was 12 yr old the Desembr 1674 
John Nickrson was 10 yr old the 10th of septemb 1674 
Mary Nickrson was 6 yr old the last wick of July 1674 
Sarach Nickrson was 1 yr old the first of May 1675 
Pasyence Nickerson borne the 3 d of Aprill 1682 
Hanna Crowell the Daughar of Samuell Crowell Borne the 
14th of ffebry 1674 

(On the other side of the leaf.) 

John Talar Maryed to Sarah Mathues the 1 5th of Desemb : 74 
Samuell Talar the Son of John Talar borne the 14th of De- 
sembr : 1675 
John Taylar born the 15 of June 1678 

Joseph Wing Maryed to Jerusha Mayhue the 12 of Aprill 1682 

(altered from 1676) 
John wing the son of Joseph wing borne the 6th of Janury 

(1676 erased) 7 yr old Next Janry 90 

Hannah Crowell the Daughter of John Crowell Senjr boarn the 

first of April 1677 
Thomas Toobe the sonn of Thomas Toobe borne the second of 

ffeb 1676 
Josia Jones & Elisabeth Berry married the 28 of Novmb yy 
Beniamin Hall and Mehittabell Mathues Maryed the 7th of 

ffebry yy 
Ebenesar Goodspeed and Lidy Crow maryed the 15th of ffebry 

Marget ffollen the Daughter of william follen borne the 4th of 

Novbr yy 
Elezabeth ffolland y e daughtur of willam & Elezabeth folland 

was borne in October in y e yere : 168 1 : 

(worn)ma. v Cockshall of Road iland & the widdow mary sturges 

marryd the ffirst of ocktob 79 
Thomas Baxtar & the widdo Sturges maryed the 27 of Janury 

Beniamen Ridar & Mary Gray maryed the 10th of June 80 
Samuell Eldred & kerziah Taylar marryed the 6th of ffeb 80 
Johnnathn Smith marryd to Mehittabell Taylor the 29th of 

Desb 81 
Thomas Clarke & Rebeckah Millar Maryed the 15th of ffebry 81 

Plymouth Colo?iy Wills a fid Inventories. 209 

John Hallett & Mary Howes maryed the 16th of ffebry 81 
Johnnathan Whitt & hestar Nickerson maryed the 2 d of ffebry 

Thomas Thornton mary d to the widow More the 10th of June 

Captaine Thatcher maryd to Lidya Goreham the first of Janury 

Johnnathan Hallett maryd the 10th of Janry 83 
Beniamen Gage & Elisabeth Lumbard maryed the 20th of 

March 83 & 84 
John Crow Junyr & Bethya Seares maryed the 27 of May 84 
Edward Gray & Melatyah Lewes maryed the 16th of July 84 
John okilly & Bersua Lewes marryd the 10th of August 90 
Joseph Howes Junyr marryd to Mary vinsentt the 28 of Novbr 


John Howes Marry d to Elisabeth Paddock the 28 of Novbr 89 

(hi)s wyfe desesed in Child bed the 
(Jo)hn Howes marryd * to mary mathues the 8 of July 1691 
(ttw;z)urnar marry ed the 19 of ffebry 91 paid 

( To be continued?) 


{Continued from page IJ2.) 

[Vol. I, fol. 30] John Coales will 

John Cole being sick and weake in body but in prfect mynd 
and memorie doth heare declare his last will and testament in 
manner and forme as followeth that is his debts sicknes and 
funerall charges being payd the remaynder of my goods I give 
as followeth I give and bequeath unto my brother Job Cole 
my beding and all my cloathes and my Sow and I give unto 
my sister Rebecca one of my sheepe and unto Elizabeth 
Collyer five shillinges and unto eich of master Collyers men 
half a crowne a peece as namely unto Edward II s VI d unto 
Joseph IP VI d & unto Arthur II* VI d & also to Ralph II s VI d 
and unto John II s VI d these prticulars above named being 
payd and given the remaynder I would have devided betweene 
my brother Job and my brother Daniell and if my brother 

*"agan" is written above the line. 

2IO Plymouth Colony Wills atid Inventories. 

Daniell should be dead before his part can be deliv r ed unto 

him then my brother Job shall have it all And I do ordayne 

and make my brother Job Cole my sole executor 

Witnes John Maynard John Cole 

Edward Haul his mark 

vid. C rt Orders 139 Will proved Jan. 7 1637/8 

[3 1 ] 4 th June 1638 John Bryant will & Inventory 

Richard Paule and William Scadding doe testyfie upon their 
Oathes That John Bryant deceaseing at Cohannack in the 
Gov r ment of New Plymouth the xxviij th day of Aprill in the 
fourteenth yeare of the Raigne of our Sov r aigne Lord Charles 
by the grace of God of England Scotland ffranc & Ireland 
King Defender of the fayth &c did about two dayes before his 
death being of good and prfct memorie declare his last will and 
testament in the heareing of the said Richard Paule & Willm 
Scadding who were witnesses of the same in these wordes 
following viz* That he gave all his goods and chattells unto 
John Bryant his naturall sonn (except one platter and a kettle 
w ch he bequeathed to Richard Paule and desired That m r John 
Gilbert would take the same goods into his hands for his said 
sonns use and ymploy them to the best advantage of his said 
sonn and pay himself out of the said goods for any charges he 
should be at about the same. 

Richard Paule & Willm Scadding sworne in open Court the 
4 th June 1638 

A true and prfect Inventory of all the goods that John Bry- 
ant the elder late of Cohannack w th in the Gov r m t of New 
Plymouth dyed possessed of as it was viewed and praised by 
m ris Elizabeth Poole m rs Jane Poole Willm Scadding and 
Richard Paule the first day of May 1638 

Inprimis In ready money 00 . 14 . 06 

It for all his linnens 01 . 13 .08 

It two peecs of brod cloth containing 28 yerds 14 . 00 . 00 

It one weomans wascote 00 . 02 . 06 

It 1 ellne of bayes 00.01 . oS 

It all his bedding & bed cloathes 02 . 17 . 06 

It all his weareing apparrell 03 . 09 . 06 

It Thred & buttons 00 . 09 . 06 

It 2 ounce of nutmegs 00.00.0S 

It vi pouder homes & three drinking homes 00 . 02 . 06 

It 3 duzzen of poynts 00 . 00 . 09 

OI . 02 . 00 

Plymouth ColoJiy Wills and Inve?ito? ies. 2 1 1 

It 2 shott pouches 00 . 00 . 07 

It all his bread cheese butter and meale 01 .00 .00 

It all his venison and Come 00 . 06 .08 

It one paire of stockings & a smale peece of cloth 00 .02 .00 

It one paire of boots & spurs 00 . 04 . 00 

It leather and Thonges 00 . 03 . 06 

It all his bookes 00 . 1 8 . 00 

It powder and shott 00.10.00 

It a paire of brasse scales & weights and a candlestick 00.01 .08 

26 . 19 .02 

It one twhart saw two hand sawes & three iron wedges 00 . 08 . 00 

It three hammers one spade one sythe & a pike forke 00 . 07 . 06 

It one birding peece one cuttleaxe one sword & two belts 00 . 16 . 00 

It 2 old bras kettles one bras pann & 2 bras skellets 01 . 00 . 00 

It 2 bras potts waving 28 1 * 00 . 1 7 . 00 

It in nayles of all sorts 02 . 00 . 00 

It xi bill hookes or staff hookes 01 . 02 . 00 

It 3 axes 3 adzes & a hatchett 01 . 02 . 00 

It tooles to his trade 00 . 01 .06 

It 3 chissells 3 planes 2 wimble trees & 2 drawing knives 00 .06 . 04 
It xi paire of hookes & twists for doores not knowing the I 

weight j 

It i doore lock 3 syth rings small window hookes 2 crookes ) 

2 tinge crookes & a beak home j "* * 

It 5 knives 1 gate lock a dough scrap 1 frying pan & 1 \ ~ 

basting ladle J 

It ropes or cordes 00 . 02 . 00 

It 4 baggs for corne 00 . 03 . 00 

It 4 smale boxes & a chest 00 . 1 1 . 00 

It sault 00 .00 . 10 

It 2 sliding Crookes & 2 smale Crookes 00 . 03 . 00 
It 3 qr of an acre of land broke up for Indian corne & ) 

cleareing & felling of trees } ** ' 

It a qr of an acre of English corne Rye wheat & peas 00 . 15 .00 

It 40^ of pewter 02 . 00 . 00 

It debts due to him o r . 1 5 . 1 1 

The debts w^ 1 he confessed he owed were these 

Imprimis to m r Atherton of Dorchester 

It to Ezechiell Hoare 

It to John Gilbert the yeonger 

M r John Gilbert thelder was deposed at the gen r all Court the 4 th of 
December 1638 that this is a true Coppy of all the goods & cattells of 
the said John Bryante deceased that he receved or doth any way 
know of 

( To be continued.') 















. 10 

212 Barnstable, Mass., Vital Records. 


Transcribed from the original records, 
By George Ernest Bowman. 

Volume I of the Barnstable town records is not the original, 
but a copy made in 1736, in accordance with the following vote 
recorded on the first page: "At a Meeting of y e Inhabitants 
of the Town of Barnstable June 30th John Thacher Esqr 
Moderator Then Voted that y e old Town Book as to y e Articles 
Contained in the Same to be of future Use be Transcribed by 
y e Town Clerk into a New Book to be procured by him with as 
Much Speed as Conveniently May. 

"Barnstable Town Book Anno. 1736 bought pr David 
Crocker Town Clerk, pretium .£13 12s" 

The vital records in the copy were arranged at the back of 
the book. 

[Vol. I, p. 390] Thomas Allyn & Elizabeth Otis were married 

9 th Octo r 1688 
Their son James born y e I st of July 1691 
Their Son Thomas born y e 11 of Decern 1693 
Their Daughter Hannah Born 13 June 1696 
Thomas Allyn Deceasd 25 November 1696 Aged In y e 32 year 

of his Age 

Sam 11 Allyn and Sarah Tayler Married 20 Day of Decern 1 " 1705 

by M r Russel 
their Son Samuel Allyn was born y e 26 of Nov r in y e year 1706 
Samuel Allyn y e Father Died 21 Decem r 1706 aged in y e 39 

year of his age 

Hannah Allyn y e Wife of Sam 11 Allyn Sen r Departed This Life 
on Tuesday y e 23 Octo r 171 1 About 10 of y e Clock in y e 

M r Samuel Departed this Life on Fyday 25 Nov r 1726 

[P- 39 1 ] The Records of Anthony Annables Births 

Jane his Wife Died About December 1643 

he married With Anne Clarck I st of March 1645 

his son Samuel borne about 22 of January 1646 

his Son Ezekel was Born 

his Daughter Desire was born about beginning of Octo r 1653 

Barnstable, Mass., Vital Records. 


Samuel Annable & Mehitable Allyn Married I of June 1667 

his Son Samuel born 14 of July 1669 

his Daughter Hannah Born March 1672 and buried five Months 

his Son John Born 19 July 1673 
his Daughter Anna born 4 of March 1675 

Samuel Annable was Married y e 11 of April 1695 with Patience 

and Their Daughter Desire was Born on y e 3 rd of January 1696 
and Their Daughter Anna was born on y e 2J of September 

& their Daughter Jane was Born on y e 24 of December 1699 
& their Son Samuel Born on y e 14 of January 1701/2 
a Dead Born Child 12 of January 1704 
his Daughter patience born 15 of May 1705 
his Son Thomas Born 21 of June 1708 

John Annable & Experience Tayler Married June 16. 1692 
Their son Samuel born 3 rd Day of September 1693 
Their Daughter Mehitable born 28 of September 1695 
Their son John Born April 1697 & Deceas d a month after 
Their Second son John born 31 May 1698 
Mary born In December 1701 
Cornelius Born 3 of November 1704 
Abigail 30 th of April 17 10 

Samuel Allyn y e Son of M r Thomas Allyn born 1 of February 


S d Samuel Allyn & Hannah Walley Marryed 10 of May 1664 

his Son Thomas Born 22 of March 1665 

his Son Samuel born 19 of January 1666 

his Son Joseph born 7 th of April 167 1 

his Daughter Hannah born y e 4 of March 167I 

his Daughter Elizabeth born 26 of Novem r 168 1 & Deceas d 23 

Decern 1698 
Above s d Thomas Allyn Deceas d In Nov r 1696 
Samuel y e Son Died 21 of Decern 1706 

John Allyn & Mary Howland Married 

his son John Born 3 rd of April 1674 

his Daughter Mary Born 5 of August 1675 & Died 7 ot ' J ul >' 

his Son Matthew born 6 of August 1677 & Died Last of Octo r 

his Son Isaac Born 8 of Nov r 1679 

[p. 392] Austin Beirse 

his Daughter Mary Beirse born In y e Year 1640 

214 Barnstable, Mass., Vital Records. 

Martha In y e Year 1642 

Priscilla About y e 10 of March 1643 

Sarah y e 28 of March 1646 

Abigail y e 18 of Decem r 1647 

Hannah y e 16 of Nov r 1649 

his Son Joseph born 25 of January 165 1 

his Daughter Hester 2 of Octo r 1653 

Lyciia about y e End of Sep tr 1655 

Rebekah About Sept r 1657 

his Son James About y e End of July 1660 

Joseph Berse and Martha Tayler Married y e 3 of December 

Their Daughter Mary born y e 16 of August 1677 
Their Son Joseph Born y e 21 of February 1679 
Their Son Benjamin Born y e 21 Day of June 1682 
Their Daughter Priscilla born y e Last Day of Decern 1 " 1683 & 

Deceased y e 31 of March 1684 
Their Son Ebenezer borne y e 20 of January 1685 
Their Son John Berse Born May y e 8 1687 
Their Son Josiah Berse Born March 10 1690 
Their son James Berse Born y e 3 of Octo r 1692 

Nicholas Bonham & Hannah Fuller Married 1 of January 1658 

his Daughter Hannah Born y e 8 of Octo r 1659 

his Daughter Mary y e 4 of Octo r 166 1 

his Daughter Sarah born y e 16 of February 1664 

Joseph Benjamin & Jemima Lumbard Married 10 of June 1661 

Cornelius Briggs & Mehitable Annable Married May 6 1683 

Tho s Bille & Anna Twining Married y e 3 of Octo r 1672 

Nathaniel Bacon and Hannah Mayo Married 4 of Decern 1 " 1642 

Their Daughter Hannah Born y e 4 of September 1643 

Their Son Nathaniel Born y e 5 th of February 1645 

Their Daughter Mary Bon y e 12 of August 1648 

Their Son Samuel y e 25 of February 1650 

Their Daughter Elizabeth bon y e 28 of January 1653 

Their son Jeremiah Born y e 8 of May 1657 

Their Daughter Mercy Born 28 of February 1659 

Their Son John Born y e Beginning of June 1661 

[P- 393] Nathaniel Bacon & Sarah Hinkley Married 27 of 

March 1673 
Their son Nathaniel Born on y e 9 of Sep* 1674 
Their Daughter Mary Born on y e 9 of Octo r 1677 
Their Daughter Elizabeth born on y e 1 1 of April 1680 
Their Son Samuel born on y e 20 of January 1682 

Barnstable, Mass., Vital Records. 215 

Sarah y e wife of y e Above S d Nathaniel Dyed 16 of February 

The Above S d Nathaniel Bacon Sen r Dyed y e Last of Decem r 

169 1 

John Bacon and Mary Hawes Married June 17. 1686 
Their Daughter Hannah Born y e 7 of June 1687 
Their Daughter Desire Born 15 of March 1688/9 
Their Son Nathaniel Born 16 of January 1691/2 
Their Daughter Patience Born 15 of June 1694 
Their Son John Born 24 of March 1697 
Their Son Isaac Born 29 of March 1699 
Their Son Solomon Born 3 of April 1701 
Their son Jude Born 9 of December 1703 

Jeremiah Bacon & Elizabeth Howes Married 10 Decern 1 * 1686 

Their Daughter Sarah Born 16 of Octo r 1687 

Their Daughter Anna Born 16 of Novem r 1688 

Their Daughter Mercy Born 30 of January 1689 

Their Son Samuel born 15 of April 1692 

Their Son Jeremiah Born 2 of Octo r 1694 

Their Son Joseph Born 15 of June 1695 

Their Son Ebenezer Born 11 of March 1698 

Their Son Nathaniel Born 11 of September 1700 

Their Son Job born 23 of March 1703 

Their Daughter Elizabeth born August 6 th 1705 

Sam 11 Bacon & Martha Foxwell Married 9 of May 1659 
Their Son Samuel Born 9 of March 1659/60 
Their Daughter Martha Midst of 1661 * 

Nathaniel Bacon & Ruth Dogget were married 11 of Nov r 1696 

by Maj r Mayhew 
Their son Thomas Born 30 of Sep* 1697 
Their Son David Born 11 of Decem r 1700 
Their Son Jonathan y e 11 of March 1703 
Hannah their Daughter born January 15 1704/5 
Sarah Born y e 6 of January 1707/8 

Samuel Bacon & y e Widdow Sarah AllynMarried pr M r Russel 

y e 26 of Janry 1706 
Their son Ebenezer Born y e 4 of December 1708 
Their Daughter Mercy Born y e 22 nd of May 17 10 
Their Son Edward born y e 23 of January 17 14/15 

( To be continued?) 
* This has been altered in a later hand to read " Janry 1671." 

216 Old Boston, England. 


( Concluded from page ij8.) 

In the civil war Boston was a place of great importance. In 
the Parliamentary publications, under date 14 July, 1642, it is 
said : " Information was given that his Majesty intended putting 
garrisons in Lynn, Boston and other sea-towns, whereupon it 
was directed that a general order be drawn to oppose that illegal 
act." In 1643 Boston was one of the towns ordered by the 
king to contribute towards the illegal ship-money tax "one ship 
of 800 tons, 260 men at least, with double tackle, munition 
wages, and victuals." April 18, 1643, ft was certified that Boston 
was very strongly fortified and sometime in that month the 
town passed under the Parliament's control. The two Boston 
members of Parliament, Sir Anthony Irby and William Ellis, 
had been indicted with many others in Lincolnshire for high 
treason in having sided with the Parliament. Boston became, 
in 1643, an important centre of Parliamentary military activity, 
General Fairfax calling it the "key of the associated counties." 
This means the agreement or association of the eastern counties 
generally in support of the Parliament against the king. Crom- 
well was in command in the neighborhood of Boston through the 
remainder of 1643 and a large army was gathered there. Num- 
erous military operations took place in that section and the 
Royalists were completely defeated at Winceby Field, near by, 
11 October, 1643, losing 600 killed and 800 prisoners, although 
they considerably outnumbered the Parliamentarians. With 
the end of the year Cromwell departed and this was all of 
Boston's participation in the war, although most of its leading 
men were on the side of the Roundheads and the town was a 
centre of opposition to the King during the whole of the war, 
which terminated in a tragical way for the personification of the 
"Divine right of Kings." Bishop Williams of Lincoln wrote 
in 1646 : 

"You see the times grow high and turbulent and no one 
knows where the rage and madness of them may end ; I am just 
come from Boston where I was used very coarsely." 


-. — r^7**mw*wz^^ 





r \ 

Old Boston^ England. 217 

On the restoration of the Stuarts in 1662, Boston was pun- 
ished for its participation by the removal from office of nine 
Aldermen, eight Councilmen and one Sergeant-at-Mace, also the 
Mayor. It is gratifying to the Puritan descendants of Crom- 
well's Ironsides and to the New Englander generally to know 
that the Mother Boston stood so loyally for the rights of wor- 
ship and against arbitrary taxation as exemplified by the Stuarts. 

By the middle of the eighteenth century the trade of Boston 
again was reduced to a low ebb through the ruinous state of 
the river and haven caused by mismanagement and neglect. 
Floods, high tides and storms also caused great damage. In 
1767 Parliament passed an act for improving the fens near 
Boston, bringing a great tract of land under cultivation and 
materially improving the town's trade. More high tides seem 
to have caused devastation periodically. One of these is famous 
wherever English literature is known and appreciated from the 
pen of a poet born in Boston, Jean Ingelow. This is her well 
known " High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire, 15 71." 

The great tide in 1810 (10 November) was the most calami- 
tous of all and the town barely escaped total destruction. Since 
then there have been no serious difficulties, while the construc- 
tion of a modern set of docks has given Boston a renewed lease 
of commercial life. To-day the town has a good and a growing 
trade and is far from being the sleepy village that some Amer- 
icans think. It has the charm of antiquity, and its picturesque- 
ness is most pleasing, but it also has modern life, and is growing 
well, as growth is measured in our conservative mother country. 
In 1565 Boston had 471 families according to the Harleian 
manuscript; in 1768 the population was 3470; in 1801 it was 
5926; in 181 1 it had grown to 81 13 ; in 1880 it was about 
15,000 and is to-day not far from 20,000. It will be seen that 
the percentage of growth of late has been very gratifying. 

Reference has been made to John Cotton as easily the great- 
est man connected with old Boston's history, although John 
Fox was a native, and also Jean Ingelow. Cotton was Vicar 
of St. Botolph's Church from 161 2 to 1633. He was son of 
Rowland Cotton, an attorney ; was born at Derby 4 Decem- 
ber, 1585 ; showed signs of Puritanism at Cambridge University, 
where he was a fellow of Emmanuel College and head lecturer, 

2 1 8 Old Boston, England. 

dean, and catechist, with many scholars. He settled at Boston, 
on invitation, 1612. He became a non-conformist, but con- 
tinued twenty years in Boston during which time his house was 
filled with young students, some from Germany and Holland, 
but most from Cambridge, finishing their studies. Burnham's 
" Pious Memorials " quoted in an old history of Boston, pub- 
lished in 1S18, says : 

"His distinguished piety and extensive usefulness having 
sufficiently exposed him to the malice of the prelates, letters 
missive were out against him from the infamous high commis- 
sion court. As he knew that if he appeared there he could 
expect no other than to be stifled with such a perpetual impris- 
onment as had already murdered Bates, Udal, etc. he concealed 
himself as well as he could from the search of the officers. 
Application was made in the mean time to the Earl of Dorset, 
for the fulfilling of an old engagement of his to Mr. Cotton and 
the Earl did intercede for him, but the Archbishop of Canter- 
bury rendered all his intercessions both ineffectual and unsea- 
sonable. Lord Dorset therefore informed Mr. Cotton that if he 
had been guilty of drunkenness, uncleanness or any such lesser 
fault he could have obtained his pardon, but as he was guilty 
of Puritanism and non-conformity the crime was unpardonable, 
and therefore he advised him to flee for his safety. In conse- 
quence Cotton and two other ministers, Hooker and Stone, 
embarked on the same vessel for New England, arriving 3 
September, 1633. Cotton died 23 December, 1652." 

John Cotton's work and influence in New England are graven 
in letters of gold on the pages of our history. It is pleasant to 
know that in old Boston his learning, sincerity, ability and great- 
ness are appreciated keenly and are honored more and more 
with the years ; the various histories of the town give ready 
praise and on the whole a just analysis of his motives in holding 
to the Puritan side of the great controversy, and a becoming 
pride is taken in his great work in the new England and in the 
growth and influence of the new Boston as reflecting on the 
mother Boston. The New England Bostonian finds warmest 
welcome in the Lincolnshire Boston ; the people are decid- 
edly hospitable, and in St. Botolph's Church and the quaint 
little book shop within its shadow — a building fairly bulg- 
ing with age, albeit of stone — he is made to feel at home 
indeed. Old Boston has many old families and men and women 

Old Boston, England. 219 

proud of the past who delight in historical and literary research, 
and these appreciate warmly the eminence in literature which 
distinguishes the Boston of the west. The visitor from Tri- 
mountain to St, Botolph's town has no lack of courteous aid in 
his inquiries about the old town, and there is a delight in meet- 
ing us and in pointing out the places of interest, in talking about 
the history of the town and its great grown-up daughter, that is 
most enjoyable. The typical English conservatism and our 
own Boston reserve give way, and Bostonians, separated in their 
homes by more than 3,000 miles, get together right loyally in 
"the sympathy of kindred minds" in the dear old streets and 
quaint old buildings of the Boston of the fens. This most charm- 
ing courtesy and kindliness of the people of old Boston towards 
the American visitor is not the least of the pleasures of a pilgrim- 
age to the mother town. 

Boston Church, otherwise the parish Church of St. Botolph, 
is the most prominent feature of the town. It is the second or 
third largest parish church in England, and while lacking tran- 
septs and other adjuncts of a cathedral, yet is larger than 
some of the seats of the Bishops of the English establishment 
and is certainly much more imposing than many of them. It 
has antiquity, solidity, beauty and history, with one of the most 
imposing spires to be seen on any church, even in Europe. 
This spire known locally as " The Boston Stump " gives a view 
of the surrounding country that is superb. The foundations 
were laid in 1309 at the time when Boston was at the height of 
its commercial prosperity, but the nave and chancel are thought 
to be even older. The account of the foundation of the present 
edifice by an old historian is interesting : 

"Anno 1309 in the third yeare of King Edwarde ye 2nd, the 
foundation of Boston steeple, on the next Monday after Palm 
Sunday, was begun to be dug by many miners, and so continued 
till midsummer following, at which time they were deeper than 
the haven by 5 foot, and they found a bed of stone upon a 
spring of sand, and that laid upon a bed of clay, the thickness of 
which could not be known. Then upon the Monday, next after 
the feast of St. John Baptist was laid the first stone by Dame 
Margery Tilney, and thereon laid shee five pound sterling; Sir 
John Truesdale, then parson of Boston, gave also five pounds 
more. These were all ye great guifts at that time." 

220 Old Boston, England. 

It is a most interesting building, whereof the spire is easily 
the most interesting part. The delicacy of the stone work is 
remarkable. It has been compared to the tower of the famous 
church of Antwerp and it does not suffer in the comparison. It 
is in the perpendicular style of architecture, a word usually 
abbreviated in the guide-books, hence the amusing error of the 
American lady who affected knowledge of architecture not 
possessed and described one of England's celebrated cathedrals 
as being in " perp." style, which was right as far as it went, but 
had a canine sound altogether out of keeping with the dignity 
of the subject. The main body of St. Botolph's Church is of 
the decorative style, and the name is well deserved in this case. 
Interiorly the Church shows the marks of the stern days of the 
Commonwealth, and many are the brasses which were pulled up 
and taken down; many the beautiful objects of art which fell 
before the Puritan's iconoclastic fury when at last he turned on 
the "Divine Right" of King and Prelate and demonstrated the 
diviner right of the Englishman and of the Christian. The 
Church had fallen somewhat into decay with the decadence of 
Boston commercially, and it is another odd coincidence that it 
was used as a cavalry stable by the Parlfamentary army — a 
coincidence when the use made by the British troops in the 
daughter Boston of our Old South is remembered. It was not 
until 1840 that the work of restoration of St. Botolph's was 
undertaken and it was completed in 1853. Two years later the 
Cotton Chapel, which had been used as an engine house, was 
restored and named by New England Bostonians in honor of the 
illustrious Vicar of St. Botolph's and the first minister of the 
Puritan Church in the city by the Charles. The Latin inscrip- 
tion, written by Edward Everett, reads : 

"In perpetual remembrance of John Cotton who during the 
reigns of James and Charles was for many years a grave, skilful, 
learned and laborious Vicar of this Church. Afterwards, on ac- 
count of the miserable commotion amongst sacred affairs in his 
own country, he sought anew settlement in a new world, and 
remained even to the end of his life a pastor and teacher of the 
greatest reputation and of the greatest authority in the first 
church of Boston in New England, which receives this vener- 
able name in honor of Cotton. Ccxxxv years having passed 

Old Boston, Engla?id. 221 

away since his migration, his descendants and the American 
citizens of Boston were invited to this pious work by their 
English brethren, in order that the name of an illustrious man, 
the love and honor of both worlds, might not any longer be 
banished from that noble temple in which he diligently, learnedly 
and sacredly expounded the divine oracles for so many years ; 
and they have willingly and gratuitously caused this shrine to 
be restored and this tablet to be erected in the year of our recov- 
ered salvation, 1855." 

The tower rises to a height of 272 feet, being surmounted 
by an octagonal lantern from which in former times a warning 
beacon guided navigators and travellers through the surrounding 
fens. Two hundred years are said to have been consumed in the 
erection of the building, extending through the reigns of ten 
sovereigns. It is not over and above well embellished, for 
reasons already indicated, but it does not inspire one with chil- 
liness ; on the contrary the spell of the great Vicar is over one, 
as he sees in use to-day the same pulpit which he honored for a 
generation, and the realization that here indeed we are at the 
birthplace of our great Boston and all that is meant thereby of 
progress, of education, of culture and of influence invests dear 
old St. Botolph's with a glory far greater than gorgeous stained 
glass, or rich treasures of art. It is hallowed by an honored 
past and by the sense of the mighty influence which went forth 
from this minister of the fens to the new world where Puritan- 
ism became sweetened and worked out to triumphant success its 
great part in the elevation of mankind, in the freeing of human 
thought and activity, religious and political. 

Nevertheless St. Botolph's possesses rich chancel carvings, 
claimed to be surpassed by no church in England and what 
brasses remain are well worthy inspection. The organ, first 
mentioned in 1480, has been restored and entirely reconstructed. 
The ceiling of the tower is i4ofeet high, and it is a curious fact 
that the Church conforms in a number of ways to the divisions 
of time. There are 365 steps to the summit of the tower, there 
are 52 windows, 12 pillars, 24 steps to the library and 60 steps 
leading to the chancel. From the tower one sees the beautiful 
river Witham, with ancient ruins, Lincoln Cathedral (on a clear 
day), the Wash, and the distant Norfolk hills, with little villages, 

222 Old Boston, England. 

church spires, and an altogether inspiring English landscape, 
wherein sea and fen mingle most charmingly. 

" Boston Stump," as the tower of St. Botolph's is called 
locally, dominates the view everywhere in and around Boston, 
and the visitor soon comes to look for it wherever he may be in 
and around the town. The guild hall, or town hall, is as old as 
the church, probably older, and has been mentioned above as 
containing in its basement or cellars the cells wherein were 
confined the Scrooby Pilgrims after their first attempt at escape 
to the Netherlands. Numerous old buildings, with projecting 
upper stories, greet the eye almost everywhere in old Boston's 
streets, and the inns, particularly the Peacock, are delightful to 
the lover of the antique. This tavern was doing business long 
before the migration of Pilgrim and Puritan to New England, 
and to-day the descendants of those exiles delight to wander 
through its quaint, long corridors, its low ceilinged and musty 
rooms, richly wainscotted, out to the skittle-ground, where the 
good, old English game still goes on as it has done in the same 
spot for centuries. The heavily panelled coffee room, with its 
antique fireplace and mantel, make the New England Bostonian 
fairly yearn to transport, first one piece of furniture, then 
another, then the whole room, and finally the whole inn to our 
Boston. We have no such inns here, and few indeed there are 
in England. The Red Lion too, is a jolly old place of entertain- 
ment for man and beast, entered under an archway into the inn 
yard, where behind an open window in the summer days sits the 
typical red cheeked, plump English country bar-maid, while 
the villagers sit outside with their ale and pipes, contemplating 
the sides of bacon and the hams hung up above, with the activ- 
ities of the old inn yard, fairly realizing the descriptions of 
Dickens in the accounts of the peregrinations of the immortal 
Pickwick. Would that the genial old president of that famous 
Pickwick Club had visited Boston as he did Rochester, and 
Cobham, and Ipswich and Bury St. Edmunds and the many 
other places celebrated as never before by the master touch of 
humor of the great novelist. 

And Boston has pastry shops, too, if you do not want the 
"joint and the sweet '.' of the inn — shops where you may have 
a little back room for a quiet tea, with shrimps of the kind 

Old Boston, E?igland. 223 

favored particularly by Sairey Gamp, with bread buttered for 
you in generous quantity and of unimpeachable quality, and all 
the delicacies of wondrous variety in tarts and goodies compre- 
hended under the name of "sweets." Then from the Guild- 
Hall we turn down Spain Lane, full of quaint, low, old stone 
houses and warehouses, more than four hundred years old some 
of them, which is named, not in honor of our late antagonist, 
but for the De Spayne family, Boston merchants of the four- 
teenth century. A curious, half-timbered building nearer the 
centre of the town, Shodfriars-hall, commemorates one of the 
numerous monastic orders- which was settled in Boston prior 
to the reformation, literally meaning monks or friars who wore 
sandals — were shod, in fact, instead of going barefooted. This 
hall is restored, but in harmony with the old style of architec- 
ture, after the fashion followed notably in Chester, and increas- 
ing in other English towns, and is used now for concerts and 
other public entertainments. Another hall, named for a promi- 
nent old Boston merchant, called Peascod, recalls memories 
of Shakespeare's delightful "Midsummer Night's Dream." 
The streets, some of them, suggest our Boston — High, West, 
and South and Cornhill Lane, but most of them are peculiar to 
Boston itself. Wormgate and Wide and Straight Bargate, 
Pump Square, Bridge Foot, Stanbow Lane, Mitre Lane, Grey- 
friars Lane, Liquorpond Street and Petticoat Lane are exam- 
ples, and of course there is the Market Place, for all English 
towns of any size at all have a market place wherein once or 
twice a week country produce is bought and sold, and market 
days are the days generally on which to see Boston or any town 
at its best. Boston is one of the most curious old towns in 
England, with a large, irregular market place, quaint antique 
buildings and a strong suggestion of the picturesque towns on 
the other side of the North Sea. It is quiet enough save on the 
market days, when the streets swarm with country folk and the 
bustle has a delicious old world character most novel to the Amer- 

Much indeed do we owe to the fair town of Lincolnshire, that 
it gave us of its best and noblest in manhood in the Puritan 
Cotton, servant of God and builder of New England ; the inspi- 
ration of an honored ancestry which dared to follow conscience, 

224 Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths. 

and which has been most richly blessed in this new world which 
they won for liberty of worship and of government. Pleasant 
is the thought that in the old England our Pilgrim Fathers 
found some little softening of the almost universal rigor of 
their treatment in Boston town and that even then there was 
a sympathetic drawing together of Pilgrim and Puritan which 
prefigured the complete assimilation in later years in the new 
England of the two grandest types of Anglo-Saxon manhood. 
Long may the noble tower of the good St. Botolph stand not 
only a beacon for the traveller by sea and land but as an in- 
spiration to us in this new Boston to holier, better living, for 
that we have in trust that honored name. 


(Continued from page 166.) 

[Vol. I, p. 37] The Children of Jacob Michell & of Rebekah his 

1 : Suzanah borne January y e 15 th 170J 

2 : Rebeckah born on the 19 th of October 1704 
5 : Lidia born June 20 th 1710 

6: Noah born September 16 : 1712 

7 Isaac born January 20 I7y| 

8 Sarah born Aprill 29 : 17 17 

9 Elizabeth born Aprill 27 1722 

3* Seth Michel born March 16. 1705/6 
4* Mary Michel born March 7. 1707/8 

The Children of Joseph Warren & Mehittabl Warren his Wife 

1 Joseph born on the 17 th of January 169^ 

2 pricila Waren born on the 19 th of June 1696 

The Children of Isaac Dotty and of Martha Dotty his Wife 

1 Eliazebeth born on y e 24 day of Aprill 1704 

2 Jeane Born on y e 10 th of November 1706 

3 Isaac born on y e 30 of March 1709 

4 Rebecah born on y e 10 of March 171 1 

5 Neriah born on the 8 th March i?\% 

6 Jabez born January first 1 7 16 

7 Hope born November 11 th 17 18 She Deceased April 5 th 17 20 

•In the margin is written " Should have been Entred before." 

Plyjnonth Births, Marriages and DeatJis. 225 

8 Ichabd born on y e 13 th Day of January at four oClock in the 


9 and Mary born on y e Same Day at 2 a clock in y e after none 

in y e year I7|-J 

The Child of John Holmes & Experiance Holmes his Wife 
I Samuel born November : 21 : 1704 

[p. 38] The Children of M r Thomas Little and of M re Mary 
Little his Wife 

1 Thomas borne att Marshfeild September y e 20 th 1701 died at 

Marthas Vineyard in 1744 

2 Isaac borne att plimouth May y e 18 th 1704 died at Plimton in 

June 1755 

3 May hew born feb r y 6. 1706/7 deceased June 22. 1735 a Jemaco 
Mary born July 26. 1709 died Mar. 1 1755 

George born April II. 1712 dceased 1729. in the fall of y e 
year lost at Sea in the year 1729 

The Children of John Churchell Jun. & of Desire Churchel his 

1 Priscilla Born y e 27 th Day of November 1701 

2 Samuell Born y e 8 th Day of March 170I 

3 Sarah born on y e 25 of aprill 1706 

4 Phebe born on y e 8 of October 1708 

5 Rebeca born Desembe 11 th 171 3 

The Children of Samll King Junior and of Bethia King his 

1 Joanah Borne octtober y e 8 th 1697 

2 Sarah Borne March y e 25 th 169I 

3 Rebekah Borne June y e 2 th 1700 

4 Samuel Borne June y e 24 th 1702 

The Children of John May Jun r & Bathshua his Wife 

1 Anna May Born Feb 1 ^ 20 th 1746/7. Deceas d Sep r y e 12. 1778 

2 Bathshua May Born Feb r y 19 th 1748/9. 

[p. 39] The Child of Jeremiah Jacson & hanah Jacson his Wife 
1 Thomas Jacson borne on the first day of march 170J 

The Children of Martin Wright, & Sarah his Wife 

1 A Son Still born 1750 

2 Joseph Wright Born Sept r 5 th 175 1. 
Sarah Wright Born June 12 th 1759 

The Children of Joseph Finney & Marsey Finney his wife 

1 Alse born on the first of Aprill 1694 

2 John born on the 17 th of desember 1696 

3 Mary born on the 5 th of May 1700 

226 Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths. 

The Children of Elkanath Cushman Junior & hesther his Wife 
i Elizabeth born on y e fifth of desember 1703 

2 Elkanan born on y e 10 th of July 1706 

3 James born August 29 th 1709 

The Child of John Torrey & Mary his Wife 

Haviland Torrey Born July 20 th 1752. Ent d in the New 
Book Page 65 

[p. 40] The Children of Robert Waterman & Mary Waterman 
his Wife 

1 Isaac born on the 10 th of May 1703 

2 Josiah born on y e 5 th of March 1704 

The Children of James Thomas, & Abigail his Wife 

2. Jonathan Thomas Born June 1. 1752. Deceased Dec r 22 nd 

1. James Thomas Born January 25 th 1751. Deceased Nov r y e 
10 th 175 1. 

3. Priscilla Thomas Born July y e 26 th 1754. Deceased Dec r y e 

9 th 1754 

The Children of Benjamin Bartlett and Sarah bartlet his wife. 

1 Nathaniel born on the 21 of July 1703 

2 Jonathan born on the 24 th of January i7o| 

3 Benjamin born on y e 23 of January 170-f- 

4 Joseph born on y e 27 th Day of March 170I 

5 hannah born on y e 14 of ffebruary 1 710. 11 

6 Sarah born on y e last Day of January 171 3 

The Children of Isaac Cushman Junior & Sarah Cushman his 

1 Phebe born on the 14 th of March 1703 

2 Alse born on the 26 th of June 1705 

The Children of Silvanus Bramhall, & Mary his Wife 
1 Joshua Bramhall Born, April 27. 1736. 

2. Sarah Bramhall Born, Sep 1 28. 1737 

3. Silvanus Bramhall Born, July 24. 1739 

4. Nehemiah Bramhall Born April 20. 1741. Deceased 

5. Joseph Bramhall Born, Jan r y 30. 1742/3 

6. George Bramhall Born April 3. 1745 

7. Mary Bramhall Born July 20. 1746. Deceased 

8. Lydia Bramhall Born March 1. 1748. Deceased 

9. Cornelius Bramhall Born May 7. 1749 
10. Mary Bramhall Born June 14. 175 1. 

[p. 41] The Child of Abiall ffullar & Annis ffuller his Wife 
I John born the 25 th of ffebruary 170J 

Plymouth Births \ Marriages and D eat lis. 227 

The Children of Amariah Harlow, & Lois his Wife 

1. Amariah Harlow Born March 22. 1746/7 

2. Lois Harlow Born March 9. 1748/9 

The Children of ffrances Adams & Mary his wife 

1 Mary born on the 10 th of November 1704 

2 Jemimah born on y e 12 th Day of January I70f- 

3 Thomas born on y e 5 th of May 1 709 

4 ffrances born September 27 171 1 died at Jamaica in 1752 

5 John born June : 14 : 1714 

6 Richard born January i7o|f 

The Children of henery Sanders & Ann Sanders his Wife 

1 Annah born on the 20 th of October 1701 

2 Sarah born the 14 th of ffebruary 1703 

3 Abigaiel born the (*) of March 1705 
Jonathan Sanders Borne Nov r 17 171 3 

[p. 42] The Children Adam Jones & Mary Jones his Wife 

1 Marcey borne on y e 21 of June 1703 

2 Remember born : on the 8 th day of July 1705 

The Children of Benjamin King, & Bettey his Wife 

1 Bettey King born Aug st 29. 1751. 

2 Rebeckah King born March 1. 1753 

3 Benjamin King born March 19. 1758. 

4 Susannah King born June 15 th 1769 

The Children of Ebenazer burges & Marsey burgas his Wife 

1 Elizabeth born on the 25 th of January 1702 

2 Samuel born on the 8 th of March 1703 

3 Thankfull born on y e 19 th day of October 1704 

Nathaniel born aprill 7 th 1706 Deceased. December 21. 1723. 

Ebenazer born November 28 1707 

Benjamin born July 9 th 1709 

Mary born July 14 17 12 

Jabez born January 15 th 1717 Deceased September 9 th 1723 

The Child of Joseph ashley & Elizabeth Ashley his Wife 
I Thomas Born on the 21 th of ffebruary 1704 

The Children of Zephaniah Morton & Jerusha his Wife 

1 Zephaniah Morton Born March 12 1748/9. 

2 George Morton Born Dec r 27. 1750 

3 Eleazer Morton Born April 6. 1753. 

4 Sarah Morton Born Dec r 20. 1755. 

5 William Morton. Born. Oct r 10. 1757. 
Rebecca Morton born April I st 1760 

( To be continued.} 
* Doubtful. Is either loth or 16th. 

228 Governor William Bradford 's Will and Inventory. 


Literally transcribed from the original records, 
By George Ernest Bowman. 

Governor William Bradford's will and inventory are recorded 
in the Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories, Volume II, 
Part I, pages 53 to 59, both inclusive. 

[p. 53] The last Will and Testament Nunckupative of M r Wil- 
lam Bradford seni r : Deceased May the Ninth 1657 and exhib- 
ited to the court held att Plymouth June 3 d 1657 

M r Willam Bradford seni r : being weake in body but in prfect 
memory haveing Defered the forming of his Will in hopes of 
haveing the healp of M r Thomas Prence therin ; feeling him- 
selfe very weake and drawing on to the conclusion of his mor- 
tall life spake as followeth ; I could have Desired abler then 
myselfe in the Desposing of that I have; how my estate is 
none knowes better then youerselfe, said hee to Lieftenant 
Southworth ; I have Desposed to John and Willam alreddy 
theire proportions of land which they are possessed of ; 

My Will is that what I stand Ingaged to p r forme to my Chil- 
dren and others may bee made good out of my estate that my 
Name Suffer not ; 

ffurther my Will is that my son Josepth bee made in some 
sort equall to his brethern out of my estate ; 

My further Will is that my Deare & loveing wife Allice 
Bradford shalbee the sole Exequitrix of my estate ; and for her 
future maintainance my Will is that my Stocke in the Kenne- 
becke Trad bee reserved for her Comfortable Subsistence as 
farr as it will extend and soe further in any such way as may 
bee Judged best for her ; 

I further request and appoint my welbeloved Christian 
ffrinds M r Thomas Prence Captaine Thomas Willett and Lief- 
tenant Thomas Southworth to bee the Suppervissors for the 

Governor William Bradford's Will and Inventory. 229 

Desposing of my estate according to the r/mises Confiding 
much in theire faithfulnes 

I comend unto youer Wisdome and Descretions some smale 
bookes written by my owne hand to bee Improved as you shall 
see meet ; In speciall I Comend to you a little booke with a 
blacke cover wherin there is a word to Plymouth a word to 
Boston and a word to New England with sundry usefull -verses ; 

These pticulars were expressed by the said Willam Brad- 
ford Gov r the 9 th of May 1657 in the p r sence of us Thomas 
Cushman Thomas Southworth Nathaniell Morton ; whoe were 
Deposed before the court held att Plymouth the 3 d of June 1657 
to the truth of the abovesaid Will that it is the last Will and 
Testament of the abovesaid M r Willam Bradford seni r : 

[p. 54] A Trew Inventory of the Estate of M r Willam Brad- 
ford seni r : lately Deceased taken and apprissed by us whose 
names are underwrite the 22 cond of May 1657 and exhibited to 
the court holden att Plymouth the 3 d of June 1657 on t ^e oath 
of mis Alike Bradford 

beding and other thinges in y e old parler jQ s d 

Imp r : one feather bed and bolster 03 00 00 

It a featherbed a featherbolster a featherpillow 03 00 00 

It a Canvas bed with feathers and a bolster and 2 pillowes 01 15 00 

It one green rugg 01 00 00 

It a paire of whit blanketts 01 00 00 

It one whit blaDkett 00 12 00 

It 2 paire of old blanketts 01 00 00 

It 2 old Coverlidds 01 00 00 

It 1 old white rugg and an old ridd Coverlidd 01 00 00 
It 1 paire of old curtaines Darnickes & an old paire of 

say curtaines 

It a Court Cubbard 01 05 00 

It a winescot bedsteed and a settle 01 10 00 

It 4 lether Chaires 01 12 00 

It 1 great lether Chaire 00 10 00 

It 2 great wooden Chaires 00 08 00 

It a Table & forme and 2 stooles 01 05 00 

It a winscott Chist & Cubburd 01 05 00 

It a Case with six knives 00 05 00 

It 3 matchcock musketts 02 02 00 

It a Snaphance Muskett 01 00 00 

It a birding pecce and an other smale peece 00 18 00 

It a pistoll and Cutlas 00 12 00 

It a Card and a platt 00 05 00 

15 00 






















230 Governor Willia?n Bradford 's Will and Inventory. 

in the great rome 
It 2 great Carved Chaires 
It a smale carved Chaire 
It a Table and forme 
It 3 striped Carpetts 
It 10 Cushens 
It 3 old Cushens 
It a Causlett and one headpeece 
It 1 fouling peece without a locke 3 old barrells of guns ) , 

one paire of old bandeleers and a rest j 

It 2 paire of holland sheets 
It 1 Dowlis sheet 

It 2 paire of Cotten and linnin Sheets 
It 2 paire of hemp and Cotten sheets 
It 2 paire of Canvas sheets 
It 2 paire of old sheets 
[p. 55] It 4 fine shirts 
It 4 other shirts 

It a Douzen of Cotten and linnin napkins 
It a Douzen of Canvas Napkins 

It a Diaper Tablecloth and a Douzen of Diaper Napkins 
It 10 Diaper napkins of an other sort a Diaper tablecloth 

and a Diaper Cubburd cloth 
It 2 holland Tableclothes 
It 2 short Tableclothes 
It 2 old Tableclothes 
It a Douzen of old Napkins 
It halfe a Dousen of Napkins 
It 3 old Napkins 

It a Douzen of Course napkins & a course tablecloth 
It 2 fine holland Cubburd clothes 
It 3 paire of holland pillowbeers 
It 3 paire of Dowlis pillowbeers and an old one 
It 4 holland Towells and a lockorum one 

It 14 pewter Dishes weying 47 pound att 13 d pr pound 
It 6 pewter plates & 13 pewter platters weying thirty 2 

pounds att i5 d pr pound 
It 2 pewter plates 5 sawsers 4 basons & 5 Dishes weying 

eighteen pounds att 13 d pr pound 
It 2 ppeplates of pewter 
It 3 Chamberpotts 
It 7 porrengers 
It 2 quart potts & a pint pott 
It 2 old fBagons an a yore 

It a pewter Candlesticke a salt and a little pewter bottle 
It 4 venice glasses and seaven earthen Dishes 

In the kitchen brasse 
It 2 ffrench kittles 01 10 00 


00 00 


10 00 


15 00 


15 00 


10 00 


15 00 


00 00 


00 00 


12 OO 


06 OO 



} 03 







05 OO 


08 OO 




02 OO 


06 OO 


12 OO 


l8 OO 


14 OO 


05 OO 


l8 09 

I 02 


} OI 

02 06 



03 04 


09 OO 


03 06 


07 OO 


09 OO 


03 OO 



Governor William Bradford 's Will and Inventory. 231 

It 1 brasse kittle 

It 2 little ffrench kittles 

It an old warming pan 

It 2 old brasse kittles 

It a Duch pan 

It 3 brasse skilletts 

It 3 brasse Candlestickes and a brasse morter and pestle 

It an old brasse skimmer and a ladle 

It a paire of andjrons 

It an old brasse stewpan 

[p. 56] It 2 old brasse kittles 

It 2 Iron skilletts and a Iron kittle 

2 old great Iron pottes 
It 2 Iron potts lesser 

It 2 paire of pothangers 2 paire of pothookes 
It 2 paire of tonggs and an old fler shovell 
It one paire of Andjrons and a gridjron 
It a spitt and an old Iron Driping pan 
It a paire of Iron Rackes and an Iron veele and another ) 

peec of old Iron to lay before a Driping pan ) 

It 4 Dozen of Trenchers 
It 2 Juggs and 3 smale bottles 

in the New Chamber his clothes 
It a stuffe suite with silver buttons & a Coate 
It a Cloth Cloake faced with Taffety and lineed throw ) 

with baies j 

It a sad coullered Cloth suite 
It a Turkey Grogorum suite and cloake 
It a paire of blacke briches and a rid wastcoat 
It a lead coullered cloth suit with silver buttons 
It a sad coullered short coate and an old serge suite 
It a black cloth coate 
It a broad cloth Coate 
It a light Coullered stuffe Coate 
It an old green goune 
It a light Cullered Cloth Cloake 
It an old violett Coullered Cloake 
It a short coate of Cloath 
It 2 old Dublett and a paire of briches a short coate and ) 

an old stuffe Dublit and wastcoate j 

It 2 paire of stockens 
It 2 hates a blacke one and a coullered one 
It 2 old hatts 

It 1 great Chaire and 2 wrought stooles 
It a Carved Chist 
It a Table 

the plate 
It one great beer bowle 
It an other beer bowle 
It 2 wine Cupps 

00 15 00 
00 06 00 
00 05 00 
00 02 00 
00 04 00 
00 04 00 
00 07 00 
00 01 00 
00 06 00 
00 06 00 
00 05 00 

00 15 00 

01 00 00 
00 07 00 
00 08 00 
00 03 04 
00 10 00 
00 05 00 

00 10 00 

00 02 06 
00 02 00 

04 00 00 
03 10 00 

02 00 00 
02 00 00 

00 15 00 

02 00 00 

01 10 00 

00 15 00 

01 05 00 

00 16 00 

01 00 00 
01 15 00 
01 05 00 

00 10 00 

01 00 00 

00 07 00 

01 10 00 

00 16 00 

01 00 00 

01 00 00 
00 15 00 

03 00 00 

02 00 00 
02 00 00 

232 Governor William Bradford's Will and Inventory. 

It a salt 

It the trencher salt and a Drame cup 

It 4 silver spoones 

It 9 silver spoones 

[p. 57] In the Studdie 

It eight paire of shooes of the 12s 

It 6 paire of shoes of the 10 s 

It one paire of the eights 

It 3 paire of the 7 s 

It 2 paire of the sixes 

It 1 paire of the 5 s 1 paire of the 4 s 1 paire of the 3 s 

It 4 yards and an halfe of linncy woolcye 

It 3 remnants of English Cotten 

It 3 yards and an halfe of bayes 

It 17 yards of Course English moheer 

It 4 yards and 3 quarters of purpetuanna 

It 18 yards of rid penistone 

It 5 yards of broad cloth 

It 2 yards of broad cloth 

It 2% yards and an halfe of olive cullered Carsye 

It a yard and an halfe of whitish Carsey 

It 4 yards of Gray carsye 

It 5 yards and an halfe of rid Carsye 

It 4 yards and a quarter of Carsy ollive coullered 

It 7 yards of Carsye sad Cullered 

It 10 yards of gray Carsye 

It 6 yards and an halfe of rid plaine 

It 9 yards and an halfe of rash 

It 6 yards of holland 

It a remnant of Cushening 

It 7 smale moose skines 

It in Cash 

It his Deske 

It 2 Cases with some emty bottles 

It 3 or 4 old cases 

his bookes in folio 
M r Perkines workes 01 10 00 

It 3 of Docter Willetts workes viz on genesis exodus & 

It the ffrench acaddamey 
It the Guiciardin 
It the history of the Church 
It bodins Comons wealth 
It B Babbingtons workes 
It Peter Martire Comon places 
It Cartwright on the remish Testament 
It the history of the Netherlands 
It Peter Martire on the Romans 
It Mayers workes on the New Testament 
It Cottens Concordance 







































































































01 00 00 























1 S 











Governor William Bradford' s Will and Inventory. 

[p. 58] his bookes 

Speeds generall Description of the world 
Weames Christian Sinnagogue and the portrature of the } 

Image of God in man J 

It Luther on the gallations 
It the method of phiscicke 

It Calvins harmony and Calvins Comentary on the actes 
It Downhams 2cond pte of Christian Warfare 
It M r Cottens Answare to m r Willams 
It Taylers libertie of Phrophecye 
It Gouges Domestical! Dutyes 
It Justification of Seperation or reasons Descused & ob- ~\ 

servations Devine & morall the synode att Dort ; the > 

Apollogye ) 

It Mr Ainsworths workes the Counterpoison the triing ) 

out of the truth j 

It M r Ainsworth on geniseis Exodus & livitticus 
It Calvin on genises 

It Dike on the Deceitfulness of mans hart 
It GifTord refuted 

It Dod on the Comaundments & an other of his 
It three and fifty smale bookes 
It Calvine on the epistles in Duch with Divers other \ 

Duch bookes j 

It 2 bibles 
It a paire of boots 
It in lether 
It 2 old Chists 
It 6 old barrells a bucking tubb a brewing tubb & other ) 

old lumber J 

It a pcell of Cotten woole & a pcell of sheepes woole 
It a pcell of feathers 
It 3 ewe sheep 

It 3 middleing sheep & a poor one 
It a rarae Iambe and an halfe & half an ewe lamb 
It the old mare 

It a lame mare and an horse coult 
It a horse of two yeare old and advantate 
It an other horse coult of yeare and advantage 
It 4 bullockes 
It 7 Cuwes 
It a bull 

It 2 young bulls of two year old 
It a heifer of three yeare old not with Calfe 
It 2 heifers of two years old 
It 4 yearlings 
It five Calves 
It a sow and 2 hoggs 
It 2 shoats 
It five smale shoates 

01 10 00 

08 00 

00 02 00 
00 02 00 
00 08 00 
00 03 00 
00 02 00 
00 01 06 
00 02 06 

00 06 00 

00 02 00 

00 04 00 
00 02 06 
00 01 06 
00 00 06 

00 03 00 

01 06 06 

00 15 00 

01 00 00 
00 05 00 
00 18 00 

00 10 00 

01 00 00 

02 10 00 
00 12 00 
04 10 00 

04 00 00 

00 16 06 
12 00 00 
14 00 00 
07 00 00 

05 10 00 
20 00 00 
28 00 00 
04 00 00 

04 10 00 

03 05 00 

05 00 00 

06 00 00 
03 00 00 
02 15 00 

01 04 00 
01 10 00 

234 Early Records of Plympton, Mass. 

It the house and orchyard and some smale pcells of land) 

about the towne of Plymouth ) 45 

It 2 spining wheeles & a wether oo 16 oo 

[p. 59] Att the Westward in Debts upon the Duch ac- ) oo«eo 

count Consisting in Divers pcells j 5o 
Iem Debts owing to the estate 
It the Kennebeck Stocke Consisting in goods and Debts ) mm£ _ 

both English and Indians ) J 

More Debts owing in the bay 
It in Doute the shoomakers hands 
It in Mannsses Kemtons hands 
It more belonging to the estate in Divers pticulars 
Debts owing from the estate 
g It to M r Davis and m r Sheffe 
It to Samuell Sturtivant 
It 2 the townes land 
It John Jourdaine about 
It To goodman Clarke about 

It two goodman Nelson for killing of Cattle & for veale 
It to Willam Palmer 
It To the Church of Plymouth 

Som pcells of land not mencioned above belonging to 
Bradford seni r : 

It one pcell att Eastham and another att Bridgwater 
It a smale pcell about Sawtuckett and his purchase land att Coaksett 

with his right in the townes land at Punckatessett 

By us Thomas Cushman John Dunham 
It Sundry Implements forgotten belonging to the teame 







































{Continued from page 141.) 

[Vol. I, p. 132] Benjamen fuller Deceast July y e 26 th 1724 

Sone of abiel fuller 
Allice Bozworth the wife of Jonathan Bozworth Died in Child 

'bed and was buried august the 13 th 1724 with her Infant on 

her arm in one Coffin and one Grave 
Adam Wright deceased Sept ye 2 o th 1724 {in the 79 th or 80 th year 

of his age.) 
Deak Nathaniel wood deceast Dec r y e 17 th 1724 {[Atzuood] in 

the 7 4 th year of his age) 
Deborah fuller the wife of Jabez fuller Deceased Jan r y e 24 th 

Sarah Briant the wife of James Briant Deceast feb* y e 2 d 172J 

Early Records of Plympton, Mass. 235 

(She was the daughter of the Rev. Isaac Cushman, and her 

husband lived hi what is now Halifax Sarah Bryant was 

aged 40 years 9 months a?id 15 days.) 
Mehitable King the wife of Isaac king deceased feb r y e 4 th 1724/5 

(aged about 52 years. Mehetabel Bryant was her maiden 

william Bradford Sone of Samuel Bradford Deceased feb r the 

fifteenth 1724/5 
the aged widdo patience west Deceast may y e 8 th 1725 relect of 

peter west. 
Jonathan Phiney Son of Joh Phiney Deceast Jan r y e 14 th 172J 
John Phiney Ju Deceased feb r 15 th : I72|- 
Experience Phiney died Sep 1 y e 22 d 1724* 
hanah Phiney Died Sep 1 the fifth 1724* 
Judeth ffuller the wife of James ffuller Deceast feb the 23 d 


Hesekiah Cole y e Sone of John Cole Jun r and patience his wife 

Deceast march the 16 th 172^ 
Mehetable Brigs deceast march y e 16 th 172^ 
Joseph Phinney Deceased June y e 29 th 1726 
M re Susanah Shurtlef wife of Cap 1 Shurtleff Deceased aug st the 

9 th 1726 
Thomas Cushman deceast aug st y e 23 d 1726 being 89 year old 

wanting about one month. 
Isaac Sampson Deceased Sep 1 y e third 1726 (in the 66 th year of 

his age) 
Ephraim Cushman Son of ollerton Cushman Deceast November 

ye j^th x ^25 
Mary Cushman the wife of ollerton Cushman Deceased Decem r 

the 13 th 1725 
[p. 133] Manages 
Isaac fuller and Mary prat Married September y e first 1709 by 

m r Isaac Cushman 
Samuell Cushman and ffear Corsser Maried December y e 

eight th : 8 : 1709 by m r Isaac Cushman 
Josiah Cushman and susanah Shurtlef Married December 29 th 

1709 by m r Isaac Cushman 
Ichabod Nye and Elizebeth Bonum Married february y e 16 th 

170^ by M r Isaac Cushman 
Benjamine Sampson and Margrett Parker Married Maye y e 

4 th 1 7 10 by M r Isaac Cushman 
Allerton Cushman and Mary Buck Married Janewary y e 11 : I7'H 

by M r Isaac Cushman 
James Sturtevant and Susanah Cook Married february y e 15 : 

l 7\i ty M r Isaac Cushman 

* On the margin is written " Joseph 8c fineys children " 

236 Early Records of Plytnpton y Mass. 

Jabez Nye & Ruth Bonum Married Maye 31 th 171 1 by M r 

Isaac Cushman 
Samuell Churchell & Johana Briant maried Sep* 6 th : 1711 by 

M r Isaac Cushman 
Nathaniell ffuller and martha Sampson were married Janewary 

24 th I7J.V by m r Isaac Cus 
Benjamine Briant was Married to Hannah Eaton Julye 31 st 17 12 
Ichabod Cushman was Maried to patience Holmes November 

27 th 1712 
Benjamine Cushman was maried to Sarah Eaton Jenewary 8 th 

Thomas Shirtlef was maried to Sarah Kimball Maye 21 th 17 13 
Israeli Dunham was maried to Johana Rickard June the 18 th 171 3 

{Joanna daughter of Dea. John Rickard^ 
James Bears (Bearce) was married to Abia ford Sep* 23 d 171 3 
Jonathan Shaw was married to Elizabeth Attwood December y e 

3d I7I3 

[p. 134] Samuell Bradford was Married to Sarrah Grave Octob r 

21 st I7i4:by M r Isaac Cushman 
John Brigs was married to Sarah Briant March y e 3 d 171-i 
Joseph Lucas was married to percis Shaw march y e 10 th 171 1 

by m r Isaac Cushman 
Benjamen Benson was Married to Elizebeth Briant March y e 

17 th 171-f- by m r Isaac Cushman 
John Carver was Married to Sarah Lucas octobe y e 6 th : 171 5 by 

m r Isaac Cushman 
Jonathan Shaw was Married to the widdow Mary Darling Nov- 
ember y e 16 th 171 5 m r Cushm 
John Cushman was Married to Joanah Prat Janewary y e 19 th 

1715 by m r Cushman 
Georg Briant was Married to Sarah Ripley Janewary y e 29 th 

1715. by m r Cushman 
Isaac Sampson and Sarah Barlow was Maried October y e 26 th 

171 5 by M r Nathaniell Thomas of Plimouth 
Nathan weston was Married to desier Standish february y e 21 st 

171 5 : by Major John Bradford Justice of peace 
Ebenezer Lobden was Married to Lidia Shaw July y e 12 th 1716 

by m r Cushm 
Robert Cook was Married to Abigail Harlow Novem r y e 29 th : 

17 16 by m r Isaac Cushman 

James Churchell was maried to Mary Makfarling Decern 1 " y e 

27 th 1716 by m r Isaac Cushman 
Luke perkins was Married to Ruth Cushman Janeway y e 28 th 

1716 by m r Isaac Cushman 
Ephraim Cole was maried to Sarah Cook Maye y e 16 th 171 7 by 

m r Isaac Cushman 

The Will and Inventory of Samuel' 1 Fuller {Edward^). 237 

Nathaniell Homes was Married to Martha Cushman June y e 6 th 

171 7 by m r Isaac Cushman 
Edward Hacket was maried to Sarah Andrew June the 13 th 

1717 by me Isaac Cushman Sen r 
Zachariah weston was married to Mehetabell Shaw June y e 20 th 

1717 by M r Isaac Cushman 

( To be continued.} 


(EDWARD 1 )- 

Transcribed from the original records, 
By George Ernest Bowman. 

Samuel 2 Fuller (Edward 1 ) died at Barnstable, 31 October 
(10 November), 1683. His will and inventory are recorded in 
the Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories, Volume IV, Part 
II, pages 138 and 139. 

[p. 138] The last Will and Testament of Samuell ffuller of 
Barnstable Late Deceased Exhibited to the Court held att 
Plymouth the fift of June 1684 on the oath of Captrjosepth 
Laythorp and M r Samuell Allin as followeth 

The nine and twentyeth Day of October in the yeer of our 
Lord one thousand six hundred eighty and three ; I Samuell 
ffuller seni r of the Towne of Barnstable in the Gov r ment of 
New Plymouth being ancient and very weake in body but of 
good and Compitent memory thankes be unto allmighty God ; 
and Calling to remembrance the uncertaine state of this transi- 
tory life and that all fflesh muste yeild unto Death when it 
shall please God to Call, Doe make ordaine and & Constitute 
& Declare this my last will and Testament in Manor and form 
following ; 

Revoking and Anulling by these presents all and every 
Testament and Testaments will and wills heertofore by mee 
made and declared either by word or wrighting ; and this to be 
taken onely for my last will and Testament and none other ; 

238 The Will and Invetitory of Samuel* Fuller (Edward 1 ). 

and first I give and Comitt my soule unto almighty God my 
Saviour in whom and by the merritts of Jesus Christ I trust 
and beleive assuredly to be saved ; and my body to the earth ; 
from whence it was taken to be buried in such Decent and 
Christian manor as to my executors heerafter Named shalbe 
thought meet and Convenient ; and Now for the settleing of 
my temporall estate and such goods Catties an4 Debts as it hath 
pleased god farr above my Deserts to bestow upon mee ; I Doe 
order Give and Dispose the same in Manor and forme follow- 
ing ; That is to say first I will that all those Debts and Dutyes 
as I owe in right or Consience to any manor of p r son or p r sons 
whatsoever shalbe well and truely Contented and payed or 
ordained to be payed within Convenient time after my Decease 
by my executors heerafter Named ; 

Item I Give and bequeath unto my eldest son Samuell ffuller 
two p r sells of Marsh one of them I bought of m r Samuell 
house Deceased and the other I bought of Captaine Matthew 
ffuller Deceased that hee had of m r John ffreeman ; 

Item I give and bequeath to my son John ffuller four acrees 
of Marsh and one halfe which I bought of Peter Blossome 

Item I Give and bequeath that p r sell of Marsh that lyes by 
Ralph Jones, his Marsh, To my two sones Samuell ffuller and 
John ffuller to be equally Devided betwixt and one p r sell of 
Marsh that lyeth on this side Scoton ffeildes to be Devided as 
abovesaid and the angle Lotts of Marsh att Scoton point to be 
equally Devided between them alsoe and alsoe the Eelcreik 
Lott of Marsh to be alike Devided as above specifyed and the 
Lott of Marsh att Sandy neck upon the same accoumpt alsoe ; 
and all my upland upon Scoton Neck to be equally Devided 
betwixt them as the other above Mensioned 

Item I give to my son Samuell ffuller all my upland that 
lyeth above my uppermost ffeild and to range quite Crosse my 
land upon one and the same lyne as the uppermost ffence as 
my upmost feild Now ranges, but alwaies to allow Cart wayes 
to the Comons into the Comons for his brother John ffuller his 
heires and assignes 

Item I give and bequeath unto my son John fuller my now 
Dwellinghouse orchyard and all outhousing and all the rest of 
my upland wherever it doth lye, but alwaies to allow a Cart 

The Will and Inventory of Samuel 11 Fuller {Edward 1 ). 239 

way into the meddowes for his brother Samuell ffuller his 
heires and assignes 

Item I Give and bequeath to my son John ffuller one three 
yeer old horse runing in the woods ; 

Item I Give and bequeath to my son Samuell ffuller two 
mares runing in the woods ; 

Item I Give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Tayler five pound 
in Mony and two Cowes ; 

Item I Give unto my Daughter hannah Bonham four pounds 
in Money and two Cowes ; 

Item I Give unto my Daughter Mary Williams four pound 
in Money and two Cowes 

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah Crowe 
four pounds in Mony and two Cowes 

Item I Give and bequeath unto my four Daughters hannah 
Bonham Mary Williams Elizabeth Tayler and Sarah Crow all 
my houshold Stuffe to be equally Dvided betwixt them 

Item I Give and bequeath to my son John ffuller the Indian 
Joell ; my p r te in the oxen the Cart and plow and the Cart and 
plow Geares and working tooles and one fatt Cow that is to 
kill and my bald faced horse ; and my Great bible ; 

Item I Give and bequeath to my two sones Samuell ffuller 
and John ffuller all the rest of my Neat Cattle to be Devided 
To my son Samuell one third p r te ; and to my son John ffuller 
the other two third p r tes therof ; and all my sheep to be 
equally Devided betwixt them ; 

Item I Give and bequath to my son Samuell ffuller ten 
pounds in mony which hee now owes to mee and hath now 
hath it alredy; and all the rest of my estate in what kind 
soever it be I Give and bequeath it to my two sones Samuell 
ffuller and John ffuller; to be Devided to my son Samuell 
ffuller one third p r te therof and to my son John ffuller the 
other two third p r tes therof, and by these p r sents make ordaine 
& Declare the above said Samuell and John ffuller the execu- 
tors of this my last Will and Testament ; In Witness wherof 
I the said Samuell ffuller have heerunto sett my hand and seale 
the Date above written ; 

Witnesse Samuell ffuller and a seal 

Joseph Laythorp 
Samuell Allin 

oo 17 00 

240 The Will a?id Inventory of Samuel 2 Fuller [Edward 1 ). 

Captaine Joseph Laythorpe made oth as a witnes to this will 
before the Court held att Plymouth the fift of March 16 || 

M r Samuell Allin Made oath as a witnes to this Will above 
WTitten this 10 th of March i6ff before mee Barnabas Lay- 
thorpe Assistant 

[P- J 39] A true Inventory of all and singular the Goods 
Chatties and Creditts o Samuell ffuller seni r late of the Towne 
of Barnstable in the Gov r ment of New Plymouth in New Eng- 
land Deceased praysed att his house in Barnstable aforsaid the 
14 Day of November in the year of our Lord 1683 by Joseph 
Laythorpe and Jededia Jones as followeth ; 

Impri his apparrell 08 08 00 

Item in Cash 17 07 00 
Item in 3 Guns amunition shooe Nailes & a peece of ) 

Letter J ° 2 °9 00 

Item in Lynnin 03 10 00 

Item in pewter and ten 02 05 00 

Item in brasse 02 05 06 
Item in trayes Chern a rubb and a spoon and an old 

warming pan 

Item Iron potts tonges slice frying pan and Candlesticke 01 19 00 

Item a Cobbord old Chists a box & and bedsteed 03 15 00 

Item tables and Chaires bottles & old Gridjron 00 17 00 

Item looking Lanthorne & buccett 00 05 06 

Item a feather bed bolster and two pillowes three blanketts ) = ■ 

a Coverlid & 2 ruggs ) ' 

Item a peece of New holland other peeces of linnin serge ) 8 00 

and Cotton and a remnant of homade Cloth j 

Item a Shirt Capps yarne sisers thrid 00 10 03 

Item 2 seives a hatt and a tray 00 06 00 

Item in beese and hunny 01 00 00 

Item in old Cask basketts beer barrells a rundleit 00 12 00 

Item in Corn in the & in the barne 03 10 00 

Item in Corne in the Cribb 03 07 00 

Item in butter and Cheese 04 00 00 

Item in beefe and pork tallow & hyde & hoggs fatt 05 00 00 

Item in sheeps wooie feathers Tobbaco baggs earthen 1 QQ 

Dish brimston j 

Item in Neat Cattle 27 00 00 

Item in Sheep 04 00 00 

Item in swine 00 15 00 

Item in horse kind 04 10 00 

Item the Cart wheels plow Irons & Gears therunto be- ) „ „ __ 

, . r > 01 13 00 

longing j 

Item saddle bridle and horse Geares 00 08 06 

Item Sheep Sheers adds & other tooles 00 09 00 

The Vital Records of Bridgewater, Mass. 24 r 

These sumes underneath are brought to the Inventor the 
25 of ffebruary 1683 Apprised by Jedediah Jones 
above Mensioned Coming not to mind before ; 

Item in boards att 01 07 00 

Item in a hatcheil 00 05 00 

Item in skines a paire of Scales 00 05 00 

Item in bookes 01 04 00 

Item in Geese 00 13 00 

Item an old tecken att 00 05 00 

thetotallis 116 05 09 

The lands & housing not prised 

John fTuller made oath to the truth of this Inventory this 25 day 
of ffebrewary i6fj- before Thomas Hinckley Govt: John Thacher. 


( Continued from page 147.) 

[Vol. I, p. 97] The marriage of John whitman heare in the 
towne of Bridgwater was solemnized the tenth of June in 
one thousand six hundred eighty six 

The day and yeare of the birth of the children of John ames 

Junior heare in the Tow of bridgwater 
his first born a sonn whos Name is John ames was born the : 

14 : day of Aprill : 1672 : 
the second a sonn whose name is William ames was born the 

sixt day of November : 1673 : 
the third a sonn whose Name is Nathaniel Ames who was borne 

the : 9 : of October : 1677 : 
The fourth a daughter whose Name is Elizabeth ames who was 

borne the sixt of September : 1680 
The fivft a sonn whose Name is thomas ames who was borne 

the twenty first of febuary : 1682 
the sixt a Daughter whose name is Sarah ames who was borne 

the: 12 : of October : 1685 
David Ames was born August y e 30 th Ann° Do 1688 

[p. 98] The day and yeare of the birth of the children of 
Thomas Snell her in the Tow of bridgwater 

his first born a daughter whose name is Martha Snell who was 
borne the : 26 : of October : 1669 

The second a son whose name is Thomas Sneli who was borne 
the first day of febuary : 1671 

242 TJte Vital Records of Bridgewater, Mass. 

the third a son whose name is Josiah Snell who was born the 

fivft day of may : 1674 : 
The fourth a son whos name is Samuel Snell who was borne 

the sixt day of Jenuary : 1676 
The fift a sonn whos name is Amos Snell who was born the iS : 

day of may : 1678 : 
The sixt a sonn whose name is John Snell who was borne the 

23 : of September : 1680 
The seventh a son whose name is Joseph Snell who was born 

the 22 : of febuary : 1683 : 
the eight a daughter whose name is anna Snell who was borne 

the 24 : of febuary : 1685 : 
The Ninth A Daughter whose Name mary Snell who was borne 

The sixt Day of Jenuary jn the yeare of our Lord : 1689 
The Tenth A Daughter whose Name js martha Snell who was 

brought forth j to the world the Eight of October 1692 
Martha Snell Above mentioned The first born of Thomas Snell 

Deceased The Sevententh day of December on thousand 

six hundred & Ninty jn the Two & Twentieth yeare of her 


The day and yeare of the birth of the children of John field 

heare in the Towne of bridgwater 
his first borne a sonn whose name is John feild who was born 

the 20 : day of febuary : 167 1 : 
The second a daughter whos name is Elizebeth feild who was 

borne the : 17 : day of November : 1673 : 
The third a son whos Name is Richard feild who was borne the 

17 : day of may : 1677 
The fourth a daughter whose name is lidia feild who was born 

the the eight day of October 1679 : 
The fift a son whos name is daniel feild who was borne the 17 : 

day of July 1681 
The six a daughter whose name is Ruth feild who was born the 

25 : of Jenuary : 1683 : 

[p. 99] The marriage of Joseph edson to his second wife was 
selebrated on the second day of November : 1686 

Thomas Manly and Lidia Field were joined together in mar- 
riage the seccond of October 1701 

Elnathan Basset and Mary Hill were joined together in mar- 
riage y e ninteenth day of June 1702 

The marriage of William Snow with Naomi whitman was sele- 
brated The last of November 1686 : 

[p. 100] The birth of the Children of Nathaniell Conent born 
heare In the Town of bridgwater 

The Vital Records of Bridgewater, Mass. 243 

The first borne heare in the Town of bridgwater whose Name 
is lot born the : 27 th : day of march In the yeare one thou- 
sand six hundred Ninty 

a second A daughter whose Name is lidya borne the Eight day 
of November one thousand six hundr d Ninty Two 

A Third borne heare In the Towne of bridgwater A Daughter 
whose Name js Rebecka borne the fourth Day of October : 
1694 : 

The birth of the children of James barbar heare in the Towne 
of bridgwater 

the first borne heare in this Town whose Name is mary born 
N the Twenty fourth of November : 1692 : 

A second Child borne hear in the Towen of bridgwater unto 
James Barber A son whose Name js Hezekiah who was 
brought forth jnto the world The : 25 th : day of Jenuary : 


[p. 123] The birth of Childe of David pirkins heare in the 

Town of Bridgwater 
A son whose Name is Thomas Born the : 8 th : of may : 1688 

The birth of Jane Harris being brought forth jnto The World 

the : 19 : day of July : 1671 : being when giillcgibU) of 

years fit married to James dunbarr and After his decease 

the wife of Pelatiah Smith 
The Birth of the Children o Pelatiah Smith Heare In the 

Towne of Bridgwater : 
first A Daughter Whose Name is Jane Smith born The : 22 : 

day of may in the yeare of our Lord : 1692 : 
The birth of the Child of James Dunbarr here jn the Towne 

of bridgwater : 
A son whose Name js Roburt Dunbar who was born the last 

Day of November jn the yeare : 1689 : 
James Dunbar Deceased heare jn the Towne of Bridgwater 

The Twelf Day of Decembr In the yeare on thousand six 

hundred Ninty : 
The birth of the second Childe A son of the above sd Pelatiah 

Smith whose name Is Pelatiah Smith brought forth jn to 

the world the : 25 : day of Aprill 1695 
The birth of the third Child of pelatiah Smith whose Name js 

James Smith brought forth In to the world the : 18 : day 

of Jenuary : 169^- 
The birth of A fourth Childe of pellatiah Smith being a son 

whos Name js Samuell Smith born the fift day of may : 


244 The Vital Records of Bridgewater, Mass. 

The fift child of Palatiah Smith being a Daughter named De- 
sire was born October y e 22 1701 

The birth of Childe of James Barbor heare jn the Towne of 
Bridgwater A son whose Name js Hezekiah * 

[p. 13S] The Birth of the Children of Thomas Tolman In the 

Towne of Bridgwater 
his second borne A son whose Name is Nathaniell Tolman was 

borne the : 22 : of December : 1691 

[p. 150] The birth of the Children of Joseph haw(«w«) his 
first borne A daughter born 117: day of May : 170 1 : whose 
Name js Mehetable 

[p. 151] The Children borne to John orcut heare in the Towne 

of Bridgwater 
His second borne Which js a Daughter whose Name js hanah 

who was brought forth jto the world the Thirtyeth day 

of December one thousand six hundred Ninty five 
A third Childe borne to John orcut here jn the Towne of bridg- 

water A son whose Name is Samuel! who Was born the : 

9 th : of October : 1697 : 
: A : 4 : Child borne to John orcut jn the Towne of Bridgwater 

a son whose Name Is John brought forth jn To the world : 

the : 25 : of february : 1699! : 1700 : 

Samuel Allen Juner : was maried to his wife Rebecka one the : 

2 : of Desember in y e yeare : 1685 : 
The Children born to Samuel Allen Ju : heare in the Towne of 

his first born A son whose Name is Samuell alien October : 18 : 

the second a son whos Name js Ephraim alien born jn April! : 

11 : 1689: 
A third son born whose Name js Timothy Allen : born in feb- 

uary : the 22 : 1691 : 
The fourth a son whose Nam was Joseph born august the : 

I I th : 1693 : and deceased : 14 : of the same month 
The fift a daughter Whose Name js mehetable Allen borne the 

Eighteenth of December: 1694: 
The sixt a son still borne brought forth in to the world The : 

26 : of October : 1697 : 
Rebeckah Allen Deceased & Changed This life for a better : 

the : 29 th : day of October : 1697 : 

( To be continued?) 

* Unfinished. Duplicate of entry on page 100 of original. 
f A line has been drawn through this year. 

Plymouth Colony Deeds. 245 


( Continued from page /6g.) 

[Vol. II, Pt. I, p. 53] 


Memorand; the 24 th of May 1653 
That M r Wiliam Paddy of the Towne of Plymouth in the 
Jurisdiction of New Plym : in New England in America Mar- 
chant doth acknowlidge that for and in consideracon of the 
summe of fourteen pounds to him alreddy paied by Gorge 
Bonum of the Towne aforsaid in the Jurisdiction aforsaid 
• planter hee hath freely and absolutly barganed allianated and 
sold unto the said Gorge Bonum a prcell of upland ground ly- 
ing neare the Towne of Plymouth aforsaid being about ten 
acres bee it more or lesse being bounded with the land of John 
Wood on the one side and the land of Samuell hickes on the 
other side with all the meddow in and about the said upland 
with all the fence or fenceing in upon or belonging unto the 
same with all and singulare the appurtenances belonging ther- 
unto or any prte or prcell therof ; To have and to hold the 
said prcell of Land conteining ten acres or therabouts bee It 
more or lesse with all and singulare the Meddows ffences and 
all other appurtenances in upon or any way belonging unto the 
said Land or any prte or prcell therof unto the said Gorge 
Bonum his heires and assignes for ever ; the said premises with 
all the said M r Paddy his Right title and enterest of and into 
the same or any prte or prcell therof to belonge and appertaine 
unto the onely proper use and behoofe of him the said Gorge 
Bonum his heires and assignes for ever ; 

The Bargane and sale above written was acknowlidged by 
both prties before capt. Will(ett) assistant the day and yeare 
above written ; 

Memorand the 15 th of July 1653 
That Edmond Chandeler of the towne of Duxburrow in the 
Jurisdiction of New Plymouth ; hath both himselfe and in the 
behalfe of his heires executors and adminestrators ; (upon 
equall tearmes) exchaunged with Edward Bumpas of the towne 

246 Plymouth Colony Deeds. 

of Marshfeild ; all and whatsoever Right title and enterest the 
said Edmond Chandeler hath in any lands or meddows with all 
and singulare the appurtenances and privilidges belonging ther- 
unto or unto any prte or prcell therof That appertaineth unto 
him in Duxburrow New plantation commonly called and knowne 
by the Indian Names of Satuckquett and Nunckatatesett and 
places adiacent ; ffor all and whatsoever Right title or enterest 
the said Edward Bumpas hath or his heires executor and admin- 
nestrators may lay claime unto in any lands or meddows with 
all and singular the appurtenances belonging therunto or unto 
any prte or prcell therof appertaining and belonging unto him 
the said Edward Bumpas as one of the thirty foure purchasers 
whoe are to have theire proportions of land att the places com- 
monly called and knowne by the Indian names of Cushenett and 
Coaksett ; and places adiacent : 

This exchange was acknowlidged before M r John Alden 

[p. 55] 1653 BRADFORD GOVN R 

A Deed shewed in open court and appointed to bee Recorded 
To all people to whom these p r sents shall come ; Willam 
Wood of Sandwidge in the goverment of New Plymouth in 
New England in America sendeth greeting : 

Know yea that the said Willam Wood for and in consideracon 
of thirty pounds sterling to him in hand paied by James Skiffe 
of the same wherof and wherwith hee doth acknowlidge himselfe 
fully satisfyed and paied and therof and of every pte & pcell ther- 
of doth exownarate acquite and discharge the said James Skiffe 
his heires executors and adminnestrators & every of them for 
ever ; And by these p r sents have freely fully and absolutly bar- 
ganed sold enfeoffed and confeirmed and by these p r sents doth 
bargaine sell enfeoffe and confeirme unto the said James Skiffe 
his heires and assignes for ever his dwelling house scittuate 
and being in Sandwidge aforsaid with one barne and staules for 
cattle adioyning therunto together with all lands to the said 
house belonging whether upland or meddows tilled or untilled 
fenced or unfenced with all and every one of the appurtenances 
belonging to the said p r mises or any pte of them belonging 
lying and being in Sandwidge aforsaid and alsoe all the dounge 

Plymouth Colony Deeds. 247 

or mannure alreddy made or to bee made whiles the said Willam 
Wood occupieth the said p r mises or any pte of them and alsoe 
foure apple trees and all the peach trees standing and growing 
upon the p r mises ; together with all woods trees and Timber 
whatsoever being growing and lying upon the said p r mises to- 
gether with all his Right title and enterest of and into the said 
p r mises and theire appurtenances with every pte and pcell of 
them and alsoe all the right claime title and demaund that the 
said Willam Wood had or hath doth fully graunt to the said 
James Skiffe To have and to hold for him his heires executors 
and assignes for ever ; with all theire proprieties and appurte- 
nances for his onely proper use and behoof of him the said 
James Skiffe his heirs and assignes for ever after the mannor of 
East Greenwidge in the countey of Kent in England free and 
common Sockage and not in capite nor by knightes service by 
the rents or services therof and theron due and of right accus- 
tomed and with warrant against all people whatsoevr from by or 
under the said Willam Wood by his title caiming any right 
title enterest of and into the said barganed p r mises or any pte 
or pcell of them with theire appurtenances whatsoever ; And 
the said Willam Wood doth further covenant and graunt that 
hee the said Willam Wood att the time of bargane and sale and 
making of the abovesaid p r mises was and is the right and law- 
full owner of the abovenamed p r mises 

[p. 56] And lastly doth covenant and graunt that It shall and 
may bee Lawfull for the said James skiffe either by himselfe or 
his attorney to record or enrowle or cause to bee recorded and 
enrowled the title or the tennure of these p r mises in the court 
att Plymouth aforsaid before the Gov r for the time being ac- 
cording to the usuall mannor and custome of enrowleing deeds 
and evidences in such cases provided 

In Witnesse wherof the said Willam Wood hath heerunto sett 
his hand and Seale 
Delivered in the p r sence of Willam Wood 

Jonathan ffish 

and Stephen Winge 
Sandwidge June the 3 d 1650 

These are to certify all whom It may conserne That I Jane 
Wood the wife of Willam Wood doe give my full and free con- 

248 Depositions, 

sent to the bargane and sale of the house and Lands that was 
my husbands but now sold to James Skiffe of the said Towne 

Witnesse my hand Jane Wood 

( To be continued.) 


( Continued from page i?g.) 

[Scrap Book, p. 61] 

the testimony of nathaniel winslow aged fifty yeares or theare- 
abouts & of Samuell Litle aged thirty three years or thear 

these Deponants testify & say that we being at Boston att 
the superiour court there held on July 31 1688 we heard then 
& ther read a writt of Ejection in which John Doe complaines 
of Richard Roe : wee allso testify that John Bradford then and 
there appeared as Defendant in that Action for Richard Roe 
above named Also we saw said Bradford againe appeare att 
Boston at the next superiour court there held on October 30 
1688 and heard him declare he then expected to be called to 
answer to the writt abovesaid we said Deponents doe fuither 
testify that on the next superior court held at Boston on Janu- 
ary 29 : i6|r| wee then and there saw said Bradford at Boston 
and herd him then declare that his only businesse to that court 
was to Answer the writt of Ejection above mentioned and 
further saith not 

Sworn in Court march y e 18 th i6|-§- by the persons above 
named viz* Nath u Winslow and Sam Little 

Attest Sam 1 Sprague Clerk 

From this deposition we learn that Samuel 3 Little (Ann* Warren, Richard ') was 
born about the year 1657. 

On the grave stone of Capt. Nathaniel Winslow at Marshfield it is stated that be 
died 1 December, 1719, in the eighty-first year of his age. If his birth occurred in 
the year 1639 this statement does not conflict with that in the deposition. 

( To be continued.) 

The Vital Records of Marshfield, Mass. 249 


{Continued from page i8j.) 

[Vol. I, p. 9] Births 

(A)bigaill the daughter (of) John Sherman was Borne y e 15. of 

March i6ff 
Chillingsworth the sonne of John foster was Borne: the. n. 

of July 1680 
Caleb the sonne of m r nathaniell (T)homas was Borne the 18 

of October 1680 
(G)eorge the sonne of John Rowse Juniour was Borne (t)he 25 

of december 1679 
(Ed)ward the sonne of Seth (Ar)nold was Borne the 20 of 

March : 1679 • 80 
(Ab)igaill the daughter of Isaac (Ho)lmes was Borne the .21. 

of (oc)tober 1680 
(Jam)es Emerson had a daughter (wa)s borne :y e : 25 of ffebru- 

ary 1680 
(Ba)thshebe the daughter of (Wi)lliam fford was Borne : 3. of 

ffebruary : 1680 
(wom)r the sonne of William (worn)z.n was Borne the : 17. of 

(Ap)rill : 1681 
(Da)vid the Sonne of Ephraim little (wa)s Borne the : 18 of 

March i6|-J- 
{wor?i) the daughter of Josiah (worn) was Borne y e : 1. of {worn) 

ember .1679 
(worn)thy the Son of Josiah Clawson (worn) Borne the 5 th of 

January 1680 
(wom)ah the daughter of (T)homas Maycumber was Borne the 

26 of november 1681 
(wom)beth the daughter of (worn) Emerson was Borne The 

19. of July 1682 
(P)atience the daughter of Michaell fford was Borne the 2 ond of 

Aprill 1682 
William the sonne of william Norcut was Borne y e 2 ond of 

ffebruary .1662 
John The sonne of william Norcut was Borne y e .11. of August 

Lidia the daughter of william Norcut was Borne the 5 th of 

december .1666 
Thomas The sonne of william Norcut was Borne the first of 

June . 1670 
Ralph the son of william Norcut was Borne the 5 th of October 


250 The Vital Records of Marshfield, Mass. 

Isaac the sonne of william Norcut was Borne the . 10. of June : 

Anna the daughter of william Norcut was Borne the . 20. of 

September 1677 
Sarah the daughter of william Norcut was Borne the . 7 th of 

November 1680 
Patience y e daughter of edward steevens was Borne the . 5 . of 

October. 1680 
Josiah the sonne of Nathaniell Winslow was Borne : the . 21 : 

5. 1681 
Elizabeth the daughter of Jacob dingly was Borne the . 7. of 

August 1681 
Samuell the son of John Waterman was Borne the : 16 . of 

October 1666 
Elizabeth the daughter of John Waterman was Borne the 15 of 

January 1669 : 
Anna the daughter of John Waterman was Borne the The 18 

of October . 1671 
lydia the daughter of John Waterman was Borne the 9 of May : 

Robert the son of John waterman was Borne the 9 of february 

168 1 
Sarah The daughter of Josiah Snow was Borne The . 8 . of 

november 1680 


James Emmerson had a daughter Buried the 26 of ffebruary 

Bathsheba the daughter of William fford was Buried The . 12. 

of march i6|-J- 
deborah the daughter of Josiah Snow was Buried the last of 

October . 1681. 
Ellen the widdow of Kenelme Winslow was Buried the 5 th : of 

december. 168 1 : being 83 yeares old 
Samuell the son of Richard Child was Buried the 10 th of decem- 
ber 168 1 
Josiah the son of nathaniell Winslow was Buried the 16 of May 

Abigaill the wife of michaell fford was Buried the . 26 . of June : 

Timothy Williamson was Buried The 18 of September 1682 
Anne the daughter of John Sawyer was Buried The 15 of 

december 1682 
Sarah the wife of John Thomas Seniour was Buri(ed) The 2 ond 

of January 1682 
George the son of John Rowse Juniour was Buri(ed) y e : 26 of 

february 1682 

The Vital Records of Mars hfi eld, Mass. 251 

Abigaill the daug(hterof) Isaac Holmes was (Buried) The 31 of 

Marc(h) (worn) 
James the son of (worn) ffoster was Burie(d) The : 21 of July 

1 (worn) 
Elizabeth the daug(hter) of James Emerson (was) Buried the 

[p. 10] Birthes 

Josias the sonne of Nathaniell winslow was Borne the 13 . of 

January 1683 
luseanna The daughter of Josiah Snow was Borne : the . 7 . of 

march i68§ 
Hannah the daughter of Jonathan Eames was Borne the' 23 of 

Aprill 1684 

! Thomas the sonne of Thomas Maycumber was Borne The 

Second of July : 1684 
Anthony the sonne of Joseph waterman was Borne the 4 th of 

June. 1684 
Penellope the daughter of Seth Arnold was Borne The 21. of 

Aprill 1682 
John the sonne of John Sherman was Borne the 17 of October 

Isaac The sonne of Captaine Nathaniell Thomas was Borne The 

. 19. of October 1682 at ten at night 
Joana the daughter of Jonathan Crooker was Borne : The 25 of 

ffebrary : 1679 
Mary the daughter of Jonathan Crooker was Borne : The 14 of 

January : 168 1 
Bethia the daughter of Samuel! Thomas was Borne : y e : 25 of 

January : 168 1 
John The sonne of Beniamin Phillips was Borne the 13. of de- 

cember : 1682 
Ebenezer the sonne of Isaac Holmes was Borne y e : 25 of 

Aprill 1683 
James the son of John foster Was Borne y e 22 of May : 1683 
John The sonne of Ephraim little was Borne the 18 of March : 


Michaell ford had two daughters Borne the 16 of november 1683 
Isaac little had a daughter borne y e 27 of november 16S3 
John the sonne of william Carver was Borne the first of decem- 

ber 1683 
John the sonne of Samuel Thomas was Borne the 8 th of no- 
vember 1683 
Christopher the sonne of John Huit was Borne the 5 th of June 

Samuell the sonne of Samuell dogged was Borne the 24 of de- 
cember 1683 

252 Reports from State Societies. 

Ruth the daughter of Jonathan Crooker was Borne the first of 

december 1683 
John the sonne of Valentine decro was Borne the .11. of Sep- 
tember 1683. 

Margret the widdow of m r Josias Winslow Seniour was Buried 

the 2 of October 1683 
Michaell fiord had two daughters being aborted buried the 17 

of november 1683 
Isaac little had a daughter Buried the 17 of december 1683 
Christopher Winter was Buried the 22 of december 1683 
Margret Howland The widdow of Arthur Rowland Seniour was 

Buried the 22 of January 1683 
Thomas the sonne of John Branch was Buried at Boston The 

27 of January 1683 
Hannah the daughter of Edward Steevens was Buried The .1. 

of March i68| 
Anna the widdow of william fford Seniour deceased was Buried 

The first of September 1684 
Joane the wife of Thomas dogget was Buried the (worn) of 

September 1684 
Susanna the daughter of Thomas Tilden was Buried The 9 th of 

September 1684 
Mr John Bourne was bured the 8 th of Desember 1684 
Allis Bourn late wife of M r Tohn Bourn deceased May 7 th 


( To be continued?) 


Donations to the Library. 

"Historic Duxbury in Plymouth County, Mass.," from the 
author, Mr. Laurence Bradford. 

"Memorial of Ebenezer Alden, M.D.," also "A Discourse 
before the Rhode Island Historical Society on the Life and 
Times of John Howland, late President of the Society," both 
from Mrs. Lucy Hall Greenlaw. 

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Reports from State Societies. 


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" Descendants of Samuel Woodward of Bristol, Me.," from 
the compiler, Mr. Frank E. Woodward. 

" Manual of the First Congregational Church in Weymouth, 
Mass.," from Mr. Francis O. Nash. 

Members Elected. 
August 29, 1900. 

614. William Kossuth McAllister, Denver, Col., eighth from 

W 7 illiam Brewster, seventh from Love Brewster. 

615. Edward Allyn Trowbridge, Boston, seventh from George 


616. Alfred Sidney Johnson, Newton Centre, ninth from Isaac 

Allerton, eighth from Mary Allerton. 

617. Miss Mittie Belcher Fairbanks, Farmington, Me., eighth 

from John Howland. 

618. Lorenzo Dow Baker, Wellfleet, seventh from Stephen 

Hopkins, sixth from Gyles Hopkins. 


Members Elected. 
July 26, 190a 

601. Rev. Walter Thompson, Garrison-on-Hudson, ninth from 

William Brewster. 

602. Mrs. Frank Mason Hoyt, Milwaukee, Wis., ninth from 

Richard Warren. 

603. Mrs. John Thompson Barnum, Minneapolis, Minn., ninth 

from William Brewster. 

604. Miss Jeanie Rogers Sherman, Syracuse, eighth from 

Thomas Rogers. 

605. Mrs. Charles Brewer Kountze, Denver, Col., eighth from 

William Bradford. 

606. Rev. James Beecher Arnold, Friendship, eighth from Wil- 

liam Brewster, seventh from Love Brewster. 

607. Walter Sage Hubbell, Rochester, eighth from William 


254 Pilgrim Notes and Queries. 

608. Julian Walter Richards, Waterloo, Iowa, eighth from 

Richard Warren. 

609. Mrs. Julian Walter Richards, Waterloo, Iowa, eighth from 

Stephen Hopkins. 


Members Elected. 
July 12, 1900. 

129. Mrs. Robert M. Janney, Philadelphia, ninth from John 


130. Miss Henrietta Tower Page, Waterville, N. Y., ninth from 

John Alden. 


Correction. On page 189, No. 40 should read, Miss Eliza- 

beth Edgerton Putnam. 


Member Elected. 
August 31, 1900. 
94. Mrs. Seward Bainbridge Marston, Falmouth, Me., eighth 
from John Alden. 


In and about Scrooby. The cut of the " Manor-house " at. Scrooby, 
which serves as the frontispiece to this number, is reproduced from a 
photograph, for the use of which we are indebted to the Rev. J. H. 
Ross, of this city. 

The Mayflower Genealogies. Vital Statistics of the Mayflower 
Passengers. Additional data from original records : 

Isaac Allerton. His third wife, Joanna , was living in New 

Haven, 14 May, 1680. 

Samuel" 1 Eaton {Francis 1 ). His first wife, Elizabeth , was 

living 15 October, 1652. 


The Mayflower Descendant in 1 901. 255 

Joseph** Rogers {Thomas 1 ). His wife, Hannah , was living at 

Eastham, 12 January, 1678. 

Richard Warren and his Descendants. The Editor regrets that 
illness has made it impossible to complete the examination of the origi- 
nal records in time to prepare this article for the present issue. It will 
appear in the January issue, with additional data which will more than 
compensate for the enforced delay. 

Colonial Research Fund. Subscriptions received : Morton Dexter, 
$5.00; Charles A. Dunham, £5.00. 

Foreign Research Fund. Subscription received : Charles A. Dun- 
ham, £5.00. 


31. Warren. Who were the parents of Sarah, the wife of Richard 3 
Warren (Nathaniel 2 , Richard 1 ), and what was the date of her marriage? 
She was appointed administratrix of her husband's estate 10 March, 
1696-7. Did she marry again? When did she die? A. R. W. 

32. Cooke. What was the maiden name of Abigail, wife of Robert 4 
Cooke (Francis 3 , Jacob 2 , Francis x ), and who were her parents? What 
were the dates of her birth, marriage and death ? F. R. C. 

33. Winslow. Who were the parents of Judith, wife of John 3 Win- 
slow (Mary 2 Chilton, James x ) ? All facts about her are desired. 

A. L. F. 

34. Standish. What was the maiden name of Sarah, the wife of 
Josiah 3 Standish (Josiah 2 , Myles 1 ) ? When and where was she born, 
and married, and who were her parents ? F. A. W. 

35. Soule. Wanted. Maiden name, parentage, and dates of birth 
and marriage of Deborah Soule, wife of George 2 (George 1 ), of Dart- 
mouth. He died in 1704, and she in 1709 or 17 10. R. H. K. 

Some of the Lmportant Articles in Preparation for Volume III, 

The Mayflower Genealogies. 

Richard Warren and His Descendants (in January number) ; 

William Bradford and His Descendants ; 

Peter Brown and His Descendants ; 

Francis Cooke and His Descendants ; 

Stephen Hopkins and His Descendants ; 

John Howland and His Descendants ; 

George Soule and His Descendants. 

256 The Mayflower Descendant in 1 90 1 . 

Wills and Inventories of the Mayflower Passengers. 
William Brewster's Inventory (in January number) ; 
John Cooke's Will and Inventory ; 
Edward Doty's Will and Inventory ; 
Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland's Will ; 
Joseph Rogers' Will and Inventory ; 
Myles Standish's Will and Inventory; 
Peregrine White's Inventory. 

Town Records. 

Halifax, Mass., Vital Records (in January number) ; 
Duxbury, Mass., Vital Records ; 
Eastham, Mass., Vital Records. 

Transcripts of Records Begun in Volumes I and II. 
Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories ; 
Plymouth Colony Deeds ; 

Abstracts of Barnstable County Probate Records ; 
Plymouth Births, Marriages and Deaths ; 
Barnstable, Mass., Vital Records ; 
Vital Records of Bridge water, Mass. ; 
Vital Records of Marshfield, Mass. ; 
Middleborough, Mass., Births, Marriages and Deaths ; 
Early Records of Plympton, Mass. ; 
Scituate, Mass., Births, Marriages and Deaths ; 
Yarmouth, Mass., Vital Records ; 
Diary of Jabez Fitch, Jr. ; 
Depositions ; 
The Brewster Book. 

Wills and Inventories of the Second Generation. 

As soon as the Wills of the Mayflower Passengers have been printed 
those of the second generation will be started, including those of men 
who married daughters of Mayflower passengers, as Gov. Thomas 
Prence, Elder Thomas Cushman, John Winslow, Ephraim Tinkham, 
Andrew Ring, Lieut. John Thomson, Elder John Chipman. 

Private Records. 

A number of private records, such as entries in family bibles, unre- 
corded deeds and bills of sale, and other original records, will be pub- 
lished during the year. 


Other articles of a more general nature are in preparation and will be 
published as early in the year as possible. 

Each number will have one or more full-page half-tone illustrations, 
and facsimiles of signatures will be given in connection with The May- 
flower Genealogies. 

The " Reports from State Societies " will contain, as heretofore, such 
proceedings of the various State Societies as are reported to the Editor 
by the respective State Secretaries, also the names of all persons elected 
to membership, and all supplemental lines filed. 


Abbott, mrs. Charles William, 122 
Adams J 

Addams > mrs. Charles H., 125 
Adames } 

mrs. Edward Livingston, 54 

Frances, 33 

Francis, 227 

Hannah, 24 

James, 33 

Jane, 4 

Jemima, 227 

John, 4, 5, 7, 24, 30, 40, 227 

Martha, 7, 86 

Mary, 227 

Richard, 227 

Thomas, 227 

Aid?nj AliceWi S ht ' 62 

David, 104 

Ebenezer, 252 

George Adelbert, 54 

Hannah, 201 

Hattie Lucinda, 62 

John, 24, 25, 31, 32, 55, 57, 59, 60, 62, 96, 104, 
114, 118, 122-137, 152, 169, 183, 184,186-190, 
201, 246, 254 

Joseph, 152 

Lydia, 201 

Mary, 152, 201 

Priscilla, 104, 114, 118 

Thankful, 201 
Alderson, Victor Clifton, 60, 188 
Allen ) 

Allin > Abby Louise, 123, 124, 152 
Allyn ) 

Bethiah,9i, 106 

Ebenezer, g2, 146 

Elisha, 92 

Elizabeth, 212, 213 

Elmer H.,i36 

Ephraim, 244 

Essiel, 91 

Francis Olcott, 59 

Francis Richmond, 54, 55, 124, 186 

Frederick Eaylies, 54 

Hannah, 212, 213 

Isaac, 213 

James, 212 

Jane, 171 

John, 173, 213 

Joseph, 213, 244 

Josiah, 92 

Mary, 213 

Matthew, 213 

Mehitable, 91, 213, 244 

Nathaniel, 92, 106 

Nehemiah, 92 

Rebecca, 146, 244 

Samuel, 91, 212, 213, 237, 239, 240, 244 

Sarah, 91, 212, 215 

Thomas, 212, 213 

Timothy, 244 

mrs. Walter, 122, 134 

Fear, 114 

Isaac, 56, 60, 62, 114, 115, I22 > I2 5» x 55-i57» 

186, i83, 253, 254 
Joanna, 114, 254 

Allerton > 

Alerton | John, 115 

cont'd. ) 

Mary, 56, 62, 114, 115, 122, 188, 253 

Mary Eva, 125 

Remember, 114 

Samuel Waters, 60, 184, 187, 189 

Walter Scntt, 57 
Allyn, see Allen 
Ames, David, 241 

Edward, 177 

Elizabeth, 341 

John, 241 

Mary, 146 

Nathaniel, 147, 241 

Sarah, 241 

Susanna, 147 

Thomas, 241 

William, 146, 241 
Anderson, Edward, 125 
Andrew \ 

Andrews > Richard, 167 
Andrewes ) 

Sarah, 237 

William, 157 
Andrus, Jacob, 109, 175 

Anna, 213 

Anne, 212 

Anthony, 33, 212 

Cornelius, 213 

Desire, 212, 213 

Experience, 213 

Ezekiel, 212 

Hannah, 213 

Jane, 212, 2x3 

John, 213 

Mary, 213 

Mehitable, 313, 214 

Patience, 213 

Samuel, 212, 213 

Susanna, 33 

Thomas, 213 
Anthony, S. Reed, 34 
Antisdel, mrs. Albert, iS3 
Appleton, William S., 162, 163 
Archer, Sarah, 35 
Armstrong, Eleanor, 115 

Gregory, 115 
Arnold, Edward, 249 

mrs. George Francis, 54 

James Beecher, 253 

Penelope, 251 

mrs. Richard, 54 

Seth, 249, 251 
Ashley, Elizabeth, 227 

Joseph, 227 

Thomas, 227 
Aspinwall, Algernon Aikin, 61 

Harriet Merle, 127 

Atherton, , 211 

Attwood, Elizabeth, 236 
Avery, Helen M., 58 

sergeant, 109 
Axtell, Decatur, 55 

Babcock, Augustus Hatch, 185 
Bachcler, mrs. Charlotte Wight, 153 


2 5 8 

Index of Persons. 

Bacheler } « • 
cont'd. \ 0r, S en . J 53 

Backus, Brady Electus, 57 

J. Bayard, 57 
Bacon, Anna, 213 

David, 215 

Desire, 215 

Ebenerer, 215 

Edward, 215 

Elizabeth, 214, 215 

Hannah, 214, 215 

Isaac, 215 

Jeremiah, 214, 215 

job, 215 

John, 214, 215 

Jonathan, 215 
seph, 215 

fude, 215 

Leonard, 99 

Martha, 215 

Mary, 214, 215 

Mercy, 214, 213 

Nathaniel, 214, 215 

Patience, 215 

Ruth, 215 

Samuel, 214, 215 

Sarah, 214, 2x5 

Solomon, 215 

Thomas, 215 
Bailhache, mrs. Preston Heath, 6a 

Back e er| Eethiah ' 2 °7 

Deborah, 86 

Elizabeth, 34, 179 

Ellen, 181 

John, 207 

Kenelm, 7 

Lorenzo Dow, 253 

Lydia, 179 

Mary, 34 

Nathaniel, 207 

Samuel, 7, 179, 181, 207 

Sarah, 35, 207 
Baldwin \ T 
Baldwain \ J ames ' " 
Ballord, mrs. Esek Steere, 185 
Bancroft, Eliza, 184 

££. (**•**." 

Barber ) 

Barbar [ Hezekiah, 243, 244 

Barbor ) 

James, 243, 244 

Joseph, 170 

Mary, 170, 243 
Barden, Abigail, 106 

Abraham, 171 

Hannah, 106 

Ichabod, 105 

John, 104, 105 

Mary, 171 

Mercy, 106 

Sarah, 43, 106 

Stephen, 106 

Timothy, 106 

William, 106 
Barker, Desire, 172 

Eben Francis, 59 

Edward Tobey, 54 

mrs. Edward Tobey, 55 

Elizabeth, 120 

Elizabeth Thatcher, 85 

Francis, 170 

Hannah, 35 

John Williams, 83 

Mary, 170 

Robert, 35 

Ruth Leach, 85 

Sarah, 85 

Williams, 85 

Barlow, Sarah, 236 
Barnaby ) 

Barnabe > Ambrose, 79 
Barnebe ) 

Elizabeth, 79, 80 

Hannah, 80 

{James, 79 
Joanna, 79 
Joseph, 80 
udith, 80 
,ydia, 80 
Ruth, 80 
Stephen, 80 
Timothy, 80 
Barnes, Elizabeth, 20 
Hannah, 20, 180 
John, 20, 151 
Jonathan, 20 
Lydia, 20 
Mary, 20 
Seth, 20 
Thankful, 20 
William, 20 


mrs. John Thompson, 253 
Barrell, Lydia, 85 

William, 83 
Barrett, G. S., 99 

Barrows ) » _„„ 

B) Anna, 130 
arows ) ' ^ 

Coombs, 105 

Ebenezer, 105 

George, 139, 141, 163 

John, 140 

Lydia, 139 

Moses, 163 

Patience, 141, 163 

Ruth, 139 

Samuel, 105, 139, 163 
Barstow j j h g6 
Berstow ) J ' 

Joseph, 35 

Lydia, 86 

Susanna, 35, 86 

is!:"i Benjamin ' 18 ' 191 ' 226 

Cecilia, 191, 192 

Hannah, 226 

Jonathan, 226 

Joseph, 18, 226 

Lydia, 18 

Mary, 39 

Mercy, 192 

Nathaniel, 226 

Robert, 64 

Samuel, 18 

Samuel C, 97, 102 

Sarah, 18, 226 
Baskett, John, 44 
Bass, Joseph Parker, 123 

tSSS !*>■«*». -4. 

Mary, 242 

Sarah, 120 

William, 3, 148, 151, 152 
Bate, Joanna, 158 

Joseph, 158 
Batson, Ann, 181 

Robert, 181 

J*"'" J Thomas, 208 
baxtar \ 

Bailey ) 

Baylie > Abigail, 171 

Bayly ) 

Ann, t8x 

John, 35, 171, 181 

Ruth, 171 

Sarah, 35 
B«achamp, John, 167 

Index of Persons. 


Beal, Boylston Adams, 184 
Bear, Richard, 152 

Bearce "J 
Berse J 


Abigail, 214 

Austin, 213 

Benjamin, 214 

Ebenezer, 214 

Hannah, 214 

Hester, 214 

James, 214, 236 

John, 214 

Joseph, 214 

Josiah, 214 

Martha, 214 

Mary, 213, 214 

Lydia, 214 

Priscilla, 214 

Rebecca, 214 

Sarah, 214 
Bedford, Jane, 170 

Thomas, 170 
Beedle / T i_ e. 
Bidle J J° se P h » 96, 151 
Belcher, mrs. Henry Alden, 185 
Belknap ) 

Belnap \ s«geant, 110 
Bell, Edna, 57 

Jared Weed, 57 
Bellingham, Richard, 137 
Bellows, mrs. Josiah G., 58 
Benjamin, Jemima, 214 

Joseph, 214 
Bennett \ 
Bennet \ ' 4 ? 

Anna, 160 

Cornelius, 42 

Deborah, 158 

Ebenezer, 42, 43, 105 

Eleanor, 15S 

John, 203 

Joseph, 203 

Mary, 203 

Peter, 105, 146, r6o, 201 

Priscilla, 146, 201 

Ruth, 43 

Sarah, 105 

Susanna, 105 
Benson, Benjamin, 236 

Elizabeth, 236 
Bent, Elizabeth, in 

Josiah, in 
Berry, Elizabeth, 208 
Besbcge, Alice, 3 
Besbey, see Bisbee 

Best, , no, 174, 175 

Bille, Anna, 214 

Thomas, 214 
Billings, lieut., 109, 176 

Lydia, 23 

Nathan, 23 
Billington, Christian, 115, 117 

Eleanor, 43, 115 

Francis, 46, 115, 117, 124, 172, 186 

John, 115, 124, 183, 186 

Martha, 117, 172 

Mary, 158. 
Binney, Harold, 186 

BisbLy( HaBnah 'Si.8 7 

Hopestill, 51 
Bissell, James Dougal, 57 

Paul Lee, 125 
Blackmer I »■• . ... „ 

Blackmor j Ell " bcth . 34. 8 S 

William, 34 
Blagden, Thomas, 61 
Blanxhard, Howard Wilson, 62 

Blarchford, Eliphalet W., 97, 102 

Paul, 60 
Blodgett, mrs. Edward Everett, 56 
Blood, John Balch, 122 
Blossome, Peter, 238 
Blush, Abraham, 151 
Boge, Daniel, 109 
Bond, Henry Richardson, 58, 125 
Bonham ( ,-. ^„„ - , „,„ 
Bonum j George, 245 

Elizabeth, 235 
Hannah, 214, 239 
Mary, 214 
Nicholas, 214 
Ruth, 236 
Sarah, 214 

Thomas, 143 
Booth, John, 86 

Mary, 86, 171 

Naomi, 158 

Rachel, 158 
Bordman, Thomas, 89 

Borman, , 151 

Boston, viscount of, 134 
Bosworth ) .,• 
Bozworth j Ahce > *39, 2 34 

David, 51, 80 

Deborah, 51 

Elizabeth, 51 

Hannah, 72, 80 

John, 51 

Jonathan, 80, 139, 234 

Mercy, 80 

Nehemiah, 51, 80 

Priscilla, 51 

Sarah, 51 

Susanna, 51 
Bourne 1 

g£g Alice, 3 , 6, 252 
Burnes J 

Ann, 6, 181 

Elizabeth, 5, 111 

John, 3, 5-7, in, 252 

Martha, 6 

Mary, 7 

Sarah, m 

Thomas, 6, 95, 148, 182 
Boutell, Persis, 68 
Bovey, mrs. Charles Argalis, 187 
Bowman, mrs. George Augustus, 55 

George Ernest, 3, 12, 36, 54, 55, 70, 3t, 90, 
114, 142, 155, 172, 176, 203, 207, 212, 3*3, 

John Elliot, 185 
Bradford, Alice, 115, 228, 229 

Dorothy, 115 

Elise, 189 

Elizabeth, 18 

Gamaliel, 18, 54, 55, 124 

Gershom, 18 

Hannah, 18 

Jerusha, 18 

John, 05, 158, 228, 236, 248 

John Belden, 63 

Joseph, 228 

Joseph Edward, 62 

Laurence, 252 

Perez, 18 

Royal Bird, 58 

Samuel, 18, 235, 236 

Sarah, 236 

Weakhea, 18 

William, 12, 14, 27, 29-31, 55"57. 59. 62-64. 
93>95» lI 5» 121-123, 125-127, 136, 137, 147, 
151, 166, 168, 172, 184-190, 194, 199, 200, 
228, 229, 234, 235, 245, 246, 253, 255 
Bramble, mrs. George J., 58 


Index of Persons. 

Brarohall, Cornelius, 226 

George, 226 

Joseph, 226 

Joshua, 226 

Lydia, 226 

Mary, 226 

Nehemiah, 226 

Sarah, 226 

Silvanus, 226 
Branch, Elizabeth, 7 

John.3, 7, 76, 

m, 101, 252 


mrs. John 

Mary, 3 

Mercy, 111 

Peter, 7 

Thomas, in, 252 
Brasser, Henry, 155, 156 
Bray, mrs. Alonzo B., 128 
Brett V 

Bret [ Elihu, 146, 157, 158 
Brewster, Benjamin, 112, 113 

Charles Augustus, 54 

Charles Ellis, 184 

Daniel, 113 

Deborah, 138 

Fear, 114 

Jonathan, 88, 93, 94, 148, 151, 156 

Joshua, 138 

Love, 55> 56» XI 5> 122 , 124, 125, 184, t88, 203, 
204, 253 

Mary, 115 

Nathaniel, 203 

Sarah, 115, 203, 204 

William, 55-60, 62, 115, 122-127, 136, 137, 184, 
185, 187-189, 196, 198-200, 203, 253, 256 

Wrestling, 115, 203 
Bridgham, Henry, 33 
Bridgman, Howard A., 54 
Briggs \ 

Brigs > Clement, 146 
Briges ) 

Cornelius, 85, 214 

Deborah, 171 

Edward Cornelius, 122 

Elizabeth, 146 

James, 35 

John, 236 

Mary, 85 

MehitabTe, 214, 235 

Rebecca, 35 

Sarah, 236 
Brigham, Sarah, 24 
Brinley, Charles A., 59 
Britteridge, Richard, 115 

Elizabeth, 87 
Elijah, 85 
Gilbert, 85 
Hannah, 87 
Lucy, 85 
Minam, 85 
Nathan, 85 
Nathaniel, 87 
Philondia, 84 
Sally, 84 
Seth, 85 
Temperance, 84 
Thomas, 87 
William, 84, 85 

BrowSe i David Chester, 59 
Elizabeth Mussey, 58 
James, 123 
James Crosby, 59 
John, 30,99, 137 
Lydia, 72 
Martha, 116 
Mary, 116 

Brown \ 

Browne > Peter, 56, 115, 124, 169, 255 

cont'd. ) 

mrs. Robert Simmons, 190 
Browning, Amos A., 192 
Bryant T 

Bryante [ Abigail, 52, 138, 140 
Bnant ) 

Abishai, 51 

Barnabas, 140 

Benjamin, 141, 236 

Dorcas, 51 

Elizabeth, 33, 236 

Ephraim, iai 

George, 121, 236 

Hannah, 141, 236 

mrs. Henry Lyman, 56 

H. W., 59 

James, 51, 234 

Joanna, 121, 139, 236 

John, 32-34, iai, 140, 210, 211 

Lois, 52 

Lusanna, 52 

Lydia, 121 

Mary, 32, 34, 121 

Matthew, 51 

Mehitable, 235 

Priscilla, 138 

Samuel, 52 

Sarah, 51, 121, 234-236 

Sylvanus, 52 

Tabitha, 52 

|**J Deborah, 86 

Eunice, 86 

Isaac, 86 

Mary, 235 

Mehitable, 87 

Rachel, 87 

Ruth, 84 
Buckley, Thomas, 176 
Bulkly, Edward, 5 

John, 5 
Bull, William Lanman, 57 
Bullock, mrs. Jonathan R., 56 

Bump P u:i Ed - rd .4.5,89,2 45 ,246 

Elizabeth, 4, 85 
Hannah, 4, 5 
Isaac, 4 
Jacob, 5,8s 
James, 103 
John, 4 

Joseph, 4, 103, 159 
Lydia, 159 
Mary, 103, 159 
Mehitable, 103 
Penelope, 103 
Rebecca, 103, 159 
Sarah, 4, no 
Wibra, 159 
Burgess "j 

t2& ['»-*-»■.■-* 

Burgas J 

Ebenezer, 227 

Elizabeth, 227 

George C, 183 

Jabez, 227 

Mary, 227 

Mercy, 227 

Nathaniel, 227 

Samuel, 227 

Thankful, 227 

Thomas, 29 
Burrowes, Elizabeth, 6 

Mary, 7 

Jeremiah, 4, 6, 7 

John, 6 
Burton, Elizabeth, 183 

Index of Persons. 


Stephen, 183 



Bustob, Lawrence, 177 

Butten, William, 116 

Butterfield, mrs. George, 189 

Byram ^ 

Biram I Bethia 2+4 I4 - 

Byrum j ' "' 13 

Birum J 

Ebenezer, 144 

Joseph, 144 

Josiah, 145 

Margaret, 144, 145 

Mary, 145 

Mehitable, 144 

Nicholas, 144, 145 

Susanna, 145 

Douglas, 136 

Fannie Soule, 63 
Canterbury, archbishop of, 218 
Capen, Samuel Billings, 54 
Carpenter, Agnes, 117 

James, 153, 154 

Lucena, 153, 154 

Sabina, 153 

William, 153 
Carter, Robert, 116 
Carver, , 7 

Christian, 5 

Elizabeth, 112 

Grace, 18 

John, 7, 18, no, 112, 116, 141, 181, 236, 251 

Katharine, 116 

Lemuel, 18 

Mehitable, 181 

Millicent, no 

Robert, 5, i8i 

Sarah, 18, 236 

William, 7, 251 
Cary, David, 91 

Eleazer, 90 

Elizabeth, 91 

Francis, 91 

Hannah, 91 

James, 90, 91 

John, 90, 91 

Jonathan, 91 

Joseph, 91 

Mary, 91 

Mehitable, 90 

Nathaniel, 90 

Rebecca, 91 

Sarah, 90 

Seth, 90 
Case, William Wallace, 61, 62 
Castle, William Henry, 59 
Chamberlain, Isabel Sarjent, 61, 62 
Chandler ] 
Chandeler ( «,• -, 
Channdeler |- Abigail, 139 
Chaundler J 

Bethiah, 139 

Edmund, 148, 151, 169, 245, 246 

John, 139 

Jonathan, 139 

Joseph, 143, 144 

Josiah, 192 

Rachel, 128, 153, 192 
Chany, mrs. William Henry, 62 
Chaptn, Herbert Allen, 185 
Chapman, Isaac, 6 

Lydia, 4, 5 

Mary, 6, 170 

Ralph, 4, 5, 6, 173. 

Sarah, 6 
Chard, Caleb, 146 

Eleanor, 146 

Joseph, 104 


Samuel, 104, 106 

William, 106 
Charles, king, 147, 220 
Chase, Ellen, 128 

Jessie Clara, 187 
Chatfield, mrs. Carrie E., 253 
Cheney, Charles Edward, 60 
Chester, Walstein Roath, 122 
Child, Mary, no 

Richard, no, 250 

Samuel, 250 
Chillingworth, Elizabeth, 5 

Joanna, 4 

Mehitable, no 

Thomas, 5 
Chilton, James, 55, 57, 61, 116, 184 

Mary, 55, 57, 61, no, 184 
Chipman, Hope, 72 

John, 256 
Chittenden ) .,- tt-m 
Chettenden \ AI,CC HlU ' * 

Deborah, 86 

Isaac, 33 

Israel, 86 


Martha, 33 

Mehitable, 87, 170 

Sarah, 34 

Stephen, 87 
Church, Elizabeth, 39 

Hannah, 35 

Richard, 13, 35 
Churchill ) 

Churchell \ Averick, 53 
Churchel ) 

Benjamin, 53 

Desire, 225 

Hannah, 51 

Isaac, 53 

Jabez, 52 

James, 236 

Jemima, 52, 139 

Joanna, 236 

John, 225 

Josiah, 52, 139 

Mary, 53, 236 

Perez, 53 

Phebe, 225 

Priscilla, 225 

Rebecca, 51, 225 

Samuel, 225, 236 

Sarah, 225 

Susanna, 53 

William, 141 
Clapp 1 

Clappe > Abigail, 171 
Clap ) 

Bethiah, 171 

Elizabeth, 35 

Hannah, 34, 171 

Samuel, 34 
Clark ) 

Clarke [ , 234 

Clarck ) 

Abigail, 77 

Anne, 212 

Alonzo Howard, 61, 62 

Catharine March, 124 

Faith, 116 

fames, 77 
fames Wilson, 


Jemima, 160 
John, 77 
Joseph, 77 
Loutsa Watson, 58 
Martha, 84 
Mary, 77 
Mary S., 124 


Index of Perso?is. 

Clark \ 

Clarke ! ,, - 

Clan* > Mer cy,S 7 
cont'd, j 

Nathan, 160 

Rachel, 171 

Rebecca, 77, 208 

Richard, 116 

Sarah L., 124 

Thomas, 30, 84, 128, 179, 208 

William, 83, 179 
Clawson, josiah, 249 

Timothy, 249 
Qeavland , Moses, 108 
Clement, James, 180, i3i 

Martha, 1S0 
Clifft, Lydia, 87 

William, 87 
Gothier, Ruth, 171 
Cloufe, Richard, 155 
Clyfton, , 199 

~°, ( Chipman, 106 

Ebenezer, 19 
Elizabeth, 19, 158 
Hannah, 19, 201 
James, 42 

Job, 19 
ohn, 19, 42-44 
onathan, 153 

Martha, 42, 157 

Mary ,£19 

Mercy, 19 

Nathan, 19 

Nathaniel, 19 

Patience, 42 

Rachel, 42-44. 

Roland, 19 

Samuel, 106, 159, 201 

Sarah, 19 
Coe, Henry Francis, 54 
Coggeshall ) . » 

Cockshall |^jor,2o8 

Mary, 208 
Coit, sergt., 49 
Cole ) 

Coole \ , 160 

Coal ) 

Daniel, 1-3, 177, 178, 209, 210 

Dorothy, 20 

Edward, 52 

Elizabeth, 52 

Ephraim, 20, 236 

Hezekiah, 235 

Hugh, 36, 38, 39 

James, 20 

Job, 89, 209, 210 

John, 141, 209, 210, 235 

Martha, 52 

Mary, 20 

Patience, 235 

Rebecca, 20, 209 

Samuel, 20, 141 

Sarah, 236 
Coleman, Joanna, 171 

Zechariah, 171 
Colket, mrs. C. Howard, 123 
Collamer ) « ,- •, 
Colamer \ Ab, S a,! ' 35 

Anthony, 34 

Peter, 35 

Sarah, 34 
Collier 1 

Collyer > Elizabeth, 209 
Col!>are J 

Jane, 64, 89 

Sarah, 115 

William, 64, 94, 204, 206, 209 

Collins, William George, 57 
Colt, mrs. George Kellogg, 59 
Comer, Hannah, 50 
Comstick, sergt., 47 
Conant ) T 
Conent i ^ 2 « 

Lydia, 243 

Nathaniel, 242 

Rebecca, 243 

Cook > Abigail, 236, 255 

Caleb, 139, 192 

Damaris, 27, 28, 63, 81 
, Francis, 24, 25, 28, 52, 56, 58, 63, 70, irS, 
123-126, 139, 141, 152, 186, 188, 190, 255 

Hannah, 139 

Hester, 25, 27, 28, 116 

Jacob, 27, 28, 45, 46, 63, 81 
ane, 192 
ohn, 25, 46, 81, 116, 256 
mrs. John C, 185 

{osiah, 81 
,ydia, 81 

Margaret, 81 

Mary, 86, 152 

Rebecca, 81 

Robert, 236,255 

Ruth, 52, 139 

Sarah, 39, 116, 236 

Susanna, 52, 235 

William, 81 

William Burt, 187 
Coombs ) 

Combs > Francis, 128 

John, 45, 46 

Mary, 64, 128 

Ruth, 43 
Cooper, Elizabeth, 18 

Hannah, 18 

Humility, 116 

Isaac, 18 

iohn, 18 
Richard, 18 
Sarah, 18 
Copeland, Charles, 187 

Cornanell, , 151 

Cornelioussen, Peter, 155 
Cornish, Abigail, 20 
Benjamin, 21 

James, 21 
oseph, 21 
osiah, 20 
Naomi, 21 
Samuel, 20 
Susanna, 20 
Thomas, 21 

William, 33 
Cotton, John, 129, 131, 135, 137, 138, 217, 2i3, 
220, 223 

Rowland, 217 

Theophilus, 131 
Covel, Sarah, 191, 192 

Janet McKay, 123, 186 

John, 33 

John Philo, 184 

Mary, 170 

Rebecca, 33 
Crackston, John, 116 

Cradock, , 151 

Craig, mrs. A. L.,62 

Crandon, Edwin S., 56, 122, 129, 186 

Crane, Edward A., 23 

Nellie Belle, 23 
Crewe, earl of, 195 

Index of Persons. 


Crocker, David, 212 
Cromwell, Oliver, 216, 217 
Crooker, Joanna, 251 

Jonathan, 251, 252 

Mary, 251 

Ruth, 252 

Sarah, 180 

Crosby, , 178 

Crossman, Abigail, 152 

Cr r owe| Bethiah »~9 
John, 209 
JLydia, 208 
Sarah, 239 

William^, 27, 70, 73, 77 
Crowell, Hannah, 208 

John, 208 

Samuel, 208 
Cudworth, Hannah, 171 

James, 168 

Joanna, 171 

Jonathan, 35 

Mary, 170 

Sarah, 35 
Curtis j 

Curtice [ Benjamin, 87, 140, 165 
Cortis ) 

Elizabeth, 87 

Francis, 140 

Hannah, 141 

mrs, Henry Melville, 61 

mrs. Isaac, 185 

John, 85 

Martha, 84 

Mary, 86, 87, 140, 165, 170 

Miriam, 85 

Sarah, 86 

Thomas, 86, 170 
Cushing, Deborah, 86 
James, 170 
Jeremiah, 35 
John, 86 
Joseph, 170 
Mercy, 170 
Sarah, 86, 170 
Susan Thaxter, 184 
Cushman, Alice, 139, 226 
Allerton, 235 
Bartholomew, 141 
Benjamin, 236 
Elizabeth, 139, 226 
Elkanah, 139, 141, 226 
Ephraim, 235 
Fear, 235 
Hester, 226 
Ichabod, 236 

Isaac, 50, 51, 138-141, 226, 235-237 
James, 226 
Joanna, 236 
John, 236 
Josiah, 235 
Martha, 141, 337 
Mary, 115, 235 
Patience, 236 
Ruth, 72, 236 
Sally, 154 
bamuel, 235 

Sarah, 50, 140, 154, 226, 236 
Susanna, 235 

Thomas, 30, 73, 77, 89, 115, 128, 229, 234, 

Daggett, Sarah Whittemore, 54 
Damen, Deborah, 34 

John, 32, 34 

Katherine, 32 

Martha, 34, 87 

Mary, 170 

Mehitable, 170 


cont'd. I Zachariah » 87, 170 
Daniels, John Alden, 184 

mrs. John Alden, 185 

Maria Spear, 184 
Darling, mrs. Edwin E., 56 

Mary, 236 

Thomas, 104 
Dart, mrs. Albert C, 125 
Davis, , 234 

Abigail, 35 

Eliza, 184 

Horace, 184, 185 

John, 184 

Sarah, 35 

Tristram, 35 
Day, George E., 07, 102 

Katherine Seymour, 125 

De^ne j J. ohn Ward ' 55 

Martha, 1S0 

Stephen, 87 
Decker, mrs. Catharine W. S., 187 

De"o W \ Ger *rude, 1 
John, 252 
Valentine, 252 
DeLaat de Kanter, E. M., 102 
Delano ) t-> -j 
Delanoe i Davld - x 57 
Elizabeth, 157, 158 
Nathan, 158 
Thomas, 83, 143, 144 
Denison, Charles M», 253 

Samuel, 253 
Dennis, Robert, 31, 32 
Warren Egerton, 187 
Densmore, Albert Adams, 183 
Caroline Eaton, 56, 183 
Edward Dana, 56 
Depew, Chauncey M., 62 
Desperd, John, 141 
Dexter, Henry M., 97, 98 

Morton, 54, 55, 97, 99, 102, 193, 255 
Dibble I n 
Dipple j Grace ' 34 
Dickens, Charles, 222 
Dickenson, Elizabeth, 72 
Dimock, Susan W., 187 
Dingby, Sarah, 117 

William, 117 
Dingly, Elizabeth, 250 
Hannah, 180 
Jacob, in, 180, 250 
John, 5 
Joseph, 180 
Mary, 4, in 
Sarah, no 
Doane \ T , 
Done j J° ha > x < 

William Howard, 60 
Dodge, Frank A., 24 

Mary, 24 
Dodson \ . . 
Dodsun j An thony, 33 
Bethiah, 171 
Margaret, 86 
Mary, 33, 86 
Patience, 87 
Sarah, 171 
Dogget ) „ 

Dogged j " ' l8t 

Joane, 4, 252 
John, 180 
Patience, 213 
Ruth, 215 
Samuel, 251 
Thomas, 4, 252 
Dolbeer, mrs.' Charles Hendricks, 57 
Dorset, earl of, 218 


Index of Persons. 


Do ten 


Desire, 182 

Edward, 116, 163, 187, 256 

Elizabeth, 180, 224 

Faith, 116 

Hope, 224 

Ichabod, 225 

Isaac, 224 

[abez, 224 

facob, 163 

[ames, 33 

lane, 224 

fobn, 139, 163 
,ydia, 33, 139, 163 

Martha, 224 

Mary, 138, 225 

Mehitable, 163 

Neriah, 224 

Rebecca, 224 

Sarah, 163 

Susanna, 163 
Doud, mrs. Levi B., 60 
Downing, mrs. George \V., 56 
Downs, Hubert C, 189 
Dowse, mrs. Charles Francis, 123 
Dudley, Thomas, 137 
Dulles, Charles Winslow, 18S 

Jane, 243 
Robert, 243 

Do U ^h^n! Ch - IesA - dt '^ 2 55 

Israel, 236 

Joanna, 236 

John, 234 

Lydia, 139 

Mary, 140 

Mehitable, 146 

Nathaniel, 140 
Durham ) c , 
Durram | Sarah ' "° 

Thomas, no 
Durke, lieut., 49 
Dwelly, Amy, 35 

iohn, 87 
tachel, 87 
Richard, 35 
Dyer, William Fuller, 185 

Eames, Hannah, 251 

Jonathan, 251 

Justice, no 

Mehitable, no 
Eastland, Elizabeth, 166 

Hannah, 166 

Jean, 166 

John, 166 

Joseph, 166 

Joshua, 166 

Mary, 166 

Zeruiah, 166 
Eaton \ 

Eatton 5 Barnabas, 42 

Benjamin, 64, 78, 140, 165 

Christian Penn, 115, 117 

Ebenezer, 165 

Elisha, 165 

Elizabeth, 42, 117, 172, 254 

Francis, 57, 115-117, 124, 172, 186 

Gideon, 165 

Hannah, 78, 165,236 

Jabez, 78, 141 

Joanna, 165 

cont'd. J 

iohn, 78 
leziah, 42, 159 
Martha, 117, 172 
Mary, 64, 78 
Mercy, 42, 165 

Samuel, 42, 57, 117, 124, 159, 172, T73, 
Sarah, 78, no, 117, 172, 236 
William, 78 

EvIrJoTi^— «•'« 

Elizabeth, 140, 166 

Ephraim, 166 

Richard, 140, 166 
Eddy ) 

Edye J Caleb, 30 

Elizabeth, 30, 157 

Joel, 158 

Mary, 139 

Melatiah, 43 

Samuel, 30, 43 

Sarah, 158 
Edson, Joseph, 242 

Ptolemy O'M., 186 
Edward, king, 133-135, 219 
Edwards, Rice, 176 
Eggleston, Percy Coe, 58 
Eldred \ 
Eldredge \ ' l ™ 

Keziah, 208 

Samuel, 208 

Zoeth S., 184 
Elizabeth, queen, 100, 135, 162, 196, 198 

files I Abigail, 166 

Barnabas, 165 

Caleb Holt, 62 

Deborah, 165, 166 

Eleazer, 165 

mrs. Frank R., 61 

Jesse, 166 

Molly, 166 

Pelham, 166 

William, 166, 216 

Zilpha, 165 
Elmes, Bethiah, 171, 202 

Catharine, 33 

Ignatius, 105 

Rodolphus, 33, 34, 105, 171, 202 

Sarah, 34 
Ely, ,117 

Alfred, 125 

John Hugh, 60 


James, 249-251 
English, Thomas, 117 

E^j Hannah, 86 
fcnsme ) 

Ephraim, Jacob, 49 

Ethelmund, king, 132 

Evans, Maria, 117 

Thomas, 83, 89 
Everett, Edward, 220 
Ewell, Ichabod, 86 

John Louis, 61, 62 

Mehitable, 86 

Sarah, 170 

Fairbairn, A. M., 99, 103 
Fairbanks, Henry N., 55 

Mittie Belcher, 253 

Nora L., 56, 186 
Fairfax, gen., 216 
Fales, Charlotte, 153 
Farnham, Elijah Thompson, 57 

hidex of Persons. 


Farrow . T , 
ffarow j John, 171 

Persis, 171 
Faunce, Solomon Elmer, 61-63, I2 7 

mrs. Solomon Elmer, 62 
Felcher, Cynthia, 23 

Horace, 23 

]£<*j Daniel, 342 

Elizabeth, 146, 242 

John, 242 

Lydia, 242 

Richard, 242 

Ruth, 242 
Finney \ 

Phinney > Abigail, 138 
Phiney ) 

Alice, 225 

Experience, 235 

Hannah, 235 

John, 52, 225, 235 

Jonathan, 52, 235 

Joseph, 225, 235 

Josiah, 138 

Alary, 225 

Mercy, 225 

Rebecca, 52 

ffish j J° nathan » 2 47 
Fitch, Anna, 21 

Asa, 21 

Betsy, 21, 23 

Betsy Marilla, 22 

capt., 48, 49, 108, 176 

Cordilla, 21, 22 

Cordilla Walker, 22, 122 

Cynthia, 21, 23 

Darius, 21, 23 

Deborah A. R., 22 

Eleanor Wells, 32 

Elisha, 21, 50 

Erastus Perkins, 24 

Esther Ann, 22 

Eunice, 24 

Fanny, 23 

Freddie Wilson, 23 

Frederick Niles, 22, 24 

Hannah, 21, 22, 24 

Hannah Adams, 24 

Jabez, 21-24, 47. IQ 3, 122, 174, 256 

Jabez Demming, 22 

Jennie Eleanor, 23 

Joanna, 22, 24 

lieut., 108 

Lurene. 21, 23, 24 

Lydia Billings, 23 

Mary, 24 

Mary Rudd, 22 

Minnie May, 23 

Nathan Billings, 23 

Nellie Beile, 23 

Orlando Mix, 22 

Pelatiah, 21, 175 

Samuel Perkins, 21, 23 

Sarah, 24 

Theophilus Wilson, 21-23 

Walter Cordilla, 23 

Willie Jabez, 23 
Fletcher Henry, 200 

Maria, 117 

Moses, 117 

Sarah, 117 
fflowra, Jeremiah, 139 

Thankful, 135 

fTobes \ Benjamin, 145 

Bethiah, 145, 147 

Caleb, 192 

Edward, 145 


Vobes K 

Ephraim, 145 

Hannah, 145 

John, 145 

Joshua, 145 

Mary, 145 

Wilham, 84, 14s 
Follen ) 

flbllen J Elizabeth, 208 
fiblland ) 

Margaret, 208 

William, 208 

Abigail, 182, 250 

Amos, 51 

Anna, 252 

Bathsheba, 249, 250 

mrs. Ellery Channing, 62 

John, in, 151 

Josiah, in 

Martha, 116 

Mary Ann, 185, 186 

Jvlercy, 111 

Michael, 180, 182, 249-252 

Millicent, no 

Patience, 249 

Rebecca, 51 

Sarah, no, 146 

William, 93, no, tit, 178, 180, 181, 249, 250,252 
Forsyth, mrs. George A., 126 
Foster ) 

fibster > Albert Volney, 56 
Forster ) 

Asa Lansford, 187 

Bathshua, 35 

Chillingsworth, 249 

Edward, 34 

Elizabeth, 34, 179 

Eva Cornelia, 123 

F. Apthorp, 54, 160 

Gershom, 20 

Hannah, 20 

Hatherly, 35 

Hopestill, 93, 94 

Ichabod, 20 

James, 176, 251 

John, 20, 179, 180, 249, 251 

John Gilman, 123 

Josiah, 180 

Mary, 180 

Mercy, 20 

Nathaniel, 20 

Sarah, 20 

Seth, 20 

Thomas, 20 

Volney William, 60 
Fowler, Almira Melita, 122 
Fox, George Lyman, 61 

John, 217 

John Bradford, 126 
Foxwell, Martha, 215 
Francis, Robert, 253 
Freeman ) T „ „ „„ 
ffreeman j J 03003 ' 5° 

John, 3, 50, 178, 238 
French, Alice, 185 

Elizabeth, in 

Esther Ann, 22 

Hannah, 140 

Nehemiah, 22 

Richard, in 

Stephen, 140 
Fryc, mrs. James Nichols, 153, 184, 186 

ffullerS , 47 



Index of Persons. 

Abial, 140, 226, 234 

flu liar 
Agnes, 117 
Amos, 44, 45 
mrs. Andrew D., 124 
Annis, 226 
Benjamin, 234 
Bridget, 117 
Deborah, 139, 234 
Edward, 59, 117, 184, 185, 187, 188 
Eleanor, 158 
Elkanah, 50 
Elizabeth, 139, 140 
Elsie, 117 
Hannah, 214 
Isaac, 235 

[abez, 139, 158, 234 

fames, 235 

fane, 117 

fohn, 139, 140, 177, 226, 238, 239, 241 

fonathan, 158 

fudith, 235 

Vlartha, 236 
Mary, 235 
Matthew, 128, 238 
Mercy, 158 
Nathaniel, 236 
Patience, 128 
Philemon, 44, 45 
Rachel, 44, 45 
Rachel Sampson, 44 
Samuel, 8, 55, 59, 70, 73, 117, 124, 140, 184-186, 

188, 237-240 
Sarah, 50 
Susanna, 120 
Fundie, , 48 

Gade, Fredrik Herman, 60 
Ga^e, Benjamin, 209 

Elizabeth, 209 
Gallison, Jefferson Cushing, 122, 124 
Gallup, capt.,49, io 9 
Gamble, mrs. Harry P., 55 
Gannett, Deborah, 170 

Mary, 170 

Matthew, 170 
Gardiner, Richard, 117 
Garrett, Joseph, 84 

Persis, 170 

Richard, 170 

Ruth, 84 
Geer \ 

Geres j George, 113 

Jonathan, 113 

sergt., 175 
Gibbs ) t ,. . 
Guibs j J udlth > J 59 
Giddings, Sarah Adelia, 62 
Gidman, Richard H., 192 
Gifford, Charles Edgar, 188 

Tames, 54, 55 
Gilbert, , 157 

John, 210, 2ii 
Giles / 

JUes \ scrgt, » *9» io 9' x 74 
Gilford, Mary, 170 
Gill, Hannah, 34 
Glascock, Elsie, 117 
Glass, Amy, 35 

Goodenhouse, , 157 

Goodman, John, 117 
Goodspeed, Ebenezer, 208 

Lydia, 2o3 
Goodwin, Lewis LeBaron, 56 
Gorham \ 

Goreham j , 184 

Gorum ) 

Edward, 46, 76, 77, 209 

Gorham "1 

cont'd, j 

{ohn, 77 
.ydia, 209 
Gosman, A., 99 
Goss, Robert, 176 
Gould, mrs. Levi Lincoln, 123 
Goulder, William, 155 
Granger, John, 5 
Graves, Abbott Fuller, 185 

mrs. Dwight W., 60 
Gray ' 

John, 46 

Mary, 208 

Melatiah, 209 

Sarah, 236 
Greene, Richard Henry, 57 
Greenlaw, mrs. Lucy Hall, 252 
Greenleaf, Joseph, 65 

Gregorie, , 151 

Gridley, Martin Medbury, 60 
Grinnell, mrs. Charles Edward, 54 

William Milne, 57 

Griswold j „ 

Grissill j '" 3 

Joanna, 24 

Otis A., 24 
Groesbeck, Herman John, 126 
Guild, Georgianna, 184 
Guilford, see Gilford 
Gwinne, Mehitable, 86 

Hacket, Edward, 237 

Sarah, 237 
Hale, Arthur, 59 
Haley, Lucy, 57 

Haul ( mrs ' A nt h° n y Dennis, 185, 1S6 

Benjamin, 208 

Edward, 210 

Isaac, 157 

John M., 54 

Mehitable, 208 

Thomas, 155 
Hallett, John, 209 

Jonathan, 209 

Mary, 200 
Hamblen, Jemima, 139 

S^nn d I Elisabeth Penn, 138, 185, 19* 
xlammon ) J ' J 7 

Elizabeth, 170 

Jedediah, 170 

Robert, 167 

mrs. William Penn, 184, 185 
Hancson, Hanc, 155 
Handy, Edward A., 61 

E™',. i Bethiah, 180 
xianmore ) ' 

John, 143 

Joseph, 180 

Rebecca, 33 

Harlow, Abigail, 17, 236 

Amariah, 227 

Betty, 79 

Deborah, 79 

Eleazer, 18 

Hannah, 17, 192 

Isaac, 79 

James, 17 

Jerusha, 79 

John, 17 

Lemuel, 79 

Lois, 227 

Nathaniel, 17, 141 

Priscilla, 17, 18, 192 

Rebecca, 17, 79 

Samuel, 17, 193 

Index of Perso?is. 


Harman, Augustine, 155 
Harriman, John, 156 
Harris, Jane, 243 

Sarah, 158 
Harrison, George Chandler, 62 
Hart, Burdett, 99 
Harwood, Mary, 68 

Hasc'l' 1 I mrS * Geor S e Alexander, 189 

John, 43, 104, 107, 159, 160 

Jonathan, 107 

Patience, 82, 84, 160 

Sarah, 43, 107, 159 

Squire, 104 

Susanna, 43 
Hastings, Francis, 205 
Hatch, Alice, 33, 34 

Ann, 32 

Elizabeth, 33, 171 

Hannah, 33, 171 

Israel, 171 

Israel H., 3 

4 ane ' *K ^ 

Jeremiah, 34, 109 
Lydia, 86 
Mary, 34, 169 
Sarah, 34 
Susanna, 33 
Thomas, 34, 171 
Walter, 33, 180 
William, 32, 33, 167, 168 

Havves, Benjamin, 207 
Desire, 207 
Ebenezer, 207 
Edmund, 207 
Elizabeth, 207 
Experience, 207 
Isaac, 207 

Jabez, 207 

Fohn, 207 

foseph, 207 

Hary, 207, 215 
Hawkins, Elizabeth, 87 

££3* (*•*»*. * 

Benoni, 92 

Elizabeth, 92 

John, 92 

Joseph, 92, 146, 244 

Martha, 146 

Mary, 92, 146 

Mehitable, 146, 244 

Mercy, 92 

Sarah, 92 

Susanna, 92, 147 

Thomas, 92 
Haywood, Nancy Bishop, 187 
Hedge, Elisha, 176, 177 
Henderson, Lucia, 66 
Henry, king, 134, 135, 197 
Herlihy, lieut., 49 

Hetman, , 84 

Hewes, , 4 

Mary, 34 


Hewett "J 
Hewitt I 
Huet f 
Huit J 

Bridget, i3o 

Christopher, 251 
Elizabeth, 34 
Ephraim, 34 

iohn, 180, 182, 251 
lartha, i32 
mrs. William H. H.,63 

Hicks ) 
Hickes I 
Hicke { 
Hixe J 

Daniel 33 

mrs. James, 61 

Rebecca, 33 

Robert, 87 

Samuel, 245 

K^ j Ichabod, 1, * 
Higens ) 

Richard, 151 
H!iundi Elizabeth .34.36 

John, 36 

Mary, 34, 87 

Sarah, 33 

Thomas, 34 
Hill, Edwin Allston, 58, 61, 62 

Mary, 242 
Hills, Henry, 44 
Hinckley ) c„„i, „, 
Hinkley \ Sarah ' 2I * 

Thomas, 177, 241 

Hincksman / 

Hinksman $ « 4. 7 

Edmund, 182 

Elizabeth, 112 

Elnathan, 86, 182 

Fortunatus, 112 

Hannah, 7, rn 

Joseph, 7, X12 

William, in, 112, 182 
Hinds, Fred Clifford, 55, 57 
Hoadley, mrs. George, 189 
Hoare, Ezekiel, 211 

John, 96, 166-168 
Hocking, John, 10, n 
Holbeck, William, 117 
Holbrook \ 
Holbrooke j 

Holebroke )■ Bethiah, 172 
Holebrook j 
Holebrooke j 

Elizabeth, 33 

Hannah, 171 

Persis, 171 

Thomas, 33 

Holdrich, , 49 

Holland, John, 93, 94 

ESSE I*—.*™ 

Hom C Vi AW ^!,,4,, SS . 
Abraham, in 
Barnabas, 80 
Bathsheba, 80 
Benjamin, 165 
Ebenezer, 78, 251 
Eleanor, 165 
Elizabeth, 78, in, 121 
Ephraim, 81, 121 
Experience, 225 
Hannah, 143 
Isaac, 181, 249, 251 
James, 80 
joanna, 80, 81 
][ohn, 121, 225 
Joseph, 18, 50, 165 
"foshua, 165 
fosias, 143 
Martha, 237 
Mary, no 
Melatiah, 165 
Mercy, 165 

Nathaniel, 80, 165, 237 
Patience, 165, 236 
Phebe, 78 
Rebecca, 50 
Richard, 165 


Index of Persons. 

Holmes ) 

Homes > Samuel, 99, 225 

ccnfd. ) 

Sarah, 80 

William, 181 

Zephaniah, 80 
Holt, Henry P. R., 62 
Holway, see Hollaway 
Hooke, John, 117 
Hooker, Thomas, 218 
Hopkins, Caleb, 13, 14 

Charles Augustus, 54 

Constance, 118, 186 

Damaris, 12-14, 27, 28, 63, 118 

Deborah, 12-14 

Elizabeth, 13, 14, 63, 117, 118 

Gyles, 12, 13, 117, 123, 177, 253 

Katharine, 117 

Oceanus, 118 

Ruth, 13, 14 

Stephen, 8, 12, 14, 63, 87, 117, 118, 123, 124, 
151, 185-187, 253-255 

Thomas Snell, 54, 61 
Hough, Atherton, 137 
Houghton, lord, 197 
House, see Howes 
Howard, mrs. Clifford, 127 

Joshua Edward, 184 
Howell, Thomas, 95 

Hou's? I Elizabcth . 34, 209, 215 

John, 209 

Jonathan, 207 

Joseph, 209 

Mary, 209 

Rebecca, 35, 207 

Samuel, 35, 86, 177, 238 

Sarah, 86, 170, 207 

Thomas, 207 
Rowland, Arthur, 179, 181, 182, 252 

Ebenezer, 179 

Elizabeth, 6, 71-73, 118, 119, 182, 256 

Henry, 89 

Isaac, 71, 72 

Jabez, 71, 72 

John, 6, n, 24, 25, 28, 56-58, 70, 72, 73, 88, 89, 
95, 118, 119, 122-124, 127, 184-190, 252, 253, 

Joseph, 72, 80 

Joseph Briggs, 123 

Margaret, 252 

Martha, 34, 3o 

Mary, 4, 80, 179, 213 

Nathaniel, 80 

Priscilla, 146 

Thomas, 179 

Walter Morton, 60 
Hoyt, mrs. Frank Mason, 253 
Hubbell, Walter Sage, 253 
Hucabon, capt., 47 
Hucker, Martin, 176 
Huckins, Hope, 43 
Hughes, see Hewes 

Hull, , 157 

Hunt, Christian, 118 

Hannah, 180 

Sarah E., 54 
Hunter, Joseph, 162 
Huntley, lieut., 174 
Hurst, James, 28 
Huse, lord, 135 
Hutchinson, Mary, 128 

Ingelow, Jean, 217 
Ingle, Waitstill, 171 
Irby, Anthony, 216, John, 11 

£? (John, 19. 

Jackson ^ 
acson J 
Content, 139 
Deborah, 138 
Hannah, 169, 225 
Jeremiah, 225 
John, 158, 170 

Mary, 158 

Rebecca, 56 

Sarah, 35 

Susanra, 139 

Thomas, 225 
Jacob, David, 86 

Deborah, in 

Elizabeth, 36 

Mary, 170 

Sarah, 86 
James, Ann, 33 

Elizabeth, 36 

Jane, 4 

John, 85 

king, 135, i97» I 98, 220 

Lydia, 85 

Mehitable, 171 

mrs. William, 189 
Janney, mrs. Robert M., 254 
Janvrin, Joseph Edward, 57 
Jefferies, capt., no, 175 
Jenkins ) 

Jenkin \ Hannah, 85 
Jenkens ) 

John, 151 
Jenney j Herbert ^ 
Jenny \ 

John, 8 
Joell, an Indian, 239 
John, king, 133 
Johnson, Alfred Sidney, 253 

Humphrey, 168 

James Gibson, 58 

Jerome Fletcher, 61, 62 

Joseph, too 

Joseph Taber, 189 

Loren B. T., 189 

Mary, 169 
Jones, Adam, 227 

Charles Davies, 61 

Elizabeth, 208 

mrs. Erastus, 123, 186 

mrs. Frank J., 60 

Jedediah, 240, 241 

Josiah, 208 

Julia Frances, 123, 186 

Mary, 227 

Mercy, 227 

Ralph, 238 

Remember, 227 
Josiah, an Indian, 29 

&| *««■*•* 

Henry, 36 

Joseph, 146 

Sarah, 146 
Jourdaine, John, 234 
Juatt, Elizabeth, 63 

Karr, mrs. William Wesley, 62, 127 
Keith, Bethiah, 147 

iosiah, 147 
lary, 147 
Samuel, 147 
Kelsey, mrs. Albert Warren, 126 

&oTS A ^!,7S 
Ephraim, 32, 165 

ioanna, 32, 165 
Ianassch, 234 

Index of Persons. 


Kempton \ 

Kemton > Patience, 165 

cont'd. ) 

Sarah, 78 

Thomas, 165 

William, 165 
Kent, Lewis, 153 

Mary, 170 

Rachel Chandler, 153 
Kimball, Sarah, 236 
King, Benjamin, 227 

Bethiah, 225 

Betty, 227 

Clement, 180 

Deborah, 171 

Hannah, 160 

Ichabod, 159, 160 

Isaac, 235 

Jane, 33 

Joanna, 180, 225 

Judith, 159 

Mehitable, 235 

Rebecca, 225, 227 

Samuel, 225 

Sarah, 225 

Susannah, 227 

Thankful, 139 

Thomas, 33, 171 
Kingman, Bethiah, 146 

John, 146 

Susanna, 146 

William Livermore, 125 
Kingsbury, mrs. Charles Langdon, 123, 186 
Kirkham, mrs. George Davenport, 190 
Knight, Charles, 176 
Knowlton, Anna, 21JJ 
Kountze, mrs. Charles Brewer, 253 
Kuenen, A., 102 

Laird, mrs. George Allen, 190 

Lake, , 173 

Lamson, capt., 49 

Langley, , 174 

Langmore, John, 118 
Laselle, Josiah, 55 

Person Cheney, 56 
Latham, Chilton, 146 

Hannah, 69 

Susanna, 146 

William, 118 
Lathrop 1 

Laythorp > Azariah, 108 
Laythorpe j 
Lothroop J 

Barnabas, 177, 240 

Elizabeth, 164 

Isaac, 164 

Jane, 117 

Joseph, 177,173, 237, 239, 240 

Maltiah, 164 

Mary, 147 
Laud, archbishop, 136 
Lawrence, William, 54 
Lawrie, mrs. William, 54 
Lawton, Mary, 187 
Leach, Anna, 133 

Benjamin, 147 

Giles, 138 

Hephzibah, 147 

Josiah Granville, 59 

fen!*"-.' 3 

Frederic Nelson, 186 

James, 78 

Lazarus, 78 

Mary, 78 
Lee, Bridget, 117 

Edward Clinton, 59 
Leister, Edwaxd,. n3 

Leland, — , 197 
Lendall, James, 169 
Leonard 1 

Lenard > Abiah, 105 
Lenord ) 

Clarence Ettienne, 58 

Deliverance, 146 

Elkanah, 43, 105, 202 

Hannah, 92 

Isaac, 92, 146 

Jemima, 202 

Joseph, 105 

Josiah, 64, 146 

Marjoram, 64, 146 

Mary, 146 

Rebecca, 105 

Samuel, 192 

Simeon, 202 
Leverett, John, 137 

Thomas, 137 

j*£ j Bathshua, 209 

Elizabeth, 158 

George, 32 

James, 158 

Mary, 32 

Melatiah, 209 
Leypoldt, Rudolph Garrigue, 187 
Lincoln ) 

Lincolne > Daniel, 170 
Linkhorne ) 

Edith, in 

Elizabeth, 170 

John, in 

Susanna, 35 
Lindsley, mrs. Van Sinderen, 59 
Lippincott, Bertha Horstman, 126 

Craige, 59 

Walter, 126 
Litchfield ) 
Lechfeld J Josiah, 35 

Judith, 33 

Sarah, 35 

Bt $*-/»* 

David, 249 

Dorothy, 182 

Ephraim, 178, 181, 249, 251 

George, 225 

Hannah, 34, 35 

Isaac, 225, 251,252 

iohn, 251 
Iary, 225 
Mayhew, 225 
Mercy, in 
Samuel, 248 
Thomas, 151, 179, 225 
Livingston, Julia Raymond, 58 

&btni Eb -«« .»'.«* 
Elizabeth, 87 
Isaac, 121 
Lydia, 121, 236 
Sarah, 121 

Lum b bardi E1 -^ h '^ 

Jemima, 214 

Josiah Lewis, 60 
Long, William, 48 
Lord, Abigail, 120 

William, 120 

Lorein ) ' * 

Caleb, 80, 141 
Deborah, 86, 163 
Hannah, 80, 138 
Ignatius, 80, 139 

{ohn, 80 
,ydia, 80 


Index of Persons. 

Edith, in 

Loring ) 

Lorein > Polycarpus, 80 

cont'd. ) 

Sarah, 139 

Thomas, 80, 163 
Lothrop, see Lathrop 

}%$ j mrs. Frank H., 128 

John, 42 

}£\ Hannah, x8o 

John, 180 
Margaret, 86 

John, 33 
Lucas, Bethiah, 50 

Elisha, 138 

Joanna, 138 

Joseph, 236 

Margaret, 138 

Persis, 236 

Sarah, 236 
Lumbard, see Lombard 
Lunt, mrs. William Wallace, 56 
Lyman, gen., 175 

Mack, sergt., 49, 50 

Mackennal, Alexander, 99 





Elizabeth, 35 

Hannah, 35 

Joanna, 158 

Matthew, 180 

Sarah, 180 

Thomas, 15S, 180, 249, 251 

William, 35, 180 
Magoun, David, 192 

John, 184 

Rachel, 192 

Rebecca, 184 
Makfarling, Mary, 236 

Malbon, , 157 

Man, Rebecca, 33 
Manly, Lydia, 242 

Thomas, 242 
Marble, Gershom, 171 

Waitstill, 171 
Margaret, queen, 197 
Margeson, Edmund, 118 
Marlatt, mrs. Charles Lester, 127 
Marsh, Carlie Lmeline, 61, 62 

Elizabeth Juatt, 63 

William Lowrey, 61 
Marshall, Jane, 171 

John, 171 
Marston, mrs. Seward Bainbridge, 254 
Martin, Christopher, 118 

mrs. Medad Chattman, 62 
Mary, queen, 135 
Mason, George Cbamplin, 59 
Matthews ) ., 
Mathues jM«y,209 

Mehitable, 208 

Sarah, 208 
Maverick, Moses, 115 

Remember, 114 

Samuel, 151 

Maye \ Anna ' "5 
Bathshua, 225 
Dorothy, 115 

John, 225 

Mayhue ( J erusha » »* 
major, 215 
Thomas, 156 

Maynard, John, 210 
Mayo, Daniel, 3 

Hannah, 214 

Nathaniel, 177 
McAdoo, Mary J. O., 185 
McAllister, William Kossuth, 253 
McCartney, mrs. W. H., 1S8 
McCurdy, Irwin P., 61 
McLean, John K., 97, 102 
Melius, Jael, 170 

Jane, 170 

William, 170 
Mendall, Sarah. 86 
Merrick, mrs. Frederick L., 191 
Merritt ) 

Merrit J Abigail, 170 
Merrett ) 

Elizabeth, 169 

Henry, 32 

ionathan, 169 
Catherine, 32 
Mary, 86 
Thomas, 170 
Messer, Asa, 59 
Millard, William Catlin, 127 

Millar j mrs - Albert William . " 6 

David, 107 

Elias, 201 

Elizabeth, 158 

Faith, no 

Francis, 103 

John, 103, 104, 107, 177, 201, 208 

Mercy, 157 

Rebecca, 208 
Mills, , 157 

]^ ner I Laurence Waterman, <8 
Minor ) 

ensign, 108 
Minter, Desire, 118 
Mitchell ) 

Michell > Elizabeth, 70, 224 
Michel ) 

Experience, 30, 95, 96, x68 

Frederick William, 127 

Guy Elliott, 189 

Isaac, 224 

{acob, 224 
.ydia, 224 

Mary, 224 

Nahum, 69 

Noah, 224 

Rebecca, 234 

Sarah, 224 

Seth, 224 

Susanna, 224 
Mix, Joanna, 22 
Mixter, Mary A., 54 

Samuel Jason, 54 
More, , 209 

Christian, 118 

Ellen, 118 

Jasper, 118 

Richard, 118 

SS7 I Benjamin. ,8 

Cornelius, 18 

Edmund, 170 

Hannah, 18 

Jonathan, 18 

Joseph, 18 

Maria, 18 

Mary, 18 

Reliance, 18 

Sarah, 170 

Thankful, 18 
Morgan, Henry Augustus, 58 

Joseph, 192 
Morison, mrs. John Holmes, 54 
Morris, mrs. Seymour, 60 

Index of Persons. 


ST! Abigail, ,63 

Anna, 106 

David, 105 

Deborah, 42 

Edward, 163 

Elizabeth, 163 

Jonathan, 41, 42, 105, 106, 159,201 

Joseph, 163 

Joshua, 163 

Mary E., 192 

Newberry, 163 

Sarah, 201 

Theodore, 163 

William, 41 
Mortawomock, William, 176 
Morton, , 194, 195 

Eleazer, 227 

Ephraim, 38, 40 

George, 227 

Jerusha, 227 

Joanna, 43 

Levi Parsons, 57 

Marcus, 54 

Mary, 158 

Nathaniel, 36, 38, 39, 64, 144, 178, 229 

Rebecca, 227 

Sarah, 227 

Thomas, 178 

William, 227 

Zephaniah, 227 
Moseley, Emma Eliza, 59 
Mott, Ebenezer, 171 

Grace, 171 
Moulton, mrs. Byron P., 59 
Mower, mrs. Eugene S., 125 
Mullins I ,,- - 

Mullens i Allce > " 8 

Joseph, 118 

Josiah, 99 

Priscilla, 55, 114, 118 

William, n3 

MuSST 1 ) »»»■"'■ «3.* 
Munger, T. T., 99 
Murfy, , 47, 48 

Nash, Francis O., 253 

Samuel, 89 
Nelson, , 234 

Hannah. 42 

Hope, 42, 43 

John, 42 

Lois, 42 

Ruth, 104 

Thomas, 42, 43, 104 
Nesbit, mrs. Charles Francis, 62 
Newcomb i r> . • , , 
Newcom j Bethiah - x * 6 

Thomas, 44 
Newton, Charles Humphreys, 61 

mrs. Charles Humphreys, 189 

Clara Chipman, 60 
Nicholas, , 156 

SdflL 1 ■****.*« 

Joseph, 171 
Rebecca, 35 
Sarah, 35 
Thomas, 35 

ffiSSTl <***.*■ 

Hester, 208, 209 
John, 208 
Mary, 208 
Nicholas, 208 
Patience, 208 
Sarah, 208 
William, 2c3 
Nightingale, George Corlis, 184, 252 

Niles, , 175 

Nims, mrs. Frederick Augustine, 185 
Ninigret, 127 
Noble, F. A.,98, igi 
Norcut, Anna, 250 

Ebenezer, 78 

Elizabeth, 78 

Isaac, 250 

iohn, 249 
ydia, 249 

Ralph, 249 

Sarah, 250 

Susanna, 78 

Thomas, 249 

William, 249, 250 
Norman, John, 177 
Norris, Mary, 114 
Norton, Edward Loudon, 57 

John, 86 
Noyes, David W., 124 

James Atkins, 55 
Nye, Elizabeth, 235 

Ellen Rose, 58 

Everett I., 1 

Ichabod, 235 

Jabez, 236 

Ruth, 236 

Oglesby, Joseph Henry, 58 
Okilly, Bersua, 209 
John, 209 

Mary, 33 

Mercy, 87 

Thomas, 33, 87 
Oliver, Bethiah, 171 

Thomas, 171 
Orcut, Hannah, 244 

John, 244 

Samuel, 244 
Osborn, John, 44 
Osgood, Robert, 171 

Sarah, 171 

oSceJ Doro ^ 

Elizabeth, 212 
Hannah, 86 
Joseph, 85 
Stephen, 86 
Owanneco, 113 

William, 93, 94, 96 

William Henry, 126 

Packerd \ w , 

Peckerd \ Mar *' M« 

Paddock J 

Padock \ ' x 5 2 

Elizabeth, 209 

Robert, 152 

mrs. Wilbur F., 188 

£ a ^j William, 29,151, 345 
Page, Henrietta Tower, 254 
Paine, Charlotte F., 154 

Thomas, 178 

Willis Seaver, 57 
Palmer, Bridget, 148 

Charles Ray, 97-103 

Edith B., 99 

Elizabeth, 43 

Elnathan, 87 

Henry, 148 

iohn, 86, 107 
iary, 86 
Mercy, 87 
Samuel, 106 
Thomas, 42, 43, 106, 107 


Index of Persons. 

cont'd. \ Williara » »47. 148, 151, *34 
Zurishaddai, 42 

Parke j J ohn » x 9 2 

Richard, 115 

Robert, 192 

Sarah, 115 

Thomas, 192 
Parker, coL, 109, no 

Elizabeth, 170 

Frederick Wesley, 54, 55 

{onathan, 51, 192 
Margaret, 235 
Mary 33,86 
Rachel, 171 

William, 33, 171 
Parkinson, mrs. George Bowen,6i 

Mary Washburn, 65 

mrs. William Dwight, 185 
Parlour, Elizabeth, 158 

Susanna, 158 
Parsons, Willis Ellis, 190 
Partridge ) a 

Partridi J >■*# 

George, 151 
Pason, major, 49 
Patten, Anna Carolyn, 188 
Paule, Richard, 210 
Peaks, Judith, 33 

William, 33 
Pearce, see Pierce 
Peck, Katharine Hayes, 122, 124 
Peirce, see Pierce 
Penn, Christian, 117 

Pepper, ,178 

Perkins I y-. ■, , 
Pirkins ( Dav,d ' «4 6 ' 3 43 

Deborah, 51 

Hannah, 2t 

John, 51 

Josiah, 51 

Luke, 236 

Martha, 51, 146 

Mary, 64 

Nathan, 51 

Ruth, 836 

Thomas, 64, 243 

William, 51 
Perry, Elizabeth, 87 

Susanna, 35 

Thomas, 35 

William, 87 
Peterson, John, 155 

Mary, 82 
Phelps, Bezaleel, 66 
Philbrick, Harry C, 56 
Phillips / c . . 
Philips j Benjamin, 251 

Faith, 116, 181 

Grace, 4, 182 

Jeremiah, 182 

John, 4, 6, 116, 181, 182, 251 

Joseph, 6 
Phinney, see Finney 
Pickles, Alice, 33 

Jonas, 33,34 

Mercy, 170 

Miriam, 87 

Nathan, 87 
Pierce \ 

Pearce [ Abraham, 3s 
Peirce) * M 

Benjamin, 86, 170 


Hanr:ah, 35 

iohn, 87 
iartha, 86 
Mary, 170 

Pierce "j 

cont'd. J 
Patience, 87 
Persis, 170 

Thomas, 158 
Pinson \ 

Pincerl > Bathsheba, i 7 i 

Elizabeth, 34 

Hannah, 34 

ioanna, 86 
lercy, 50 

Sarah, 86 

Thomas, 34, 86 
Piollet, mrs. Louis, 126 
Pitcher, Abigail, 170 

Nathaniel, 169, 170 
Pitkin, mrs. Albert Johnson, 57 
Pitny, Sarah, no 
Piatt, O. H.,189 
Plummer, Ann, 119 
Pond, Aaron, 24 

Clarissa, 24 

Ezekiel, 24 

Hannah, 24 

Lurena, 24 

Theophilus Perkins, 24 
Poole, Elizabeth, 210 

Jane, 210 
Porter, mrs. Burr, 54, 55 

Edward G., 54 

Sarah, 63 
Powell, Martha, 180 

Ralph, 180 

PS" ! Abi g ail > x °4 

Daniel, 141 

Edith Forrester, 24, 56, 124 

E. Leora, 56, 124 

Hannah, 107, ia8 

Henry, 128 

Hephzibah, 104 

Jabez, 139 

Joanna, 236 

John, 42, 138 

Jonathan, 86 

Margaret, 86 

Martha, 141 

Mary, 46, 79, 135 

Mehitable, 139 

Melatiah, 43 

Nathan, 106 

Patience, 43 

Phineas, 46 

Priscilla, 138 

Rebecca, 139 

Ruth, 79 

Samuel, 42, 106, 107 

Sarah, 106 

Thomas, 104, 139 

William, 79 
Prence \ 

Prenc j Elizabeth, 182 
Prince ) 

Thomas, ro, 30, 64, 147, 151, 152, 228, 256 
Preston, Edward, 156 
Price, Hugh, 41 

John, 41 
Pride, , 47, ioq 

Paul 47 
Pnest, Degory, 56, 58, 118, 185, 186 

Mary, 46 

Sarah, 118 
Prince > 
Prence \ 


Frederick Henry, 123 

see also Prence 

Index of Persotis. 



Prence J George, 55, 122, 134 


George Thomas, 123 

John, 55 

Mary, 158 

of Orange, 134 
Prower, Solomon, 118 
Puffer, mrs. Dexter R., 124 
Pulsifer, David, 55 
Putmon, capt., no, 175, 176 
Putnam, Elizabeth Edgerton, 189, 254 

Quincy, Charles F., 126, 189 

Elizabeth, 139 

Rayment . 

James, 139 

John, 104 

William, 104 
Rand, William Brisbane, 122, 123, 

g^jjj Deborah, 86 

Hannah, 34, 35 
Isaac, 86 
Israel, 146 
Joseph, 35 
Mary, 146 
Susanna, 86 


William, 31 

ankin, Edith Gadcomb, 189 

mrs. Jeremiah Eame*, 189 

Ranslie, col 
Ransom 1 


Ranson j 

Anna, 139 

Ebenezer, 53 

Hannah, 53 

Jerusha, 53 

John. 121, 141 

Joseph, 50 

Joshua, 139 

Lydia, 139 

Martha, 121 

Mary, 139 

Mercy, 50 

Robert, 53, 141, 178, 179 

Samuel, 141 

Sarah, 53 

Thomas, 121 

William, 53 
Rawlins j 

Rawlings > Elizabeth, 85 
Railings ) 

Joanna, 32 
;7dia, 33 34 

rxathaniel, 33 
Rawson, mrs. Warren, 61 
Ray, mrs. Julia A., 54 
Raymond, see also Raiment 

mrs. Henry Emmons, 54 
Read > n 
Reedj ""' 111 

Harry Humphrey, 184 

Jacob, 176 

Josiah, in 

Lydia, 4 
Reddin, Ebenezer, 105, 157 

Mercy, 157 

William, 105 
Reed, see Read 

Remick, mrs. John Anthony, 54 

Renoids > Electious, 42, 104, 105 
Rennoles ) 

Eohraim, 104 

Hannah, 42 

William, 11 

Rhodes, Emily Beauveau, 18 

James Mauran, 59 
Rice, mrs. John M., 124 
Richards, Jeremiah, 57 

John, 192 

Julian Walter, 254 

mrs. Julian Walter, 254 

William Stiger, 58 
Richardson, George E., 56 

Lucy Stites, 188 

William Minard, 54 
Richmond, Anna, 43 

Ebenezer, 43, 105, 106, 201 

Elizabeth, 106 

Hannah, 104 

Lydia, 105 

Oliver, 104 

Rachel, 105 

Robert, 43 

Samuel, 104, 105 

Silvester, 201 

Thomas, 104 
Rickard, Abigail, 19, 51 

Bethiah, 139 

Deborah, 51 

Gyles, 71, 139 

Jacob, 51 

Japhet, 51 

Joanna, 19, 50, 236 

John, 19, 139, 141, 236 

Joseph, 19, 51 

Lemuel, 53 

Lydia, 19 

Mary, 19, 139 

Mercy, 19 

Rachel, 52 

Rebecca, 19, 139 

Samuel, 52 

Theophilus, 52 

William, 51 
Riddell, William J., 123 
Rider ) 

Ryder > Benjamin, 208 
Ridar ) 

mrs. Godfrey, 44, 124 

{oseph, 177, 191 
,ydia, 191 

Mary, 208 

Samuel, 178, 179, 191 
Rigbee, Mehitable, 34 
Rigdale, Alice, 119 

John, 119 
Ring, Andrew, 139, 356 

Deborah, 78, 139 

Eleazer, 78 

Elizabeth, 35, 78 

Hannah, 78 

Mary, 138 

Ruth, 139 

Samuel, 139 

Thomas, 35 

William, 78 

Zeruiah, 139 

Jonathan, 51 

Sarah, 236 
Robbins " 

Abigail, 164 

Eleazer, 52 

Elizabeth, 164 

Hannah, 164 
' Hester, 164 

Jeduthan, 52,91, 141, 

John, 91, 164, 175 

Joseph, 52 

Lemuel, 164 

Mary, 52 

Hannah, 31 




Index of Persons. 

i6 4 


Robblns "\ 

confd. j 

Nicholas, 164 

Persis, 164 

Rebecca, 52 

Sarah, 52 
Robinson, John, 97, 98, 100-103, 199 

Mary Lyon, 62 

Nicholas, 134 

William A., 97, 102 
Roe, John, 151 

capt., 175 

Hannah, 255 

Horace, 59 
John, 7, 89 
Joseph, 56, 63, 119, 255, 256 

Thomas, 7, 56, 63, 119, 123, 124, 184, 186, 253 

William M., 59 
Romer, Florence Edith, 57 
Roose, Alice, 34 

Thomas, 34 
Rose, Elizabeth, 4, 6 

John, 7 

Joseph, 4, 6, 7 

Mary, £6 
Rose by, Thomas, 99 
Ross, A. H.,99 

Betsy, 252 

J.H 254 

Rouse ) 

Rowse ) 

Elizabeth, 180 

George, 6, 182, 249, 250 

John, 4-6, 95, 180, 182, 249, 250 

Mary, 4, 182 

Simon, 5, 182 
Rowley, Henry Waite, 184 

Moses, 148 

Rudd, , 175 

Russell, , 215 

Dorothy, 5 

John, s 

Joseph, 142 

Mary, 85 

Samuel, 85 

William, 157 
Ryder, see Rider 
Saffin, John, 167 

Ann, 119 

Benjamin, 45, 235 

Caleb, 143 

Ephraim, 53 

Henry, 63, 119, 124, 142-144, 186 

Isaac, 235, 236 

James, 142, 143 

Jeremiah, 45 

Joanna, 138 

John, 142 

Jonathan, 138 

Lydia, 45 

Margaret, 235 

Martha, 236 

Mary, 138 

Moses, 45 

Newland, 45 

Peleg, 138 

Philemon, 44, 45 

Rachel, 44 

Ruth, 139 

Sarah, 45, 236 

Seth, 139 

Stephen, 142-144 
Sanders, Abigail, 227 

Ann, 227 

Henry, 227 

Jonathan, 227 

Sarah, 227 
Sargeant, Sarah, 67 
Sauveur, mrs. Albert, 133 
Savory, Thomas, it 
Sawyer, Anne, 250 

John, in, 250 

Mercy, in 
Scadding, William, 210 
Scarlet, capt., 155 
Scate, Rebecca, 146 
Sears "} 
§^ s I Ann Maria, 190 

Serf J 

Bathshua, 78 
Bethiah, 209 

iames, 79 
ohn, 79 

Mary, 78 

Richard, 78 

Seth, 78 

Silas, 78 
Seldomndge, mrs. Harry Hunter, 62 
Sexton, mrs. James Lester, 187 
Shakespeare, William, 196, 323 
Shannon, mrs. Philip Mark, 60 
Sharpe, Elizabeth Montgomery, 187 

Mary, 36 
Shaw, Elizabeth, 236 

Harriet Arline, 122 

Henry Southworth, 54 

{onathan, 140, 236 
.ydia, 236 
Margaret, 138 
Mary, 236 
Mehitable, 140, 237 
Nathaniel, 140 
Persis, 236 
Polly, 153 

Sheffe, , 234 

Shepard, Abigail, 164 
Benjamin, 125 
David, 164 
James, 122 
mrs. James E., 253 
Prudence, 164 
Rebecca, 164 
Ruth, 164 
Sherley, James, 167 

Sherman, , 181 

Abigail, 249 
Desire, 182 
Jeanie Rogers, 253 
John. 5, 249, 251 
Samuel, 181 
Sarah, 181 

William, 5, 181, 182, 349 
Short, James, 43, 159 
Luke, 42, 43, 159 
Silence, 42 

Shurleff y Abiel, 79 
Shirtly J 
Eenjamin, 79 
Benoni, 51 
Bethiah, 50 
capt., 235 
David, 50, 79 
Elizabeth, 79 
Hannah, 7^, 139 

Iames, 79 
ohn, 51,79 
oseph, 79 
,ydia, 79, 139 

Index of Persons. 


Shurtleff ") 

Sm5 S— , 5 .,.39.»36 

cont'd. J 

Susanna, 51, 235 

Thomas, 236 

William, 51, 79, 182 
Sillivan, Daniel, 157 
Silvester, Abigail, 164 

Abner, 164 

Caleb, 164 

Elizabeth, 33 

Jedidah, 164 

John, 182 

Lydia, 33 

Mary, 87 

Nathaniel, 164 

Richard, 33 

Sarah, 182 
Simmons f Q 

Symons j • lSl 

Aaron, 87 

Mary, 87 
Sims, Isaac, 175 
Skiffc, James, 246-248 
Skinner, mrs. Frank, 188 

llapp ( ca P 1 -' « 8 ' 5°. i°9> *7<5 
Sleeper, Henry D., 56 
Slocum, W. F., 99 
Smith, mrs. Charles Wilson, 58 

Desire, 244 

mrs. Frank Sherman, 62 

Hannah, 146 

Henry, 158 

James, 243 

Jane, 243 

Joanna, 158 

John, 31, 32, 158 

Jonathan, 158, 208 

Marion Andrews, 55 

Mary, 158 

Mehitable. 6, 208 

Nathan Holt, 125 

Nehemiah, 6 

Pelatiah, 243, 244 

Rebecca, 158 

Samuel, 243 

Susanna, 153 
Snedecare, John, 155 
Snell, Amos, 146, 242 

Anna, 242 

John, 242 

Joseph, 242 

Josiah, 242 

Martha, 241, 242 

Mary, 146, 242 

Samuel, 242 

Thomas, 241, 242 
Snow, Abigail, 39, 182 

Abijah, 63 

Alice, 7 

Anthony, 6, 7 

Benjamin, 122 

Constance, 12, 118 

Deborah, 250 

H. N\, 122 

Isaac Burrows, 60 

iosiah, i3i, 250, 251 
.useanna, 251 

Mark. 178 

Naomi, 242 

Nicholas, 12, 118 

Sarah, 63, 250 

William, 24.2 
Soule ) 

Soul > Benjamin, 140 

Deborah, 139, 255 

119, 121. 15- 

179, 228, »*j 



Elizabeth, 81 

Ephraim, 121 

Esther, 105 

George, 56, 63, 81-83, IX Q. 122-124. 126, 183, 
185, 186, i38, 189, 253, 255 

Horace Homer, 54 

Isaac, 41 

Jabez, 121 

Jacob, 41 

James, 41, 43, 159, 201 

John, 82, 83, 105, 107, 201 

Martha, 41, 105, 201 

Mary, 41, 43, 82, 107 

Nathan, 201 

Nathaniel, 81 

Patience, 81, 82, 84 

Rachel, 43, 44 

Rebecca, 41 

Sarah, 105, 121, 140 

Susanna, 82 

Zachariah, 121 
Southworth, , 107 

Alice Carpenter, 115 

Constant, 46 

Edward, 83, 115 

Nathaniel, 107 

Thomas, 38-40, 77, 
Soutly, John, 151 
Speed, Mary, 3 
Spicer, Henry, 09 
Spinigh, Humphrey, 
Spooner, Anna, 78 

Benjamin, 50 

Deborah, 78 

Nathaniel, 78 

Sarah, 50 

Thomas, 78 

Frank W., 122 

John, 7 

Ruth, 7 

Samuel, 46, in, 248 

Sarah, in 

Mercy, 87 

Robert, 143 
Squire, mrs. Allan Butler, 187 
Standish, Abigail, 51, 53 

Barbara, 119 

Desire, 236 

Ebenezer, 53 

Hannah, 53, T38 

J. Myles,54 

Josiah, 4, 5,255 

Mary, 4, 5 

Moses, 44, 51 

Myles, 12, 14, 28-32, 
123, 125-128, 162, 
187, 189, 203, 204, 206, 256 

Rachel, 44, 51 

Rose, 119 

Sarah, 53, 255 

Zachariah, 53 

Zeruiah, 139 

Staples \ -^ 

Stable \ ' l8 ° 

Hannah, 138 

Nathaniel, 158 

Rachel, 158 

Seth, 138 
Stark, William Molthrop, 58 
Ste.-le, Frederick Morgan, 60 

Minnie May, 23 

Rebecca Esther, 23 

Elizabeth, 143, 144 

54, 56 


57, 64, 94-;/, M9. 
68, i?3. '*«. «^« 


Index of Persons. 

Benjitmin, 86 

cont'd. \ WiUiam Francis, 23 



George Rochford, 61 

mrs. George Rochford, 62 

Grace, 86 

Hannah, 87 

Joseph, 87 

Itlevens | Benjamin Franklin, 54, 55 

Edward, 111, 250, 252 

Hannah, 252 

Patience, 250 

William, 111 
Steward, Hannah, 43 

Mary, 43 
Stockbridge ) 
Stockbridg | Abigail, 36 
Stockebridge ) 

Elizabeth, 34 

Joseph, 35 

Margaret, 35 

Sarah, 34 
Stoddard, Francis Russell, 186 
Story, Elias, 119 
Stoton, lieut., 49 
Stoweil, mrs. Calvin D., 57 
Stowers, Morris Edwards, 187 

Mary, 86 
Sturges, , 208 

Mary, 208 
Sturtevant ) 
Sturtivant [ Anna, 78 
Stirtevant ) 

David, 78 

Ephraim, 78 

Hannah, 51 

Isaac, 50 

James, 235 
onathan, 78 
oseph, 78 

Mary, 78 

Mercy, 50, 140 

Samuel, 140, 234 

Sarah, 50 

Susanna, 235 
Summers, John, 143 

Mary, 143 
Sunderland, Paul U., 188 
Sutten, Elizabeth, 34 

John, 34 
Swan, Henry Tilden, 187 
Sweet, P>enjamin Delano, 55 
Symons, see Simmons 

Archie L., 56 


Joel Francis, 60 

Moses, 11 
Talcott, William Ariel, iS3 

mrs. William Ariel, iS3 
Tantachu, Experience, 169 
Taylor ^ 
Tayler J 

Taylar y Elizabeth, 239 
Taylour j 
Talar J 

Experience, 183, 213 

John, 208 

Joseph, 183 

Keziah, 2o3 

Martha, 214 

Mehitable, 208 

Samuel, 208 

Sarah, 208, 212 
Terry, Israel Newton, 57 

J/«%.Jj° hnTa y Ior .37,x 2 5 

Mary Amelia, 125 
Thatcher ft.-. ,. 
Thacher j *»delia,i 53 , 154 

Hannah Blaney, 69 

{ohn, 177, 209, 212, 241 
,ydia, 209 
Mary, 158 
Peter, 158, 159 
Tyler, 153 

Deliverance, 52 
Isaac, 52 
Mary, 52 
S. R., 99 

Thomas, 52 
Thomas, , 84, 107, 144 

Abigail, 78, 226 

Bethiah, 107, 251 

Caleb, 249 

Daniel, 112 

David, 43, 124, 159, 202 

Deborah, 82, 83, in 

Dorothy, 85 

Ebenezer, 107 

Edward, 107 

Elizabeth, 5, 107, 112, 159, 201, 20a 

Ephraim, in 

Eunice, 202 

Hannah, 43, 104, 138, 152, 153, 159 

Isaac, 251 

Jabez, 202 

James, 112, 226 

Jedediah, 107 

Jeremiah, 107 

Joanna, 157, 202 

John, 20, 110-112, 250, 251 

Jonathan, 43, 104, 202, 226 

Joseph, 20, 138 

Lois, 202 

Lydia, 107 

Mary, 20, 43, 107, 152, 202 

Nathan, 107 

Nathaniel, 5, 20, 82, 83, 107, in, 112, 138, 181, 
236, 249, 251 

Noah, 152, 153 

Priscilla, 107, 226 

Samuel, 112, 2si 

Sarah, 43, 107, no, 112, 159, 202, 250 

Susanna, 158, 201, 202 

Thankful, 107 

William, 43, 159, 201, 202 
Thome, Joanna, 86 

Joseph, 86 
Thompson ) 

Thomson > Abigail, 41, 43, 152 
Tomson ) 

Alden, 154 

Barnabas, 42 

Caleb, 152, 153 

Charlotte F., 153, 154 

Charlotte Wight, 153, 154 

Ebenezer, 41 

Edward, 119 

Elizabeth, 51 

Esther, 105 

Fidelia, 153, 154 

Frances, 41 

Hannah, 152-154, 201 

Isaac, 41 

Jacob, 41-43, 104, 105, 139, 152, 201 

John, 41, 43, 51, 104, 152, 159, 256 

Josiah, 154 

Lucena, 153, 154 

Lucius, 154 

Lydia, 42, 51 

Martha, 41 

Mary, 152, 158, 201 

Index of Persons. 


Thompson 1 
Thomson t »*-_. ,, 
Tomson f Merc y»4 r 
contd. J 

Nancy, 154 

Nathaniel, 152-154 

Otis, 128, 152-154 

Otis Chandler, 154 

Peter, 41 

Polly, 153, 154 

Rachel, 128, 153, 154, 192 

Rachel Chandler, 153, 154 

Sabina, 153, 154 

Sally, 153 

Sarah, 41 

Shubael, 41, 158 

Susanna, 158 

Sybil, 154 

Thomas, 41, 158 

Walter, 253 
Thornton, Thomas, 209 
Tickner, Lydia, 36, 171 

William, 36, 171 
Tilden ) 

Tillden \ Abigail, 170 
Tillding ) 

David, 170 

Elizabeth, 182 

Hannah, 34, 35 

Joseph, 167, 170 

Lydia, 7, 36, 171, 191 

Margaret, 86 

Mary, 36, no 

Nathaniel, 36, 86 

Rebecca, 35 

Samuel, 86 

Sarah, 86, 170 

Stephen, 34, 35 

Susanna, 252 

Thomas, 5-7, no, 178, 182, 252 
Tilestone \ H , nr , 
Tylestone $ Ha * nah . 35 

Timothy, 35 
Tilley, Ann, 119 

Edward, 119 

Elizabeth, 118, 119 

John, 119 
Tiiney, Margery, 219 
Tilson, Ann, 19,138 

Edmund, 19, 140 

Elizabeth, 19 

Ephraim, 140 

Hannah. 140 

Joanna, 19 

John, 19, 140 

Mary, 19 

Ruth, 19 
Tinker, Thomas, 119 
Tinkham ) 

Tinkam > Ebenezer, 43, 20a 
Tinkcom ) 

Elizabeth, 202 

Ephraim, 25, 27, 73, 77, 157, 202, 256 

Jabez, 202 

Joanna, 158 

Martha, 157 

Mary, 202 

Moses, 202 

Patience, 43 

Peter, 202 
Tobie / „ wm 

Toobe j Ma *y> *70 

Thomas, 170, 208 
Tocomawos, Isaac, 176 
Tolman, Nathaniel, 244 

Thomas, 244 

Tones, , 47 

Torlton, Elizabeth, 177 

John, 177 

Robert, 177 

Ann, 3a 


Elizabeth, 85 

Haviland, 326 

Isabel, 86 

James, 32, 34, 85 

John, 226 

Joseph, 165 

losiah, 86, 165 

Lydia, 34 

Mary, 226 

Mercy, 165 

Sar^h , 86 
Tower, Charlemagne, 59 
Townsley, mrs. Clarence Page, 190 
Towte, Richard, 167, 168 

Jonathan, 192 

Stephen, 89, 148 

Thomas, 192 
Trafton, mrs. Francis Edwards, 185 
Trask, Abigail, 18 

Elias, 18 

John, 19 

Samuel, 19 

Treat, , 178 

Treauant j R 

Treuant J ' l8t 

Joseph, 180 

Hannah, 180 

Mary, no 
Trevore, William, 119 
Trott, Elizabeth C, 186 

SSSSfJ »-*«»".«■ 

William, 157 
Truesdale, John, 219 
Tubs, Bethiah, 180 
Tuck, Rosamond, 58 
Tuell, Mehitable, 171 

Samuel, 171 
Turner, Amos, 87 

Ann , 33 

Bathshua, 35 
Benjamin, 87 

Betty, 85 

Charles Peaslee, 126 

Daniel, 34 

Deborah, 85 

Desire, 172 

Eliab, 86 

Elisha, 36 

Elizabeth, 36, 85, 87 

Elnathan, 86 

Eunice, 86 

Grace, 86 

Hannah, 34, 85, 169, 171 

Humphrey, 33, 167 

Israel, 85 

John, 33, 119, 120 

Josiah, 171 

Lydia, 33 

Margaret, 35 

Mary, 33, 87 

Mehitable, 34 

Mercy, 85 

Miriam, 87 

Nathaniel, 34 

Oseeth, 171 

Philip Foster, 123 

Samuel, 85, 172 

Sarah, 33, 86 

Thomas, 33, 85, 169 

Tuttle, , 157 

Twining, Anna, 214 

Tyler, Charles Hitchcock, 185 

Hopestill, 192 

mrs. Joseph Howe, 185 

William Perkins, 123 


Index of Persons. 

Upham, Sally, 68 
Urrohart, Hannah, 146 

William, 146 
Utley, Hannah, 33 

Samuel, 33 

Van Antwerp, , 49 

Van den Brandeler, E., 102 

Van Dyke, Harry Weston, 61, 62 

Van Ostrand, mrs. Edwin Hubbard, 123, 1S6 

Van Pelt, mrs. Garrett Beekman, 184 

Varnam, Thomas, 44 

feSi}»— .33 

Judith, 32, 120 

William, 32, 33, 96 
Vaughan, Deborah, 158 

Elisha, 43, 159, 160 

Elizabeth, 6, 158-160 

George, 4, 6, 159 

Hannah, 160 

Jabez, 158, 160 

Joanna, 43, 104, 157 

John, 104 

Joseph, 6, 104, 157 

Josiah, 104 

Mary, 104 

Mercy, 160 

Sarah, 159 

Thankful, 160 
Verrill, Charles Henry, 190 

^[ l j Elizabeth, 34, 171 

Grace, 171 

Jacob, 170 

John, 34 

\Iartha, 33 

Mary, 34, 170 

Stephen, 34 
Vincent t T , a 

Vtnsentt j J ohn > II3 

Mary, 209 

Sarah, 118 
Vining, Floretta, 123, 124 

Sarah, 146 
Vinton, Charles Harrod, 39 
Vondwozer, , 47 

Wade, Stuart C., 184 
Wadsworth, Abigail, 43 
Walbridge, corp., 175 
Walker, Elizabeth, 81 

Jacob, 22 
oanna, 22 
ohn, 4, 7, 182 
,ydia, 4, 7 

Sarah, 64 
Wallace, mrs. George Rodney, 184 
Walley, Hannah, 213 
Walter, mrs. Joel Clark, 184 
Wampatucke, Josias, 77 
Ward, mrs. Henry Veazey, 184, 191 
Ware, Francis Alden, 123 
Warner, Charles Dudley, 58 
Warren, Abigail, 79 

Benjamin, 79 

Cornelius, 201 

Eleanor, 43 

Elizabeth, 12, 36, 39, 63, 64, 120 

Esther, 79 

George Herbert, 57 

Hannah, 79 

Hope, 38 

Jabez, 105, 160 

James, 201 

Joseph, 38-40, 79, 224 

Mehitable, 224 

Mercy, 79 

Nathaniel, 36, 38, 39, 64, 79, 173, 178, 179 

Patience, 79 

STi PrisciIIa '79,io4,"4 

Richard, 36, 56-59, 63, 64, 120, 122, 124, 12: 
185, 186, 1S8, 189, 253-255 

Samuel, 43, 104, 105, 160, 201 

Sarah, 36, 39, 64, 116, 255 

Winslow, 54 
Warwick, Experience, 169 

Joseph, 169 

Washborn )■ Abigail, 93 
Wash borne 

Amity, 67, 68 

Amory, 66 

Artemas, 66 

Asa, 66-69 

Barnabas, 165 

Benjamin, 66, 69 

Charles Hopkins, 65 

Cyrus, 66 

Davis, 66 

Deliverance, 146 

Eben, 165 

Ebenezer, 66, 69 

Edward, 66, 69 

Elijah, 66 

Elisha, 165 

Elizabeth, 67, 68, 70 

Emory, 69 

Ephraim, 66, 69, 165 

Hannah, 67, 69 

Hephzibah, 147 

Ichabod, 165 

Israel, 145 

Jabez, 165 

Jacob, 66, 68 

James, 66, 91 

John, 66, 69, 70, 91-93, 165, 169 

Jonathan, 66, 69 

Joseph, 66, 67, 69, 93 

Josiah, 92 

Levi, 66, 68 

Lucretia, 68 

Lucy, 67, 68 

Lydia, 165 

Marjoram, 64, 146 

Mary, 64, 67, 68 

Mercy, 165 

Miles, 66, 69 

Nathaniel, 66 

Nehemiah, 146 

Noah, 145 

Persis. 68 

Peter Thacher, 69 

Philip, 66 

Reuben, 66-69 


Samuel, 66, 145, 146 

Sarah, 67, 68 

Seth, 65-69 

Thankful, 165 

Thomas, 66 

William, 93 
Waterman ) 
Watterman > Abigail, 183 
Wattermann ) 

Anna, 19, 138, 140, 250 

Anthony, 183, 251 

Bethiah, 19, 183 

Elizabeth, 50, 139, 183, 250 

Ephraim, 52 

Hannah, 19 

Ichabod, 52 

Isaac, 226 

Joanna, 52, 139 
ohn, 4, 19, 140, 250 

Index of Persons. 



wKSS. >-'-:" - ; ■-= '=" = 


iosiah, 52, 139, 226 
■ydia, 183, 250 

Mary, 13S, 141, 226 

Mercy, 19 

Rebecca, 50 

Robert, 4, 5, 95, 139, 141, 226, 250 

Samuel, 19, 138, 140, 250 

Sarah, 180, 183 

Thomas, 4 
Waters, Eleanor, 146 
Watrous, Benjamin Prentis, 62 
Webb, Grace, 34 

Joseph, 34 
Weekes, George, 94 

Weever, , 133 

Weir, J. F.,98 
Welch, ,xxo 

Ashbel, 59 

John, 192 
Wells, Eleanor, 22 

lieut., 108 
Wentworth ) r> . , 

West, Christopher, 177 

Patience, 235 

Peter, 141, 233 
Weston, Benjamin, 50 

Content, 139 

Desire, 236 

Edmund, 80, 95, 139 

Ezra, 1S3 

Hannah, 50 

John, 80, 139 

Mehitable, 237 

Nathan, 80, 236 

Rebecca, 80 

Susanna, 139 

Thomas, 121 

Zachariah, 80, 237 
Wetherell ) 
Witherlee £ Daniel, 112 
Witherelee ) 

Elizabeth, 33 

Grace, 112 

Isabel, 86 

Lydia, 35 

Mary. 33 

Theophilus, 35 
Wheeler, Walter Richards, 125 
Wheldon, Katharine, 117 
Wheston / c . 
Whiston J Sarah > 35 

Susanna, 35 
Whitcomb ) 

Whitcombe [ Catharine, 33 
Whetcomb ) 

Elizabeth, 170 

G. H.,99 

James, 86 

Mary, 86 
White ) 

Whit I , 30, 182 

Whit! ) 

Abigail, 86, 120 

Alfred Livingstone, 125 

Daniel, r8o 

Elizabeth, 34, 171 

Hannah, rSo 

Hester, 209 

Hunter Carson, 125 

mrs. Hunter C, 59 

Jonathan, 207, 205 

Joseph, 171 

Judith, 32, 120 

Oseeth, 171 

Peregrine, 56, 120, i33, 207, 256 

Resolved, 32, 120, 125, 182 


Sarah, 35, 87, 120, 170, 207 

Susanna, 120 

Timothy, 86 

William, 56, j%, 120, 125, 186, 188 
Whitman, Abigail, 146 

Ebenezer, 146 

John, 241 

Naomi, 242 

Nicholas, 146 

Sarah, 146 
Whitney, Drake, 124 
Whiton, Elizabeth, 169 
Whittlesey ) . , 

mrs. George D., 58 
Wickersham, mrs. J. Harold, 126 
Wight, Martha Cobb, 123 
Wilcutt, Deborah, 170 

Philip, 170 
Wilder, Roger, 120 
Willard, Henry, 123 

James Le Baron, 57 

Susan Barker, 55 
Willett ) Thomas, 14, 30, 64, 96, 127, 128; 15=;, 
Willet \ 156, 16S, 228, 243 

William, king, 133, 134 
Williams / ,. 

Wiliiames j ~> 2I ° 

Charles Jarvis, 122, 186 

Mary, 33, 239 

Thomas, 120, 177 
Williamson, Abigail, 179 

Experience, 183 

George, 180 

Joanna, 7 

Martha, 179 

Mary, 4, 6 

Timothy, 4, 6, 7, 179-181, 230 
Willis "j 

Wills J 

{ohn, 148, 151, 152 
,ydia, 4. 34, 87 

Mary, 146 
Wilson, mrs. John R., 60 
Wing I 
Winle i ' I44 

Jerusha, 208 

John, 2c8 

Joseph, 208 * 

Stephen, 247 
Winslow * o 

Wynslow \ ' lSl 

Bethiah, 172 

Edward, 8, 30, 58, 95, in, 120, 122, 147, 148, 
162, 163 

Elizabeth, 4, in, 120, 183 

Ellen, 4, 250 

Faith, no, 112 

Gilbert, 120, 180 

Hannah, 5 

fames, 164, 182 

[ohn, 30, 93, 112, 116, 253, 256 

Jonathan, 4, 112, 181 

fosiah, 4, 5, 7, in, 181, 250-252 

Tudith, 255 
Lenelm, 250 

Margaret, 4, 252 

Mary, 69, 116, 164 

Nathaniel, no, 112, 180, 182, 248, 250, 251 

Rebecca, 4 

Samuel, 172 

Seth, 164 

Susanna, 120 
Winter, Ann, 181 


Index of Persons. 

Winter \ r , . , 
cont'd. J Christopher, 252 

Martha, 182 
Winthrop, John, 136, 137 

Wiswall, , 143, 144 

Wiswell, Daniel, 24 

Eunice, 24 

Fanny, 23 

Lurena, 24 

Orra, 23 

Samuel, 24 
Witter, Ebenezer, 192 
Wixam, Alice, 177, 173 

Barnabas, 177 

Jemima, 177 

Robert, 177 

Titus, 177 
Wolcot, John, 176 
Wolsey, cardinal, 197 
Wood, Abiel, 106 

Abijah, 106 

Barnabas, 139 

David, 128 

Ebenezer, 106 

Elnathan, 106, 158 

Ephraim, 201 

Isaac, 140 

Jabez, 158 

Jane, 247, 248 

Jerusha, 106 

{Joanna, 158 
John, 245 
Josiah, 201 
udah, 106 
.ydia, 139 
Mary, 128, 158 
Mercy, 158 
Nathaniel, 234 
Rebecca, 158 
Samuel, 158 
Thomas, 106 
Timothy, 106 
William, 246, 247 

Woodward ) ., . ., 
Woodworth J Ab, S ai1 ' x 7° 

Deborah, 34 

Ebenezer, 170 

Frank E., 253 

mrs. Frederick Francis, 122 

Hannah, 171 

Hezekiah, 171 

ioseph, 34 
lartha, 87 

Mary, 87, 170 

Samuel, 253 

Sarah, 34 

Thomas, 34 
Woolseye, George, 155, 156 
Wopshot, Elizabeth, 177 
Worthington, Harry Cushman, 60 
Wright, Adam, 234 

Ann, 52. 138 

Edmund, 52 

Edward, 34 

Elizabeth, 50 

James, 50 

Joseph, 225 

Lydia, 34 

Martin, 225 

Mary, 139 

Samuel, 52, 138 

Sarah, 52, 225 
Wyatt, Charles Handfield, 55 

James Bosley Noel, 55 

Yemon, Joseph, 174 
Yergason, Henry Christopher, 60 
Young ) /-, 
Younie | Geor § e ' 34 

Hannah, 34 

Nathaniel, 178 

Patience, 128 

Sarah, 87 

Thomas, 87 


Abington, Mass., 63, 153 
Albany, N. Y., 127, 174 
America, 66, 97, 136 
Annamoysett, Mass., 127, 128 
Antwerp, 220 
Ardmore, Pa., 188 
Austerneld, Eng., 115, 194, 199 
Australia, 99 

Babworth, Eng., 194 

Bahama Islands, 118 

Baltimore, Md., 55, 190 

Bangor, Me., 123, 185 

Barbadoes, 156 

Barnstable, Mass., 31, 32, 117, 128, 176, 312, 237, 

240, 256 
Batavia, N. Y., 57, 187 
Bawtry, Eng., 194, 195, 199 
Billerica, Mass., 185 

Boston, Eng., 122, 129-137, 216-220, 222-224 
Boston, Mass., 48, 53, 65, 83, 116, 121-123, 

129-131, 136-138, 144, 160, 171, 173, 183-185, 

192, 218-224, 229, 248, 252, 253 
Boulder, Col., 55 
Braintree, Mass., 35, 91 
Bridge-*- ater, Mass., 64, 68, 69, 90-92, 144-146, 

234, 241-244, 256 
Bristol, Me., 253 
Brockton, Mass., 56 
Brookline, Mass., 56, 123, 153, 184 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 57 
Buffalo, N. Y.,57, 186 
Bury, Eng., 133, 222 

Cambridge, Eng., 136, 217, 218 

Cambridge, Mass., 115 

Canderhook, N. Y., 48 

Cape Cod Harbor, Mass., 115, 116, 118-X20 

Carmel.N. Y.,58 

Caryl- Yonkers, N. Y.,58 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 185 

Champlain, N. Y., 58 

Charleston, S. C, 125 

Charlestown, Mass., 46, 137 

Chester, Eng., 223 

Chicago. 111., 60, 184, 188 

Cincinnati, O., 61, 63, 126, 189 

Claverick, N. Y., 47 

Cleveland, O., 127, 184 

Coaksett, Mass., 234, 246 

Cobham, Eng. , 222 

Cohannack, Mass., 210 

Cohoes, N. Y., 187 

Colorado Springs, Col., 62 

Connecticut, io3 

Cornwall Hollow, Conn., 63 

Coventry, Conn., 187 

Cushenett, Mass., 246 

Danbury, Conn., 59, 188 

Dartmouth, Mass., 35, 40, 81, 116, 142, 143, 158, 

Davenport, Iowa, 185 
Del -.j re Bay, 15G 
Delfs-haven, Holland, 61 
Delft, Holland, 122 
Denver, Col., 253 
Derby, Eng., 217 

Des Moines, Iowa, 123 

Detroit, Mich., 56, 97, 184, 187 

Doncaster, Eng., 194 

Dorchester, Mass., 35, 93, 2:1 

Dover, Del., 1S8 

Droitwich, Eng., 116, 120 

Duxbury, Mass., 5, 35, 72, 77, 81-83, 9°> 9». 93. 
94, 114, 115, 119, 127, 142, 143, 147, r5!, it8, 
169, 183, 203, 204, 245, 246, 252, 256 

Eastham, Mass., 1, 117-119, 177, 234, 356 
East Hartford, Conn., 55 
East Orange, N. J., 125 
Edinburgh, Scot., 197 
Eel River, Mass., 40 
Elizabeth, N. J., 57 
Ely, Eng., 133 
Enfield, Mass., 35 

England, 99, 100-102, 114, 116-118, 120, 129, 
132, 135, 136, 161, 162, 167, 193, 219, 221-224 
Evanston, 111., 56, 123 

Fall River, Mass., 185 
Falmouth, Me., 254 
Farmington, Me., 253 
Fitchburg, Mass., 122, 184 
Flanders, 133 

Fort Edward N. Y., 50, 109 
Fort Miller, N. Y., 109 
Fort Monroe, Va., 100 
Foxcroft, Me., 190 
France, 134 
Franklin, Mass., 122 
Friendship, N. Y., 253 

Gainsborough, Eng., 98, 194 
Galena, III., 122 
Garrison-on-Hudson, N. Y., 253 
Germany, 218 
Grasmere, N. H., 56 
Great Britain, 66 
Great Namaskaket, Mass., 177 
Green Bush, N.Y., 4 3 
Green Harbor, Mass., 95 
Gringley-on-the-hill, Eng., 194 

Halifax, Mass., 235, 256 
Halifax, N. S., 123 
Hartford, Conn., 48, 125 
Harworth, Eng., 194, 195 
Hingham, Mass., 33, 86, 171 
Hispaniola, 120 

Holland, 99, 115, 116, 136, 158, 218 
Hull, Mass., 55, 123 
Hydepark, Vc, 22-24 

Ipswich, Eng., 223 
Ithaca, N. Y., 57 

Jamaica, 225, 227 
Jewett Ciry, Conn., 189 
Jo-ies River, Mass., 77 

Keinebeck, Me., 228, 234 

Larcaster, Pa., 126 
Leicester, Mass., 65-70 
Lexington, Mass., 122, 131 


Index of Places. 

Lcyden, Holland, 46, 61, 97, 99, 100, 102, 103, 

114, 115, 117, n3, 120 
Lincoln, Eng., 129, 130, 216, 221 
Lincolnshire, Eng., 129, 130-133, 135, 136, 194, 

216-218, 223 
Little Skekit, Mass., 177 
Liverpool, Eng., 130 
London, Eng., 44, 97, 102, 130, 133, 176, 177, 

Lunenburgh, Mass., 68 
Lynn, Eng., 216 
Lynn, Mass., 128, 185 

Major's Purchase, Mass., 71, 77 

Maiden, Mass., 69 

Manchester, N. H., 55 

Manomet, Mass., 29, 31, 178, 179 

Marblehead, Mass., 115 

Marietta, O., 189 

Maxshneld, Mass., 3, 35, 71, 76, 95, 96, no, 116, 

120, 158, 178, 179, 207, 225, 245, 248, 249,256 
Marthas Vineyard, Mass., 225 
Massachusetts, 69, 129, 130, 132, 137, 194 
Mattapoisett, Mass., 29, 168 
Medford, Mass., 44 
Meriden, Conn., 187 
Middleborough, Mass., 40, 43, 44, 46, 71, 72, 77, 

81, 82, 103, 115, 117, 128, 140, 152, 153, 

I57" I 5Q» I7 2 . I 73> 20I > 2 56 
Middletown, Conn., 188 
Milwaukee, Wis., 122, 184, 187, 253 
Minneapolis, Minn., 184, 187, 253 
Montpelier, Vt., 23 
Morristown, N. J., 186 
Morristown, Vt., 22 
Morrisville, Vt.,22, 23 
Muskegon, Mich., 185 

Nahant, Mass., 184 

Namassakett, Mass., 40, 71, 77, 82 

Nawsett, Mass., 29 

Neenah, Wis., 123 

Netherlands, 129, 130, 135, 222 

New Brunswick, N. J., 184 

Newburyport, Mass., 122 

New England, 66, 98, 131, 132, 218, 22a, 222-224, 

New Haven, Conn., 59, 63, 114, 155-157, 254 
New Jersey, 109 
New London, Conn., 23, 58, 125 
Newton, Mass., 128 
Newton Centre, Mass., 184, 185, 253 
Newton Highlands, Mass., 122, 123 
Newtonville, Mass., 55 
New York, N. Y., 57, 58, 66, 97, 124, 125, 186, 

Niagara Falls, N. Y., 124 
Niantic, 127 
Niles, O., 190 
Norfolk, Eng., 221 
Norfolk, Va., 22 
North Bloomfield, O., 185 
North Platte, Neb., 23 
North Purchase, Mass., 146 
North River, Mass., 28, 95, 96 
North Sea, 130, 223 
Norwich, Conn., 22, 59 
Nottingham, Eng., 130 
Nottinghamshire, 194 
Nunckatatesett, Mass., 246 

Omaha, Neb., 23, 123 
Oshkosh, Wis., 189 
Oxford, Eng., 102, 103 

Palermo, Me., 253 
Paornet, Mass., 71 
Philadelphia, Pa., 126, 188, 254 
Pittsburg, Pa., 60 

Plymouth, Mass., 8, 10, 12-14, *7> *4» 2 7-3i, 36, 
38,39,46,55, 56, 64, 70-73, 77, 79, 81, 83, 
8 7> 93» 93~97» i°2> 114-120, 129, 131, r 3 3, 
141, 147, 148, 159, 162, 163, 166, 168-170, 173, 
176, 179, 183, 190-192, 200, 203, 204, 209, 
210, 224, 225, 228, 229, 234, 236, 237, 240, 

Plymouth, Eng., 190 

Plympton, Mass., 44, 50, 52, 121, 138-141, 192, 
225 234, 256 

Pochet, Mass., 1 

Portland, Me., 123 

Preston, Conn., 192 

Preston City, Conn., 192 

Providence, R. I., 125, 184 

Punkateesett, Mass., 40, 234 

Putney, Vt., 67, 68 

Quitnite, Mass., 31 

Randolph, Mass., 185 

Reading, Mass., 122 

Rehoboth, Mass., 30, 128, 153, 158, 181 

Rhode Island, 66, 208 

Richmond, Va., 55 

Rochester, Eng., 222 

Rochester, Mass., 138, 158, 172 

Rochester, N. Y., 125, 253 

Rockford, 111., 188 

Rock Island, 111., 125 

Rockland, Me., 123 

Rocky Nook, Mass., 28, 71, 72, 77 

Roselle, N. J., 125 

Rosemont, Pa., 59 

Rotherham, Eng., 194 

Roxbury, Mass., 35 

Royalton, Vt., 190 

Salem, Mass., 114, 118, 120 

Salem, N. Y., 21 

Sandusky, O., 126 

Sandwich, Mass., 29, 31, 32, 246, 247 

Sandy Neck, Mass., 238 

San Francisco, Cal., 63, 185 

Saratoga, N. Y., 108 

Satuckett, Mass., 71, 234, 246 

Schenectady, N. Y., 57 

Schuate, Mass., 5, 32, 33, 35, 84, 85, 95, 96, 117, 

166, 169-172, 185, 256 
Scotercook, N. Y., 48, io3 
Scoton Neck, Mass., 238 
Scranton, Pa., 187 
Scrooby, Eng., 61, 97, 131, 135, 137, 193-195* 

199, 200, 222, 254 
Sea Girt, N. J., 58 
Seneca Falls, N. Y. f 123 
Skirbeck, Eng., 133 
Somerville, Mass., 56, 123, 185 
Southwark, Eng., 177 
Sowamsett, Mass., 29, 168 
Spencer, Mass., 68, 123 
St. Domingo, 120 
St. Joseph, Mo., 185 
Stillwater, N. Y., 108, 109 
Sutton, Eng., 194 
Swansea, Mass., 118, 127 
Syracuse, N. Y., 253 

Tacoma Park, D. C, 190 
Taunton, Mass., 71, 158, 191 
Tewksbury, Mass., 123 
Thomaston, Conn., 126 
Thorney, Eng., 133 
Tickhill, Eng., 194 
Titicut, Mass., 71 
Troy, N. Y., 56, 57 
Tylerdale, 123 

United States, 97, 10a 
Utica, N. Y., 57. 184 

Index of Places. 


Virginia, 118, 156 

Waco, Texas, 24 
Wales, 102 
Walpole, N. H., 58 
Waltham, Mass., 185 
Wannamoisett, Mass 
Washington, D. C, 

189, 190 
Waterloo, Iowa, 254 
Waterville, N. Y., 254 
Wayne, Me., 55 
Wellfleet, Mass., 253 
Wenham, Mass., 123 

West Cornwall, Conn., 62 
Wethersfield, Conn., 253 
Weymouth, Mass., 140, 253 
Wilkes Barre, Pa., 187 
Wtnsted, Conn., 59 
Wolcott, Vt., 24 
, 127 Worcester, Mass., 66 

59, 61, 62, 126, 127, 187, Wrentham, Mass., 122 
Wyoming, O., 126 
Wysox, Pa., 126 

Yarmouth, Mass., 13, 31, 177, 207, 256 
York, Eng., 197 
Yorkshire, Eng., 194